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Articles from ERIC: Reports (November 1, 2001)

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"African Americans Have This Slang": Grammar, Dialect, and Racism. Paley, Karen Surman 261
"Fools Rush In": Developing Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Using Film-Based Group Projects. Tidwell, Charles H., Jr. 184
"Heart of Darkness" Webquest: Using Technology To Teach Literary Criticism. Rozema, Robert 195
"In Loco Communitas": Service-Learning and the Liberal Arts. Schwartzman, Roy; Phelps, Greg A. 153
"My Goldfish Name Is Scaley" Is What We Say at Home: Code-Switching--A Potent Tool for Reducing the Achievement Gap in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms. Wheeler, Rebecca S.; Swords, Rachel 333
"Mythos" East and West: The Mythic Conceptions of Soul, Rebirth, and Salvation in the "Phaedrus" and the "Bhagavad Gita.". Stroud, Scott R. 157
A Cognitive Map of Human Performance Technology: A Study of Domain Expertise. Villachica, Steven W.; Lohr, Linda L.; Summers, Laura; Lowell, Nate; Roberts, Stephanie; Javeri, Man 251
A Comparison of Early Writing in Norwegian L1 and English L2. Drew, Ion 277
A Curricular Profile of United States Technical Communication Departments at the Beginning of the 21st Century. McDowell, Earl E. 174
A Design and Development Model for Building Electronic Performance Support Systems. Cagiltay, Kursat 198
A Discussion of Change Theory, System Theory, and State Designed Standards and Accountability Initiatives. McNeal, Larry; Christy, W. Keith 198
A Global Perspective on Early Childhood Care and Education: A Proposed Model. Action Research in Family and Early Childhood. UNESCO Education Sector Monograph. Lillemyr, Ole Fredrik; Fagerli, Oddvar; Sobstad, Frode 251
A Path to Literacy: Empowering Students in Your Classroom. Casey, Jean M. 331
A Posthoc Review of Two Potential Communities of Practice. Duncan, S. Marie; Gordon, Doretta E.; Hu, Haihong 280
A Preliminary Investigation of Teachers' Perspective on Parental Involvement in Children's Literacy Development in the Black Belt Region. Saulawa, Danjuma R.; Johnson, Joyce C. 241
A Proposed New "What If Reliability" Analysis for Assessing the Statistical Significance of Bivariate Relationships. Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J.; Daniel, Larry G.; Roberts, J. Kyle 242
A Regional Study of Gender Differential Perceptions of Mentoring Functions in Accessing the Superintendency. Hall, Lisa; Klotz, Jack Report 285
A Self-Study Guide to Implementation of Inclusive Assessment and Accountability Systems. A Best Practice Approach. Quenemoen, Rachel F.; Thompson, Sandra J.; Thurlow, Martha L.; Lehr, Camilla A. 206
A Study of SUNY Community College Sponsorship of School-Based College-Level Learning in High School. Barnes, Kenneth J. 288
A Study on Describing the Field Identity of Educational Communications in Turkey. Aydin, Cengiz Hakan Report 246
A Themed and Collaborative Approach to Teaching Computers and the Internet. Roby, Teshia Young 259
A Universal Good: Expanding Voluntary, Early Learning Opportunities for Illinois' Young Children. Noble, Sean 275
Academic Achievement, Race, and Reform: Six Essays on Understanding Assessment Policy, Standardized Achievement Tests, and Anti-Racist Alternatives. Berlak, Harold 223
Academic Effects of After-School Programs. ERIC Digest. Shumow, Lee 218
Action Research on Building Learning Communities in Cyberspace. Leh, Amy S. C. 246
Activity Theory Framework and Cognitive Perspectives in Designing Technology-Based Support Systems. Sheu, Feng-Ru 227
Administrator Entry Year Programming: A Cross Institutional Pilot Program--Process, Program Descriptions, and Lessons Learned. Trenta, Louis; Beebe, Robert; Cosiano, Patrick; Eastridge, Harry 269
AECT Advanced Program Standards and Web-Based Portfolio Development. Sherry, Annette C. 341
AECT Needs Survey, 2000. Frick, Theodore W.; Richter, Kurt; Kim, Minhee; Yang, Jessica Chao-I; Duvenci, Abdullah 206
