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Articles from ERIC: Reports (July 1, 2001)

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"A Real Eye Opener": Can Parent-Faculty Partnerships Enhance Learning and Teaching in the Higher Education Classroom? Espe-Sherwindt, Marilyn 186
"We the People... The Citizen and the Constitution": Knowledge of and Support for Democratic Institutions and Processes by Participating Students. National Finals 2001. Soule, Suzanne 298
21st Century School Finance: How Is the Context Changing? Education Finance in the States: Its Past, Present and Future. ECS Issues Paper. Hansen, Janet S. 269
A Comparison of Eighth Grade Students' Testing Scores between the "Jeopardy" and "Seatwork" Types of Review. Daft, Lee T. 217
A Comparison of Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Total Physical Response versus Song/Chants with Kindergartners. Omari, Deena Rae 263
A Comparison of Reading Achievement in Second Grade Students Using the Accelerated Reading Program and Independent Reading. Toro, Adrienne 304
A Financial Aid Need Analysis Methodology for Early Care and Education. Technical Report. Vast, Teresa; Baum, Sandy 364
A Framework for Achieving the Essential Academic Learning Requirements in Writing for Washington State, Grades K-10. Revised. 264
A New Communication Order. Snyder, Ilana 229
A Practitioner's Guide to School Community Based Management (SCBM). Petrus, Keres 270
A Research Based Study for the Use of Audiobooks in the Classroom as a Complementary Reading Program. Clark, Meredith Ann 404
A Review of the Literature Regarding the Developmental View of Early School Failure and Its Lack of Supporting Empirical Evidence. Mullady, Mary Ann 249
A Study of Children's Early Oral Production in the Target Language in Japanese Immersion Classrooms. Hagino, Shoko Report 239
A Study of the Problem Solving Abilities of Seventh Grade Students Who Receive Anchored Problem Solving Instruction. Griesser, Sara Anne 390
A Study of Third Graders' Attitudes toward People from Other Countries. Roberts, Laura Anne 358
A Survey Instrument: General Educators and Students with Physical Disabilities. Singh, Delar K. 200
Adaptations & Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. Resources You Can Use. NICHCY Bibliography 15. Williams, Jane 197
Admission of Transfer Students in British Columbia Post-Secondary Institutions: Policies, Practices and Capacity. Soles, Jim 257
Advanced Placement Exams 1999-2000: Results for WCPSS and EBN Districts. Lindblad, Mark; Tyler, Doris 263
Afterschool Alert: Poll Report No. 4. A Report of Findings from a July 31-August 2, 2001 Poll of Registered Voters. 297
Alberta's International Education Strategy. 247
Allocation Study of Educational Resources in the Southwestern Region. Research Design. Report 269
Altering the Evaluation Process of Interscholastic Coaches Based on Alternative Classroom Teacher Appraisal Methods. McFarland, Allison J. 261
An Assessment of Future Employment Opportunities for Individuals Trained in the Automotive Trades. Working Paper. 269
An Investigation into the Possible Speededness of the Medical College Admission Test. MCAT Monograph 3. Neustel, Sandra 347
An Overview of an Issue and Action Instruction Program for Stewardship Education. Marcinkowski, Tom 174
An Overview of the Development of Aboriginal Early Childhood Services in Canada. Greenwood, Margo 310
Analysis of Applications, Admissions and Registrations of B.C. College Transfer Applicants to B.C. Universities, Fall 2000. Heslop, Joanne 296
Analysis of Arizona Stanford 9 Test Results, Spring 2001. 244
Analyzing Student Difficulties in Reading. Ediger, Marlow 149
Arab Republic of Egypt: An Economic Analysis of Early Childhood Education/Development. Janssens, Wendy; Van Der Gaag, Jacques; Tanaka, Shinichiro 355
Assessing Teacher Efficacy and Professional Learning Community in 19 Elementary and High Schools. Cowley, Kimberly S.; Meehan, Merrill L. 319
