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Articles from ERIC: Reports (April 1, 2001)

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"Theoretically, That's How You Do It...": Using Narratives When Computers Let You Down in the Technology Classroom. Bunz, Ulla K. 171
[Coalition for Asian American Children and Families Fact Sheets: A Series To Promote Better Understanding of the Health and Human Services Needs of Asian American Children and Youth in New York City.]. 238
A Bridge to One America: The Civil Rights Performance of the Clinton Administration. Kraus, Rebecca S.; Chambers, David R. 282
A Brief for Practitioners on Turning Around Low-Performing Schools: Implications at the School, District, and State Levels. Housman, Naomi G.; Martinez, Monica R. 265
A Case Study of Adult Learner Experiences of an Accelerated Degree Program. Kasworm, Carol Case study 246
A Closer Look: State Policy Trends in Three Key Areas of the Bush Education Plan--Testing, Accountability and School Choice. Special Report. 284
A Comparison of Goals-Based and Learning History Approaches to Program Evaluation: A Preliminary Report. Clardy, Alan 338
A Distant Mirror: Mathematics Education in South Africa. Saul, Mark 113
A Journey in Virtual Collaboration: Facilitating Computer-Mediated Communication among Pre-Service Teachers. Anderson, Tiffany; Reinhart, Julie; Slowinski, Joe 160
A Museum School: Building Grounded Theory as Two Cultures Meet. Klein, Christine; Corse, Jean; Grigsby, Vivian; Hardin, Sharonica; Ward, Cheryl 145
A Small Group Model for Early Intervention in Literacy: Group Size and Program Effects. Homan, Susan; King, James R.; Hogarty, Kris 283
A Structural Model of Task Values, Goal Orientations, and Learning Strategies in Elementary School Mathematics Class. Seo, Daeryong; Park, Yong Hui 253
A Study of Individual Patterns of Longitudinal Academic Change: Exploring the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) and Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM). Rugutt, John Kipngeno Report 354
A Study of Students' Academic Change in Mathematics and Language Achievement: A Multilevel Structural Equation Model (MSEM) Approach. Rugutt, John K.; Ellett, Chad D. Report 343
A Study of Teachers' Referrals to the School Counselor. Jackson, Shelley A. 231
Accountability Manual 2001. The 2001 Accountability Rating System for Texas Public Schools and School Districts and Blueprint for the 2002 through 2005 Accountability Systems. 294
An Active Self-Determination Technique: Involving Students in Effective Career Planning. Denison, Grace L. 264
An Evaluation of the Construct Validity for the Multiple-Subject Testing Programs. Li, Yuan H. 274
Analysis of Discussion Items by Males and Females in Online College Courses. McAllister, Catherine; Ting, Evelyn 210
Analysis of Transition Services of Individualized Education Programs for High School Students with Special Needs. Tillmann, Jennifer D.; Ford, Laurie 271
Annual Report to the Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology, 2000-2001. 299
Are the NCTM "Standards" Reaching All Students? An Examination of Race, Class, and Instructional Practices. Lubienski, Sarah Theule 279
ARTC: Alternative Routes to Certification. Report to the Delaware Department of Education, April 2001. Hughes, Linda A.; Sianjina, Rayton R. 276
Articulation Report for the Florida Community College System: Data for Fall 1996, Fall 1997, and Fall 1998. 312
Assessing For Profit Schools. Ediger, Marlow 265
Assessing Students' Job-Readiness Skills To Assure Success in School-Business Partnership Programs. Knight, Diane 264
Assessment for Special Education Services, Eligibility Determination Program Planning. 277
Attachment Security among Families in Poverty: Maternal, Child, and Contextual Characteristics. Casady, Angela; Diener, Marissa; Isabella, Russell; Wright, Cheryl 223
Autism--Why the Increased Rates? A One-Year Update. Hearings before the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session, April 25 and 26, 2001. 199