African American Student Persistence at Small Colleges in Appalachia: A Qualitative Study. Littleton, Robert A. Report 238
Alaska Native Education Study: A Statewide Study of Alaska Native Values and Opinions Regarding Education in Alaska. 261
Alignment of Standards and Assessments as an Accountability Criterion. ERIC Digest. La Marca, Paul M. 268
An Empirical Comparison of Navigation Effect of Pull-Down Menu Style on The World Wide Web. Yu, Byeong-Min; Han, Sungwook 303
An Essay: The Culture of Safety. Watters, Ron 305
An Instructional Design Theory for Interactions in Web-Based Learning Environments. Lee, Miyoung; Paulus, Trena 337
An Investigation of Mixed Student Reactions to CMC for Instructional Purposes. Lu, Xin-An 233
An Investigation of the Relationship between Teacher Personality and National Board Certification among South Mississippi Teachers. Walker, Senita Ann Arthur; Klotz, Jack 266
An Overview of Private Education Development in Modern China. Occasional Paper. Xu, Zeyu 271
An Unbroken Chain of Learning and Teaching. Faetz, Tyler; Warner, Mary 197
Analyzing Teacher Preparation To Integrate Technology in Classroom Instruction. Mills, Steven C. 231
Analyzing the Relationship between Perceptions of the Research University Campus Climate and Student Outcomes: An Exploratory Analysis. Armstrong, William B; Carty, Heidi M. 257
Annual Proceedings of Selected Research and Development [and] Practice Papers Presented at the National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (24th, Atlanta, Georgia, November 8-12, 2001). Volumes 1-2. Crawford, Margaret, Ed.; Simonson, Michael, Ed.; Lamboy, Carmen, Ed. 188
Arab Republic of Egypt: Review of Early Childhood Education and Human Capital Formation. O'Gara, Chloe; Lusk, Diane 367
Are Small Schools Better? School Size Considerations for Safety & Learning. Policy Brief. McRobbie, Joan 269
Arizona Measure of Academic Progress: Third Annual Look at Growth in Arizona Schools. Aportela, Anabel 230
Assessing the Multidimensionality of a Unidimensional Scale: The Problems and Potential of the Need for Closure Scale for Educational Research. Crowson, H. Michael 247
Assessment of Treatment Outcomes in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare. Technical Report. Russell, Keith C. 247
Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario 2002 Environmental Scan. 295
Audiencing Research: Textual Experimentation and Targeting for Whose Reality? ASHE Annual Meeting Paper. Lincoln, Yvonna S. 272
Authoring Tools and Learning Systems: A Historical Perspective. Dabbagh, Nada 193
Back to the Future: The Brownstone and FutureLink After-School Programs for Homeless Children. 274
Becoming a Principal: Role Transformation through Clinical Practice. Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia; Muth, Rodney 244
Bilingual Education in West Africa: Does It Work? Hovens, Mart 272
Brownfield Action: An Integrated Environmental Science Simulation Experience for Undergraduates. Kelsey, Ryan 394
Build It and They Will Stay: A Research-Based Model for Creating Community in Web-Based Learning Environments. Hill, Janette R.; Han, Seungyeon; Raven, Arjan 256
Building a Digital Workforce. Part 1: Raising Technological Skills. NPA Report. 301
Building a Team Collaboration in the Virtual Classroom. Napier, Wallace; Waters, Lisa 289
Building Online Executive Education Courses That Work: Design Opportunities and Challenges. Beatty, Brian; Branon, Rovy; Wilson, Jack 180
Building Solid Communities within Higher Education: Leadership, Connections and Commitment. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Continuing Higher Education (63rd, Vancouver, British Columbia, November 3-6, 2001). Barrineau, Irene T., Ed. Conference news 541
Bullying. ERIC/CASS Digest. Coy, Doris Rhea 225
California Report Card, 2001: Factors for School Success. Richards, Jayleen; Dominguez-Arms, Amy 285
Career Activity File: Career Portfolios K-12. 211
Carlson Revisited: The Tacit Knowledge of Place-Bound and Career-Bound Superintendents. Nestor-Baker, Nancy 269
Categorizing Exemplary Educational Websites. Martindale, Trey; Qian, Yufeng; Cates, Ward Mitchell 206