Assessing the Feasibility of Family Loans for Early Care and Education. Technical Report. Davis, Jerry S.; Wohlford, Jill K. 339
Australian Literacies: Informing National Policy on Literacy Education. Second Edition. Lo Bianco, Joseph; Freebody, Peter 262
Beyond High School: Exploring Vocational Education and Other Training Opportunities [and] Exploring College and University Options for Students with Disabilities [and] Exploring Military Options for Students with Disabilities. Raabe, Becky; Hilts-Scott, Shirley; Santa Maria, Karen; Swearingen, Tina 290
Blueprints for Violence Prevention. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. Mihalic, Sharon; Irwin, Katherine; Elliott, Delbert; Fagan, Abigail; Hansen, Diane 260
Boys and Writing: Reluctance? Reticence? Or Rebellion? Hansen, Sally 337
Career Development and Universal Prekindergarten: What Now? What Next? Working Paper Series. Vecchiotti, Sara 324
Career Development through Knowledge Management (KM): Be a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Your Digital Dividend Destiny. Groff, Warren H. 313
Causal Inference and System Dynamics in Social Science Research: A Commentary with Example. Morris, Don R. 219
Changing Views about International Activities in American Teacher Education Programs. Pickert, Sarah 281
Character Education Literacy Kits: Supporting the Home/School Connection. Andrews, Sharon Vincz Conference notes 142
Closing the Gap: How Sectoral Workforce Development Programs Benefit the Working Poor. SEDLP Research Report. The Sectoral Employment Development Learning Project. Zandniapour, Lily; Conway, Maureen Survey 270
Closing the Gender Gap? Non-Traditional Curriculum Choices and Entry into Working Life. Couppie, Thomas; Epiphane, Dominique 238
Community Endowment Funds for Early Care and Education. Technical Report. Monroe, Helen 326
Community Organizing for School Reform in New York City. Mediratta, Kavitha 277
Community Organizing for School Reform, Washington, DC: A Recovering Plantation. Henderson, Anne T. 272
Conducting Market Rate Surveys and Establishing Rate Policies. Karolak, Eric; Collins, Ray; Stoney, Louise 330
Consejeria de los directores (Principal Mentoring). ERIC Digest. Malone, Robert J. 277
Constructing Gender: Female Identity Realised in Popular Culture. Williams, Monica 175
Core Values and Morality Perspectives in Contemporary American Society: An Educator's Point of View. Hoge, John Douglas 294
Counting Literature In? Balancing the National Literacy Agenda. Croker, B. M.; Baxter, D. 305
CPS Dropout Rates by Race and Gender. Addendum to "Calculating a Cohort Dropout Rate for the Chicago Public Schools: A Technical Research Report.". Allensworth, Elaine; Easton, John Q. 127
Demand and Supply of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Australia. 271
Developing a Storysack Project within a Sure Start Initiative: Reflections and Emerging Findings on Working Together with Parents To Produce a Community Resource. Forde, Jan; Weinberger, Jo 208
Development of Chicago Annenberg Schools: 1996-1999. Improving Chicago's Schools. Report of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project. Wenzel, Stacy A.; Smylie, Mark A.; Sebring, Penny Bender; Allensworth, Elaine; Gutierrez, Tania; Hal 252
Digital Guests in Your Classroom. PEN. Williams, Michelle 304
Diversity and Synergy? The International Context of the English Literacy Strategy. Beard, Roger 232
Driving Change in Community Colleges. Volume 1: Building Systems for Advancement to Self-Sufficiency; Volume 2: An Analysis of Change in Two Community Colleges. Liebowitz, Marty; Haynes, Leslie; Milley, Jane 266
Economic Impact of Miami-Dade Community College. Vorp, Ron 281
Economic Migrants in a Global Labour Market: A Report on the Recruitment and Retention of Asian Computer Professionals by Canadian High Tech Firms. CPRN Discussion Paper. Rao, Badrinath 279
