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Articles from ERIC: Reports (January 1, 2001)

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"Arabian Tales": Standards of Learning. Brookshire, Cathy A. 191
"Bad Days Don't Kill You; They Just Make You Stronger": A Case Study of an Early Childhood Educator's Resilience. Sumsion, Jennifer Case study 182
"Best Practices": Tactics To Increase Access to International Scholarship Programs by Women and Other Under-Represented Groups. 196
"Beyond Museum Walls"--A Critical Analysis of Emerging Approaches to Museum Web-Based Education. Sumption, Kevin 240
"But This Program Is Designed for Native Speakers...": The Perceived Needs of Nonnative English Speaking Students in MA TESOL Programs. Johnson, Kimberly A. 190
"Career Explorations": An IBM Outreach Program for High School Students and "From College To Career": An IBM Outreach Program for College Students. Shapiro, Ronald G. 253
"Expanding the Circle": Projects for Children and Young Adults Who Are Deaf-Blind. Final Report. Parr, Susan 285
"I Couldn't Wait for the Day": Young Workers' Reflections on Education during the Transition to Work in the 1960s. CLMS Working Paper. Goodwin, John; O'Connor, Henrietta 278
"Less Clicking, More Watching": Results from the User-Centered Design of a Multi-Institutional Web Site for Art and Culture. Vergo, John; Karat, Clare-Marie; Karat, John; Pinhanez, Claudio; Arora, Renee; Cofino, Thomas; Rieck 392
"Local Schools for Local Children" and the Role of Residence in Segregation. Measuring Markets: The Case of the ERA 1988. Occasional Paper. Taylor, Chris; Gorard, Stephen 266
"Percentage Plans" for College Admissions. ACE Issue Brief. Shushok, Frank 275
"The Inclusion Facilitator Training Program": Personnel Preparation To Serve Children with Low-Incidence Disabilities. Final Report. Jorgensen, Cheryl M. 271
"The Only Difference I See Is in Their Ability To Write": One Preservice Teacher's Thinking and Teaching Practices Offering Multiple Literacy Lessons to Students in Regular and Special Education. Richards, Janet C.; Morse, Timothy E. 212
"The Way to a Man's Heart." Journey and War Metaphors. Metaphorical Conceptualisations of the Western Romance Model in English and Spanish. Lopez, Maria Angeles Navarrete 244
"United States v. Thomas Cooper": A Violation of the Sedition Law. The Constitution Community: Revolution and the New Nation (1754-1820s). Lawlor, John M., Jr. 206
'Youth At Risk': Is Technology an Answer? Project Report, 2000-2001. McGuirk, Jenny Survey 290
[Economics] Introductory Lesson (Begin Day One). Lesson Plan. Lewin, Roland 128
[Proceedings of the] 20th Anniversary Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education (Quebec, Canada, May 25-27, 2001). Nesbit, Tom, Ed. Conference news 473
1000 Years of the Olympic Games: Treasures of Ancient Greece--Digital Reconstruction at the Home of the Gods. Kenderdine, Sarah 247
2001 Employer Follow-Up Survey. 278
21st Century Accountability: Perkins III and WIA. Information Paper 1002. Stevens, David W. 282
360-Degree Feedback: Should This Corporate Assessment Tool Be Used in Interscholastic Sport? McFarland, Allison J. 273
A Bayesian Approach to Person Fit Analysis in Item Response Theory Models. Research Report. Glas, Cees A. W.; Meijer, Rob R. 203
A Blueprint for Progress in American Education. White Paper. 261
A Brief Examination of Online Learning. In Brief. Bathe, Jeffrey Author abstract 168
A Brief History of Community Colleges and a Personal View of Some Issues (Open Admissions, Occupational Training and Leadership). Geller, Harold A. 282
A Characterisation of Practical Proposals To Teach the Philosophy of Science to Prospective Science Teachers. Aduriz-Bravo, Agustin; Izquierdo, Merce; Estany, Anna 181
A Closer Look at Public Higher Education in South Carolina: Institutional Effectiveness, Accountability, and Performance. Connolly, Renee H., Ed. 258