Centering the Teaching of Writing: Using Writing Center Theory and Practice in a Graduate Course in Teaching Writing. Cullum, Linda 334
Changes in the APA "Publication Manual": How the New Fifth Edition Will Affect Research Reporting in the Social Sciences. Daniel, Larry G. 324
Changing Times, Changing Relationships: An Exploration of the Relationship between Superintendents and Boards of Education. Petersen, George J.; Fusarelli, Lance D. 282
Charter Districts: Much Fuss, Little Gain. Lockwood, Anne Turnbaugh 268
Chat: The Missing Link in On-Line Instruction. Roberson, Thelma J.; Klotz, Jack 255
Children with Communication Disorders: Update 2001. ERIC Digest. Brice, Alejandro 211
Co-Inquiry Approach to Learning and Using Hypermedia. Doering, Aaron; Beach, Richard 268
Cognitive Presence in Web-Based Learning: A Content Analysis of Students' Online Discussions. McKlin, Tom; Harmon, S. W.; Evans, William; Jones, M. G. 232
Collaborative Cultural Studies over The Internet: Learning Cultures with Virtual Partners. A Project between Baylor University and Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics. Okubo, Masamichi; Kumahata, Hajime 264
College Performance of New Maryland High School Graduates: Student Outcome and Achievement Report. Keller, Michael Report 238
Community Colleges' Role in Teacher Preparation. Policy Issue. 288
Community of Practice: What Is It, and How Can We Use This Metaphor for Teacher Professional Development? Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa C. 211
Comparing Different Genres of the Internet in Education. Demirbilek, Muhammet; Tozoglu, Dogan; Varank, Ilhan 231
Comparing Teachers' and Parents' Mental Models for Teaching Hearing-Impaired Children To Speak. Tzeng, Jeng-Yi 188
Confronting Design Problems in Developing On-Line Courses in Higher Education. Roberson, Thelma; Klotz, Jack 270
Construct Validation and a More Parsimonious Mathematics Beliefs Scales. Capraro, Mary Margaret 196
Contextual Theory and Adolescent Drug Use Prevention. Wagner, Carson B. 146
Cost-Benefit Analysis: Case Study of the Distance Master of Science Program in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University. Parker, Preston; Kapke, Geoff; Subude, Minyoung Doo; Ludwig, Barbara; Van Hoogstraat, Amy 210
Courseware & Copyright: Who's Rights Are Right? Zhang, Ke; Carr-Chellman, Ali 197
Creating "Technology Intensive" Courses through Faculty Mentoring. Eichelberger, Ariana; Fulford, Catherine P. 173
Creating a Reliable and Valid Self-Efficacy Questionnaire and English Test To Raise Learners' L2 Achievement via Raising Their Self-Efficacy. Templin, Stephen A.; Guile, Timothy C.; Okuma, Takanobu 256
Creating an Online Community by Using ICQ Active List. Yilmaz, Ozgul; Tuzun, Hakan 260
Creating Critical Media Analysis Skills. Fortuna, Carolyn 332
Creating Effective Literature Assignments: Principles, Theory, and Oodles of Examples. Christenbury, Leila; Mitchell, Diana 114
Critical Examination of the Use of Online Technologies in Diverse Courses at a Large Comprehensive University. Monaghan, James M.; Santiago, Rowena S. 254
Current Practice in Designing Training for Complex Skills: Implications for Design and Evaluation of ADAPT[IT]. Eseryel, Deniz; Schuver-van Blanken, Marian J.; Spector, J. Michael 296
Daring To Be Different! Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Education (ICORE) (15th, Pocatello, Idaho, November 6-11, 2001). Joyce, Peter, Ed.; Poff, Raymond, Ed. Conference news 331
Defining and Ensuring Academic Rigor in Online and On-Campus Courses: Instructor Perspectives. Graham, Charles; Essex, Christopher 224
Defining the Limits: CyberEthics. DeWitt-Heffner, Janine; Oxenford, Carolyn 351
Delaware Student Testing Program: Report of Student Questionnaire Survey--2000 Administration in Science and Social Studies for Grades 4 and 6. Zhang, Liru 315
Delta Pi Epsilon National Conference. Book of Readings (Nashville, Tennessee, November 15-17, 2001). Conference news 462