Behavioral Indicators of Microprematurity through the Lens of Mastery Motivation. Keilty, Bonnie; Freund, Maxine 279
Benjamin S. Bloom's Contributions to Curriculum, Instruction, and School Learning. Guskey, Thomas R. 354
Beyond Numbers: Quantitative and Qualitative Research with Alumni Regarding Physician Career Choice and Satisfaction. Gibson, Denise D.; Borges, Nicole J. 282
Building Community in an Online Learning Environment: Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration. Misanchuk, Melanie; Anderson, Tiffany 243
Building Foundations for Academic Success in School-to-Career Systems. Schwager, Mahna T. 274
Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors. National Mentoring Center Technical Assistance Packet #4. Jucovy, Linda 272
Calibrating a Measure of Motivation in Using Technology. Hwang, Young Suk; Fisher, William; Vrongistinos, Konstantinos 203
Can Gender-Adapted Instruction Improve Mathematics Performance and Attitudes? Leonard, Mary J.; Derry, Sharon J. 232
Capturing Complexity in Educational Leadership. Christie, Pam; Lingard, Bob 270
Capturing, Codifying and Scoring Complex Data for Innovative, Computer-Based Items. Luecht, Richard M. 194
Career Technical Education: An Essential Component of the Total Educational System. 267
Challenges of Web-Based Assessment. Luecht, Richard M. 214
Change in Identification, FAPE, Placement, or Dismissal from Special Education. Technical Assistance Paper. 239
Charter School Authorizers and Charter School Accountability. Anderson, Lee; Finnigan, Kara 248
Children's Perceptions of Their Own Learning. Seng, SeokHoon 235
Children's Preconceptions of Human-Animal Relationships, Dispositions towards a Humane Consciousness and Implications for Curriculum and Instruction. Yoon, Susan 198
Class, Ethnicity, Culture and Mathematical Problem Solving (One U.S. Perspective). Lubienski, Sarah Theule 308
Collaboration for Educational Change. Gordon, Richard K. 270
Collaborative Inquiry of Learning Groups in College Settings. Bilics, Andrea R.; Lerch, Carol M. 283
Collaborative, Connected, and Experiential Learning: Reflections of an Online Learner. Curry, D. Bruce 270
Collegiate Aviation Research and Education Solutions to Critical Safety Issues. UNO Aviation Monograph Series. UNOAI Report. Bowen, Brent, Ed. 289
Colorado Survey of 1st and 3rd Year Teachers and Their Administrators. Results of the Pilot Administration: November 2000. Survey 366
Combining Studio Videoconferencing and the Internet To Promote Intercultural Understanding. Jones, Ted C.; Sorenson, Karen 178
Community Schools in Ohio: Second-Year Implementation Report. Volume I: Policy Issues. 271
Computer-Based Science Inquiry: How Components of Metacognitive Self-Regulation Affect Problem-Solving. Howard, Bruce C.; McGee, Steven; Shia, Regina; Hong, Namsoo Shin 277
Computerized Scoring of Essays for Analytical Writing Assessments: Evaluating Score Validity. Kelly, P. Adam 353
Confluent Language Approach Revisited: Towards Integrating Technology in Literacy Education. Suleiman, Mahmoud F. 274
Confronting the Good, the Bad, and the Moral through Collaborative Action Research. Oja, Sharon Nodie 240
Constructing Personal and Professional Identity during Teacher Education. Vuorikoski, Marjo 226
Continuous School Improvement Questionnaire Field Test. Technical Report. Wiersma, William 337
Copyright: Fair Use or Foul Play. Thoms, Karen; Motin, Susan 159
Covering Intensive Community-Based Child Mental Health Services under Medicaid. A Series of Issue Briefs. Koyanagi, Chris; Semansky, Rafael 246
Critical Characteristics of Successful After-School Programs: An Evaluation of the 21st Century Initiative. Kraft, Nancy P. 269
Critical Success Factors for the North Carolina Community College System, 2001. Twelfth Annual Report. 285
Crossing Over: Learning the Roles and Rules of the Teacher-Administrator Relationship. Fishbein, Susan; Osterman, Karen 263
Curiosity Corner: Enhancing Preschoolers' Language Abilities through Comprehensive Reform. Chambers, Bette; Chamberlain, Anne; Hurley, Eric A.; Slavin, Robert E. 240
