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Articles from ERIC: Reports (December 1, 2001)

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"An Enormous Untapped Potential: A Study of the Feasibility of Using National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification To Improve Low-Performing Schools. Linquanti, Robert; Peterson, Joan 266
"Can't Afford To Lose a Bad Job": Latino Workers in Dane County. 273
"How I Spent My Summer Vacation": Time-Use Data from the Spring 2001 BCTF Worklife of Teachers Workload Issues and Stress Survey. BCTF Research Report. Schaefer, Anne C. 272
"That's Too Bad": Hedges and Indirect Complaints in "Troubles-Talk" Narrative. Ouellette, Mark A. 276
A Balanced Literacy Approach Incorporating Phonological Awareness in Kindergarten. Hawley, Melissa A. 341
A Hand Up: How State Earned Income Tax Credits Help Working Families Escape Poverty in 2001. Johnson, Nicholas 274
A Multi-Level Model of Classroom Interactions Using Teacher and Student Perceptions. Fisher, Darrell; Rickards, Tony; Newby, Michael 282
A Report on the National Survey of Student Engagement. Research Brief. Whitfield, Christina E. 280
A Rural Road: Exploring Economic Opportunity, Social Networks, Services and Supports That Affect Rural Families. 299
A Rural-Based Teacher Education Internship: Stressors and Coping Mechanisms. Hockley, Tania; Hemmings, Brian 254
A Status Report on Hunger and Homelessness in America's Cities, 2001: A 27-City Survey. Lowe, Eugene T. 268
Aboriginal Career Aspirations Program: School and Community Career Education. A Report and Discussion on a NSW Board of Studies Project. Lowe, Kevin; Tassone, Julie 325
Absence Unexcused: Ending Teacher Shortages in High-Need Areas. Evaluating the Pathways to Teaching Careers Program. Clewell, Beatriz Chu; Villegas, Ana Maria 273
Access Barriers to Distance Education Perceived by Inservice and Preservice Career and Technical Education Majors. Zirkle, Chris Survey 284
Access: Net Prices, Affordability, and Equity at a Highly Selective College. Discussion Paper. Hill, Catherine B.; Winston, Gordon C. 376
Accomplishments of State Assistive Technology Projects, 1999-2001: Providing Assistive Technology for Employment, Community Living, Telecommunications, Education, and Health Care. 237
Adult Communication and Teen Sex: Changing a Community. Grossman, Jean Baldwin; Walker, Karen E.; Kotloff, Lauren J.; Pepper, Sarah 264
Adult Learning at the OECD--Will Cinderella Get to the Ball? Martin, John P. 294
Adult Literacy and Education in America: Four Studies Based on the National Adult Literacy Survey. Kaestle, Carl F.; Campbell, Anne; Finn, Jeremy D.; Johnson, Sylvia T.; Mikulecky, Larry J. 297
Adult Literacy: Policies, Programs and Practices. Lessons Learned. Final Report = Alphabetisation des adultes: politiques, programmes et pratiques. Etude bilan. Rapport final. 283
Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ERIC Digest. Wasserstein, Jeanette; Wasserstein, Adella; Wolf, Lorraine E. 259
Adventures in Assessment: Learner-Centered Approaches to Assessment and Evaluation in Adult Literacy, 2001. Cora, Marie, Ed. 196
Africa. Martz, Carlton 158
Aliens in the Classroom? Trent, Faith 354
Alternatives to the Grade Point Average as a Measure of Academic Achievement in College. ACT Research Report Series. Lei, Pui-Wa; Bassiri, Dina; Schultz, E. Matthew 289
Alumni Outreach by University Libraries. OLMS Occasional Paper. Meyer, Richard W.; Mayo, Mary Jane 302
American Indian/Alaska Native Education and Standards-Based Reform. ERIC Digest. Fox, Sandra J. 289
An Initial Exploration into a Time of Change: Teacher Perceptions of Their Profession in the New Millennium. Jones, Tamara 266
An Innovative Flexible Program for Rural Women. Wooller, Judith; Warner, Lesley 292
An Overview of Three Approaches to Scoring Written Essays by Computer. ERIC Digest. Rudner, Lawrence; Gagne, Phill 349