Designing and Developing Rubrics as an Instrument To Assess ISTE's (International Society for Technology in Education) National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T). Foley, Shawn; Remley, Christine; Morales, D. Roberto; Grega, Lawrence M.; Lantz, Nathaniel; Haughton 155
Designing Digital Instructional Management To Optimize Early Education. Mooij, Ton 202
Developing a Scaffolding System To Support Mathematical Investigations. Orrill, Chandra Hawley; Galloway, Chad 296
Developing an Accountability Plan for the Boys and Girls Club: Building Bridges and Creating Learning Communities. Reed, Cynthia J.; Forbes, Sean; Kochan, Frances K.; Lewis, Wanda J.; Spratling, Salazec D. 265
Developing Online Courses: A Human-Centered Approach. Branon, Rovy; Beatty, Brian; Wilson, Jack 204
Digital Television: The Future of Education? Maushak, Nancy; Cheng, Yahua; Wang, Hsi-chih 259
Discovering the Voices of Multiethnic Literature through Critical Reading and Discussion. Baker, Kim; Gormley, Kathleen; Lawler, Marianna; McDermott, Peter 237
Distance Learning and Student Strategies. Sullivan, Florence R.; Lucas, Sarah R. 183
Distance Learning at Piedmont Virginia Community College. Head, Ronald B. 283
Districtwide Performance and Planning Report: Serving Students in Basic Skills Education. 264
Diversifying the Literature Curriculum through a Cultural Component. Gibson-Allen, Jeanette 329
Dixie Goswami and Write To Change: Connecting Learners. Young, Art 226
Do Higher State Test Scores in Texas Make for Better High School Outcomes? Research Report. Carnoy, Martin; Loeb, Susanna; Smith, Tiffany L. 361
Do Job Requirements and Work Conditions Interact with Individual Characteristics To Influence Teacher Attraction to the Principalship? Newton, Rose Mary; Zeitoun, Peter 281
Do School Facilities Really Impact a Child's Education? IssueTrak: A CEFPI Brief on Educational Facility Issues. Lyons, John B. 198
Documenting Indigenous Knowledge and Languages: Research Planning & Protocol. Leonard, Beth 311
Dot Kids Name Act of 2001. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session on H.R. 2417. 198
Dropout Rates in the United States, 2000. Statistical Analysis Report. Kaufman, Phillip; Alt, Martha Naomi; Chapman, Christopher D. 264
E-Learning and the Professional Development of Trainers and Vocational Teachers. 284
Early Childhood Development (Nga Kaitaunaki Kohungahunga) 1 July 2000 to 30 June 2001 Annual Report. 196
Early Development and School Readiness from the Perspective of Addressing Barriers to Learning. A Center Brief. Adelman, Howard; Taylor, Linda 345
Early To Rise: Improving the School Readiness of Philadelphia's Young Children. A Report of the Improving School Readiness Project [with] Executive Summary. 330
East Meets West Times 2: Impact of Cultural Change at Two Universities on Asian Students. Ku, Cheng-Hsing; Lee, Cheng-Yuan; Pan, Cheng-Chang; Tao, Yedong; Wang, Zhengzi; Cornell, Richard; Ku 229
Educational Attainment of Foster Youth: Achievement and Graduation Outcomes for Children in State Care. Burley, Mason; Halpern, Mina 262
Educators' Perceptions of Character Education. Davidson, Lelon; Stokes, Laura C. 273
Effect of Gender, Achievement in Mathematics, and Grade Level on Attitudes toward Mathematics. Tapia, Martha; Marsh, George E., II 289
Effects of Instruction Administered through Written and Visual Symbol Systems on the Achievement of Formal and Distance Education Students. Bozkaya, Mujgan 253
Effects of On-Line Peer-Support on Learning during On-Line Small Group Discussion. Choi, Ikseon; Land, Susan M.; Turgeon, Alfred J. 233
Effects of Personalized Instruction on Mathematics Word Problems in Taiwan. Ku, Heng-Yu; Sullivan, Howard J. 251
Electronic Commerce: Canadian Community Colleges and Institutes of Technology. 284
Emotional Intelligence: The Effect of Gender, GPA, and Ethnicity. Tapia, Martha; Marsh, George E., II 261
Empirical Support for Accommodations Most Often Allowed in State Policy. Synthesis Report. Thurlow, Martha; Bolt, Sara 271
Employer Survey Results for the PVCC Graduating Class of 1999-2000. Shields, Jennifer A. 294
