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Articles from ERIC: Reports (October 1, 2000)

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"The ABCs in Appalachia": A Descriptive View of Perceptions of Higher Education in Appalachian Culture. Wallace, Lisa A.; Diekroger, Diane K. 290
A Comparative Investigation of Safer Sex Practices among Canadian and New Zealand Prostitutes. NALL Working Paper. Meaghan, Diane 281
A Comparison of Collaborative Learning and Audience Awareness in Two Computer-Mediated Writing Environments. Gaddis, Barbara; Napierkowski, Harriet; Guzman, Nadyne; Muth, Rodney 283
A Connectionist Model of Instructional Feedback Effects. Clariana, Roy B. 293
A Design of Electronic Performance Support Systems. Sheu, Feng-Ru 229
A Flashback to the Future: 10 Years of Samenspel. Dotulong, Julia 188
A New Historical Approach to Instructional Message Design: The Case of the "Janua Linguarum" and Its Implications for Foreign Language Pedagogy. Richards, Rebekah A. 247
A Short Term Real Time Study in Syntactic Change. Duarte, Maria Eugenia Lamoglia 203
A Vision for the Future: Final Phase. Keeping You Informed... [and] A Vision for the Future: Supplement--Regulations and Orders. 286
Achieving Educational Adequacy through School Finance Reform. CPRE Research Report Series. Reschovsky, Andrew; Imazeki, Jennifer 264
Action Research in Science Education. ERIC Digest. Feldman, Allan; Capobianco, Brenda 138
Adapting a Master's Course to the Web: Principles, Strategies and Recommendations. Bichelmeyer, Barbara A.; Misanchuk, Melanie; Malopinsky, Larissa 262
Adolescents' Perceptions of Safety at School and Their Solutions for Enhancing Safety and Reducing School Violence: A Rural Case Study. deLara, Ellen 325
Adult ESL Language and Literacy Instruction: A Vision and Action Agenda for the 21st Century. Report 506
All-Day Kindergarten and Class Size Reduction: Implementation Report. 334
An Analysis of Nova Southeastern University's Fall Term 1999 Faculty Matrix. Research and Planning Report. MacFarland, Thomas W. 224
An Annotated Bibliography of Research into the Teaching and Learning of the Physical Sciences at the Higher Education Level. Palmer, David Bibliography 168
An Instructional Design Model for Online Problem Based Learning (PBL) Environments: The Learning To Teach with Technology Studio. Malopinsky, Larissa; Kirkley, Jamie; Stein, Richard; Duffy, Tom 261
An Investigation of Support for Beginning Teachers in Kansas. Summary Report. Selzer, Dana S. 273
Analysis of a Customized Intervention for the Development of a Web-Based Lesson by Pre-Service Teachers. Murry, G. Brandon; Murry, Francie R. 285
Annual Proceedings of Selected Research and Development Papers Presented at the National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (23rd, Denver, Colorado, October 25-28, 2000). Volumes 1-2. Crawford, Margaret, Ed.; Simonson, Michael, Ed. 248
Are Charter Schools Getting More Money into the Classroom? A Micro-Financial Analysis of First Year Charter Schools in Massachusetts. Herdman, Paul; Millot, Marc Dean 274
Asian-American Teachers: Issues of Support. Ramanathan, Hema 258
Assessing Adaptive Instructional Design Tools and Methods in ADAPT[IT]. Eseryel, Deniz; Spector, J. Michael 274
Assessment Uses of the SAT in the University System of Georgia. IHE Perspectives. Fincher, Cameron 245
Australia in the Emerging Global Knowledge Economy: Changing Employment Patterns 1986-7 to 1999-00. Working Paper. Maglen, Leo; Hopkins, Sonnie 270
Basic Skills Certificate Development: A Report on State and National Systems. 310
Beyond Agriculture: New Policies for Rural America. [Proceedings] (Kansas City, Missouri, April 27-28, 2000). Conference notes 332
Birthin' Babies: The History of Midwifery in Appalachia. Buchanan, Patricia; Parker, Vicky K.; Zajdel, Ruth Hopkins 273
Bright Futures for Exceptional Learners: Technical Report. Conditions for Special Education Teaching: CEC Commission Technical Report. Coleman, Mary Ruth 270
Bringing Human Rights Home: Linking Individual Dignity with Mutual Destiny. A Report of Program Activities, 1996-2000. 302
