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Articles from ERIC: Reports (August 1, 2001)

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"I Felt It Tear Flesh": Violent Comics and Social Cognition. Kirsh, Steven J.; Olczak, Paul V. 232
"Referred to the Librarian, with Power To Act": Herbert Putnam and the Boston Public Library. Aikin, Jane 157
'Right-to-Work' Laws and Economic Development in Oklahoma. Briefing Paper. Mishel, Lawrence, Ed. 259
A Bounded or Unbounded Universe? Knowledge Management in Postgraduate LIS Education. Brogan, Mark; Hingston, Philip; Wilson, Vicky 259
A Comparison of Fifth Grade Children Receiving Both a Traditional and a Technology Based Means of Instruction in Social Studies. Larson, Thomas Donald 308
A Lesson "In" Government: Connecting Theory and Practice in the Study of Municipal Government. Baker, John R. 220
A Model for Optimal Constrained Adaptive Testing. Law School Admission Council Computerized Testing Report. LSAC Research Report Series. van der Linden, Wim J.; Reese, Lynda M. 233
A Program for Providing Patriotic Exercises and Instructions for Flag Etiquette, Use, and Display. Rasmussen, Kim 252
A Quantitative Assessment of Gender and Career Decision-Making Confidence Levels of High School Seniors in a School-to-Work Program Using the Career Decision Scale. Fawcett, Mary; Maycock, George 182
A Review of State Reading and Language Arts Standards. ERIC Digest. Gottlieb, Stephen S. 190
A Study of Oral and Written Expression Abilities of Adolescents with Learning Disabilities. Gaon, Felicia 221
A Virtual International Authority File. Tillett, Barbara B. 174
Acculturation and Identity of Korean American Women. Pak, Jenny H. 264
Addiction Counselor Evaluation Scales: TAP 21 Applied. Scheidt, Douglas 280
Addressing the Digital Divide. Cullen, Rowena 243
Adolescent Self-Concept among Chinese, Kazakh, American and American Indians. Sharpes, Donald K. 219
Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Examination Results in Texas, 2000. 389
AHECB Approved Academic Degree and Certificate Programs. 116
An Analysis of Attitudes toward Statistics: Gender Differences among Advertising Majors. Fullerton, Jami A.; Umphrey, Don 202
An Analysis of the Sam Houston State University Educator Preparation Program and the Effect on Graduate's Perceptions of Preparedness To Teach. A Record of Study. McGuire, Margaret Ann 242
An Evaluation of Current CCTV Usage To Support Patient Health Education Activities at the Louis Stokes Cleveland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Brecksville Division. Kromke, Diane 294
An Evaluation of the Individual Training Account/Eligible Training Provider Demonstration. Final Interim Report. D'Amico, Ronald; Martinez, Alexandria; Salzman, Jeffrey; Wagner, Robin 283
An Examination of the Constructs Measured by Parent Behavioral Reports. Selden, J. J.; Pospisil, T. S.; Devaraju-Backhaus, S.; Bradley, J.; Michael, D. D.; Golden, C. J. 234
Analyzing Language Biographies: Concepts of Language and Language Learning. Korth, Britta 270
Applying Information Competency to Digital Reference. Ellis, Lisa; Francoeur, Stephen 163
Applying Social Cognitive Career Development Theory to Asian Americans. Tang, Mei 238
Are Experiments the Only Option? A Look at Dropout Prevention Programs. Agodini, Roberto; Dynarski, Mark Clinical report 229
Artifacts in Digital Collections. Nichols, Stephen G. 182
Asian American College Students' Beliefs and Perceptions of Therapy. Ryujin, Donald H.; Ford, Lori D.; Breaux, Cynthia 271
Assessing Pre-Service Candidates' Web-Based Electronic Portfolios. Lamson, Sharon; Thomas, Kelli R.; Aldrich, Jennifer; King, Andy 267
Assessing the Best: NAEP's 1996 Assessment of Twelfth-Graders Taking Advanced Science Courses. O'Sullivan, Christine Y.; Grigg, Wendy S. 197
Assistive Technology in the Schools: A Guide for Idaho Educators. Doty, Michelle; Seiler, Ron; Rhoads, LaRae 257
Asynchronous Approaches to Teaching Psychology Courses Online. Velayo, Richard 276