Enfoque en las horas despues del dia en escuela para la prevencion de violencia (Focus on After-School Time for Violence Prevention). ERIC Digest. Patten, Peggy; Robertson, Anne S. 179
Engaging a Nation: Expanding the Role of TRIO and Other Outreach Programs. Research Informing Practice Short Papers. Swail, Watson Scott 275
Enhancing Teacher Quality through Knowledge- and Skills-Based Pay. CPRE Policy Briefs. Odden, Allan; Kelley, Carolyn; Heneman, Herbert; Milanowski, Anthony 277
Enlargement Futures Project: Expert Panel on Technology, Knowledge and Learning. Final Report. Gourova, Elissaveta; Ducatel, Ken; Gavigan, James; Scapolo, Fabiana; Di Pietrogiacomo, Paola 302
Enrollments, Student Characteristics, Progress and Success for Basic Skills Students in State Support Instruction in Community and Technical Colleges. Research Report. Report 257
Erosion of Instructional Time: Teacher Concerns. Leonard, Lawrence J. 241
Estimates of Numbers of Unauthorized Migrants Residing in the United States: The Total, Mexican, and Non-Mexican Central American Unauthorized Populations in Mid-2001. Special Report. Bean, Frank D., Van Hook, Jennifer, Woodrow-Lafield, Karen 281
Evaluating Professional Development Schools: Challenges, Contradictions and Tensions. Maina, Faith W. 170
Evaluating the Accelerated Schools Approach: A Look at Early Implementation and Impacts on Student Achievement in Eight Elementary Schools. Bloom, Howard S.; Ham, Sandra; Melton, Laura; O'Brien, Julieanne 304
Evaluating the Use of Student and Parent GEAR UP Survey Summaries in a Rural, Nine-County Region. Meehan, Merrill L.; Cowley, Kimberly S.; Whittaker, Denise 292
Evaluation of Instruction (Training): It Is Not Optional for Professionals (Or, Who Screened the Baggage on Your Flight?). Werner, JennyLynn 245
Evaluation of the Reading First Program. Final Report. 269
Evaluation of Year 2 of the Alabama Reading Initiative. O'Neal, Marcia R.; Snyder, Scott W.; Spor, Mary W. 335
Every Child Learning: Safe and Supportive Schools. 271
Executive Behavior: An Examination of Three Decades of Administrative Work across Organizational Settings, Industries, and Contexts. Jackson, Jerlando F. L.; Peterson, Kent D. 270
Expanding Public/Private Partnerships For Improving Basic Education through School Sponsorship in the Dominican Republic. Final Report. Basic Education and Policy Support Activity. Craig, Patricia; Kane, Michael 353
Explorations in Principal Leadership across an Array of School Types. Portin, Bradley S. 277
Exploring Innovations in Personalized Teacher Education. Luppicini, Rocci J. 214
Exploring New Teacher Induction Relationships: A Path to Establishing a Dominant Organizational Model for Schools. Ruff, William G.; Shoho, Alan R. 253
Facilitating Self-Direction in Computer Conferencing. Lee, Jiyeon 246
Facilitating Technology Integration through Effective Professional Development: A Local School Model. Smith, Gale G.; Shoffner, Mary B. 233
Facts That Make an Impact: Guidelines for Providing Education Information to Legislators. Quick Turn Around (QTA). 196
Faculty and Students at Nova Southeastern University Judge the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Research with Human Subjects: Fall Term 2001. MacFarland, Thomas W. 298
Faculty Participation in Governance: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study. Blendinger, Jack; Cornelious, Linda; McGrath, Vincent 220
Faculty Perceptions of Graduate International Students: The Benefits and Challenges. Trice, Andrea G. 236
Faith Communities and Public Schools: A Collaboration To Improve Education. CPEC Best Practices Report. Smith, Jim H. 233
Fall 2001 Enrollments: North Dakota Institutions of Higher Education. Schepp, Julie; Padilla, Gina 229
Falling Behind: A Technology Crisis Facing Minority Students. Pearson, Tamara 181
Family and Its Effect on Institutional Choice and Post-Freshman Retention of American Indian/Alaska Native Students at a Bible College. ASHE Annual Meeting Paper. Saggio, Joseph J. 246
Federal Support for Education: Fiscal Years 1980 to 2001. Hoffman, Charlene M. 282