A Collection of Best Practices: Summaries of the 2000 New Jersey Council of County Colleges Best Practices Conference (1st, North Branch, New Jersey, February 23, 2001). 249
A Collection of Papers on Self-Study and Institutional Improvement. 2001 Edition. Van Kollenburg, Susan E., Ed. 339
A Command Economic System. Lesson Plan. Owens, Kimberly 121
A Committee-Based Model for Supporting Organizational Knowledge Management. Miller, Les L.; Nilakanta, Sree 264
A Comparative Look at Bilingual-Bicultural Education in Mexico and Guatemala. Suchenski, Micki 275
A Comparative Study of the Selected Textbooks from China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States on the Teaching of Ratio and Proportion Concepts. Lo, Jane-Jane; Cai, Jinfa; Watanabe, Tad 145
A Comparison of Associate in Arts Transfer Rates between 1994-95 and 1998-99. Windham, Patricia 260
A Comparison of Distance Learning and Traditional Learning Environments. Glenn, Amy S. 255
A Comparison of Input Enhancement and Explicit Instruction of Mitigators. Fukuya, Yoshinori J.; Clark, Martyn K. Report 386
A Comparison of the Efficacy Levels of Preservice, Internship, and Inservice Teachers. Parker, Marian J.; Guarino, Anthony J. 252
A Comparison of Web-Based Library Catalogs and Museum Exhibits and Their Impacts on Actual Visits: A Focus Group Evaluation for the Colorado Digitization Project. Fry, Thomas K.; Lance, Keith Curry; Cox, Marti A.; Moe, Tammi 310
A Component Repository for Learning Objects: A Progress Report. Laleuf, Jean R.; Spalter, Anne Morgan 196
A Comprehensive Framework for School Violence Prevention. 271
A Comprehensive Review of Professional Development in South Carolina. Haslam, M. Bruce; Fabiano, Lara 269
A Confident Arab Scholar: Faculty Development and Technology. Sabieh, Christine 257
A Contrastive Study of Qualification Devices in Native and Non-Native Argumentative Texts in English. Neff, JoAnne; Martinez, Francisco; Rica, Juan Pedro 277
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Hollow Water's Community Holistic Circle Healing Process. Couture, Joe; Parker, Ted; Couture, Ruth; Laboucane, Patti 362
A Cross-Age Study of Pupils' Conceptions Concerning the Movement of Air Masses in the Troposphere. Papadimitriou, Vasiliki; Londridou, Paraskevi 285
A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Leadership in the United States and Mexico. Slater, Charles L.; Boone, Mike; Price, Larry; Martinez, Dyanna; Alvarez, Isaias; Topete, Carlos; Ol 199
A Cultural Competency Toolkit: Ten Grant Sites Share Lessons Learned. 201
A Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss. Graham, Beryl; Cook, Sarah 180
A Developmental Perspective on Alcohol and Other Drug Use during Adolescence and the Transition to Young Adulthood. Monitoring the Future Occasional Paper. Schulenberg, John; Maggs, Jennifer L. 268
A Distance Ecological Model for Individual and Collaborative-Learning Support. Okamoto, Toshio; Kayama, Mizue; Inoue, Hisayoshi; Seki, Kazuya 230
A Framework for Defining and Assessing Occupational and Training Standards in Developing Countries. Information Series. Fretwell, David H.; Lewis, Morgan V.; Deij, Arjen 270
A Geography of Korea for Elementary Students. Fitzhugh, William 176
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 10th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 226
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 11th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 201
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 12th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 285
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 1st Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 227
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 2nd Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 223
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 3rd Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 175
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 4th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 223