Decentralization and Privatization of Education in El Salvador: Assessing the Experience. Occasional Paper. Marchelli, Helga Cuellar 270
Delusions of Grandeur: The Search for a Vibrant Rural America. Staff Paper. Freshwater, David 326
Developing a Hybrid Tutoring Model in an Urban Community College. Arkin, Marian; Eisenberg, Nora; Peters, Ann 265
Developing Data Systems To Support the Analysis and Development of Large-Scale, On-Line Assessment. Yu, Chong Ho 216
Developing Library Instruction for Distance Learning. Hricko, Mary 163
Development of an Instrument To Measure Students' Views of Classroom Management. Kulinna, Pamela Hodges; Cothran, Donetta; Regualos, Rey 228
Developmental Facilitation: Helping Teams Promote Systems Change. Collaborative Planning Project for Planning Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems. Hayden, Peggy; Frederick, Linda; Smith, Barbara J.; Broudy, Alison 271
Developmental Readiness of Normal Full Term Infants To Progress from Exclusive Breastfeeding to the Introduction of Complementary Foods: Reviews of the Relevant Literature Concerning Infant Immunologic, Gastrointestinal, Oral Motor and Maternal Reproductive and Lactational Development. Naylor, Audrey J., Ed.; Morrow, Ardythe L., Ed. 195
Differential Predictors of Mathematics and Reading Achievement: What May Be Learned from Immigrant Adolescents' Adaptation to School. Portes, Pedro R.; Zady, Madelon F. 219
Discussions in Parent-Child-Triads during Transition to Adolescence: Developing New Categories. Ullrich, Manuela; Kreppner, Kurt Clinical report 321
District Performance on Partnership for Excellence Goals: District and College Baseline Data for 1997-98, 1998-99, and 1999-00. 346
Do Pretests Increase Student Achievement as Measured by Posttests? Bancroft, Roger J. 259
Doing Real Time: Chronicling Language Change in Appalachia. Dannenberg, Clare J. 272
Eating Disorder Prevention Programming. Sapia, Jennifer L. 191
Ebooks in the Academic Library. Dowdy, Jackie; Parente, Sharon; Vesper, Virginia 192
Education for All Young Children: The Role of States and the Federal Government in Promoting Prekindergarten and Kindergarten. Working Paper Series. Mitchell, Anne W. 320
Education Foundations: Changing Public Education and the Way Connecticut Communities Pay for It. CPEC Best Practices Report, Volume 2, Number 1. Smith, Jim H. 263
Educational Psychology from a Statistician's Perspective: A Review of the Quantitative Quality of Our Field. Osborne, Jason W.; Christianson, William R., II; Gunter, Jason S. 262
Effective Technology Use in Low-Income Communities: Research Review for the America Connects Consortium. CCT Reports. Ba, Harouna; Culp, Katie McMillan; Green, Linnie; Henriquez, Andres; Honey, Margaret 237
Effects of an Elementary School Intervention on Students'"Connectedness" to School and Social Adjustment during Middle School. Battistich, Victor 292
Electronic Portfolios for Faculty Development. Heath, Marilyn; Cockerham, Steve 171
Elementary Teacher Planning Time: Teacher Use; Parent Perception. Decker, Kelly A.; Ware, Herbert W. 228
Emergent Entities and Emergent Processes: Constructing Emergence through Multi-Agent Programming. Wilensky, Uri 257
Emerging Trends in Teaching and Learning Educational Leadership. Bogotch, Ira E. 258
Enrolled Student Evaluation of Miami-Dade Community College Services, 2000. Research Report. Bashford, Joanne 293
Equating Parameter Estimates from the Generalized Graded Unfolding Model. Roberts, James S. 293
Essential Components for Solving Various Problems in Multimedia Learning Environments. Hong, Namsoo S.; McGee, Steven; Howard, Bruce C. 260
Evaluation of Website: for Indiana Clearinghouse for Citizenship and Character Education. Andrews, Sharon Vincz 172
Facilitating Asynchronous Distance Learning: Exploiting Opportunities for Knowledge Building in Asynchronous Distance Learning Environments. Prestera, Gustavo E.; Moller, Leslie A. 233
Facing the Classroom Challenge: Teacher Quality and Teacher Training in California's Schools of Education. Izumi, Lance T. 228