Feedback from European Social Partners as Part of the Consultation on the Commission's Memorandum on Lifelong Learning. Supporting Document to the Communication from the Commission Making a European Area of Lifelong Learning a Reality. 327
First in America Special Report: Designing a High Quality Pre-Kindergarten Program. Clifford, Richard M.; Gallagher, James J. 160
Florida Community College System Long-Range Program Plan (LRPP) for Fiscal Years 2002-2003 through 2006-2007. 275
Formation of Community in a Distance Education Program. Misanchuck, Melanie; Dueber, Bill 291
Four-Year College Students' Use of the Community College: A Middle-Class Takeover? ASHE Annual Meeting Paper. Townsend, Barbara K. 257
From "Yellow Peril" to "Model Minority": The Transition of Asian Americans. Bhattacharyya, Srilata 273
From the Abacus to the World Wide Web: An Analysis of the Educational Technology Movement and Its Impact upon Adult Literacy in the People's Republic of China. Kadlubowski, Michael G. 255
Gender Bias: What Are the Current Issues? Hulley, Kathy S. 231
Globalization of Social Studies in Early Childhood Education. Davis, Josephine Barry 157
Graduate Survey Report: Class of 2000. 280
Guide to Publishing at the U.S. Department of Education. November 2001 Edition. Ohnemus, Edward; Zimmermann, Jacquelyn 263
Guidelines for Converting Existing Courses into Web-Based Format. Tuzun, Hakan 201
Hand-in-Hand We're Changing the Future of Education: Introducing the Intergenerational Approach and Promoting the Need for Trained Professionals. Rosebrook, Vicki; Haley, Hollie; Larkin, Elizabeth 256
Handshakes in Cyberspace: Bridging the Cultural Differences through Effective Intercultural Communication and Collaboration. Wang, C. Y. Janey 196
Health and Safety in the Child Care Setting: Prevention of Injuries. Module 2. Second Edition. A Curriculum for the Training of Child Care Providers. Zamani, A. Rahman, Ed. 297
High School Graduation Rates in the United States. Revised. Greene, Jay P. 264
Holy Mitosis Batman, It's a Gamete: Blending (Bending) the Research Genre. Barton, Fred 384
Hope Works: Student Use of Education Tax Credits. New Agenda Series[TM], Volume 4, Number 2. Hoblitzell, Barbara A.; Smith, Tiffany L. 369
How Mind Works To Revise Compositions. Lin, Deh-nan 232
Identifying Obstacles to Preservice Teacher Action Research: Two Case Studies. Strickland, Janet Smith; Corely, Aaron; Jones, Lindsay 269
Illinois Early Childhood Training/Technical Assistance Matrix. 296
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Agricultural Sales and Marketing Cluster. 308
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Occupational Therapy Cluster. 307
Illinois Occupational Skill Standards: Plastics Molding Cluster. 309
ILO/KRIVET National Tripartite Workshop: Workplace Learning in a Globalizing World [Proceedings] (Seoul, South Korea, November 29-30, 2001). 171
Immigrants in U.S. Colleges: What Contributes to Their Academic Success? Crisostomo, Mirtha; Dee, Jay R. 310
Impact of Accountability and School Testing on Students: Is There Evidence of Anxiety? Mulvenon, Sean W.; Connors, Joanie V.; Lenares, Denise 201
Implementing a Laptop Program at a Small, Liberal Arts University. Anderson, Cheryl A. 178
Implementing Project Approach in Hong Kong. Preschool. Ho, Rose 296
Implementing the Values and Strategies of Family to Family. Family to Family: Tools for Rebuilding Foster Care. Thielman, Betse 264
Improving Reading in America: Are Teachers Prepared? Policy Issues. Young, Edyth E. 288
Improving the College Experience: National Benchmarks of Effective Educational Practice. NSSE 2001 Report. National Survey of Student Engagement: The College Student Report. 347
In the Web of Cultural Transition: A Tracer Study of Children in Embu District, Kenya. Early Childhood Development: Practice and Reflections. Following Footsteps. Njenga, Ann; Kabiru, Margaret Clinical report 319
Incentives for Accountability. ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 253