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 5th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 225
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 6th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 223
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 7th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 223
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 8th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 225
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your 9th Grader Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 223
A Guide for Parents and Families about What Your Kindergartner Should Be Learning in School This Year. Don't Fail Your Children. 222
A Guide for the Powerless and Those Who Don't Know Their Own Power: A Primer on the American Political Process. Halperin, Samuel 325
A Guide to Desktop Videoconferencing. Maring, Gerald H.; Levy, Erik W. 128
A Guide to Effective Statewide Laws/Policies: Preventing Discrimination against LGBT Students in K-12 Schools. 272
A Hierarchy of Needs for a Virtual Class. Beise, Catherine; Wynekoop, Judy 213
A History of the Piney Community. O'Brien, Mary, Comp. 336
A House is a House for Me. Grades 3-5. Rushton, Erik; Ryan, Emily; Swift, Charles 114
A Literacy Check-Up for Lancaster County and Fort Lawn and Great Falls of Chester County. Peterson, Elizabeth; Wilson, Kathleen K. 287
A Longitudinal Study of Junior High School Students' Perceptions of the Particulate Nature of Matter. Margel, Hanah; Eylon, Bat-Sheva; Scherz, Zahava Clinical report 267
A Look at Rural Families Weighing Educational Options: Identifying the Factors That Influence Parents as They Make Educational Placement Decisions for Their Children Who Are Deaf. Sharing Results. Wolfe, Vicki L. 260
A Matter of Facts: The North Carolina Community College System Fact Book, 2001. 286
A Meta-Analysis of Research on Student Team Effectiveness: A Proposed Application of Phased Interventions. Stephens, Charlotte S. 202
A Model Mentor/Advisor Program Supporting Secondary School Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges and Their Families within Rural Vermont (October 1, 1996-September 30, 2000). Final Report. Welkowitz, Julie; Fox, Wayne L. 267
A Model of Influences on Students' Self-Rating of Change in Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Abilities after Four Years of College. Appling, Susan A. 299
A Model of Mathematics Achievement Using Proficiency Scores. Thomas, John P. 304
A Modeling Perspective on Metacognition in Everyday Problem-Solving Situations. Hjalmarson, Margret 149
A More Perfect Union: Building an Education System That Embraces All Children. The Report of the NASBE Study Group on the Changing Face of America's School Children. 268
A Navigation Path Planning Assistant for Web-Based Learning. Suzuki, Ryoichi; Hasegawa, Shinobu; Kashihara, Akihiro; Toyoda, Jun'ichi 230
A New Way of Making Cultural Information Resources Visible on the Web: Museums and the Open Archive Initiative. Perkins, John 255
A Policy Framework for Reconceptualizing the Legal Debate Concerning Affirmative Action in Higher Education. Palmer, Scott R. 282
A Political History of Public Libraries in Quebec (Bibliotheques Municipales au Quebec). Kuntz, Patricia S. 261
A Preliminary Consideration of the Impact of Market Forces on Educational Standards. Measuring Markets: The Case of the ERA 1988. Working Paper. Gorard, Stephen; Taylor, Chris 270
A Preschooler's Dread--That New Baby. Barros, Irene 251
A Primer on Privatization. Menell, Seth J.; Phelps, Richard P. 286
A Principal's Guide to Special Education. Bateman, David; Bateman, C. Fred 268
A Profile of Bereavement Supports in African American Church Congregations. Moore, Penelope J.; Hazell, LaVone V.; Honeyghan, Edna M. 243
A Provider's Introduction to Substance Abuse Treatment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals. 286
A Qualitative Analysis of Disabilities Support Services in the Virginia Community College System: How Can We Better Serve Special Needs Students? Tutton, Robert J. 296
