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Articles from ERIC: Reports (October 1, 2001)

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"Drawing" Conclusions about Public School Facility Needs: Pupil Perception of Space Illuminated through Their Art. Griswold, Philip A.; Stanley, Robert A.; Dunmyer, Stephany S. 216
"Grow" the College? Why Bigger May Be Far from Better. Discussion Paper. Winston, Gordon C. 203
"Pittsburghese" in the Daily Papers, 1910-1998: Historical Sources of Ideology about Variation. Johnstone, Barbara; Danielson, Andrew 259
21st Century Digital Resources for Career Planning across the Lifespan. Gumlia, Mary; Hopperstad, Betty; Weston, James 207
A Communicative and Structural Approach to Teaching English Reading at the College Level. Shen, Yin-Shyan Irene; Sung, Susan Chia-Chin; Raleigh, Cheryl E. 251
A Critical Theory to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): The Promising Focus for Indigenous Perspectives. Manu'atu, Linita; Kepa, Mere 265
A Follow-Up Study of Trained Adolescent Students in the Workforce Who Graduated from Robert E. Abbott Accelerated Middle School, Waukegan, Illinois. Kallianis, Elaine 285
A Good Teacher Can Teach Anything? Shimon, Jane M.; Brawdy, Paul 254
A Qualitative Analysis of the Alberta Learning Removing Barriers to High School Completion Report. System Improvement and Reporting. Report 318
A Strategy for Evaluating District Developed Assessments for State Accountability. Buckendahl, Chad W.; Impara, James C.; Plake, Barbara S. 299
A Survey of African American College Students: Reactions to the Terrorist Acts of September 11, 2001. Duncan, Cecil 272
A Systematic Model for Curriculum-Based Assessment & Intervention for Postsecondary Students with Mild Disabilities, January 1, 1998 to December 31, 2000. Final Report. Minskoff, Esther; Allsopp, David; Minskoff, J. Gerald 260
A Whole Community Approach to Otitis Media--Reducing Its Incidence and Effects. Report. McSwan, David 287
ABET and Development in the Northern Cape Province: Assessing Impacts of CACE Courses, 1996-1999. Kerfoot, Caroline 285
Access to the General Education Curriculum for Students with Disabilities. ERIC Digest. Beckman, Pat 286
Accessibility of Campus Computers: Disability Services Scale (ACCdss) v.1.0 = Accessibilite des technologies au campus: echelle des services pour etudiants handicapes v.1. Fossey, Myrtis, E.; Fichten, Catherine S.; Robillard, Chantal; Asuncion, Jennison V. 228
Accountability and Productivity in the Illinois Community College System, Fiscal Year 2001. 272
Addressing the Discourse on the Future of Post-Secondary Education: The Relationship between Mission and Funding in Community Colleges. Strauss, Linda C. 272
Addressing Youth Victimization. Action Plan Update. Osofsky, Joy D. 216
Advancing Massage Therapy Research Competencies: Dimensions for Thought and Action. Hymel, Glenn M. 210
Adventures in Parenting: How Responding, Preventing, Monitoring, Mentoring, and Modeling Can Help You Be a Successful Parent. 218
Aesthetic Codes in Early Childhood Classrooms: What Art Educators Can Learn from Reggio Emilia. Tarr, Patricia 175
African American College Students: Establishing HIV Prevention Programs. Duncan, Cecil 272
An Annotated Bibliography of Second Language Acquisition in Adult English Language Learners. Johnson, Dora 202
An Empirically-Based Classification System for Teaching Performance Incentives. Mertler, Craig A. 207
An Investigation into How Corpus Analysis May Be Used in the Second Language Classroom To Solve Some of the Problems Surrounding Non-Native Speakers' Understanding of Seemingly Synonymous Words. Maddalena, Sean Romano 354
Analysis of the Success for All and School Development Programs and Their Effects on Reading Comprehension. Clarke, Pamela A. 228
Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling and School Settings. ERIC/CASS Digest. Chandler, Cynthia 185
Appalachian Women Teaching the Future. Atwell, Nedra Skaggs Wheeler 164