Fall Term 1999 Nova Southeastern University Students Respond to a Broad-Based Satisfaction Survey: A Comparison of Students by Age. MacFarland, Thomas W. 258
Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions: Fiscal Year 1999. Detailed Statistical Tables. 196
Feet of Class, Relations of Power and Policy Research. Brine, Jacky 257
Focusing on the Nature of Causality in a Unit on Pressure: How Does It Affect Student Understanding? Basca, Belinda B.; Grotzer, Tina A. 205
Follow-Up Study of 1998 Graduates. St. Clair, Sibyl Y. 296
Fourth-Year Achievement Results on the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System for Restructuring Schools in Memphis. Ross, Steven M.; Wang, L. Weiping; Alberg, Marty; Sanders, William L.; Wright, S. Paul; Stringfield, 278
Fragmenting and Reconstructing Identity: Struggles of Appalachian Women Attempting To Reconnect to Their Native American Heritage. Trollinger, Linda Burcham 301
Framework for Teaching English: Years 7, 8 and 9. The National Literacy Strategy. 327
Frogs Sell Beer: The Effects of Beer Advertisements on Adolescent Drinking Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior. Gentile, Douglas A.; Walsh, David A.; Bloomgren, Barry W., Jr.; Atti, Jule A.; Norman, Jessica A. 262
From Student to Student Affairs Colleague: Perspectives on Nurturing Untapped Potential in Graduate Assistants via the Empowerment Model. Asai, Shuji; Cohen, Lori D.; Reifsteck, Jan; Wirkkula, Leanne M. 199
From the Classroom to the Cubicle: Reading the Rhetoric of the Emerging Corporate University. Wills, Katherine V. 329
Future Directions and Suggestions for Improving the Use of Statistical Methods in Educational Research. Harwell, Michael 275
Getting Help from Erikson, Piaget, and Vygotsky: Developing Infant-Toddler Curriculum. Gilbert, Jaesook L. 189
Getting It Right: An Assessment of Several Methods for Calculating Regional School Costs across New York State. Widerquist, Karl 291
Grants Management at Community Colleges. ERIC Digest. Hall, Kelly 231
Halfway There: A Prescription for Continued Progress in Preventing Teen Pregnancy. 278
Here Comes the Judge: Lessons from the Courts on Behavioral Intervention Plans. Johns, Bev 268
High Schools That Work: Findings from the 1996 and 1998 Assessments. Frome, Pamela 282
Historical Learning and Identity Development on the Borders of School. Polman, Joseph L. 224
Hockey Night in Canada and Waltzing Matilda: Examining Culture in a Global Classroom. Jacobsen, Michele; Tate, Joanne 257
Hot Bodies 400 Corporation: A Simple Guide for Small Business Startups [and] Teamwork: Problems and Solutions Workbook. For What You Wear...or Wear Not! An ICA Publication in Business and Behavioral Science. Bonilla, Carlos A., Ed.; Righetti, Candace S., Ed. 262
Housing Segregation: Causes, Effects, Possible Cures. Orfield, Gary 271
How Differences in Program Implementation Influence Opportunities for Developing Reflective Practice in Beginning Teachers. Storms, Barbara A.; Lee, Ginny 276
How To Create Complex Measurement Models: A Case Study of Principled Assessment Design. Bauer, Malcolm; Williamson, David M.; Steinberg, Linda S.; Mislevy, Robert J.; Behrens, John T. Case study 284
How Whiteness Frames the Beliefs of White Female Pre-Service Teachers Working with English Language Learners of Color. Marx, Sherry 322
Identification with Academics and Academic Outcomes in Secondary Students. Osborne, Jason W.; Rausch, John L. 244
Identifying Teacher Expertise: An Examination of Researchers' Decision-Making. Palmer, Douglas J.; Stough, Laura M.; Burdenski, Thomas K., Jr.; Gonzales, Maricela 160
Immigrant Generational Differences in Academic Achievement and Its Growth: The Case of Asian American High School Students. Zhang, Yanwei 276
Imperatives for Change: The Case for Radically Redesigning Public Education in America. Preschool through Postsecondary. Guillory, Ferrel 276
Improving Organizational/Study Skills in High School Students. Roeck, Glen P. 225
Improving Reading Fluency. Brennan, Patricia A.; Leidig, Cheri Petras; Picicco, Giovanna G. 369