AnthroNotes: Museum of Natural History Publication for Educators, Fall 2001. Kaupp, P. Ann, Ed.; Selig, Ruth O., Ed.; Brooks, Alison S., Ed.; Lanouette, JoAnne, Ed. 210
AnthroNotes: Museum of Natural History Publication for Educators, Volume 22, No. 2, Winter 2001. Kaupp, P. Ann, Ed.; Selig, Ruth O., Ed.; Brooks, Alison S., Ed.; Lanouette, JoAnne, Ed. 177
Are My Students Collaborating Effectively in My Classroom? Quek, Choon Lang; Wong, Angela F. L. 256
Are Quantitatively-Oriented Courses Different? IDEA Research Report. Hoyt, Donald P.; Perera, Subashan Report 236
Assessing Student Representations of Inferential Statistics Problems. CSE Technical Report. Lavigne, Nancy C.; Glaser, Robert 246
Assessing the Student Teacher as a Reading Teacher. Ediger, Marlow 307
Associations between Participation in the National School Lunch Program, Food Insecurity, and Child Well-Being. JCPR Working Paper. Dunifon, Rachel; Kowaleski-Jones, Lori 264
Authentic Assessment and Student Performance in Inclusive Schools. Research Institute on Secondary Education Reform (RISER) for Youth with Disabilities Brief. King, M. Bruce; Schroeder, Jennifer; Chawszczewski, David 267
Autonomy and Innovation: How Do Massachusetts Charter School Principals Use Their Freedom? Triant, Bill 269
Avoiding FOBs: An Account of a Journey. Jeon, Mihyon 235
Background Paper for New Collaborative Schools (NCS): An Overview of At-Risk High School Students and Education Programs Designed To Meet Their Needs. Husted, Thomas A.; Cavalluzzo, Linda C. 297
Better Than Beige: Designing Assessment Tasks To Enhance Learning and Measure Growth in the Early Years of School. Anderson, Prue; Meiers, Marion 324
Breaking the Age Barrier: Multi-Generational Service Learning. Degelman, Charles, Ed. 226
Breaking Up Large High Schools: Five Common (and Understandable) Errors of Execution. ERIC Digest. Gregory, Tom 291
Bridges, 2001. Zito, Michael, Ed. 266
Bridging Studies: An Alternative Pathway to University for Rural Australians. Ellis, Bronwyn; Cooper, Nancy; Sawyer, Janet 296
Building a Level Playing Field: The Need To Expand and Improve the National and State Adult Education and Literacy Systems. NCSALL Occasional Paper. Comings, John; Reder, Stephen; Sum, Andrew 294
Building Bridges to Family-Supporting Jobs. Pennington, Hilary; Seltzer, Marlene 283
Building Bridges to Healthy Kids and Better Students: School-Based Outreach and Enrollment for the State Children's Health Insurance Program and Medicaid. A View from the States. Martella, Jana 345
Bulletin suisse de linguistique appliquee, 2001 (Swiss Bulletin for Applied Linguistics, 2001). Gajo, Laurent, Ed; Mondada, Lorenza, Ed. 333
Business Communication through Active Learning. Goff-Kfouri, Carol Ann 268
Business Partnerships with Schools: Policy Guidelines for Schools Seeking To Establish and Maintain Productive and Ethical Relationships with Corporations. Larson, Kirstin 236
California Confederation on Inclusive Education. Statewide Systems Change Project Final Report, 1995-2001. Report 273
Career Academies: Impacts on Students' Initial Transitions to Post-Secondary Education and Employment. Kemple, James J. 326
Career Academy Programs in California: Outcomes and Implementation. CPRC Report. Maxwell, Nan L.; Rubin, Victor 282
Caring for Infants and Toddlers. Behrman, Richard E., Ed. 376
CCBA Beacon, 2001. McDowell, Laurie, Ed. 269
Changing Pre-Service Elementary Teachers' Attitudes to Algebra. McGowen, Mercedes A.; Davis, Gary E. 140
Children's Literature in a Time of National Tragedy. ERIC Digest. Lu, Mei-Yu 176
Children's Literature: Vehicle for the Transmission of National Culture and Identity or the Victim of Massmarket Globalisation? Bainbridge, Joyce; Thistleton-Martin, Judy 280
Classroom Breakfast Scores High in Maryland: Findings from Year III of the Maryland Meals for Achievement Classroom Breakfast Pilot Program. 278
Classroom Dynamics in Adult Literacy Education. NCSALL Reports. Beder, Hal; Medina, Patsy 260