Arts for Academic Achievement. Changing Student Attitudes toward Math: Using Dance To Teach Math. Werner, Linnette 207
Assessing the Net Capacity of Schools. 220
Assessment and Testing in an English Classroom in India. Ramanathan, Hema 246
Assessment and the Adult Learner: Does Authentic Assessment Influence Learning? Saunders, Nancy G.; Saunders, George A.; Batson, Ted 312
Australians Working in a Global Economy and What This Means for Education and Training. Working Paper. Maglen, Leo 293
Balancing Act: Population, Consumption and the Global Environment. Orzech, Michelle; Baird, Jim 174
Beginning To Work with Adult English Language Learners: Some Considerations. ERIC Q & A. Florez, MaryAnn Cunningham; Burt, Miriam 156
Block Scheduling: Three Years Later. Corley, Edward L. 287
Building Student Teacher Character: A Profile from Cooperating Teacher Judgments. Chiang, Linda H. 247
Buying a Car: Using On-Line Tools. Technology Update. McCoy, Kimberly 330
Career and Academic Guidance for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth. ERIC Digest. Shutiva, Charmaine L. 301
Causes and Consequences of Schooling Outcomes in South Africa: Evidence from Survey Data. PSC Research Report. Anderson, Kermyt G.; Case, Anne; Lam, David 237
Certifying Technical Communicators in the 21st Century. McDowell, Earl E. 238
Changing the Face of Giving: An Assessment of Youth Philanthropy. Rosen, Matt; Sedonaen, Maureen 283
Characteristics of Enduring Partnerships. Jenkins, Deborah Bainer 199
Characteristics of Enduring Partnerships. Jenkins, Deborah Bainer 220
Characteristics of the 100 Largest Public Elementary and Secondary School Districts in the United States: 1999-2000. Statistical Analysis Report. Young, Beth Aronstamm 375
Children out of School. Issues. 373
Civic Knowledge, Attitudes, and Experiences of Ninth Graders in the United States: Results from the IEA Civic Education Study. ERIC Digest. Hahn, Carole L. 180
Civics: What Do 12th-Graders Know, and What Can They Do? Johnson, Carol; Vanneman, Alan 229
Civics: What Do 4th-Graders Know, and What Can They Do? Johnson, Carol; Vanneman, Alan 222
Civics: What Do 8th-Graders Know, and What Can They Do? Johnson, Carol; Vanneman, Alan 228
Community College Handbook: State Approval Requirements and Procedures for Degrees, Programs, Courses, and Instructors. October 2001 Edition. Stevenson, Nancy Hargis 350
Community Colleges and the Future of Pennsylvania: An Agenda for Public Policy. A Report for the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges. Report 284
Community Colleges: Is There a Lesson in Them for Latin America? Sustainable Development Department Technical Papers Series. Castro, Claudio de Moura; Bernasconi, Andres; Verdisco, Aimee 261
Council of Ontario Universities Working Paper Series, 2001-2002. Forcese, Dennis; Oosthuizen, Patrick; Aubrey, Jocelyn B. 273
Creating a Collaborative Web-Based Environment through the Inclusion of Metaphorically Enhanced Graphics. Henry, Anne; Crawford, Caroline M. 160
Creating Positive Attitudes toward Reading in Public Schools and Homeschools. Gilmore, Deanna Peterschick 249
Creating Successful Learning Environments Using a Web-Enhanced One Computer Classroom. Edwards, Terri; Hilburn, Sue; Crawford, Caroline M. 147
Critical Issue: Using Technology To Enhance Literacy Instruction. Holum, Ann; Gahala, Jan 274
Critical Theory & Textual Arguments: Expanding Habermas's Analysis of Literary Claims. Stroud, Scott R. 294
Cuesta College Student Characteristics and Enrollment Trends, Fall 2001. Cartnal, Ryan 330
Dancing through the Emotional Aspects of the Career Search. Chope, Robert C. 211
Determining Publication Productivity and Grant Activity among Science Faculty at Surveyed Institutions. Academic Excellence: A Study of the Role of Research in the Natural Sciences at Undergraduate Institutions. Special Report. 220
Developing the Mathematics Curriculum. Ediger, Marlow 167