Improving Services for Secondary Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Project ANCHOR. Fagen, Stanley A. 275
Improving the Quality of Tertiary Education through Student Evaluation of Teaching. Bastick, Tony 229
Increasing Student Music Achievement through the Use of Motivational Strategies. Vega, Louis A. 289
Influences on Adolescent Concern about Violence: An Ecological Perspective. Miller, Janice Williams; Mwavita, Mwarumba D. 253
Innovative Practices in Vocational Education and Training Standards in the Mashreq Region. [Conference Report (Cairo, Egypt, April 7-9, 2001)]. Conference notes 285
Instructional Technology Innovation in the Liberal Arts Classroom: A Conversation with the Maryville College Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Fellows. Roberts, Gina; Berry, Chad; Nugent, Chris; Wentz, Karen; Cowan, Peggy; O'Gorman, Mark Interview 134
Interactive Learning through Creation and Use of a Cyber Corporation with Application in Public Relations, Business, and Finance. Hoyer, Jeff 154
Interpreting the Results of Three Different Standard Setting Procedures. Green, Donald Ross 358
It All Starts at Home: Hispanic Parents Speak out on Preventing Teen Pregnancy. A Focus Group Report. 266
Japanese Comic Illustrations and Children's Picture/Illustrated Books of East Asia. Ho, Laina 288
K-12 Curriculum Framework for the Arts. Revised. 219
Keeping Up the Good Work: Developing and Sustaining Capacity for School Improvement. Herbert, Karen S.; Hatch, Thomas 280
Key Stage 3 National Strategy: Literacy across the Curriculum. 217
KPI Student Satisfaction Survey, 2001. Executive Summary Report. 301
La Marihuana: Informacion para los Adolescentes. Revisada (Marijuana: Facts for Teens. Revised). 243
Language Maintenance at a Distance: The Daily Russian "Vitamin.". Valentine, Susan M.; Supinski, Stanley B.; Sutherland, Richard L. 263
Leading Inclusive Programs for All Special Education Students: A Pre-Service Training Program for Principals. Collins, Lisa; White, George P. 271
LEAP Manual, 2000-01: Student Assessment Data Collection. Local Education Agency Program Reports. 220
Learning about Learning Communities: A Case Study Approach. Trust as a Foundation in Building a Learning Community. Hipp, Kristine A. Case study 195
Lesser and Greater Expectations: The Wasted Senior Year and College-Level Study in High School. Briefing Papers. Miller, Ross 253
Lessons Learned from the Administration of a Web-Based Survey. Mertler, Craig A. 211
Literacy Portfolios: Looking Closely at Individual Learners. NCTE Reading Initiative. Burke, Carolyn; Crafton, Linda; Egawa, Kathy; Long, Susi; Martens, Prisca; Mills, Heidi; Smith, Kare 217
Literacy Support Plan Evaluation, 1999-2000. 317
Local Curriculum Development: A Case Study. Wither, Sarah E. Case study 201
Major Needs of Career and Technical Education in the Year 2000: Views from the Field. Lewis, Morgan V. 277
Manifestations, Treatment Implications and Speech-Language Consideration in Gorlin Syndrome: A Case Study. Andrews, Alice E.; Stonestreet, Ruth H. 208
Measuring Self-Efficacy: Multi-Trait Multi-Method Comparison of Scaling Procedures. Bong, Mimi; Hocevar, Dennis 229
Methodological Issues in Describing the Features and Qualities of Teacher Education Programs. Reckase, Mark D. 330
Methods for Assessing Transfer from an Art-Viewing Program. Housen, Abigail 348
Miami-Dade Community College Graduate Profile, 1999-2000. Research Report. Morris, Cathy 296
Mindful Curriculum Leadership for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Leading in Elementary Schools by Using Multiple Intelligences Theory (SUMIT[C]). Schirduan, Victoria; Case, Karen I. 270
Model Criticism of Bayesian Networks with Latent Variables. Williamson, David M.; Mislevy, Robert J.; Almond, Russell G. 297
Modeling School Violence across Grade Levels in the U.S. Using the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Yu, Lei Report 207
Modern Foreign Languages: A Refereed International Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 2001. Ying, Du, Ed; Zidong, Huang, Ed. 546