Incorporating Academic Standards in Instructional Systems Design Process. Wang, Charles Xiaoxue 176
Increasing and Decreasing Anxiety: A Study of Doctoral Students in Education Research Courses. Wilson, Vicki A.; Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J. 292
Increasing Preservice Teachers' Capacity for Technology Integration through Use of Electronic Models. Ertmer, Peggy A.; Conklin, Deborah; Lewandowski, Judith 221
Individualized Instruction: An Integrated Approach. Tate, Kathleen J.; DeBroux, Margie L. 315
Information Literacy in Higher Education: Is There a Gap? Frier, Rebecca; Musgrove, Cindi; Zahner, Jane 408
Institutional Research: Leadership through Excellence. North East Association for Institutional Research Annual Conference Proceedings (28th, Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 17-20, 2001). Conference news 408
Instructional Design Issues Facing E-Learning: East Meets West. Tsai, Ping-Yeh; Rendon, Betty; Cornell, Richard 370
Instructional Systems & Distance Education: Understanding the Implications. Terheggen, Sara; Lubinescu, Edward S. 225
Integrating Assessment and Research Strategies on a Large Development and Research Project: Kids as Airborne Mission Scientists (KaAMS). Grabowski, Barbara L.; Koszalka, Tiffany A. 243
Integrating Educational Technology into Field Experiences and Teacher Education Curriculum--A Systemic Approach. Liu, Jyh-Mei 207
Integrating Four Courses into a 12 Credit Hour Block of Instruction in an On-Line Format as Part of a Master's Program in Educational Administration. Klotz, Jack; Roberson, Thelma J. 318
Integrating Internet-Based Learning in an Educational System: A Systemic Approach. Jones, Marshall G.; Harmon, Stephen W. 271
Integrating Technology and Inquiry Pedagogy: Needs-Based Professional Development. Berber, Brian; Brovey, Andrew 342
Intellectual Initiatives at a Research University: Origins, Evolutions, and Challenges. Frost, Susan H.; Jean, Paul M.; Teodorescu, Daniel; Brown, Amy B. 208
Intentional and Unintentional Afghan Humor: "Local Logic" at Its Best. Revised. Nilsen, Don; Nilsen, Alleen 152
Interaction in the Online Classroom. Bowman, Leslie 336
Interpreting Teachers' Stories To Inform Teacher Education Practices: A Review of the Literature. Good, Jennifer; Weaver, Andrew 273
Investigating the Metacognitive Awareness and Strategies of English-Majored University Student Writers. You, Yu-Ling; Joe, Shih-Guey 274
Investigating the Success for All Reading Program. Blendinger, Jack; Wells, Lauren R. 165
Investing in Workers' Basic Skills: Lessons from Company-Funded Workplace-Based Programs. Levenson, Alec R. 251
Iowa Community Colleges Fall Term 2001: Credit Student Enrollment Report. Revised. 243
Iowa Community Colleges Tuition and Fees Report, Academic Year 2001-2002. 286
Is There a Connection: Teacher Empowerment, Teachers' Sense of Responsibility, and Student Success? Martin, Barbara N.; Crossland, Barbara; Johnson, Judy A. 224
Is Work Enough? The Experiences of Current and Former Welfare Mothers Who Work. Polit, Denise F.; Widom, Rebecca; Edin, Kathryn; Bowie, Stan; London, Andrew S.; Scott, Ellen K.; Va 279
Issues in Integrating Computers into Classroom. Varank, Ilhan; Tozoglu, Dogan; Demirbilek, Muhammet 193
Issues Related to the Effects of Cohorts on Learners. Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia; Muth, Rodney 269
It Won't Happen to Me: The Role of Optimistic Bias in African-American Teens' Risky Sexual Practices. Chapin, John 238
It's Still Alright To Complain (At Least for the Moment): Vincennes University and the Angry Professors. Sandmann, Warren 254
It's the Principal of the Thing! Johnston, Howard 346
Japanese Education in Grades K-12. ERIC Digest. Ellington, Lucien 133
Jewels of Wisdom: A Study of Perceptions of Discipline of Middle School Teachers, High School Teachers, Student Teachers, and Undergraduate Education Majors Enrolled in Classroom Management Course (YOED 4000). Young, Barbara N.; Milligan, Barbara; Snead, Donald 240
Judging the Judges: An Analysis of Ballots in Impromptu and Extemporaneous Speaking. Cronn-Mills, Daniel; Croucher, Stephen M. 335