Digital Video: Watch Me Do What I Say! Capraro, Robert M.; Capraro, Mary Margaret; Lamb, Charles E. 348
Discrimination by Young Children across Three Different Survey Response Icons. Rosenberg, Reagan; Bryant, Miles 267
Diversity among Equals: Educational Opportunity and the State of Affirmative Admissions in New England. Charting Educational Pathways. Coelen, Stephen P.; Berger, Joseph B.; Crosson, Patricia H. 304
Early Literacy Support Programme: Materials for Teachers Working in Partnership with Teaching Assistants. Early Literacy Support Programme. The National Literacy Strategy. 202
Early Literacy Support Programme: Session Materials for Teaching Assistants. 173
Education and Manpower Development, 2000. No. 20. Strauss, J. P., Comp.; van der Linde, H. J., Comp.; Plekker, S. J., Comp. 350
Education of Chinese Muslims: Changes in the 20th Century. Chiang, Linda H. 254
Education Reform in Hong Kong and the Paradigm Shift. Fok, Shui Che 270
Educational Accountability in the 21st Century. 2000 CRESST Conference Proceedings (Los Angeles, California, September 14-15, 2000). CSE Technical Report 549. Lewis, Anne 303
Educational Reforms in the Asia-Pacific Region: Trends, Challenges and Research. Cheng, Yin Cheong 264
Effect of Visual Scaffolding and Animation on Students? Performance on Measures of Higher Order Learning. Kidwai, Khusro; Munyofu, Mine; Swain, William J; Ausman, Bradley D.; Lin, Huifen; Dwyer, Francis 209
Effective Rural Schools and National Board Professional Teaching Standards. Barker, Bruce O.; Robinson, Kevin L. 274
Elementary and Secondary Cooperating Teacher Effectiveness: Is There a Difference? Connor, Kathy R.; Killmer, Nadine 223
Eligibility Policies and Practices for Young Children under Part B of IDEA. NECTAC Notes. Danaher, Joan 249
Emergency and Transitional Shelter Population: 2000. Census 2000 Special Reports. Smith, Annetta C.; Smith, Denise I. 229
Energy Education Resources: Kindergarten through 12th Grade. 255
Estimated Costs of Organizing a P-16 Education System. Preschool through Postsecondary. Augenblick, John; Pettersen, Josiah 242
Evaluation of an On-Going Block Scheduling Program. Trenta, Louis; Newman, Isadore 271
Evaluation of Madison Park PLATO Training on August 2000 BPS City Algebra Test Achievement. Baum, Christopher F. 173
Exemplary Practices in Writing Instruction for Young Children Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Millar, Diane C. 306
Expanding Educational Opportunity in Linguistically Diverse Societies. Dutcher, Nadine 269
Expeditionary Learning Approach in Integrated Teacher Education: Model Effectiveness and Dilemma. Hyun, Eunsook 259
Facilities Inventory and Utilization Study, Fall of 2000, for the State of North Carolina. Higher Education Comprehensive Planning Program. Thirty-Fourth Edition. 217
Factors Affecting the Acquisition and Use of the Standard Dialect by Aboriginal Youth. Malcolm, Ian G.; Konigsberg, Patricia 277
Federal R&D Funding by Budget Function: Fiscal Years 2000-2002. An SRS Special Report. Meeks, Ronald L. 303
Final Report of the Strategic Plan Working Group to the Minister of Education. 336
Five Shoes Waiting To Drop on Arizona's Future. Arizona Policy Choices. 291
Focus on the Future: Achieving Balance in Career & Life Integration. Walz, Garry R., Ed.; Knowdell, Richard, Ed. 405
Follow-Up Study of Fiscal Year 2000 Occupational Program Graduates. 289
Funding of Assistive Technology to Make Work a Reality. Policy & Practice Brief #3. Hager, Ronald M.; Sheldon, James R., Jr. 305
Gang Problems and Gang Programs in a National Sample of Schools. Gottfredson, Gary D.; Gottfredson, Denise C. 240
Get the Balance Right. Haddock, Rebecca Jaurigue 209
Graduate or Drop Out: Should Students with Special Needs Strive To Receive a Certificate of Completion? Smith, James T.; Smith, Denise M. 267
Hand-Me-Down Dreams: Integrating Family Perspectives into Career Counseling. Jacobsen, Mary H. 272
Hard Work on Soft Skills: Creating a "Culture of Work" in Workforce Development. Houghton, Ted; Proscio, Tony 286