Monitoring Outcomes for Cuyahoga County's Welfare Leavers: How Are They Faring? Verma, Nandita; Coulton, Claudia 297
Monthly Themes and Learning Centers for Young Children with Visual and Multiple Impairments. Hamilton, Paula J. 268
More Parental Choice in Europe? Overview of Effectiveness Differences between Religious Schools and Public Schools in Several European Societies. Dronkers, J. 231
Multidimensional Functional Behaviour Assessment within a Problem Analysis Framework. Ryba, Ken; Annan, Jean 212
Multifaceted Measurement of Critical Thinking Skills in College Students. Williams, Kelly; Wise, Steven L.; West, Richard F. 266
Multiple Literacies on Main Street and in the Academy: A Longitudinal Study of Two Working-Class, Rural Adolescents. Payne-Bourcy, Laura Clinical report 309
National Evaluation of Family Support Programs. Final Report Volume A: The Meta-Analysis. Layzer, Jean I.; Goodson, Barbara D.; Bernstein, Lawrence; Price, Cristofer 317
National Writing Project. Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations. United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session, Special Hearing (Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, April 17, 2001). 333
New Rules for the Game: How Women Leaders Resist Socialization to Old Norms. Williamson, Ronald D.; Hudson, Martha B. 304
Non-Formal Education in Urban Kenya: Findings of a Study in Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi. Thompson, Ekundayo J. D. 272
Opera Literature: A Citation Count. Weimer, Shelia 241
Optimizing Experimental Designs Relative to Costs and Effect Sizes. Headrick, Todd C.; Zumbo, Bruno D. 248
OxyContin: Prescription Drug Abuse. CSAT Advisory. 214
Pedagogical and Institutional Practices To Advance Student Achievement. Briefing Papers. Miller, Ross 243
Phase II Study Proposal Briefs. 264
Positive Psychology in the Personal Adjustment Course: A Salutogenic Model. Hymel, Glenn M.; Etherton, Joseph L. 190
Postsecondary Enrollment Options Programs. Michelau, Demaree K. 286
Postsecondary Institutions in the United States: 1993-94 and 1998-99. E.D. Tabs. Brown, Patricia Q. 283
Pre-K Longitudinal Study: Findings from the 1999-2000 School Year. Henry, Gary T.; Gordon, Craig S.; Mashburn, Andrew; Ponder, Bentley D. Clinical report 447
Preparing a New Breed of School Principals: It's Time for Action. Bottoms, Gene; O'Neill, Kathy 287
Preparing Middle School Teachers: What Does a Licensure Program Look Like? Ramey, Linda K. 251
Preparing Teachers To Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners in Urban Schools: The Learner-Centered Framework. McCombs, Barbara L. 254
Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders through the Redesign of Professional Preparation Practices. Magliaro, Susan G.; Dika, Sandra L.; Greene, H. Carol; Lubbs, Gresilda T. 265
Principal Succession: A Case Study. Jones, Jeffery C.; Webber, Charles F. Case study 288
Principals' Perceptions of the Impact of High Stakes Testing on Empowerment. Reed, Cynthia J.; McDonough, Sharon; Ross, Margaret; Robichaux, Rebecca 287
Principals' Struggle To Level the Accountability Playing Field of Florida Graded "D" and"F" Schools in High Poverty and Minority Communities. Acker-Hocevar, Michele; Touchton, Debra 280
Private Education: Funding and (De)regulation in Argentina. Occasional Paper. Morduchowicz, Alejandro 271
Processing Patterns of ADHD, ADHD-I, and ADHD/LD Children on the LET-II. Webster, Raymond E. 272
Program Evaluation Tools for Campus Conflict Resolution & Mediation Programs. Irvine, Katherine N.; Warters, William C.; Borshuk, Catherine; Hill, Michelle; Macfarlane, Julie; Km Author abstract 137
Project PASS: A Change Agent in Teacher Preparation at the University of South Florida. Fields, Lynette J. 243
Promoting Durable Knowledge Construction through Online Discussion. Knowlton, Dave S. 196
Promoting Transfer of Mathematics Skills through the Use of a Computer-Based Instructional Simulation Game and Advisement. Van Eck, Richard 224
Proper Human Relationships: Korean Principals' Leadership Styles. Bryant, Miles; Son, Jong Ho 250