Kids as Airborne Mission Scientists: Designing PBL To Inspire Kids. Koszalka, Tiffany A.; Grabowski, Barbara L.; Kim, Younghoon 213
Lagging Behind: A Report Card on Education in Latin America, 2001. Report 235
Large Scale Interventions: An Historical Case Study of Florida Schoolyear, 2000. Russo-Converso, Judith A. Case study 320
Leadership in Higher Education: Instructional Designers in Faculty Development Programs. McGriff, Steven J. 230
Leadership Schools: The Second Year of Whole School Reform Implementation, 2000-01 School Year. Findings from the External Evaluation. 284
Leadership, Technology, and Student Learning. Brown, Cindy; Zellner, Luana 376
Leading and Managing Comprehensive School Guidance Programs. ERIC/CASS Digest. Gysbers, Norman C.; Henderson, Patricia 197
Learner-Centered Activities from the DVD-Format "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.". Lin, Li-Yun 245
Learner-Centered Professional Development Environments in Mathematics: The InterMath Experience. Orrill, Chandra Hawley; Brown, Summer; Erbas, Ayhan Kursat; Glazer, Evan; Umberger, Shannon 276
Learners' Perceptions of Design Factors Found in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) That Support Reflective Thinking. Koszalka, Tiffany A.; Song, Hae-Deok; Grabowski, Barbara L. 222
Learning at a Distance in South Dakota: Description and Evaluation of the Diffusion of a Distance Education. Simonson, Michael; Bauck, Tamara 301
Legal Issues To Be Considered When Testing Teachers for Initial Licensing. Pascoe, Donna; Halpin, Glennelle 245
Lessons Learned from a University Partnership Established To Promote the Adoption of Educational Technology: One Size Does Not Fit All. Buckenmeyer, Janet 253
Listen to Me: Four Web-Based CSCL Students' Perspectives and Experiences in Group Collaboration and Knowledge Construction in Cyber Space. Wang, C. Y. Janey 218
Literacy Is for Life: Strengthening Adult Literacy Is Key to Canada's Economic and Social Prosperity. Submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. Pre-Budget Consultations. 223
Looking for the Hype in Hypertext: An Essay Deconstructing Pedagogical Assumptions Associated with Online Learning and Instructional Design. Dwight, Jim 183
Los Rios Community College District Office of Institutional Research Fall 2001 Student Profile Based upon First Census Data. Glyer-Culver, Betty 262
Major Obstacles and Best Practices in International Educational Exchanges. Alsup, Rea; Egginton, Everett 303
Making a European Area of Lifelong Learning a Reality. Communication from the Commission. 281
Making Diversity Awareness Part of Your Teaching. Kirk, Rea; Nkemnji, John; Gudgeon, Katherine; Hardy, Sarah; Hooker, Gina; Lowry, Mark; Roberts, Brio 193
Matching Applicants with Services: Initial Assessments in the Milwaukee County W-2 Program. Gooden, Susan; Doolittle, Fred; Glispie, Ben 279
Merging System of Care Principles with Civil Rights Law: Olmstead Planning for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance. Questions, Answers and Recommendations for State Policymakers and Advocates. Giliberti, Mary 306
Migrant and Seasonal Hired Adolescent Farmworkers: A Plan To Improve Working Conditions. Recommendations from the National Adolescent Farmworker Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Committee. Vela Acosta, Martha, Ed.; Lee, Barbara, Ed. 268
Model of Learner-Centered Computer-Mediated Interaction for Collaborative Distance Learning. Chou, C. Candace 253
Motivation Power: Exciting Kids about Research. Small, Ruth V.; Arnone, Marilyn P. 375
NAACP Call for Action in Education. Jackson, John H. 248
Narrative Translation across Cultures: From the "Bhagavad Gita" to "The Legend of Bagger Vance.". Stroud, Scott R. 305
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards' National Teacher Certification. ERIC Digest. Harman, Ann E. 270
National Mythology and Its Linguistical Resources: The Bulgarian Case. Aretov, Nikolay 280
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