Hate Crimes on Campus: The Problem and Efforts To Confront It. Hate Crimes Series. Bureau of Justice Assistance Monograph. Wessler, Stephen; Moss, Margaret 306
Health Literacy: Implications for Seniors. Symposium Proceedings (Washington, DC, August 1-2, 2001). Levine, Daniel A. 208
Healthy People 2000 Final Review: National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives. 260
Helping Women Shape a Career Path and a Life That Works. Williams, Caitlin P. 196
High Teacher Efficacy as a Marker of Teacher Effectiveness in the Domain of Classroom Management. Gordon, Lynn Melby 253
Highland Park ISD, Amarillo, Texas. PLATO Evaluation Series. Quinn, David W.; Quinn, Nancy W. 338
Homicides of Children and Youth. Crimes against Children Series. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. Finkelhor, David; Ormrod, Richard 176
How Are Boston Pilot Schools Faring? An Analysis of Student Demographics, Engagement, and Performance. Feldman, Jay; Tung, Rosann 284
How Boston Pilot Schools Use Freedom over Budget, Staffing, and Scheduling To Meet Student Needs. 278
How Effective Are Private Schools in Latin America? Occasional Paper. Somers, Marie-Andree; McEwan, Patrick J.; Willms, J. Douglas 278
How To Start a Volunteer Literacy Program in Your Community. 208
How Will Welfare Reform Affect Childbearing and Family Structure Decisions? Discussion Paper. Peters, H. Elizabeth; Plotnick, Robert D.; Jeong, Se-Ook 278
How Would You Know? Assessing the Effectiveness of Careers Guidance Services. CES Briefing. Howieson, Cathy; Semple, Sheila 143
IISME Teacher Retention and Program Impact, 1985-2000. Weisbaum, Kathryn Sloane; Huang, Danny 188
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: HVAC/R Technician Cluster. 302
Improving Illinois' Educator Workforce: A Report to the Illinois General Assembly Prepared by the Joint Education Committee in Response to HR 250. 236
In Focus: Are the Social Partners in Central and Eastern Europe Ready To Follow the French Example of Developing a Joint Inter-Sectoral Mechanism for the Accreditation of Qualifications? Briefing. Deij, Arjen 278
Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2001. Kaufman, Phillip; Chen, Xianglei; Choy, Susan P.; Peter, Katharin; Ruddy, Sally A.; Miller, Amanda K 326
Inference Makes Teacher Candidates the Change Agents. Lu, Lucia Y. 222
Influences of Media Violence: A Brief Research Summary. von Feilitzen, Cecilia 240
Informed Consumer Guide to Information on Funding Assistive Technology. 180
Informing State Assessment from the Local Level: A District's Reflections. Boss, Toby; Endorf, Daniel P.; Buckendahl, Chad W. 325
Iniciativa sobre Efectividad: Primeros frutos (Initiative about Effectiveness: First Fruits). Moreno Garcia, Teresa, Ed. 291
Innovation and Standardization in School Building: A Proposal for the National Code in Italy. Ridolfi, Giuseppe 128
Innovative and Workable Ideas for Building Schools. Public/Private Partnerships: A New Way To Fund and Build Schools. Guhse, David 152
Inside the Mind of a Child: Selecting Literature Appropriate to the Developmental Age of Children. Rocklin, Joanne 254
Instructional Support Services. SPEC Kit. Snyder, Carolyn A., Comp.; Logue, Susan, Comp.; Carter, Howard, Comp.; Soltys, Mickey, Comp. 247
Investing in Better Care for Infants and Toddlers: The Next Frontier for School Readiness. Lombardi, Joan; Poppe, Julie 238
Is Licensure in Your Future? Porter, Dean; Gildon, Mary Clare; Zgliczynski, Susan 186
Jefferson College Fall 2001 Factbook. Volume I. Student Characteristics. 300
Key Elements of Quality Schools: A Survey of Teachers, Students and Principals. The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, 2001. 269
Kindergarten: The Overlooked School Year. Working Paper Series. Vecchiotti, Sara 227
Le Changement linguistique: Evolution, variation, and heterogeneite. Actes du colloque de Neuchatel Universite (Neuchatel, Suisse, 2-4 Octobre 2000) (Linguistic Change: Evolution, Variation, Heterogeneity. Proceedings of the University of Neuchatel Colloquium [Neuchatel, Switzerland, October 2-4, 2000]). Matthey, Marinette, Ed. 438