A Quantitative Assessment of Culture and Career Decision-Making Confidence Levels of High School Seniors in a School-to-Work Program Using the Career Decision Scale. Fawcett, Mary; Maycock, George 201
A Question of Relevance: FFA Programs and Services as Perceived by FFA Members and Non-Members. Croom, Barry; Flowers, James L. 301
A Re-Usable Software Framework for Authoring and Managing Web Exhibitions. Breiteneder, Christian; Platzer, Hubert; Hitz, Martin 218
A Review and Summary of Research on Adult Mathematics Education in North America (1980-2000). Safford-Ramus, Katherine 278
A Side-by-Side Comparison of Federal and State Early Education Regulations and Requirements Affecting Early Care and Education in Connecticut, Fall 2001. Morrison, Julie, Ed.; Schlesinger, Ann, Ed. 345
A Social Justice Framework for Child Welfare: The Agenda for a New Century. A Summary of Proceedings of the Conference (St. Paul, Minnesota, June 23, 2000). Wattenberg, Esther, Ed. Conference news 226
A Standards-Based Guide for Social Studies Programs in Rhode Island Schools. Cheek, Dennis, Ed.; Fogle, Faith, Ed. 310
A Structured Approach To Teaching Web Development. Harriger, Alka R.; Woods, Denise M. 215
A Study of Linguistic, Perceptual, and Pedagogical Change in a Short-Term Intensive Language Program. Woodman, Karen Report 247
A Stylistic Approach to Foreign Language Acquisition and Literary Analysis. Berg, William J.; Martin-Berg, Laurey K. 237
A System Approach To Manage Educational Change in a Web-Based Educational Setting: A Proposed Infrastructure. St-Pierre, Armand 246
A Tale of Two Playgrounds: Young People and Politics. Boyte, Harry C. 267
A Taxonomy of Career Development Interventions That Occur in U.S. Secondary Schools. Dykeman, Cass; Herr, Edwin L.; Ingram, Michael; Pehrsson, Dale; Wood, Chris; Charles, Sarah 281
A Teacher's Guide for "Anna Karenina.". 250
A Test for Lateralization of the Mozart Effect. Bates, Angela; Cagle, Stacy; Rideout, Bruce 221
A Test of the Instructional Strategy of Using Advance Organizers. Bastick, Tony 251
A Three-Year Lesson Plan for Elementary and High School Library Centers for the Chicago Public Schools. Hayes, Charles 300
A Tribute to K. Warner Schaie. Miller, Phyllis, Ed. Clinical report 304
A User Analysis for Web-Based Distance Education. Yu, Byeong-Min; Kim, Kyong-Jee; Roh, Seak-Zoon 328
A Web-Based Distance Learning System To Support Professional Training for Librarians. Inoue, Tomo'o; Ueno, Haruki 183
A Web-Based Lesson with Situated Learning in Senior High School Level. Hsu, Ying-Shao; Liao, Kuei-Ching; Chen, Chi-Chuan 234
A Wide Range of Culture and Quality Information Retrieval in the Library: The Salient Points and Proposals in the Finnish Library Policy Programme, 2001-2004. Committee's Report. 268
A Year in the Life of an Africana Fellow: The Mellon Fellowship. Kuntz, Patricia S. 337
ABE NetNews, Volume 1. 238
Aboriginal Digital Opportunities: Addressing Aboriginal Learning Needs through the Use of Learning Technologies. 328-01 Detailed Findings. Greenall, David; Loizides, Stelios 284
Aboriginal Healing Foundation Annual Report, 2001. 305
Academic Freedom, Privacy, Copyright and Fair Use in a Technological World. 264
Access to the Future: Preparing College Students with Disabilities for Careers. DO-IT. 204
Accessibility Techniques for Museum Web Sites. Anable, Susan; Alonzo, Adam 192
Accountability Dialogues: School Communities Creating Demand from Within. Jamentz, Kate 289
Accountability: Turning around Low-Performing Schools. Achieve Policy Brief, Issue Number Four. Rothman, Robert, Ed. 259
Accounting for Change: Adult and Community Education Organisations and the GST. Gelade, Sue; Harris, Roger; Mason, Deb 281
Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges Annual Report, 2000-2001. 267
ACE [Adult and Community Education] into the 21st Century: A Vision. 243