Closing the Achievement Gap: Principles for Improving the Educational Success of All Students. ERIC Digest. Schwartz, Wendy 242
Cognitive Tutor[R]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. 161
Collaborative Yearlong Teaching Experience (CYTE). Deich, Randee 260
College Profiles, 2001: Public Community and Technical Colleges of Texas. 282
College Student Entrepreneurs: Motivations and Challenges. Seymour, Nicole 205
Colleges and Rural and Remote Communities: Challenge and Opportunity = Les colleges de collectivites rurales ou eloignees: Les defis et les perspectives d'avenir. Malcolmson, Lorna, Ed. 336
Commercialism in Schools. Larson, Kirstin 287
Community Cohesion: A Report of the Independent Review Team. 262
Competencies for Online Teaching. ERIC Digest. Spector, J. Michael; de la Teja, Ileana 300
Competency Assessment and Human Resource Management of County Extension Chairs. Lindner, James R. 254
Comprehensive Annual Report on Texas Public Schools, 2001. A Report to the 77th Texas Legislature from the Texas Education Agency. 290
Comprehensive School Guidance Planning in Ontario, Canada. Building Your Elementary School Guidance Program: Implementing "Choices into Action" in Your School While Getting Ready for the Program Effectiveness Survey. Lott, Kathy 167
Conducting Web-Based Surveys. ERIC Digest. Solomon, David J. 264
Confucian Thought Affecting Leadership and Organizational Culture of Korean Higher Education. Lee, Jeong-Kyu Report 184
Connecting Cultures...A Teacher's Guide to a Global Classroom. Jobson, Lisa, Ed. 300
Constructing a Multicultural National Identity: South African Classrooms as Sites of Struggle between Competing Discourses. Chick, Keith 201
Constructivist Inspiration: A Project-Based Model for L2 Learning in Virtual Worlds. Sidman-Taveau, Rebekah; Milner-Bolotin, Marina Report 245
Contradictions, Appropriation, and Transformation: An Activity Theory Approach to L2 Writing and Classroom Practices. Nelson, Charles P.; Kim, Mi-Kyung 273
Cooperative Learning versus Competition: Which Is Better? Ediger, Marlow 321
Creating Critical Mass for Restructuring: What We Can Learn from Memphis. AEL Policy Briefs. Ross, Steven M. 278
Creativity, Culture, Education, and the Workforce. Art, Culture & the National Agenda Issue Paper. Galligan, Ann M. 284
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Academic Libraries. 194
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Affirmative Action. 203
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: AIDS on Campus. 153
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Alcohol on Campus. 153
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Asian Students. 142
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Assessment. 153
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Collaborative Learning. 167
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Community Service Learning. 144
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Creating a Multicultural Climate. 135
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Crime on Campus. 164
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Distance Education. 150
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Early Intervention. 178
CRitical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Educational Uses of Personal Digital Assistants. 147
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Faculty Tenure. 160
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: General Multicultural Resources. 134
CRitical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Graduate Fellowships. 148
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Hispanic Students. 159
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 141
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Improving Teaching and Learning. 163
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Internationalization of Postsecondary Education. 160