Learning the Pragmatic Functions of the Japanese "Masu" and Plain Forms. Ishida, Kazutoh 275
Learning To Learn: Preparing Teachers and Students for Problem-Based Learning. ERIC Digest. Ngeow, Karen; Kong, Yoon-San 209
Level 2 Foundation Units. Key Stage 3: National Strategy. 197
Leveraging Advantage: Career Education for Disenfranchised Students. Stevens, Darryl T.; Guest, Michael 288
Libraries in Today's Digital Age: The Copyright Controversy. ERIC Digest. Russell, Carrie 440
Living on a Cotton Farm: Mexican American Life in Texas. Black, Mary S. 234
Loving Them as They Are: Helping Parents Break the Cycle of Hand-Me-Down Dreams. Jacobsen, Mary H. 201
Mastering Life Work Transitions: Using the Internet To Find Your Dream Job. Knox, Deborah L.; Butzel, Sandra S. 248
Measuring the Impacts of Whole-School Reforms: Methodological Lessons from an Evaluation of Accelerated Schools. MDRC Working Papers on Research Methodology. Bloom, Howard S. Report 282
Measuring Up: A Standards and Assessment Benchmarking Report for Massachusetts. 288
Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services. Disability Statistics Report. Harrington, Charlene; LeBlanc, Allen J. 276
Mental Health, Schools and Families Working Together for All Children and Youth: Toward a Shared Agenda. 192
Mentoring New Teachers: A Report on the 2001 Beginning Teacher Induction Program in New Brunswick. Scott, Neil H. 276
Mid-Program Assessment for Freshman Composition: Outcome Assessment in Composition. Bate, Joel; Fox, Jeff 258
Migrant Health Issues. Monograph Series. 239
Mission College Educational and Facilities Master Plan. 277
Mission College Institutional Self-Study in Support of Reaffirmation of Accreditation. 260
Monarch Monitoring: A Teacher/Student/Scientist Research Project. Final Report. Freeman, Carol; Jeanpierre, Bobby 218
More than a Sound a Week. Lowe, Kaye 243
Moving On: Planning Your Child's Transition from the Family, Infant and Toddler Project to Essential Early Education. 192
Multilingual Literacies in the Primary Classroom: Making the Connections. Diaz, Criss Jones 164
National Education Summit, 2001 Briefing Book. Gandal, Matthew; Rothman, Robert; Vranek, Jennifer; Weedon, Jason 293
Neighborhood and School Influences on the Family Life and Mathematics Performance of Eighth-Grade Students. Catsambis, Sophia; Beveridge, Andrew A. 271
No Need To Study for Your Social Class--Education and Gender in West Virginia. Weaver, Susan J. Marnell 299
Non-Returning Developmental English Students at NVCC, Fall 2000. Research Report. 282
Organizational Structure of Effective vs. Less Effective Partnerships. Jenkins, Deborah Bainer 160
Our Past Informs the Present: Metaphors and Images of Classrooms. Levine, Phoebe M. 230
PacesetterA[R] Research and Evaluation Findings. Research Summary. RS-06. Kobrin, Jennifer 282
Parents Receiving Child Care Subsidies: Where Do They Work? A View from Four States and the District of Columbia. Okuyama, Kumiko; Weber, Roberta B. 311
Partnerships with Schools Project. Final Report. 257
Partnerships: Integrating the Career Center and Academic Units. White, Ruth; Kraning, Jonne 267
Paths to Teaching. Lee, John B.; Clery, Suzanne B.; Presley, Jennifer B. 248
Peer Effects, Gender, and Intellectual Performance among Students at a Highly Selective College: A Social Comparison of Abilities Analysis. Discussion Paper. Goethals, George R. 230
Practicas optimas para la prevencion de la violencia juvenil: Libro de referencia para la accion comunitaria (Best Practices of Youth Violence Prevention: A Sourcebook for Community Action). Thornton, Timothy N., Comp.; Craft, Carole A., Comp.; Dahlberg, Linda L., Comp.; Lynch, Barbara S., 263
Preparing Teachers To Work with Parents. ERIC Digest. Hiatt-Michael, Diana 272