Achieving Life Balance: Myths, Realities, and Developmental Perspectives. Information Series. Niles, Spencer G.; Herr, Edwin L.; Hartung, Paul J. 278
Acquisition of Multiple Languages among Children of Immigrant Families: Parents' Role in the Home-School Language Pendulum. Supporting Immigrant Children's Language Learning. Mushi, Selina L. P. 260
Actes des Journees de linguistique (Proceedings of the Linguistics Conference) (14th, Quebec, Canada, March 23-24, 2000). Perron, Veronique, Ed. Conference news 362
Actes des Journees de linguistique (Proceedings of the Linguistics Conference) (15th, Quebec, Canada, March 15-16, 2001). Goulet, Marie-Josee, Ed. Conference news 463
Addressing Fragmentation: Building Integrated Services for Student Support. Allen, Jackie M. 231
Adopting Distance Education--What Do the Students Think? Dick, Geoffrey N.; Case, Thomas L.; Burns, O. Maxie 226
Adopting Reform: The Need for Change in America's Family Court and Foster-Care System and a Survey of Reform Efforts. Briefing. Bandow, Doug 275
Adult Education for Native Americans. Trends and Issues Alert No. 28. Imel, Susan 238
Adult Learners in Postsecondary Education. Practice Application Brief No. 17. Imel, Susan 278
Adult Learning and Literacy in Canada. Shohet, Linda Report 418
Adult Learning by "the Biography of Place.". Kurantowicz, Ewa 285
Adult Literacy Core Curriculum Including Spoken Communication. Steeds, Andrew, Ed. 280
Adult Multiple Intelligences and Math. Costanzo, Meg Ryback 271
Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum. Steeds, Andrew, Ed. 268
Adult Numeracy Teaching--An Australian Focus on Social Contexts. Smith, Donald 260
Adult Students: Recruitment and Retention. Practice Application Brief No. 18. Wonacott, Michael E. 272
Advanced Studies in EFL Teaching. Kim, Youngsang 190
Advancing Teacher Development: Institutions of Higher Education Use the NBPTS Standards To Create Communities for Professional Learning. 378
Affidavit and Flyers from the Chinese Boycott Case. The Constitution Community: The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900). Greene, Mary Frances 270
Affirming Francophone Education: Foundations and Directions. A Framework for French First Language Education in Alberta = Affirmer l'education en francais langue premiere: fondements et orientations. Le cadre de l'education francophone en Alberta. 231
Afghanistan: A Regional Geography. Palka, Eugene J., Ed. 307
Africa Curriculum. World Neighbors in the Classroom. 230
African Virtual University: The Case of Kenyatta University, Kenya. Commonwealth Case Studies in Education. Juma, Magdallen N. 221
After the Rain: Animals. Old Elk, Arlene; Stoklas, Jackie 275
After the Rain: Clouds. Old Elk, Arlene; Stoklas, Jackie 275
After the Rain: Dryspell. Old Elk, Arlene; Stoklas, Jackie 275
After the Rain: Rain. Old Elk, Arlene; Stoklas, Jackie 275
After the Rain: Rainbows. Old Elk, Arlene; Stoklas, Jackie 275
After the Rain: Using the Rain. Old Elk, Arlene; Stoklas, Jackie 275
After Trauma: Rebuild a Life through Career Narratives. Gelardin, Sally 152
Aggression, Recognition and Qualification: On the Social Psychology of Adult Education in Everyday Life. [Publications from the Adult Education Research Group]. Weber, Kirsten 303
Alabama Commission on Higher Education Annual Report, October 1, 1999-September 30, 2000. 281
Alabama Kids Count 2001 Data Book. Curtis, Apreill; Bogie, Don 315
Alexander Graham Bell's Patent for the Telephone and Thomas Edison's Patent for the Electric Lamp. The Constitution Community: The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900). Schur, Joan Brodsky 290
All for One and One for All: Citizenship and Maths Education. Benn, Roseanne 266
All Kids Count! Assessing the Well-Being of African-American, American Indian, Asian, and Latino Children. 277
All Together Now: Collaborations in Poetry Writing. [Lesson Plan]. 174
Alphabet Soup: A Primer for Beginning Teachers. Lynn, Karen 263
Alternative Education Handbook. 201