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: K-16 Partnerships. 160
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Learning Communities. 159
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Lessons from the Field. 124
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Maintaining Financial Health--Tuition Strategies, Cost Containment, and Fundraising. 162
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Multiculturalism and Faculty Development. 121
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Multiculturalism and Teaching/Learning. 142
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Multiculturalism and the Curriculum. 119
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty. 160
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Performance Indicators. 157
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Retention and Recruitment of Underrepresented Faculty and Students. 121
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Student and Academic Affairs--Collaborations and Partnerships. 165
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Students with Disabilities on Campus. 147
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Summer Bridge Programs. 175
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Technology in Higher Education. 134
Critical Issue Bibliography (CRIB) Sheet: Technology in the Classroom. 164
Critical Success Factors: PVCC Teacher Education Transfers to the University of Virginia. Wilson, Eleanor Vernon 269
Cross Cultural Varieties of Politeness. Hondo, Junko; Goodman, Bridget 205
Cultivating Leadership among Science and Mathematics Teachers. ERIC Digest. Haury, David L. 122
Culture, Identity, and Asian American Teens: A School District Conference Panel Discussion. Reyes, Angela Discussion 246
Current Challenges of International Education. ERIC Digest. Cummings, William 261
Data Collection Manual for Academic and Research Library Network Statistics and Performance Measures. Shim, Wonsik "Jeff"; McClure, Charles R.; Fraser, Bruce T.; Bertot, John Carlo 223
Data Inquiry and Analysis for Educational Reform. ERIC Digest. Wade, Howard H. 265
Deaf-Blind Perspectives, 2001-2002. Malloy, Peggy, Ed. 324
Defining Group Membership: The Impact of Multiple versus Single Ethnic/Racial Categories on Testing Practices. Research Notes. RN-13. Wendler, Cathy; Feigenbaum, Miriam; EscandA[sup.3]n, MA[c]rida 257
Defining, Developing, and Using Curriculum Indicators. CPRE Research Report Series. Porter, Andrew C.; Smithson, John L. 263
Degrees Conferred: 2000-01 Update. Informational Memorandum. 186
Developing a Dual-Language Program. Davy, Lynn 151
Developing and Implementing Program Outcomes and Assessment Measures for Postsecondary Programs. Ruhland, Sheila; Brewer, Jerrilyn 303
Developing Higher-Order Thinking Skills through the Use of Technology. Coleman, Connie; King, Jeff; Ruth, Mary Helen; Stary, Erin 287
Developing Political Tolerance. ERIC Digest. Avery, Patricia G. 317
Developmental and Behavioral Health Services for Children: Opportunities and Challenges for Proposition 10. Building Community Systems for Young Children. Wright, Kynna; Kuo, Alice; Regalado, Michael; Halfon, Neal 301
Direct Instruction News, 2001. Tarver, Sara, Ed. 441
Distance Education and Accreditation. ERIC Digest. Loane, Shannon 252
Does School Motivation Change over Secondary School Years? Yeung, Nancy Tsui Yee; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing 272
Drugs and the Internet: An Overview of the Threat to America's Youth. 215
Early Care and Education Issues Rising to the Top. Walker, Sherry Freeland, Ed. 195
Early Childhood Research & Practice: An Internet Journal on the Development, Care, and Education of Young Children, Fall 2001. Katz, Lilian G., Ed.; Rothenberg, Dianne, Ed. 246
Early Developments, 2001. Buysee, Virginia, Ed.; Winton, Pam, Ed. 186
Early Literacy Instruction: Research Applications in the Classrooms. ERIC Digest. Lin, Chia-Hui 236