Race at the Center: Perspectives on Improving Science and Math Achievement. Lloyd, Carol 392
Racial Sterotyping in Fundraising for Historically Black Colleges: A Historical Case Study. Gasman, Marybeth Case study 322
Real Results, Remaining Challenges: The Story of Texas Education Reform. Jerald, Craig D. 356
Reasons for School Choice in The Netherlands and in Finland. Occasional Paper. Denessen, Eddie; Sleegers, Peter; Smit, Frederik 245
Reconsidering Rapport: Interviewing as Postmodern Inquiry Practice. Lincoln, Yvonna S. 259
Reducing Class Size: Choices and Consequences. Policy Brief. Reichardt, Robert 273
Reforming Adult Literacy Education: Transforming Local Programs into National Systems in Canada, the United Kingdom, & the United States. Sticht, Thomas G. 259
Regular Education Initiative: The General Educator's Responsibility. Kolliopoulos, Theofani 268
Relationship between Constructivist Teacher Beliefs and Instructional Practices to Students' Mathematical Achievement: Evidence from TIMMS. Gales, Mary Jane; Yan, Wenfan 292
Relationships between Effective Inquiry Use and the Development of Scientific Reasoning Skills in College Biology Labs. Benford, Russell; Lawson, Anton E. 336
Relationships between Motivational Goals, Sense of Self, Self-Concept and Academic Achievement: A Comparative Study with Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Students. McInerney, Dennis M. 277
Reliability. ERIC Digest. Rudner, Lawrence M.; Schafer, William D. 388
Report Card on Child Poverty in Toronto. Toronto Campaign 2000. Hughes, Colin 324
Report on Local Investments of Partnership Funds: Investments for 2000-2001. Sheldon, Debra; Yong, Channing 317
Reshaping the Administration Internship through Research and Reflective Practice. Osterman, Karen; Fishbein, Susan 262
Reteniendo los directores (Retaining Principals). ERIC Digest. Hertling, Elizabeth 268
Rethinking and Redesigning Education Assessment. Preschool through Postsecondary. Pellegrino, James W. 270
Rethinking Scientific Literacy: From Science Education as Propaedeutic to Participation in the Community. Roth, Wolff-Michael; Lee, Stuart 304
Revisiting the Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning at Middle Tennessee State University: A Comparative Case Study. Lea, Lucinda; Clayton, Maria; Draude, Barbara; Barlow, Sarah Case study 191
Revitalizing Advisory Committees and DACUM through the Web. Wood, Ronald A.; Graber, Diane; Phelps, Gary L.; Rohlik, Greg 270
San Jose Unified School District Health & Safety Guide for Facilities and Construction. 143
Saying and Doing the Right Things: A Comparison of Teacher and Student Psychologist Intervention Knowledge and Competencies. Nicholas, Peter M.; Olympia, Daniel; Jenson, William 210
School Accountability and Teacher Training. Briefing. Izumi, Lance T. 259
Screen Reading Software as an Assessment Accommodation: Implications for Instruction and Student Performance. Brown, Pamela J.; Augustine, Andy 357
Security for Web-Based Tests. Shermis, Mark D.; Averitt, Jason 185
Service-Learning and Character Education: One Plus One Is More Than Two. Issue Paper. Schaffer, Esther; Berman, Sheldon; Pickeral, Terry; Holman, Elizabeth 208
Setting the Foundation for Reform: The Work of the Rural Systemic Initiatives. An Executive Summary of Conference Proceedings. Heenan, Barbara; St. John, Mark; Broun, Samantha; Howard, Michael; Becerra, Ana Conference news 297
Sewing a Seamless Education System. Preschool through Postsecondary. McCabe, Robert H. 276
Standards in Teacher Education: A Critical Analysis of NCATE, INTASC, and NBPTS (A Conceptual Paper/Review of the Research). Kraft, Nancy P. 271
Statistics & Input-Output Measures for School Library Media Centers in Colorado, 2000. Lance, Keith Curry; Rodney, Marcia J.; Steffen, Nicolle 216
Straw into Gold, Resources into Results: Spinning Out the Implications of the "New" School Finance. PACE Working Paper Series. Grubb, W. Norton; Huerta, Luis A. 258
Students' Voices about Schooling: What Works for Them--Its Implications to School Reform. Hatchman, Joann Aiello; Rolland, Charla 228