Alternatives to the DSM-IV-TR for Multicultural Counseling: Some Preliminary Concerns. Holmes, Gary E.; Stalling, Janice E. 222
Alumni Loyalty: A Survey Investigation. Ridley, Dennis R.; Boone, Mary M. 259
American Educational History Journal, 2001. Watras, Joseph, Ed. 640
American Indian and Alaska Native Education Research Agenda. 308
Amsterdam Watershed: An Interactive Forum on Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments. Fielding, Randall 175
An Alternative View of "Like": Its Grammaticalisation in Conversational American English and Beyond. Buchstaller, Isabelle 244
An Analysis of 2000 API Scores for California Public Schools on Traditional and Year-Round Calendars at the Elementary, Middle and High School Levels. Stenvall, John Theodore; Stenvall, Marilyn J. 234
An Analysis of Laboratory Safety in Texas. Fuller, Edward J.; Picucci, Ali Callicoatte; Collins, James W.; Swann, Philip 156
An Analysis of Research in Technology Education: What We Have Learned from a Decade of Research. Prime, Glenda 328
An Analysis of Students' Dyadic Interaction on a Dictogloss Task. Lim, Wai Lee; Jacobs, George M. 272
An Analysis of the Teaching Practices of a Group of Fourth Grade Teachers. Schorr, Roberta Y.; Firestone, William; Monfils, Lora 176
An Assessment Protocol for the Evaluation of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the School Setting. Yelich, Glenn A. 279
An Elementary School Day in Korea. Fitzhugh, William 194
An Emerging Paradigm of Testing. Letendre, Lorin 203
An Evaluation of the Mid-Semester Student Evaluation of Teaching at a University Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Detachment. Sellers, Kevin C. 241
An Introduction to Loads Acting on Structures. Grades 6-8. Rushton, Erik; Ryan, Emily; Swift, Charles 173
An Unofficial Guide to Web-Based Instructional Gaming and Simulation Resources. Kirk, James J. 320
Analysing Costs/Benefits for Distance Education Programmes. Knowledge Series: A Topical, Start-Up Guide to Distance Education Practice and Delivery. Rumble, Greville 279
Analysis of Navigation in a Problem-Based Learning Environment. Williams, Douglas C.; Liu, Min; Benton, Denise 245
Analysis of the Gulf Coast Consortium Student Perceptions of College Services Spring 2001 Survey. 253
Analyzing the Texas High School Agricultural Communications Curriculum. Montgomery-White, Michelle; Lockaby, Jacqui; Akers, Cindy 175
Annual CPS Test Trend Review, 2000. Research Data Brief. Academic Productivity Series, 2000 Results. Easton, John Q.; Rosenkranz, Todd; Bryk, Anthony S. 232
Annual Data Report, 2001. 211
Anticipating Occupational and Qualificational Developments: Recommendations and Conclusions Based on a Review of Recent Innovations in Methods and Instruments Applied in the European Union = Antizipation von Berufs-und Qualifikationsentwicklungen... = Prevoir le developpement des professions et des qualifications.... CEDEFOP Panorama Series. Sellin, Burkat 286
Anxiety, Depression, Hostility and General Psychopathology: An Arabian Study. Ibrahim, Abdel-Sattar; Ibrahim, Radwa M. 272
Appalachian Regional Commission Annual Report, 2001. 309
Applied Linguistics and Second Language Teaching. Odense Working Papers in Language and Communication. Wagner, Johannes, Ed. 233
Aristotle in the Classroom: A Rhetorical Bridge between Literature and Composition. Kemp, Paul F. 348
Arkansas Fine Arts Curriculum Framework. Strands: Visual Arts-Revised 2001; Music-Revised 2001; Dance; Theatre. 223
ARL Statistics, 1999-2000: A Compilation of Statistics from the One Hundred and Twenty-Two Members of the Association of Research Libraries. Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp.; Young, Mark, Comp. 320
Arthur[R] Presents Hooray for Health! A Health Curriculum for Children. Schottman, Elly, Ed. 169
Articulation Committee Handbook: A Guide to the Mandate and Operations of Provincial Post-Secondary Articulation Committees in British Columbia. Third Edition. 268
Arts in Focus: Los Angeles Countywide Arts Education Survey. 342