Economics, Test Scores, New President behind Legislative Changes. Walker, Sherry Freeland, Ed. 280
Education For All: A Committment and an Opportunity. National EFA Coordinators Meeting under the Sub-Regional EFA Forum for East and Southeast Asia Final Report (2nd, Bangkok, Thailand, December 10-12, 2001). 338
Education Statistics Quarterly, Fall 2001. Dillow, Sally, Ed. 620
Education Statistics Quarterly, Summer 2001. Dillow, Sally, Ed. 623
Education Statistics Quarterly, Winter 2001. Dillow, Sally, Ed. 524
Educational Linguistics as a Field: A View from Penn's Program on the Occasion of Its 25th Anniversary. Hornberger, Nancy H. 199
Efectos academicos de programas extracurriculares (Academic Effects of After-School Programs). ERIC Digest. Shumow, Lee 219
Effects of Direct Teaching Using Creative Memorization Strategies To Improve Math Achievement. Bielsker, Staci; Napoli, Lori; Sandino, Melissa; Waishwell, Lesa 273
Effects of Local Item Dependence on the Validity of IRT Item, Test, and Ability Statistics. MCAT Monograph. Zenisky, April L.; Hambleton, Ronald K.; Sireci, Stephen G. 238
Effects of State Policies on Facilities Planning and Construction in Rural Districts. ERIC Digest. Lawrence, Barbara Kent 326
Efficacy of Nonpsychopharmacological Treatment for Male Sex Offenders: A Review of the Literature. Moorhead, Douglas A. 272
Emerging Musical Literacy: Investigating Young Children's Music Cognition and Musical Problem-Solving through Invented Notations. McCusker, Joan 330
Encouraging Higher Recruitment to Technician Engineering Training: Project Final Report. Research Report. Shirley, Tony; Weiss, Claire 276
English Language Learners With Special Needs: Effective Instructional Strategies. ERIC Digest. Ortiz, Alba 355
Ensuring Comparable Scores on the SATA[R] I: Reasoning Test. Research Notes. RN-14. Lawrence, Ida M.; Schmidt, Amy Elizabeth 248
Entrepreneurship Education in American Community Colleges and Universities. Seymour, Nicole 249
ERIC/EECE Newsletter, 2001. Preece, Laurel, Ed. 175
Evaluating the Appropriateness of the SATA[R] I: Reasoning Test for Seventh and Eighth Graders. Research Notes. RN-12. Wendler, Cathy; Ninneman, Anne; Feigenbaum, Miriam 325
Evaluation of NVCC Instruction, Services, and Facilities: Class of 2000. Research Report. 274
Evaluation of the Alabama Reading Initiative. Final Report. Moscovitch, Edward 454
Examining Multicultural Picture Books for the Early Childhood Classroom: Possibilities and Pitfalls. Mendoza, Jean; Reese, Debbie 190
Examining School Violence. Rosen, Barry, Ed.; Dobry, Diane, Ed.; Andrews, Heather, Ed.; Reznik, Deidre, Ed. Conference notes 176
Exemplary English Language Arts Standards among the Seven States in the Central Region. Kendall, John S.; Norford, Jennifer S.; Snyder, Christina E. 264
Facilitating the Development of Disciplinary Knowledge and Communication Skills: Integrating Curriculum. Najar, Robyn L. 328
Factors Influencing the Turnover and Retention of Minnesota's Secondary Career and Technical Education Teachers. Ruhland, Sheila 290
Faculty at Nova Southeastern University Judge the President's Faculty Scholarship Awards: Fall Term 2001. MacFarland, Thomas W. 261
Faculty Compensation Systems: Impact on the Quality of Higher Education. ERIC Digest. Sutton, Terry P.; Bergerson, Peter J. 275
Faculty Retirement: Loss or Opportunity? Clery, Suzanne; Lee, John 147
Final Report of the Evaluation of New York Networks for School Renewal: An Annenberg Foundation Challenge for New York City, 1996-2001. 272
Finding and Keeping the Best: A Rural Regional Partnership for Recruiting and Retaining Teachers for Children with High-Incidence Disabilities. Final Performance Report, December 1, 1998 through December 31, 2001. Jensen, Mary Cihak; Churchill, Lisa; Davis, Teresa 213
Foundations of Child Well-Being. Action Research in Family and Early Childhood. UNESCO Education Sector Monograph. Pollard, Elizabeth L.; Davidson, Lucy 198