Auditory Processing Disorders. Revised. Technical Assistance Paper. 266
Autism Program Quality Indicators: A Self-Review and Quality Improvement Guide for Schools and Programs Serving Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Crimmins, Daniel B.; Durand, V. Mark; Theurer-Kaufman, Karin; Everett, Jessica 269
Back to School, Moving Forward: What "No Child Left Behind" Means for America's Communities. 213
Back to School, Moving Forward: What "No Child Left Behind" Means for America's Educators. 218
Back to School, Moving Forward: What "No Child Left Behind" Means for America's Families. 177
Beat the Blues: A CBT Based Program for the Treatment of Depressive Symptomatology. Habicht, Manuela H. 219
Beyond the Census: Hispanics and an American Agenda. Final Edition. Perez, Sonia M. 212
Bibliographic Control or Chaos: An Agenda for National Bibliographic Services in the 21st Century. Gorman, Michael 256 Immediate Access to Danish Libraries--A Path To Follow. Hansen, Lone 248
Blueprint for Change: Research on Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Report of the National Advisory Mental Health Council's Workgroup on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Intervention Development and Deployment. Executive Summary and Recommendations. Report 271
Body of Evidence: An Alternative to High Stakes Testing? Stader, David L.; Lowe, Jerry M.; Neely, Robert 281
Brain Development in Early Childhood. Building Community Systems for Young Children. Halfon, Neal; Shulman, Ericka; Hochstein, Miles 238
Brazilian History through Journalism. Zaher, Celia Ribeiro; Varella, Maria Angelica 168
Bridging the Information Gap between China and Developed Countries: Compare Library Information Services in China and in Sweden. Yang, Chunhua 242
Building and Sustaining Digital Collections: Models for Libraries and Museums. 334
Building Leaders for the Future: The Socorro Independent School District Assistant Principals Academy. Daresh, John C. 269
Campbell Monograph Series on Education and Human Sciences, Volume 2. Jory, Brian, Ed. 183
Can "Twinning" Be Applied Effectively to Small Library Associations? Amenu-Kpodo, Norma 201
Can Public Policy Affect Private School Cream-Skimming? Occasional Paper. Figlio, David N.; Stone, Joe A. 260
Career Burnout and Its Relationship to Couple Burnout in Finland. Laes, Timo; Laes, Tuula 271
Case Studies & Methods in Education. Fasko, Daniel, Jr. Survey 261
Casper College Economic Impact Analysis, 1999-2000. Gillum, F. E. 293
Challenges and Opportunities To Deliver Research Services to Parliamentarians in the Japanese Diet. Takeda, Michiyo 215
Changes in the National Bibliographies, 1996-2001. Knutsen, Unni 211
Changing Direction: Assessing Student Thoughts and Feelings about a New Program in Strategic Communication. Frisby, Cynthia M.; Reber, Bryan H.; Cameron, Glen T. 174
Child Abuse and Depression in Iranian Students: An Empirical Investigation. Mousavi, Mahnaz Nowroozi; Rogers, James R. 236
Children's Attitudes toward Race and Gender. Warner, Juliet; Fishbein, Harold; Ritchey, P. Neal; Case, Kim 224
Children's Self-Concept and Motivation Assessment: Initial Reliability and Validity. Rouse, Kimberly A. Gordon; Cashin, Susan E. 188
China: Challenges of Secondary Education. Secondary Education Series. Liang, Xiaoyan 307
Classification of Learning Disabilities: An Evidence-Based Evaluation. Executive Summary. Fletcher, Jack M.; Lyon, G. Reid; Barnes, Marcia; Stuebing, Karla K.; Francis, David J.; Olson, Rich 233
Classifying Internet Pathological Users: Their Usage, Internet Sensation Seeking, and Perceptions. Lin, Sunny S. J. 261
Classroom Activities To Enhance Student Learning about Diversity Issues. Whittlesey, Valerie 203
Classroom Management with a "Vision.". Bell, Judy L. 267
Classroom Notes Plus: A Quarterly of Teaching Ideas, 2001-2002. 854
Clients, Consumers, or Collaborators? Parents and Their Roles in School Reform during "Children Achieving," 1995-2000. Occasional Paper. Gold, Eva; Rhodes, Amy; Brown, Shirley; Lytle, Susan; Waff, Diane 270