Proceedings of N.A.Web 2001: The International North America Web-Based Learning Conference (7th, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, October 13-16, 2001). Ellis, Allan, Ed.; Hall, Rik, Ed.; Li, Jeni, Ed. Conference news 341
Profile of BC College Transfer Students Admitted to BC Universities, 1994/95 to 1998/99. Heslop, Joanne 280
Programs To Create Economic Self-Sufficiency for Women in Public Housing. Smith, Cynthia; DeTardo-Bora, Kimberly; Durbin, Latrisha 275
Project SEARCH: Special Education as Requirements in Charter Schools. Final Report of a Research Study: Cross-State Analysis of Findings and Summaries of State Case Studies. Ahearn, Eileen M.; Lange, Cheryl M.; Rhim, Lauren Morando; McLaughlin, Margaret J. 279
Providing Opportunities for All Students: Findings from the Process Evaluation of Connecticut's School-to-Career System. Stickney, Eric M.; Alamprese, Judith A. 341
Providing Professional Development for Rural Educators. Haar, Jean 262
Public Assistance Receipt among Native-Born Children of Immigrants. Policy Brief. Welfare, Children & Families: A Three-City Study. Cherlin, Andrew; Fomby, Paula; Angel, Ronald; Henrici, Jane 269
Public Opinion on Youth, Crime and Race: A Guide for Advocates. Building Blocks for Youth. Soler, Mark 274
Pupils' Experience of the Careers Service. CES Briefing. Howieson, Cathy; Semple, Sheila 165
Quality Information--Informed Choices: Advancing the Workforce Information System. Secretary of Labor's Workforce Information System Plan for Federal Fiscal Years 2001-2005. 275
Raccoon Circles: A Handbook for Facilitators. Cain, Jim 199
Racial Profiling and Punishment in U.S. Public Schools: How Zero Tolerance Policies and High Stakes Testing Subvert Academic Excellence and Racial Equity. Research Report [and] Executive Summary. Johnson, Tammy; Boyden, Jennifer Emiko; Pittz, William J. 276
Raising Our Sights: No High School Senior Left Behind. Final Report, National Commission on the High School Senior Year. 265
Rasch Measurement and Item Banking: Theory and Practice. Nakamura, Yuji 337
Re-Conceptualizing Engagement in Reading through Miscue Research. Zhang, Yuanzhong 182
Reading, Grouping, and the Student. Ediger, Marlow 348
Readings about Children and Youth with Learning Disabilities. ERIC Mini-Bib. Sorenson, Barbara R., Comp. 237
Recent Changes in Alabama Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update No. 10. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Holcomb, Pamela A.; Schlichter, Kathryn; Schmidt, Stefanie R.; Adams, Gina; Leos-Urbel, Jacob 282
Recent Changes in Colorado Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update No. 9. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Capizzano, Jeffrey; Koralek, Robin; Botsko, Christopher; Bess, Roseana 262
Recruiting Teachers for Hard-to-Staff Schools: Solutions for North Carolina & the Nation. Policy Brief. Author abstract 247
Red Flags: Research Raises Concerns about the Impact of "Welfare Reform" on Child Maltreatment. Hutson, Rutledge Q. 270
Reflections on Using Academic Performance Targeting To Promote School Improvement and Change (Washington, Dc, June 25, 2001). Suh, Jenny; Pechman, Ellen 302
Research on Full-Service Schools and Students with Disabilities. ERIC/OSEP Digest. Warger, Cynthia 260
Results of College Admissions Testing in Texas for 1999-00 Graduating Seniors. 351
Retaining Knowledge Workers: Connecting Individual Well-Being and Organizational Performance. Bloch, Deborah P. 266
Running Start: 2000-01 Annual Progress Report. Hanson, Sally Zeiger 275
Running To Keep in Place: The Continuing Evolution of Our Nation's Child Welfare System. Occasional Paper. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Malm, Karin; Bess, Roseana; Leos-Urbel, Jacob; Geen, Robert; Markowitz, Teresa 279
Rural Teachers in Project Launch. Harris, Mary M.; Holdman, Linda; Clark, Robin E.; Harris, T. Robert 308
Saint Louis Community College Annual Assessment Report, 2000-2001. 299