Functions of Discourse Markers in Japanese. Fujita, Yasuko 212
GEAR UP Austin: Impacting Lives Project, 2000-2001 Evaluation. 338
Gifted Education Communicator, 2001. Gosfield, Margaret, Ed. 275
Gifted Education Press Quarterly, 2001. Fisher, Maurice D., Ed. 331
Globalization and Its Impact on Technical-Vocational Education and Training in Malaysia. Mustapha, Ramlee; Abdullah, Abu 258
Going Charter: New Models of Support. Year Two Findings from New York City's Charter Schools. Charter School Research Project. Ascher, Carol; Echazarreta, Juan; Jacobowitz, Robin; McBride, Yolanda; Troy, Tammi; Wamba, Nathalis 266
Good Dads: Religion, Civic Engagement, & Paternal Involvement in Low-Income Communities. CRRUCS Report. Wilcox, W. Bradford 239
Greater Minneapolis Day Care Association 2000-2001 Annual Report: Supporting Quality Child Care. 202
GSCA (Georgia School Counselors Association) Journal, 2001. Mullis, Fran, Ed.; McCarthy, Susan, Ed. 327
Guidebook to Developing a Collaborative Partnership Written Agreement. 311
High-Performing Schools Serving Mexican American Students: What They Can Teach Us. ERIC Digest. Scribner, Alicia Paredes; Scribner, Jay D. 258
Highlights of Reading Research in the Labs and Centers of the U.S. Department of Education. ERIC Digest. Brynildssen, Shawna 299
Home for the Holidays... Reading Together. 212
Home Visiting: A Service Strategy To Deliver Proposition 10 Results. Building Community Systems for Young Children. Thompson, Lisa; Kropenske, Vickie; Heinicke, Christoph M.; Gomby, Deanna S.; Halfon, Neal 350
Homeless and Runaway Youth: Attachment Theory and Research. Henk, Joanne M. 193
Homeless Families in Washington State: A Study of Families Helped by Shelters and Their Use of Welfare and Social Services. Lowin, Aaron; Demirel, Sinan; Estee, Sharon; Schreiner, Bari 229
How Are Maori Learners with Special Needs Faring? Bevan-Brown, Jill; Bevan-Brown, Winston 289
How College Enrollment Strategies Affect Student Labor Market Success. Cheslock, John J.; Hilmer, Michael J. 290
How Effective Are Different Welfare-to-Work Approaches? Five-Year Adult and Child Impacts for Eleven Programs. National Evaluation of Welfare-to-Work Strategies. Hamilton, Gayle; Freedman, Stephen; et al. 280
How Minority Students Finance Their Higher Education. ERIC Digest. Nora, Amaury 209
IDEA Partnerships: Paraprofessional Initiative. Report to the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). 289
Illinois Policy Inventory on Teaching and Learning. Presley, Jennifer B.; Konkol, Pamela 278
Illustrative Target Statements for Reading. The National Literacy Strategy. 186
Impact Evaluation Framework and Strategy. Bardini, Mark D. 283
Impact of Technological and Structural Change on Employment. Prospective Analysis 2020. Synthesis Report. Report to the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament. Technical Report Series. 293
Improving Academic Performance among Native American Students: A Review of the Research Literature. Demmert, William G., Jr. 237
Improving Early Reading: A Resource Guide for Elementary Schools. St. John, Edward P.; Loescher, Siri Ann 260
Improving Family Involvement in Special Education. 288
Improving High School Students' Mathematics Achievement through the Use of Motivational Strategies. Portal, Jamie; Sampson, Lisa 299
Improving Reading Skills through Phonics Instruction in the Primary Grades. Brackemyer, Jessica; Fuca, Debra; Suarez, Karen 360
Improving Social Skills at the Elementary Level through Cooperative Learning and Direct Instruction. Dohrn, Laurie; Holian, Eleanor; Kaplan, Debra 274
Improving Social Skills through Cooperative Learning. Carter, LaQuita D.; Coleman, Lisa D.; Haizel, Michelle D.; Michalowski, Lawrence A. 272
Improving Student Interest in Social Studies through the Use of Multiple Intelligences. George, Michelle; Mitofsky, Jan; Peter, Mary Beth 284