Clinical Practice Strategies outside the Realm of Managed Care. Walfish, Steven 180
Cohort Default Rate Guide. 278
Collaborative Efforts in Cross-Country Studies on Information Sharing Infrastructure between China and the US: Introducing an International Cooperative Research Method. Liu, Yan Quan 199
College of the Canyons Library Services Student Evaluation Survey, Spring 2001. Report. Dixon, P. Scott; Gribbons, Barry C. 254
College of the Canyons Nursing Alumni Surveys, Spring 2001. Report. Meuschke, Daylene M; Dixon, P. Scott; Gribbons, Barry C. 305
College Students' Attitudes towards Age-Related Changes in Physical Appearance. Kanter, Allison; Agliata, Daniel; Tantleff-Dunn, Stacey 272
Come and Stay a While: Does Financial Aid Effect Enrollment and Retention at a Large Public University? Singell, Larry D., Jr. 183
Communicating about Mass Communication: A National Study of the Content, Functionality, and Value of University Mass Communication Program World Wide Web Sites. Swanson, Douglas J. 162
Community Based Information Systems for Education Management in Urban Areas. Khosla, Renu 272
Community Organizing for School Reform in Baltimore. Gray, Richard, Jr.; Wheeldreyer, Laura 274
Community Organizing for School Reform in Philadelphia. Mediratta, Kavitha; Fruchter, Norm; Gross, Barbara; Keller, Christine Donis; Bonilla, Mili 261
Community Organizing for School Reform in the Mississippi Delta. Lambright, Nsombi 326
Community Schools in Illinois: Partnerships Promoting Academic Excellence and Lifelong Development. Mondschein, Emily 317
Competency-Based Early Childhood Teacher Education. Rosberg, Merilee 263
Concrete Masonry Designs: Educational Issue. Hertzberg, Randi, Ed. 195
Concurrent and Discriminant Validity of the Means-Ends Spirituality Questionnaire. Ryan, Kathleen; Fiorito, Basil A. 208
Conflict Management: Cues and Implications for Managers from Conflict Research. Collins, Joey A. 314
Constructing and De-Constructing Cultural Values: An Explanatory Model of Teaching Behaviours. Boufoy-Bastick, Beatrice 253
Constructing Moral Reference Points in Teachers' Practical Reflection: The Case of Smoking. Husu, Jukka; Tirri, Kirsi 273
Continuing Development of Higher Education. IHE Perspectives. Fincher, Cameron 209
Contradictions and Control in Systemic Reform: The Ascendancy of the Central Office in Philadelphia Schools. Foley, Ellen 266
Converging Forces: Mexican Culture and Clinical Issues of Mexican Women. Hinkelman, Jeanne M. 258
Cooperative Ventures between the University and the Library. Rader, Hannelore B. 242
Counselors' Perceptions of Court-Referred and Non Court-Referred Drug Clients. Sanborn, Fred W.; Barnett, Mark A. 260
Creating a Culture of Human Rights, Democracy and Peace in the New Millennium. Proceedings of the International Conference on Children's Rights Education (2nd, Victoria, British Columbia, August 18-22, 2001). Blanchet-Cohen, Natasha; Hart, Stuart; Cook, Philip Conference news 335
Creating a Culture of Mentoring: Recommendations for Graduate Programs. Johnson, W. Brad 199
Creativity: Its Role in Healing and Place in Positive Psychology. Sikes, Charlotte 153
Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Approaches to Parent-Infant Interaction Intervention. Technical Report. McCollum, Jeanette A.; Yates, Tweety J. 274
Cultural Perspectives on Mental Health Practice in Arab Countries. Ibrahim, Abdel-Sattar 198
Cultural Reciprocity Aids Collaboration with Families. ERIC/OSEP Digest. Warger, Cynthia 273
Customer or Refined Student? Reflections on the "Customer" Metaphor in the Academic Environment and the New Pedagogical Challenge to the Libraries and Librarians. Tovote, Christina 287
Data and Characteristics of the Illinois Public Community College System. 274
Date Violence and Rape among Adolescents: Associations with Psychological Health. Ackard, Diann M.; Neumark-Sztainer, Dianne 221