Arts, Recreation & Children in Arkansas, 2001. Shobo, Yetunde A. 328
Asia Curriculum. World Neighbors in the Classroom. 252
Assessing and Addressing the "Testing Backlash": Practical Advice and Current Public Opinion Research for Business Coalitions and Standards Advocates. 231
Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives: A Guide for Campus Practitioners. Understanding the Difference Diversity Makes: Assessing Campus Diversity Initiatives Series. Garcia, Mildred; Hudgins, Cynthia; Musil, Caryn McTighe; Nettles, Michael T.; Sedlacek, William E.; 185
Assessing Community Coalitions. 253
Assessing Costs and Benefits of Early Childhood Intervention Programs: Overview and Application to the Starting Early Starting Smart Program [with] Executive Summary. Karoly, Lynn A.; Kilburn, M. Rebecca; Bigelow, James H.; Caulkins, Jonathan P.; Cannon, Jill S. 387
Assessing Kindergarten Children: A Compendium of Assessment Instruments. Niemeyer, Judith; Scott-Little, Catherine 161
Assessing Kindergarten Children: What School Systems Need To Know. Research & Development. Scott-Little, Catherine; Niemeyer, Judith 228
Assessing One and All: Educational Accountability for Students with Disabilities. Elliot, Stephen N.; Braden, Jeffery P.; White, Jennifer L. 257
Assessing the Effectiveness of Instructional Units. Austin Community College, Fall 2001. 264
Assessing the Effectiveness of School Guidance Programs: Program, Personnel, and Results Evaluation. Gysbers, Norman C. 236
Assessing the Social Studies Curriculum. Ediger, Marlow 253
Assessment and Accommodations for English Language Learners: Issues and Recommendations. CRESST Policy Brief 4, Summer 2001. Abedi, Jamal 278
Assessment in Counselor Education: Admissions, Retention, and Capstone Experiences. Ametrano, Irene M.; Stickell, Sue A. 160
Assessment of Math Skills in ABE: A Challenge. van Groenestijn, Mieke 245
Assessment of Students' Ratings for Two Methodologies of Teaching via Distance Learning: An Evaluative Approach Based on Accreditation. Restauri, Sherri L.; King, Franklin L.; Nelson, J. Gordon 329
Assessment Plan/Progress Report for Curriculum Outcomes Assessment. Womack, Nancy H., Comp. 258
Assessment: Issues and Challenges for the Millennium. Walz, Garry R., Ed.; Bleuer, Jeanne C., Ed. 263
Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio 2000-2001 Fact File. 190
Attitudes toward Maternal Employment in Male and Female Young Adults: 1990 versus 2000. Gorton, Laura; Nicodemus, Teresa; Pomante, Michael; Binasiewicz, Megan; Dheer, Rahul; Dugan, Amy; Ma 272
Attracting New Learners: A Literature Review. Hillage, Jim; Aston, Jane 232
Audio/Audioconferencing in Support of Distance Education. Knowledge Series: A Topical, Start-Up Guide to Distance Education Practice and Delivery. Macmullen, Paul 170
Australian Policy Activism in Language and Literacy. Lo Bianco, Joseph, Ed.; Wickert, Rosie, Ed. 366
Authentic Intellectual Work and Standardized Tests: Conflict or Coexistence? Improving Chicago's Schools. Newmann, Fred M.; Bryk, Anthony S.; Nagaoka, Jenny K. 297
Autism: Present Challenges, Future Needs--Why the Increased Rates? Hearing before the Committee on Government Reform. House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, Second Session (April 6, 2000). 287
Automotive Technologies. State Competency Profile. 267
Avoid Potential Liability: The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Public Schools. Bettenhausen, Sherrie 250
Awareness Raising on Learner's Listening Strategies and Its Impact on the Listening Performance. Tutunis, Birsen Tan 245
Awareness: Journal of the Colorado Counseling Association, Fall 2001. Varhely, Susan, Ed. 301
Back to the 3 R's: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric. McCormack, Rob 327
Back to the Basics: An Investigation of School- and District-Level Remediation Efforts Associated with Minnesota's Basic Standards for High School Graduation. Schleisman, Jane L.; Peterson, Kristin A.; Davison, Mark L. 272