Improving Upper Grade Math Achievement via the Integration of a Culturally Responsive Curriculum. Pajkos, Diane; Klein-Collins, John 352
Improving Written Language Skills in the Primary Grades. Benischek, Donna; Vejr, Mary Jean; Wetzel, Susan 384
In Demand: Adult Skills in the 21st Century. A Performance and Innovation Unit Report. 288
In Pursuit of Teacher Quality: Three Models of Success. Dandy, Evelyn; O'Dell, Sandra; McKinney, Marilyn; Perkins, Peggy G.; Miller, Susan Peterson; Reiman, 273
Inclusion in Middle Schools. ERIC Digest. Hines, Rebecca A. 240
Indoor Air Quality In Maine Schools: Report of the Task Force To Examine the Establishment and Implementation of State Standards for Indoor Air Quality in Maine Schools. Malcolm, Judith 170
Infants and Toddlers, 2001-2002. Kroenke, Lillian DeVault, Ed. 230
Information/Reference Desk Procedures Manual. Helms, Cynthia Mae; Nelson, Judith 196
Inquiry Cycles in a Whole Language Foreign Language Class: Some Theoretical and Practical Insights. Schwarzer, David; Luke, Chris 235
Inquiry-Based Professional Development: Letting Questions Direct Teachers' Learning. Evans, Norma 221
Institutionalist and Instrumentalist Perspectives on "Public" Education: Strategies and Implications of the School Choice Movement in Michigan. Occasional Paper. Lubienski, Chris 273
Instructional Leadership in a Standards-Based Reform. Supovitz, Jonathan A.; Poglinco, Susan M. 243
International Business Competencies Needed by Business Graduates in the United States and Taiwan, R.O.C. Yuche, Jerry Wang; Stewart, Bob R. 282
Interstate Variations in Rural Student Achievement and Schooling Conditions. ERIC Digest. Lee, Jaekyung 284
Isolating the Effects of Training Using Simple Regression Analysis: An Example of the Procedure. Waugh, C. Keith 300
It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist. It Just Takes You! Kansas Children's Report Card, 2001. 332
J C Nalle Elementary School, Washington, D.C. Schools on the Move: Stories of Urban Schools Engaged in Inclusive Journeys of Change. Ferguson, Phil; Blumberg, Richard 271
Joining Rural Development Theory and Rural Education Practice. Hammer, Patricia Cahape 304
Journal of Business and Training Education, 2001. Redmann, Donna H., Ed. 270
Journal of School Social Work, 2001-2002. McCullagh, James G., Ed. 200
Kepner Middle School, Denver, CO. Schools on the Move: Stories of Urban Schools Engaged in Inclusive Journeys of Change. Ferguson, Dianne; Meyer, Gwen 273
Language Learning Motivation: The Student, the Teacher, and the Researcher. Gardner, R. C. 273
Law of Empires. Martz, Carlton 191
Leadership for Accountability. Lashway, Larry 176
Learning about the Human Genome. Part 1: Challenge to Science Educators. ERIC Digest. Haury, David L. 153
Learning about the Human Genome. Part 2: Resources for Science Educators. ERIC Digest. Haury, David L. 153
Learning and Identity: The Intersection of Micro and Macro Processes in Identity Formation for Students and the Community in a Small Rural Town--The Wesley Experience. Lloyd, Doug; Downey, Tamara; McDonough, Sharon 297
Learning Languages: The Journal of the National Network for Early Language Learning, 2001-2002. Rosenbusch, Marcia H., Ed. 209
Learning Partnerships in Rural Early Childhood Settings. Coombe, Kennece; Lubawy, Joy 302
Lesson Study: Teachers Learning Together. Weeks, Denise Jarrett, Ed.; Stepanek, Jennifer, Ed. 158
Lessons in Teacher Education Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Teacher Education in the United Kingdom and the United States. Glenn, Allen D. 272
Let Children Play and Develop into Readers and Writers of Their Own Worlds (Play To Promote Early Literacy). Musthafa, Bachrudin 183
Licensure Programs for Paraeducators. ERIC Digest. Eubanks, Segun 250
Lighting for Schools. Benya, James R. 144
Literacy Development and Normative Fantasies: What Can Be Learnt from Watching Students Over Time? Comber, Barbara 318