Democracy at Work: The Struggle To Renorm One Middle Level Program. Williamson, Ronald 260
Democratic Miseducation: Preparing Students for Democracies That Do Not Exist. Vaughan, Geoffrey M. 228
Depresion: Lo Que Toda Mujer Debe Saber (Depression: What Every Woman Should Know). 177
Depressed Mood in Adolescence: Who Goes Unnoticed? Watson, Cary M.; Quatman, Teri; Swanson, Connie 215
Developing American Indian Norms for the Kuder Career Search. Juntunen, Cindy L.; Gray, Jacqueline S.; Wettersten, Kara B.; Zytowski, Donald G. 239
Developing Leaders for Libraries: The Stanford-California State Library Institute on 21st Century Librarianship Experience. Gold, Anne Marie 255
Development of Emergent Math and Literacy Skills. Malofeeva, Elena V.; Ciancio, Dennis; Day, Jeanne D. 198
Dewey in Boston: 1876-1883. Wiegand, Wayne A. 206
Difficulties and New Approaches in User Education in Germany. Homann, Benno 238
Diffusion of Courses with World Wide Web Features: Perceptions of Journalism and Mass Communication Program Administrators. Sutherland, Patrick J. Survey 330
Discovering by Analysis: Harry Potter and Youth Fantasy. Center, Emily R. 280
Discrepancy Models in the Identification of Learning Disability. Executive Summary. Kavale, Kenneth A. 263
Disruption versus Tiebout Improvement: The Costs and Benefits of Switching Schools. Hanushek, Eric A.; Kain, John F.; Rivkin, Steven G. 262
Distance Education Report, August 2001: California Community Colleges, Fiscal Years 1995-1996 through 1999-2000. Hittelman, Martin 280
Distance Open Learning in the Developing Asian Countries: Problems and Possible Solutions. ZIFF Papiere 117. Ramanujam, P. R. 275
District of Columbia Early Care and Education Strategic Plan. 268
Diverse Voices -- The Inclusion of Language-Minority Populations in National Studies: Challenges and Opportunities. Li, Rose Maria, Ed.; McCardle, Peggy, Ed.; Clark, Rebecca L., Ed.; Kinsella, Kevin, Ed.; Berch, Dani 332
Diversity in Early Childhood Services in Australia. Ebbeck, Marjory 226
DMCA Section 104 Report: A Report of the Register of Copyrights Pursuant to [Section] 104 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Report 374
Does Peer Ability Affect Student Achievement? Hanushek, Eric A.; Kain, John F.; Markman, Jacob M.; Rivkin, Steven G. 256
Does School District Takeover Work? Assessing the Effectiveness of City and State Takeover as a School Reform Strategy. Wong, Kenneth K.; Shen, Francis X. 268
Double-Shift Secondary Schools: Possibilities and Issues. Secondary Education Series. Linden, Toby 295
E-Counseling: The Willingness To Participate. Harun, Lily Mastura Hj. 170
Early Identification and Intervention for Young Children with Reading/Learning Disabilities. Executive Summary. Jenkins, Joe; O'Connor, Randi 273
Early Literacy Activities in the USA. Fiore, Carole 227
Education of the Rising Sun 21: An Introduction to Education in Japan. Okamoto, Kaoru 283
Educational Achievement and Black-White Inequality. Statistical Analysis Report. Jacobson, Jonathan; Olsen, Cara; Rice, Jennifer King; Sweetland, Stephen 262
Educational Indicators. ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 261
Educational Web Portals: Guidelines for Selection and Use. A Guide To Help School District Administrators Assess the Quality, Usefulness and Reliability of Commercially Provided Educational Web Portals Designed for Schools. Burke, Jennifer 162
Educationally Resilient Adolescents' Implicit Knowledge of the Resilience Phenomenon. Rouse, Kimberly A. Gordon; Bamaca-Gomez, Mayra Y.; Newman, Phil; Newman, Barbara 228
eIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries): A Global Initiative of the Soros Foundations Network. Feret, Blazej; Kay, Michael 243
El regreso a la escuela, Sigamos adelante: Lo que significa para las familias americanas "No dejar atras a ningun nino" (Back to School, Moving Forward: What "No Child Left Behind" Means for America's Families). 176
Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Well-Being of GLB Clergy. Yakushko, Oksana 207