School at the Centre (SatC): A Pilot Project in North Queensland. Report One: Completion of Phase One, the US Visit and Visits to Australian Schools. McSwan, David 289
School Councils in New South Wales: A Report to the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. Boylan, Colin; Bittar, Lex 301
School Fees. Bowie, Alexander 304
School Leadership in a Market Setting: The Influence of Private Scholarships on Educational Leadership in Urban Schools. Policy Research Report. St. John, Edward P.; Ridenour, Carolyn S. 232
Self Help/Self Care as a Prevention Strategy. Harrison, Murelle G. 268
SIAST Education Equity Program: Annual Monitoring Report. July 1, 2000-June 30, 2001. Report 276
Skillstreaming: A Report to the Vermont State Department of Education. Leonardi, Roy; Roberts, Jane; Wasoka, David 231
Small Business: Workforce Development Consortia Provide Needed Services. Report to the Honorable Christopher S. Bond, Ranking Minority Member, Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, U.S. Senate. Shaul, Marnie S. 293
Social Identities and the NNES MA TESOL Student. Johnson, Kimberly 171
Standards of Learning Covered by Study of "Mutsmag" and "Ashpet" Dramatizations. Brookshire, Cathy A. 170
State ESEA Title I Participation Information for 1998-99: Final Summary Report. Sinclair, Beth 249
State Policy Options To Support a P-16 System of Public Education. Preschool through Postsecondary. Pipho, Chris 261
Stories from the Strays: What Dropouts Can Teach Us about School. Gallagher, Carole J. 269
Strategies for Improving the Educational Outcomes of Latinas. ERIC Digest. Schwartz, Wendy 264
Strategies for Teaching Writing to Primary Students Using the Writing Process. Reimer, Casey Nicolle 182
Student Assessment Committee 2001-02 Assessment Program Orientation. 170
Student Jobs and Volunteer Service. Johnson, Carol; Vanneman, Alan 131
Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Reports, 2001: Maryland Public Colleges and Universities. Filipp, Laura 298
Successful K-12 Technology Planning: Ten Essential Elements. ERIC Digest. Barnett, Harvey 217
Teacher Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the New Millennium. Mertler, Craig A. 254
Teacher Salaries, Expenditures and Federal Revenue in School Districts Serving the Nation's Largest Cities, 1990-91 to 2000-01. Research Report. Nelson, F. Howard; Gould, Jewell C. 276
Teaching across Borders. Poliakoff, Anne Rogers, Ed. 334
Teaching Early Mathematics with PLATO[R] Software: An Overview of the New PLATO Elementary Mathematics Curricula and How To Use Them. Technical Paper. Quinn, Bill; Foshay, Rob; Morris, Barbara 409
Teaching Literacy and Mathematics in Reception Classes: A Survey by HMI. 345
Teaching of Phonics. 219
Teaching Selected Poems from Jim Wayne Miller's "The Brier Poems.". Wood, Tammy 208
Teen Girls Take on Community Problems: Lessons Learned from the Field. Spatig, Linda; Grimes, Courtney; Farrar, Jennifer; Gaines, Shelley; Terry, Elizabeth; Vance, Virgini 296
Testing Non-Nil Null Hypotheses with t Tests of Group Means: A Monte Carlo Study. Newman, Isadore; Fraas, John W.; Herbert, Alan 209
The 2000 Census and Growth Patterns in Rural America. The Main Street Economist: Commentary on the Rural Economy. Sheaff, Katharine 313
The Accreditation of Qualifications in France: What Role for Joint Inter-Occupational Supervision? Liaroutzos, Olivier; Sulzer, Emmanuel; Besucco, Nathalie; Lozier, Francoise 228
The Business of Vocational Education. ERIC Digest. Hennigan, Jamie 247
The CEIC Review, 2001. A Catalyst for Merging Research, Policy, and Practice. Hartman, Bonnie, Ed.; Rohland, Mark, Ed. 269
The Changing Face of Adult Learning. Adult Higher Education Alliance/ACE Conference Proceedings (Austin, TX, October 10-13, 2001). Conference news 491
The Changing Faces of Arkansas' Children. Special Report. Shobo, Yetty 198
The Community College System in Canada with a Focus on Assiniboine Community College, Brandon Manitoba. Razzaghi, Aliasghar 291