Effective Science Teaching and a Strategy for Its Implementation. Tytler, Russell; Sharpley, Brian; Tsiastias, Sophie 227
Elementary Lessons from Indiana's Underground Railroad Institute (July 22-27, 2001). 360
Emerging Workforce Issues: W.I.A., Ticket To Work, and Partnerships. A Report on the Mary E. Switzer Memorial Seminar (22nd, Lansing, Michigan, September 2000). Switzer Seminar Series. McConnell, L. Robert, Ed. 328
Employer Survey Results for the PVCC Graduating Class of 1998-99. Research Report. Shields, Jennifer A. 309
Employment Patterns of Law School Graduates. LSAC Research Report Series. Baker, Joe G. 211
Enriching the Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers. ERIC Digest. Lee, Hea-Jin 160
Equal Educational Opportunity for Native American Students in Montana Public Schools. 303
Evaluation Procedures and Determination of Eligibility for Children in Transition from Part C to Prekindergarten Programs for Children with Disabilities [and] Transportation and Students with Disabilities. Technical Assistance Papers. 267
Executive Compensation in California Public Higher Education, 2000-2001. Higher Education Update. 302
Executive Compensation in the California Community Colleges, 2000-2001. 268
Explanation, Justification and Argumentation in Mathematics Classrooms. Yackel, Erna 139
Facing the Hard Facts in Education Reform: A Policy Information Perspective. Barton, Paul E. 295
Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers: The Best Resource for Recruiting New Teachers. Jensen, Jacquelyn W.; Rowley, Maxine; Skidmore, Jason; Hymon-Parker, Shirley; Christensen, Mary; Den 275
Family Independence Initiative (FII): Lessons Learned about Developing and Delivering Family Literacy Services to Welfare Recipients. Alamprese, Judith A.; Tao, Fumiyo 283
Family Literacy Programs: The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts. Fagan, William T. 324
Federal Disability Terms: A Review of State Use. Quick Turn Around (QTA). Muller, Eve; Linehan, Patrice 281
Financial Aid Applicants: Dependent Students. Research Report. 325
For Adults...Beginning or Returning to Higher Education. 214
Freedom & Responsibility: A Glorious Counterpoint. AMI/USA Conference (Boston, Massachusetts, July 20-23, 2000). Conference news 412
From Informational Technology in Biology Teaching to Inspirational Technology: Where Have We Come from and Where Are We Going? Peat, Mary; Taylor, Charlotte; Fernandez, Anne 236
Funding of Oklahoma Common Schools with a Texas Tax Plan: A Cautionary Note. Hancock, Kenneth 271
Future Perfect: Reflecting through Personal Narrative. Coia, Lesley; Taylor, Monica 316
Gaining Ground? Measuring the Impact of Welfare Reform on Welfare and Work. Civic Report. O'Neill, June E.; Hill, M. Anne 267
Get the Lead Out: Illinois Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance Report, 2000. 327
Grade 10 English Language Arts Released Test Items: Sample Student Work Illustrating GEE 21's Achievement Levels. 286
Grade 10 to Grade 12 Mathematics Resources: Annotated Bibliography. Common Curriculum Framework. Bibliography 357
Guidebook to Collaborating with the Illinois Child Care Subsidy System. 296
Higher Education and Students with Orthopedic Disabilities: A Survey Instrument. Singh, Delar K. 195
Homeschooling in the United States: 1999. Bielick, Stacey; Chandler, Kathryn; Broughman, Stephen P. 328
How Children Learn. Educational Practices Series--7. Vosniadou, Stella 231
How Does Teacher Reflection Affect Teaching Practices? Follow-Up Study. Ulmer, Constance; Timothy, Mary 342
How Has a Literacy Focus Changed Pedagogy across the Curriculum in Sydney Catholic Secondary Schools, 1995-2000? McMullen, T. J. 301
How Teachers Can Use Grammar To Help Young Writers. Martin, Rodney 299
Hunger Doesn't Take a Vacation: Summer Nutrition Status Report. Hess, Doug 285 Information and Communication Technology in European Education Systems. Survey 4. 276
Increasing Physics Enrolment in Year 11. George, Lucy; Taylor, Peter C. 187