Empirical and Theoretical Support for Direct Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities by Assessment of Intrinsic Processing Weaknesses. Executive Summary. Torgesen, Joseph K. 231
End-of-Course Multiple-Choice and English II Testing Results, 2000-2001. Measuring Up. E&R Report. Dulaney, Chuck; Burch, Glenda 232
English Leadership Quarterly, 2001-2002. Kiernan, Henry, Ed.; Wilcox, Bonita L., Ed. 323
English Literacy and Civics Education for Adult Learners. Special Policy Update. Tolbert, Michelle 223
Enrollments and Degrees Report. AIP Report. Mulvey, Patrick J.; Nicholson, Starr 220
Essential Information for Post-Encyclopaedic Parliaments: The Italian Case. Rizzoni, Giovanni 264
Establishing a Research Service in the Norwegian Parliament: Why the Right Time Was Now. Floistad, Brit 207
Ethnic Identity among Guatemalan Youth. de Baessa, Yetilu; Falbo, Toni; Fernandez, Francisco Javier 216
Evaluating School Violence Programs. Urban Diversity Series. Flaxman, Erwin, Ed. 193
Evaluation of Course-Specific Self-Efficacy Assessment Methods. Bong, Mimi 245
Evaluation of Multimedia: Why and How? An Expedition in Three Voyages. Cadenas, Paula 174
Examination of Preventive Resources, Life Events, and Coping Strategies. McCarthy, Christopher J.; Lambert, Richard G.; Beard, Michelle; Canipe, Kara 216
Examining Executive Functioning in Boys with ADHD. Codding, Robin S.; Lewandowski, Lawrence; Gordon, Michael 218
Experiental Teaching Strategies Applied to an Ethics and Professional Issues Course. Kaczmarek, Peggy 220
Exploring the Relationship between Schizophrenia, Affective Illness, and Creativity. Jackson, James Claude 268
Extending the Reach of Randomized Social Experiments: New Directions in Evaluations of American Welfare-to-Work and Employment Initiatives. MDRC Working Papers on Research Methodology. Riccio, James A.; Bloom, Howard S. 183
Extremeness, Flexibility, and Indifference Response Sets: A Cross-Cultural Study. Khalil, Elham A. 205
Face of America Character Education Curriculum. 195
Facts at a Glance. Moore, Kristin Anderson, Comp.; Manlove, Jennifer, Comp.; Terry-Humen, Elizabeth, Comp.; Williams, S 241
Faculty Assessments of the Clarity and Prevalence of Academic Dishonesty. Schmelkin, Liora Pedhazur; Kaufman, Aviele M.; Liebling, Dana E. 223
Features of Occupational Programs at the Secondary and Postsecondary Education Levels. Statistical Analysis Report. Phelps, Richard P.; Parsad, Basmat; Farris, Elizabeth; Hudson, Lisa 299
Federalism and Decentralization of Education in Argentina. Unintended Consequences of Decentralization of Expenditures in a Federal Country. Falleti, Tulia G. 285
Feeling a Bit Chilly? Exploring the Climate for Female Community College Faculty. Hagedorn, Linda Serra; Laden, Berta Vigil 278
Filial Piety and Sexual Prejudice in Chinese Culture. Hsu, Daniel Ming-Hui; Waters, Judith A. 231
Focus on Basics, 2001-2002. Garner, Barbara, Ed. 468
For National Memory and for Democratic Accountability: In an On-Line Age, Are These Conflicting Tensions Still Manageable within the Construct of "Official Information"? Smith, Alan E. 217
Forest Grove High School, Forest Grove, Oregon. PLATO Evaluation Series. Sugar, William 311
Framing Youth Violence. McManus, John; Dorfman, Lori 157
Gender and Body Concerns in Adolescent Females: Single Sex and Coeducational School Environments. Mensinger, Janell 244
Gender, Power, and Autobiographical Memory. Nakash-Eisikovits, Ora; Brody, Leslie R.; Sotoo, Naomi; Gonzalez, Karla 273
Geolibraries, the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure and Digital Earth: A Time for Map Librarians To Reflect upon the Moonshot. Boxall, James 275
Global Publishing and National Heritage: Selection of Internet Resources for National Bibliographies. Werner, Claudia 197
Graduate Research with Women Survivors of Domestic Violence. Gragg, Krista M. 199
Graduating Student Survey Results Summary Report, 2000-2001. The InfoDigest. 301