The Effects of Blue Ink Print on Students' Memory Retention of Math Terms and Definitions. Din, Feng S.; Barnes, Kahlon 174
The Effects of Dress on School Discipline. Sommers, Norman L. 257
The Eisenhower Regional Alliance for School-Based Mathematics and Science Reform. Final Performance Report, October 1, 1995-September 30, 2001. 245
The Employer Perspective: A Survey of Employer Participation in Structured Workplace Learning, 2000. 293
The Evolution of the New American Schools: From Revolution to Mainstream. Mirel, Jeffrey 270
The Feeling Dimension in Reading. Ediger, Marlow 195
The Impact of Homeownership on Child Outcomes. Low-Income Homeownership Working Paper Series. Haurin, Donald R.; Parcel, Toby L.; Haurin, R. Jean 238
The Inclusion of Children with Disabilities into General Education Programs: An Ethical Analysis. Leonardi, Roy 246
The Involvement of Lay Advocates in Due Process Hearings. Quick Turn Around (QTA). Ahearn, Eileen M. 270
The Lattice Method Used in Teaching Multiplication with Whole Numbers and Decimals to Students with Learning Disabilities. Gu, Wenyuan 329
The Lessons of Class Size Reduction. First in America Special Report. Thompson, Charles L.; Cunningham, Elizabeth K. 248
The Local Television New Media's Picture of Children. Parker, McCrae A.; Miller, Patti; Donegan, Kevin; Gilliam, Franklin D., Jr. 390
The Long-Term Effects and Cost-Effectiveness of Success for All. Borman, Geoffrey D.; Hewes, Gina M. 266
The MCH Training Program: An Evaluation. Athey, Jean; Kavanagh, Laura; Bagley, Karen 277
The National School Climate Survey 2001: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students and Their Experiences in Schools. 283
The National Study of Girl Neighborhood Power: An Out-of-School Program for Girls Ages 9 to 14. Zweig, Janine M.; Van Ness, Asheley 261
The North Carolina State Testing Results, 2000-01. Preliminary State-Level Data Only. Multiple-Choice Grade 3 Pretest, End-of-Grade, High School Comprehensive and End-of-Course Tests. Reporting on the State and 117 Public School Systems and 87 Charter Schools. "The Green Book.". 278
The Proliferation of Alternative Routes to Certification in Special Education: A Critical Review of the Literature. Developing the Special Education Workforce Series. Rosenberg, Michael S.; Sindelar, Paul T. 254
The Public School Superintendency in the Twenty-First Century: The Quest To Define Effective Leadership. Thomas, Janet Y. 210
The Regional Educational Laboratories: Building High Performing Learning Communities, 2001. 305
The Research and Rhetoric on Teacher Certification: A Response to "Teacher Certification Reconsidered.". Darling-Hammond, Linda 289
The School Construction News & Design Share Awards, 2001. Bingler, Steven 139
The Social Reform Movement Impacted Handiwork at Hindman Settlement School, of Hindman, Kentucky during 1902 to 1939. Kahn, Patricia Hymson 178
The Story of One: A Reflection of Many. Lessons Learned from an Appalachian Heritage. Wallace, Lisa A. 288
The Supply and Demand of High Technology Skills in United Kingdom, Norway and Netherlands: A Report from the European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO). Ekeland, Anders; Tomlinson, Mark 313
The University Reform in Korea: A Deregulation To Be Deregulated? Chung, Bong Gun 223
The Voice of the Past: Historic Interpretation as a Validation of Appalachian Women's History during the War between the States. Hardy, Elizabeth Baird 276
The Widening Gap: A New Book on the Struggle To Balance Work and Caregiving. Research-in-Brief. Rahmanou, Hedieh Clinical report 344
Thematic Review on Adult Learning: Finland. Country Note. Revised. 295
Towards a Psychology of Coaching: The Impact of Coaching on Metacognition, Mental Health and Goal Attainment. Grant, Anthony M. 281
Transfer to UC. 284
Trends in Alaska's People and Economy. Leask, Linda; Killorin, Mary; Martin, Stephanie 313
U.S. Culture: What You Need To Know To Survive. Sjolie, Dennis 242
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