Instructors' Beliefs and Values about Learning Problem Solving. Henderson, Charles; Heller, Kenneth; Heller, Patricia; Kuo, Vince H.; Yerushalmi, Edit 142
Instructors' Ideas about Problem Solving--Grading. Henderson, Charles; Heller, Kenneth; Heller, Patricia; Kuo, Vince H.; Yerushalmi, Edit 200
Instructors' Ideas about Problem Solving--Setting Goals. Henderson, Charles; Heller, Kenneth; Heller, Patricia; Kuo, Vince H.; Yerushalmi, Edit 179
Internal Evaluation of the New York Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation. Final Report. Tittle, Carol Kehr; Flugman, Bert; Pape, Stephen J.; Saxman, Laura 269
International Perspectives on Quality in Higher Education. EPI Monograph Series on Higher Education. Janosik, Steven M., Ed.; Creamer, Don G., Ed.; Alexander, M. David, Ed. 299
Issues of Education at Community Colleges: Essays by Fellows in the Mid-Career Fellowship Program at Princeton University, 2000-2001. 274
Jennifer's Journey: Seeing and Remembering Mathematical Connections in a Pre-Service Elementary Teachers Course. Davis, Gary E.; McGowen, Mercedes A. 167
Just Doing It 5: Surveying America's Privately Funded School Choice Grants Programs for Growth, Impact, and Progress. Ladner, Matthew 269
K-12 Service-Learning: A Strategy for Rural Community Renewal and Revitalization. Henness, Steven A. 295
Language, Literacy and Participation Rights: Factors Influencing the Educational Outcomes of Boys. Nyland, Berenice 220
Learning between Systems: Adapting Higher Education Financing Methods to Early Care and Education. Research Report. Vast, Teresa 284
Lessons from the Classroom: What We Learn about Effective Pedagogy from Teacher-Student Interactions. Edwards-Groves, Christine J. 261
Linguistic Competence Profiles in English as a Foreign Language in Mexican University Students. Vivaldo-Lima, Javier; Gonzalez-Robles, Rosa O.; Castillo-Morales, Alberto 256
Literacies, Contexts and Practices: Public Devices for Their Definition. Dionisio, Maria de Lourdes 360
Literacy and Emotions: Data Analysis from the Dudelange Project. Berg, Charles; Lick, Paulette 254
Measuring Intercultural Sensitivity in Different Cultural Context. Fritz, Wolfgang; Mollenberg, Antje; Chen, Guo-Ming 206
MEDICAID: Stronger Efforts Needed To Ensure Children's Access to Health Screening Services. Report to Congressional Requesters. Allen, Kathryn G. 338
Meeting Needs and Making Profits: The Rise of For-Profit Degree-Granting Institutions. ECS Issue Paper. Kelly, Kathleen F. 354
Meeting the Language Needs of Low-Literacy Adult Immigrants in Washington, D.C. and Suburban Northern Virginia. Ingersoll, Cynthia 306
Mini-Digest of Education Statistics, 2000. Hoffman, Charlene 242
Moving into a New Community: Itinerant Fruit Pickers' Children and Literacy Learning. Henderson, Robyn 342
Music and Inclusion: A Performance Partnership. Martin, Sylvia S. 198
National Assessment of Educational Progress Achievement Levels 1992-1998 for Mathematics. Loomis, Susan Cooper, Ed.; Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. Author abstract 300
National Assessment of Educational Progress Achievement Levels, 1992-1998 for Civics. Loomis, Susan Cooper, Ed.; Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. 315
National Assessment of Educational Progress Achievement Levels, 1992-1998 for Geography. Loomis, Susan Cooper, Ed.; Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. 315
National Assessment of Educational Progress Achievement Levels, 1992-1998 for Reading. Loomis, Susan Cooper, Ed.; Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. 260
National Assessment of Educational Progress Achievement Levels, 1992-1998 for U.S. History. Loomis, Susan Cooper, Ed.; Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. 319
National Assessment of Educational Progress Achievement Levels, 1992-1998 for Writing. Loomis, Susan Cooper, Ed.; Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. 257