Graphic Resources in the Spanish Art Libraries. Medina, Alicia Garcia; Coso, Teresa 213
Grey Literature and Its Contribution to Knowledge Society. de Carvalho, Elizabet Maria Ramos 247
Group Therapy Training in a Doctoral Program. Caffaro, John 241
Guidelines for Identifying Students with Perceptual/Communicative Disabilities. 269
Health Workforce: Ensuring Adequate Supply and Distribution Remains Challenging. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives. Heinrich, Janet 277
Healthy Communities: Building Communities from the Ground Up. Wolff, Tom 212
Healthy Schools for Healthy Kids. A Parents' Guide for Improving School Environmental Health. Davis, Ben 215
High School Academic Curriculum and the Persistence Path through College: Persistence and Transfer Behavior of Undergraduates 3 Years after Entering 4-Year Institutions. Statistical Analysis Report. Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports. Horn, Laura; Kojaku, Lawrence K. Clinical report 341
High School Curriculum. Weiss, Suzanne 265
High Tech Educators Network Evaluation. O'Shea, Dan 245
Home Schooling in the United States: Trends and Characteristics. Working Paper No. 53. Bauman, Kurt J. 307
Homogeneous Grouping and Heterogeneous Grouping. Ediger, Marlow 193
Household Food Security in the Rural South: Assuring Access to Enough Food for Healthy Lives. Nord, Mark 291
How Can Evaluation Get Us to the Heart of Learning in the Electronic Age? Wise, Alicia 198
How Parents and Teachers Are Helping To Create Better Environments for Learning. Energy-Smart Building Choices. 175
How School Administrators and Board Members Are Improving Learning and Saving Money. Energy-Smart Building Choices. 164
How School Facilities Managers and Business Officials Are Reducing Operating Costs and Saving Money. Energy-Smart Building Choices. 184
How To Formulate the Photographic Question: A Context for Architectural and Topographical Photographs in England. Leith, Ian 187
Hungary: Secondary Education and Training. Secondary Education Series. Fretwell, David H.; Wheeler, Antony 254
Identity Orientations: Definition, Assessment, and Personal Correlates. A Teaching Module. Carducci, Bernardo J. 180
IFLA in Jerusalem, "Information for Co-Operation: Creating the Global Library for the Future.". Abdallah, Cendrella H. 206
Impact of Internet on Schools of Library and Information Science in Thailand. Manmart, Lampang 309
Implementing Career Academies Schoolwide: Four Case Studies. Stern, David; Dayton, Charles; Lenz, Robert; Tidyman, Susan 274
Improving Z39.50 Interoperability: Z39.50 Profiles and Testbeds for Library Applications. Moen, William E. 273
In Control: Anger Management and the Development of Prosocial Behavior. Kellner, Millicent H.; Salvador, Diana S.; Bry, Brenna H. 242
Indicadores educacionales (Educational Indicators). ERIC Digest. Lashway, Larry 264
Influence of Achievement Beliefs on Adolescent Girls' Sport Confidence Sources. Magyar, T. Michelle; Feltz, Deborah L. 215
Information Literacy and Academic Libraries: The SCONUL Approach (UK/Ireland). Bainton, Toby 279
Information Literacy: A Whole School Reform Approach. Farmer, Lesley 238
Information Needs of Women: Addressing Diverse Factors in the Indian Context. Dasgupta, Kalpana 225
Information Technologies: Do They Have the Potential To Bring Change to U.S. Rural Areas? Policy Briefs. Burton, John K.; Lockee, Barbara B. 288
Institutional Characteristics of Maine's Colleges and Universities, 2000. Stowers, Kimberly 205
Integrating Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities in a Residential Summer Camp. Parker, Mitchell S. 188
Integrating Social Activism into Multiculturally Competent Counselor Training. Victorson, David; Doninger, Gretchen 205
Integration of CAS in the Didactics of Differential Equations. Balderas Puga, Angel 238
Integration of Information Services in the Parliament of Zimbabwe. Chiwandamira, Lyn 206
Interaction and Student Retention, Success and Satisfaction in Web-Based Learning. Burnett, Kathleen 256