Study of Whole School Reform Implementation in New Jersey Abbott Districts: Perceptions of Key Stakeholders. Final Report. Muirhead, Marilyn Savarese; Tyler, Ryan L.; Hamilton, Madlene P. 291
Survey Series: College Employees. Survey Series, Fall 2000. Mery, Pamela M. 248
System Performance on Partnership for Excellence Goals. District and College Baseline Data for 1997-98, 1998-99, and 1999-00. 331
Teacher (and District) Research: Three Inquiries into the Picture Word Inductive Model. Calhoun, Emily; Poirier, Tracy; Simon, Nicole; Mueller, Lisa 268
Teacher Effects as a Measure of Teacher Effectiveness: Construct Validity Considerations in TVAAS (Tennessee Value Added Assessment System). Kupermintz, Haggai; Shepard, Lorrie; Linn, Robert 174
Teacher Professional Development in Ohio. 269
Teacher Reflection: How Effective Special Educators Differ from Novices. Stough, Laura M.; Palmer, Douglas J. 265
Teachers' Perceptions of Their USI Professional Development Experiences. Kersiant, Gladis; Borman, Kathryn; Boydston, Theodore; Sadler, Troy 189
Teachers' Perspectives about Adopting Statewide Curriculum Frameworks for Students in Out-of-District Day and Residential Special Education Programs: Reflections on the Way to Realizing the Promise. Byrnes, MaryAnn 243
Teaching Online: Lessons in Change. What We Are Really Changing by Moving Education into Online Environment. Krupa, Beata 157
Teaching Students To Be Peacemakers: A Meta-Analysis. Johnson, David W.; Johnson, Roger T. 273
Technology, the Columbus Effect, and the Third Revolution in Learning. Fletcher, J. D. 407
The Business of Teaching and Learning with Technology in Florida's Community Colleges. Sandiford, Janice R. 279
The Consistency between the Empirical and the Analytical Standard Errors of Multidimensional IRT Item Estimates. Li, Yuan H.; Yang, Yu N. 267
The Debate over National Testing. ERIC Digest. Boston, Carol 395
The Development of a Cultural Assessment Tool: Paving the Way to a Culturally Comfortable Classroom. Tootla, Joanne; Vint, Patricia 274
The EDUTECH Report, 2001-2002. Warger, Thomas, Ed. 212
The Effect of Sociability Self-Concept on Adolescent Perceptions of Safety at School. Miller, Janice Williams 266
The Effectiveness of Summer School in Getting Students To Function on Grade Level in Gateway Grades. Haenn, Joseph F. 277
The Effects of Analytic Corrections and Revisions on College Composition Students in a Portfolio Assessment Setting. Boyden-Knudsen, Teresa Correction notice 249
The Effects of Kentucky's Primary Program on Three Measures of Academic Achievement. Luvisi, Christopher; Miller, Stephen K. 314
The Effects of Violent Video Game Habits on Adolescent Aggressive Attitudes and Behaviors. Lynch, Paul J.; Gentile, Douglas A.; Olson, Abbie A.; van Brederode, Tara M. 275
The Impact of Learner-Centered Practices on the Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes of Upper Elementary and Middle School Students. Weinberger, Elizabeth; McCombs, Barbara L. 215
The Influence of Influence Diagnostics: An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Removing Extreme Data Points. Kromrey, Jeffery D.; Romano, Jeanine 231
The Influence of Metacognitive Self-Regulation and Ability Levels on Problem Solving. Howard, Bruce C.; McGee, Steven; Shia, Regina; Hong, Namsoo Shin 229
The Lions and the Hawks: Using Videoconferencing and Web Technology To Deliver a Cross-Campus New Product Innovation Course. Lord, John; Labonis, Al; Hood, Lamartine; Stefanou, Spiro 214
The Marketplace for Educational Testing. NBETPP Statements, Volume 2, Number 3. Clarke, Marguerite; Madaus, George; Horn, Catherine; Ramos, Miguel 224
The Pedagogy of Pedagogy: Teaching GTAs To Teach. Williamson, L. Keith 210
The Politics of Survival: Home Schoolers and the Law. Somerville, Scott W. 270
The Professionalisation of Community-Sector Jobs: The Case of Intermediate Organisations. Guitton, Christophe; Legay, Agnes 213
The Quest for Caregivers: Helping Seniors Age with Dignity. 288
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