National Postsecondary Student Aid Study: Student Financial Aid Estimates for 1999-2000. E.D. Tabs. 332
Needs Analysis for the Chaffey Community College District Fontana Center: A Report to the Governor and Legislature in Response to a Request from the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges. Commission Report. 308
Networking and Information Technology Research and Development. Supplement to the President's Budget for FY 2002. 353
New Tools for Analyzing Teaching, Curriculum and Standards in Mathematics & Science. Results from Survey of Enacted Curriculum Project. Final Report. Blank, Rolf K.; Porter, Andrew; Smithson, John 351
Noel-Levitz Spring 2001 Student Satisfaction Inventory. 280
Non-Linear Editing for the Smaller College-Level Production Program, Rev. 2.0. Tetzlaff, David 252
Nursing Workforce: Emerging Nurse Shortages Due to Multiple Factors. Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives. Heinrich, Janet 292
Okaloosa-Walton Community College Staff and Program Development Plan. 289
Oklahoma City FILM Even Start Family Literacy Program Evaluation, 2000-2001. Richardson, Donna Castle; Shove, Joanie; Brickman, Sharon; Terrell, Sherry; Shields, Jane 338
On the Cognitive Interpretation of Performance Assessment Scores. CSE Technical Report 546. Ayala, Carlos Cuauhtemoc; Shavelson, Richard; Ayala, Mary Ann 260
Opening Up Space for Children's Thinking and Dialogue. Haynes, Joanna; Murris, Karin 320
Operating Budget Appropriation and Supporting Technical Data for the Illinois Public Community College System, Fiscal Year 2002. 270
Originality and Creativity. Tan, Shaun 265
Parental Influences on Adolescent Marijuana Use and the Baby Boom Generation: Findings from the 1979-1996 National Household Surveys on Drug Abuse. Analytic Series. Kandel, Denise B.; Griesler, Pamela C.; Lee, Gang; Davies, Mark; Schaffsan, Christine 285
Pathways in Mathematics towards Equity: A 25 Year Journey. Leder, Gilah C. 142
Picture Books: Who Are They For? Tan, Shaun 335
Piedmont Virginia Community College Institutional Effectiveness Measures. 293
Place of Class Attendance of Nova Southeastern University Students during Calendar Year 2000. MacFarland, Thomas W. Calendar 187
Post Baccalaureate Reverse Transfer Implications for Community College Student Services. Pope, Myron; Turner, Mary; Barker, John 279
Preservation and Digitization in ARL Libraries. SPEC Kit. Mohlhenrich, Janice, Comp. 261
Preventing and Countering School-Based Harassment: A Resource Guide for K-12 Educators. Revised Edition. Steineger, Melissa 254
Principal Mentoring. ERIC Digest. Malone, Robert J. 274
Proceedings of the International Conference on Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM-7) (7th, July 6-8, 2000, Medford, Massachusetts). Schmitt, Mary Jane, Ed.; Safford-Ramus, Katherine, Ed. Conference news 199
Psychologists in Partnership with Criminal Justice in American Public Schools: A Match Made in Heaven or a Marriage from Hell? McCarthy-Tucker, Sherri; Waters, Thomas Franklin; Little, Augustus 271
Raices Culturales/Cultural Roots: A Model for Integrating Folklife in the Classroom (Caldwell, Idaho, July 8-14, 2001). Teacher-Generated Projects for the Classroom. 271
Raising the White Flag in the Reading Wars. Jacob, Alison 255
Rate Setting Policies: Ensuring Access and Improving Quality. Issues Meeting Proceedings (Washington, D.C., November 28-29, 2000). Schock, Lisa; Daugherty, Jane 255
Reading Literature in Slovenian Vocational Schools. Vogel, Boza Krakar 278
Reading--A Perspective on Life. Lowe, Kaye 361
Recent Changes in Florida Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update No. 2. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Botsko, Christopher; Snyder, Kathleen; Leos-Urbel, Jacob 276
Recent Changes in Massachusetts Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update No. 5. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Kaye, Laura; Nightingale, Demetra; Sandfort, Jodi; Fender, Lynne 277