Interweaving Mathematics and Indigenous Cultures. Arnason, Karen; McDonald, Judith J.; Maeers, Mhairi; Weston, J. Harley 231
Intimate Partner Violence among Unmarried College Women. Luthra, Rohini; Gidycz, Christine A. 210
Intrinsic Religion and Internalized Homophobia in Sexual-Minority Youth. Ream, Geoffrey L. 270
Introduction to Culturo-Metrics: Measuring the Cultural Identity of Children and Teachers. Boufoy-Bastick, Beatrice 280
Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Mediation Portion of Two Subtests of the Application of Cognitive Functions Scale, a Dynamic Assessment Procedure for Young Children. Malowitzky, Miriam 329
Involving Employers in Welfare-to-Work Efforts. Relave, Nanette 271
IRT Equating of the MCAT. MCAT Monograph. Hendrickson, Amy B.; Kolen, Michael J. 313
Is "Learning Disabilities" Just a Fancy Term for Low Achievement? A Meta-Analysis of Reading Differences between Low Achievers with and without the Label. Executive Summary. Fuchs, Douglas; Fuchs, Lynn S.; Mathes, Patricia G.; Lipsey, Mark W.; Roberts, P. Holley 271
Japan InK: Distributing the Information Networked Knowledge (InK) Base to the Japanese Research Community. Naito, Eisuke 174
Japanese International Students' Attitudes toward Acquaintance Rape. Motoike, Janice; Stockdale, Margaret 244
Jobs For Youth-Boston, Madison Park Technical-Vocational H.S., Boston, Massachusetts. PLATO Evaluation Series. Quinn, David W.; Quinn, Nancy W. 311
Journalism and Mass Communication Educators' Career Choices: When and Why They Entered College Teaching. Olson, Lyle D. 194
Journals and the Shaping of Disciplinary Knowledge. Budd, John M. 221
Judgments in Identifying and Teaching Children with Language-Based Reading Difficulties. Executive Summary. Wise, Barbara W.; Snyder, Lynn 210
Kentucky School Updates: A Parent/Citizen Guide for 2001-02. Heine, Cindy 237
Knowledge Creation from Australasian LIS Journals: A Content Analysis. Dorner, Daniel G. 207
Knowledge Management at the Finnish Government: Now, Never or Later. Jussilainen, Maija 269
Knowledge Management, User Education, and Librarianship. Koenig, Michael E. D. 287
Knowledge Management: Opportunities for LIS Graduates. Morris, Anne 226
Knowledge Sharing in a Learning Resource Centre by Way of a Metro Map Metaphor. Bang, Tove 225
Learning Assistance Centers: Helping Students Through. ERIC Digest. Stern, Stefanie 234
Learning Disabilities as Operationally Defined by Schools. Executive Summary. MacMillan, Donald L.; Siperstein, Gary N. 264
Learning Disabilities: Historical Perspectives. Executive Summary. Hallahan, Daniel P.; Mercer, Cecil D. 272
Learning in the Fast Lane: Adult Learners' Persistence and Success in Accelerated College Programs. New Agenda Series[TM]. Volume 4, Number 1. Wlodkowski, Raymond J.; Mauldin, Jennifer E.; Gahn, Sandra W. 297
Learning Through TAFE for Voluntary and Paid Work: A Survey of TAFE Students. Working Paper. Smith, Chris Selby; Hopkins, Sonnie 276
Levinas: The Face of Otherness and the Ethics of Therapy. Bindeman, Steven 188
Libraries and Librarians: Making a Difference in the Knowledge Age. IFLA Council and General Conference: Conference Programme and Proceedings (67th, Boston, Massachusetts, August 16-25, 2001). 334
Library Quality Reference Meets the World Wide Web. Kresh, Diane Nester 221
License Fees: Barrier or Opportunity for Access to Electronic Content? Cornish, Graham P. 283
Licensing Issues for Central and Eastern European Libraries. Zumer, Maja 213
LIS Journals in the Knowledge Age. Breen, Eileen 222
Listening to Children's Perspectives of Their Early Childhood Settings. Dupree, Elaine; Bertram, Tony; Pascal, Christine 368
Living Arrangements of Single-Mother Families: Variations, Transitions, and Child Development Outcomes. Kalil, Ariel; DeLeire, Thomas; Jayakody, Rukmalie; Chin, Meejung 227
Local Needs--Global Help: Soliciting Funds for a Library in an Isolated Community in Papua New Guinea. Kaima, Sam 296