Literacy Works: Moving from the Margins to the Mainstream. Report of the Task Force To Study Adult Education. 280
Literature-Based Mathematics in Elementary School. ERIC Digest. Haury, David L. 181
Low-Performing Schools: So You've Identified Them--Now What? Policy Briefs. Holdzkom, David 265
Making a Community Interesting to Itself: Providing a Social Education through Urban History and Neighborhood Studies. ERIC Digest. Danzer, Gerald A. 251
Making Episodes, Making Connections: A Reading Comprehension Assessment Tool. The REL's Pacific CHILD Project, Year One Product. Low, Marylin 325
Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children: A One-Year Follow-Up Review of Industry Practices in the Motion Picture, Music Recording and Electronic Game Industries. A Report to Congress. 388
Mental Health Counseling: Identity and Distinctiveness. ERIC/CASS Digest. Pistole, M. Carole 204
Methodological Difficulties of Assessing Metacognition: A New Approach. Wilson, Jeni 262
Mexican Americans and Other Latinos in Postsecondary Education: Institutional Influences. ERIC Digest. Nevarez, Carlos 265
MHCC 2010 Institutional Master Plan. 256
Multicultural Education and Technology: Perfect Pair or Odd Couple? ERIC Digest. Marshall, Patricia L. 269
Multiple Intelligences Resources For The Adult Basic Education Practitioner: An Annotated Bibliography. NCSALL Occasional Paper. Viens, Julie; Kallenbach, Silja Author abstract 596
NCLEnotes: 2001-2002. Burt, Miriam, Ed. 261
Networking the Land: Rural America in the Information Age. Conte, Christopher 307
New Conceptions of Student Neediness and Directions for Better Responses. Lloyd, Doug; Turale, Sue 244
New Evidence about "Brown v. Board of Education": The Complex Effects of School Racial Composition on Achievement. Hanushek, Eric A.; Kain, John F.; Rivkin, Steven G. 295
New Frontiers for a New Century: A National Overview. Barth, Patte, Ed. 294
New Jersey Journal of Professional Counseling, 2001/2002. Westburg, Nancy G., Ed. 246
New Small Learning Communities: Findings from Recent Literature. Cotton, Kathleen 255
Nonverbal Learning Disability: How To Recognize It and Minimize Its Effects. ERIC Digest. Foss, Jean M. 268
Northwest Education, 2001-2002. Sherman, Lee, Ed. 185
Nueva investigacion sobre kindergarten de dia completo (Recent Research on All-Day Kindergarten). ERIC Digest. Clark, Patricia 237
On Retention of Secondary Trade and Industrial Education Teachers: Voices from the Field. Self, Mary Jo Crawford 253
On the Nexus of Race, Disability, and Overrepresentation: What Do We Know? Where Do We Go? On Point...Brief Discussions of Critical Issues in Urban Education. Meyer, Gwen; Patton, James M. 293
On the Road to Accountability: Reporting Outcomes for Students with Disabilities. Technical Report. Bielinski, John; Thurlow, Martha; Callender, Stacy; Bolt, Sara 247
Online Learning for Teachers. Kesner, Rebecca J., Ed. 263
Online Learning. ARIS Information Sheet. 274
Online Resources for Theatre Education. ERIC Digest. Sun, Ping-Yun 148
Online Support for Action Research in a Teacher Education Internship in Rural Australia. Maxwell, T. W.; Reid, Jo-Anne; McLoughlin, Catherine; Clarke, Catherine; Nicholls, Ruth 294
Online Teaching and Resources: The New HSC Online Project, 2001. Gorman, Lyn 274
Op. Cit. Zemsky, Robert, Ed. 259
Open File: School Autonomy and Evaluation. Bottani, Norberto, Ed.; Favre, Bernard, Ed. 292
Osculance in Bantu Reconstructions: A Case Study of the Pair -kadang-/-kang- ("fry", "roast") and Its Historical Implications. Bostoen, Koen Case study 271
Otitis Media, Learning and Community. McSwan, David; Clinch, Emma; Store, Ron 326
Outcomes of Learning: Results from the 2000 Program for International Student Assessment of 15-Year-Olds in Reading, Mathematics, and Science Literacy. Statistical Analysis Report. Lemke, Mariann; Lippman, Laura; Bairu, Ghedam; Calsyn, Christopher; Kruger, Thea; Jocelyn, Leslie; K 256
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