Recent Changes in Michigan Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update No. 4. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Seefeldt, Kristin S.; Leos-Urbel, Jacob; McMahon, Patricia; Snyder, Kathleen 281
Recent Changes in Minnesota Welfare and Work, Child Care, and Child Welfare Systems. State Update No. 3. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Tout, Kathryn; Martinson, Karin; Koralek, Robin; Ehrle, Jennifer 273
Recognizing and Encouraging Exemplary Leadership in America's Schools: A Proposal To Establish a System of Advanced Certification for Administrators. 258
Report of Student Performance North Carolina Tests of Computer Skills, 1999-00. Reporting on the Classes of 2001-2004. Bazemore, Mildred; Geary, Monica 465
Report on Users' Satisfaction with Services Provided by Institutional Research. Research Report. Bashford, Joanne 293
Research in Second Language Learning: Current Questions and Future Directions. de Courcy, Michele 171
Review of Selected High School Reform Strategies. Husbands, Jennifer; Beese, Stacy 290
Revisiting the Goals and the Nature of Mathematics for All in the Context of a National Curriculum. Abrantes, Paulo 123
Scaffolding: Teaching and Learning in Language and Literacy Education. Hammond, Jennifer, Ed. 229
School Projects for Monitoring the State of the Marine Environment. Benkendorff, Kirsten 173
Schools More Separate: Consequences of a Decade of Resegregation. Orfield, Gary 384
Scientific and Engineering Research Facilities, 1999. Detailed Statistical Tables. 226
Secondary Lessons from Indiana's Underground Railroad Institute (July 22-27, 2001). 268
Selection and Presentation of Commercially Available Electronic Resources: Issues and Practices. Jewell, Timothy D. 374
Sharing Culture? Sharing Texts in Seven to Ten English. Ryan, Josephine M. 363
Shifting to More Authentic Language and Literacy Activity in the Middle Years. Komesaroff, L.; Morrison, F. 233
SSP Plus at 36 Months: Effects of Adding Employment Services to Financial Work Incentives. Lei, Ying; Michalopoulos, Charles 307
Stakeholders in Foster Care: An International Comparative Study. George, Shanti; van Oudenhoven, Nico; Wazir, Rekha 248
State of the System. E&R Report. Speas, Carol; Burch, Glenda 264
Storytelling, Technology and Children's Literacy Development. Amaro, Ana Carla; Moreira, Antonio 231
Strategic Research Partnerships: Proceedings from an NSF Workshop (Washington, D.C., October 13, 2000). Special Report. Jankowski, John E.; Link, Albert N.; Vonortas, Nicholas S. 283
Structure of Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) Efforts, 2000-01. Baenen, Nancy; Yaman, Kimberly 322
Student Action Teams: An Evaluation, 1999-2000. Working Paper 21. Holdsworth, Roger; Stafford, John; Stokes, Helen; Tyler, Debra 299
Student Retention at NVCC and Strategies for Improvement. Research Report. 273
Superintendent Leaders Look at the Superintendency, School Boards and Reform. ECS Issue Paper: Leadership. Glass, Thomas E. 273
Systems Reform in the Jobs Initiative: Lessons from Using the Framework for Labor Market Systems Reform. Plastrik, Peter 334
Targeting Early Childhood Care and Education: Myths and Realities. Occasional Paper. Doherty, Gillian 319
Teacher Leadership Project 2001: Evaluation Report. Brown, Carol J.; Fouts, Jeffrey T.; Rojan, Amy 301
Teacher Standards, Quality and Professionalism. Working Document. Outcomes from a National Professional Summit. 268
Teachers' Assignments as Indicators of Instructional Quality in Elementary Schools. CSE Technical Report 545. Clare, Lindsay; Valdes, Rosa; Pascal, Jenny; Steinberg, Joan Rector 285
Teaching Biography in the Senior English Classroom. Dixon, Mel 188
Teaching with Cats: Integration of Children's Interests and Literature To Enhance Reading Comprehension. Goss, Gail 259
Tennessee and Its Children: Unmet Needs, 2001. Brown, Pam; Delk, Fay L.; Petty, Steve; Wynn, Debbie; O'Neal, Linda 371