Back-Up Childcare: A Quality Alternative to Regular Care Which Fosters Resilience in Infants and Toddlers. La Bar, Nicole J. 189
Balanced Literacy in a Kindergarten Class. Gonfiantini, Lisa 293
Ball Bounce Experiment. Grades 3-5. Rushton, Erik; Ryan, Emily; Swift, Charles 128
Banpo Village: Gone but Not Forgotten. Sixth Grade Activity. Revised. Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE): Connecting California's Classrooms to the World. Nguyen, Tim 284
Banque de strategies de production orale pour un enseignement explicite de la 1re a la 7e annee: Expose et interaction. ...... Report 250
Banque de strategies de production orale pour un enseignement explicite de la 6e a la 12e annee: Expose et interaction. Document d'appui pour les programmes d'etudes de francais langue premiere et de francais langue seconde--immersion de 1998 (Interactive Oral Presentation Strategies for Specific Instruction in Grades 6 through 12. ...... Report 250
Barriers to Parental Advocacy via the Internet: A Rural Case Study. Nolan, Joe; Keasler, Debbie Case study 257
Barriers to Training for Older Workers and Possible Policy Solutions. Wooden, Mark; VandenHeuvel, Adriana; Cully, Mark; Curtain, Richard 289
Basic Patterns of Work and Learning in Canada: Findings of the 1998 NALL Survey of Informal Learning and Related Statistics Canada Surveys. NALL Working Paper. Livingstone, D. W. 343
Bead Game Simulation. Lesson Plan. Ripp, Ken 144
Before Brother Fought Brother: Life in the North and South, 1847-1861. 334
Beginning Special Educators: Characteristics, Qualifications, and Experiences. SPeNSE Summary Sheet. Billingsley, Bonnie S. 271
Beliefs about Proof in Collegiate Calculus. Raman, Manya 209
Benefits for All: How Learning in Agriculture Can Build Social Capital in Island Communities. CRLRA Discussion Paper Series. Kilpatrick, Sue; Falk, Ian 267
Benefits of Including a Capstone Simulation Course in Community College Business Curricula. Black, William L. 276
Bernard van Leer Foundation Annual Report, 2001. 209
Best Practices for School Counseling in Connecticut:Counselor Competencies, Model Job Description and Evaluation Guidelines. 282
Best Practices in Business Instruction. Briggs, Dianna, Ed. 428
Best Practices in School-to-Careers: The Automotive Industry. 295
Best Practices in School-to-Careers: The Home Building Industry. 279
Best Practices in School-to-Careers: The Utilities Industry. 288
Best Practices, 1999-2000. 196
Beyond Babel: Language Learning Online. Felix, Uschi 320
Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attack. A Curriculum for Middle and High School Students. Felt, Marilyn Clayton; Jolly, Eric J.; Malloy, Stephanie Maria 275
Beyond Salaries: Employee Benefits for Teachers in the SREB States. Gaines, Gale F. 273
Beyond Welfare and Work First: Building Services and Systems To Support California's Working Poor and Hard-to-Place. Conference Highlights (Sacramento, CA, January 17-19, 2001). Bliss, Steven Conference notes 356
Bibliographie annotee 4-6--Francais langue seconde-immersion: Selection d'ouvrages de la litterature jeunesse. Supplement 2001 (Annotated Bibliography 4-6--French as a Second Language-Immersion: Selection of Works from Children's Literature. Supplement 2001). Bibliography 157
Bibliographies and Annotations from Speakers and Class Participants. 160
Bilingualism through the Eyes of Monolinguals and Bilinguals. Attitudes of Adolescents from Slovenia and Italy. Furlan, Marina 268
Bipolar Disorder. Spearing, Melissa 269
BladeRunners and Picasso Cafe: A Case Study Evaluation of Two Work-Based Training Programs for Disadvantaged Youth. Currie, Sheila; Foley, Kelly; Schwartz, Saul; Taylor-Lewis, Musu 277
Blueprint for Change: Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Report of the National Advisory Mental Health Council's Workgroup on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Intervention Development and Deployment. 309
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