Longitudinal Analysis of Student Performance between Host and Cooperating College Learners in the Dental Hygiene Program at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin. Olmsted, Jodi L. 269
Make It and Take It: Computer-Based Resources for Lesson Planning. Brown, Tasha; Cargill, Debby; Hostetler, Jan; Joyner, Susan; Phillips, Vanessa 230
Managing Academic and Research Libraries Partnerships. Rader, Hannelore B. 237
Managing Partnerships with University Support Units. Rockman, Ilene 286
Managing Service Quality with the Balanced Scorecard. Poll, Roswitha 279
Mapping School Reform Organizing in Chicago, 1985-2000. Davenport, Suzanne 282
Mapping the Field of Organizing for School Improvement: A Report on Education Organizing in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Mississippi Delta, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Mediratta, Kavitha; Fruchter, Norm 276
Measuring Counselor Competence with Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Clients: Implications for Multicultural Training. Bidell, Markus Paul; Casas, J. Manuel 228
Measuring Knowledge of Introductory Psychology: What Are the Relevant Constructs? Milewski, Glenn B.; Patelis, Thanos 230
Media Literacy: A Review and Critical Assessment of Its Diverse Literature. Broz, Stefne Lenzmeier 161
Medicaid Certified School Match Program: Nursing Services. Technical Assistance Paper. 219
Mental Health and Career Development of College Students. Hinkelman, Jeanne M.; Luzzo, Darrell Anthony 229
Mental Health Consequences Associated with Dropping out of High School. Liem, Joan H.; Dillon, Colleen O'Neill; Gore, Susan 211
Mesplet to Metadata: Canadian Newspaper Preservation and Access. Burrows, Sandra 222
Meyrowitz, McLuhan, Medium Theory and Me: Why Medium Theory Needs To Be Taught alongside Techniques for New Communication Technologies. Oosterhoff, Ronda 176
Middle Income Undergraduates: Where They Enroll and How They Pay for Their Education. Statistical Analysis Report. Postsecondary Education Descriptive Analysis Reports. Presley, Jennifer B.; Clery, Suzanne B. 368
Mobile Libraries in the Scandinavian Countries: Development in View of Legislation and Financial Support. Ornholt, Ruth 214
Mobile Libraries in Vietnam in 21st Century. The Khang, Pham 289
Multidimensional Perfectionism and Coping Resources in Middle School Students. LoCicero, Kenneth A.; Blasko, L. Shane; Ashby, Jeffrey S.; Martin, James L.; Bruner, Linda P.; Edge, 218
Multilingual Access for Information Systems. Peters, Carol; Sheridan, Paraic 266
Music Therapy with Children: A Review of Clinical Utility and Application to Special Populations. Yeaw, John David Andrew 270
Naming the Landscape: Building the Connecticut Digital Gazetteer. McEathron, Scott R.; McGlamery, Patrick; Shin, Dong-Guk; Smith, Ben; Su, Yuan 177
National Bibliographies and the International Conference on National Bibliographic Services Recommendations: Europe; North, Central and South America; and Oceania. Langballe, Anne M. Hasund Conference news 164
National Transition Follow-Up Study of Youth Identified as Deafblind: Parent Perspectives. NTAC Briefing Paper. Petroff, Jerry G. 239
Navigating Roles in Mentoring Relationships with Graduate Students. Biaggio, Maryka 188
News from El Dorado: Newspapers and the California Gold Rush. Kurutz, Gary F. 279
Nicotine Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series. 182
Nonspecific Factors in Alcohol and Unsafe Sex Treatment. Cecero, John J.; Hensl, Kursten B.; Russo, Paul M. 260
Not Like Me: How Minority Youth Distance Themselves from Risk. Chapin, John R. 246
Numeric Data Products and Services. SPEC Kit. Cook, Michael N., Comp.; Hernandez, John J., Comp.; Nicholson, Shawn, Comp. 261
NVCC Students in Developmental and ESL Courses: Fall 1995 to Fall 1999. Research Report. Developmental Studies Series. 287
Observation of High School Students' Real-Life Communication during a Study Tour Abroad. Iwami, Ichiro Report 255
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