Texts in Homes and Communities. Pahl, Kate 363
The Clever Kid's Reading Program: Metacognition and Reciprocal Teaching. Bruce, Merle E.; Robinson, Gregory L. 298
The Continuity or Discontinuity in Early Literacy Development at the Beginning of Formal School Education in Slovakia. Zapotocna, Olga 241
The Economics of Education on Judgment Day. Occasional Paper. Belfield, Clive R.; Levin, Henry M. 269
The Florida Student Student Services Centers: Factors Influencing Students' Decisions To Enroll in Nova Southeastern University's Programs. Atherton, Blair 292
The Future of the Past: Oral and Visual Literacy and the New Zealand Curriculum. Matthews, Barbara 151
The Grammar of Visual Literacy within the World of Interactive Media. Bamford, Anne 153
The Integration of Immigrant Families in the United States. Fix, Michael; Zimmermann, Wendy; Passel, Jeffrey S. 288
The Longitudinal Evaluation of School Change and Performance (LESCP) in Title I Schools. Final Report. Volume 1: Executive Summary. 265
The New Transfer Student--Students Completing Job Preparatory Programs with a Transfer Goal. Seppanen, Loretta 274
The Outsourcing Experience of the Technical Library at NASA Glenn Research Center. Case, Mary S. 268
The Relationship between Private Schooling and Earnings: A Review of the Evidence for the US and the UK. Occasional Paper. Brown, Celia; Belfield, Clive R. 286
The Right Tools for the Job: How Can Aquatic Resource Education Succeed in the Classroom? Fortner, Rosanne W. 388
The Role of Technology in Teaching Young Writers. DerMovsesian, Christine Michelle 239
The School Meals Initiative Implementation Study. Second Year Report. Nutrition Assistance Program Report Series. Abraham, Sameer; Chattopadhyay, Manas; Montgomery, Margrethe; Steiger, Darby Miller; Daft, Lynn; Wil 250
The Status of School Finance Today. Education Finance in the States: Its Past, Present and Future. ECS Issue Paper. Augenblick, John 263
Things Young Children Can Do with an Electronic Talking Book...Maybe. Oakley, Grace 142
Traveling the Special Education Highway: A Parent's Guide to a Safe and Happy Journey. Santa Maria, Karen 228
Trends and Issues in Transfer. ERIC Digest. Kim, Karen A. 291
Tying Transfer to Type of Associate Degree: A Tangled Knot. Townsend, Barbara K; Barnes, Terry 269
Unpacking Interpretation: De-Constructions from Australia, America and Reggio Emilia. Selected Conference Papers from the Unpacking Conference (6th, Sydney, Australia, July 16-17, 2001). Fleet, Alma, Ed.; Robertson, Janet, Ed. Conference news 304
Using Computers in Distance Study: Results of a Survey amongst Disabled Distance Students. Ommerborn, Rainer; Schuemer, Rudolf 379
Using Drama To Enhance the Reading of Narrative Texts. Hertzberg, Margery 265
Viajando por la Carretera de la Educacion Especial: Una Guia para los Padres para Tener un Viaje Feliz y Seguro (Traveling the Special Education Highway: A Parent's Guide to a Safe and Happy Journey). Santa Maria, Karen 232
Virtual Experiences and the NSW Stage 6 Science Syllabuses. Placing, Kaye; Fernandez, Anne 171
Vision Quest Thinking for Creating Career Development E-Paradigms via Electronic Networked Communities: Building Competencies and Skills at the Rate of Imagination for Global Leadership for Improving Quality of Life. Groff, Warren H. 233
Ways with Community Knowledge. PEN. Nelson, Greg 255
Welfare Reform's Impact on Adolescents: Early Warning Signs. Child Trends Research Brief. Brooks, Jennifer L.; Hair, Elizabeth C.; Zaslow, Martha J. 310
Welfare to Work Policy. Getting a Job is a First Step: What Should Follow? Stevens, David W. 279
What Do Teachers and Their Students Think and Know about Reading? An Exploratory Study. Richards, Janet C. 278
Why Do Schoolchildren Enjoy Reading? The Construction of an Explanatory Model. Tellegen, Saskia; Frankhuisen, Jolanda 264
Workforce Development: Issues and Opportunities. 262

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