CAL-laborate: A Collaborative Publication on the Use of Computer Aided Learning for Tertiary Level Physical Sciences and Geosciences. Fernandez, Anne, Ed.; Sproats, Lee, Ed.; Sorensen, Stacey, Ed. 707
California Community Colleges: Poor Oversight by the Chancellor's Office Allows Districts to Incorrectly Report Their Level of Spending on Instructor Salaries. 289
Campland: Racial Segregation of Roma in Italy. Country Reports Series. Cahn, Claude; Carlisle, Kathryn D.; Fregoli, Claudia; Kiuranov, Deyan; Petrova, Dimitrina 244
Can Modern Information Technologies Cross the Digital Divide To Enhance Choice and Build Stronger Schools? Occasional Paper. Schneider, Mark; Buckley, Jack 264
Career Academies: Building Blocks for Reconstructing American High Schools. Stern, David; Dayton, Charles; Raby, Marilyn 270
Career Advancement for Welfare Recipients and Low-Wage Workers. Relave, Nanette 275
Challenges Faced by Institutions of Higher Education in Migrating to Distance Learning. Broskoske, Stephen L.; Harvey, Francis A. 242
Changing Skills for a Changing World: Recommendations for Adult Literacy Policy in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Occasional Paper Series. Johnson, Alice H. 303
Chicago Classroom Demand for Authentic Intellectual Work: Trends from 1997-1999. Improving Chicago's Schools: A Data Brief of the Chicago Annenberg Research Project. Bryk, Anthony S.; Nagaoka, Jenny K.; Newmann, Fred M. 342
Collaborative Design and Implementation of a Large University's Web-Based Course. Yu, Chong Ho; Jannasch-Pennell, Angel; DiGangi, Samuel A.; Wijesuriya, Ruvi 186
Collaborative Information Technology Center (CITC) for Rural Areas. Fontenot, Dean; Driskill, David A. 244
Community Colleges as Labor Market Intermediaries: Building Career Ladders for Low Wage Workers. Fitzgerald, Joan 277
Community School Models. Samberg, Laura, Comp.; Sheeran, Melyssa, Comp. 265
Computer-Based Tools To Support Curriculum Developers. Nieveen, Nienke; Gustafson, Kent 229
Concept Learning through Image Processing. Cifuentes, Lauren; Yi-Chuan, Jane Hsieh 270
Confronting the Youth Demographic Challenge: The Labor Market Prospects of Out-of-School Young Adults. Policy Issues Monograph. Sum, Andrew; Fogg, Neeta; Mangum, Garth 281
Contextual Considerations for Teaching Online at the Postsecondary Level. Sawyer, Salley; Moore, Joi 275
Contra Costa Community College District Enrollment Report, October 2000. 273
Critical Challenges in Researching Cultural Issues in Mathematics Learning. Bishop, Alan J. 122
Current Status of Learner Support in Distance Education: Emerging Issues and Future Research Agenda. Lee, Ji-Yeon 266
Dealing with Complexity: New Paradigms for Research in Mathematics Education. Lesh, Richard 146
Demand Treatment! 220
Developing Conceptions of Algebraic Reasoning in the Primary Grades. Research Report. Carpenter, Thomas P.; Levi, Linda 197
Developing Open Source Software To Advance High End Computing. Report to the President. 327
Diffusion of the Internet within a Graduate School. Sherry, Lorraine 224
Distance Education: Looking beyond the No Significant Difference. Maushak, Nancy J.; Chen, Hui-Hui; Martin, Laura; Shaw, Benny C., Jr.; Unfred, David 238
Distance Learning and Disability Access: A Success. Persichitte, Kay A.; Ferrell, Kay A.; Lowell, Nathan; Roberts, Stephanie 327
Do We Serve Equitably? Services Associated with Clinical Outcomes of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Youths with Emotional and/or Behavioral Disturbances in a System of Care. JSRI Occasional Paper No. 55. Casas, J. Manuel; Wood, Michelle; Alvarez, Maria J.; Furlong, Michael J.; Warholic, Sylvia; Walton, 281
Dynamic Implementation Seeking Equilibrium Model. Riboldi, Pablo Jose 282
Effect of Time and Level of Visual Enhancement in Facilitating Student Achievement of Different Educational Objectives. Wilson, Frank; Dwyer, Francis 194
Effectiveness of High School Data Collection in Determining Program Guidelines for Drop-Out Prevention. Castellana, Christin; Powell, Jim 233
ENGL 340 Literature for Children Course Syllabus. Chatel, Regina G. 155
Environmental Education Standards for Kansas. 184
Establishing Partnerships between Instructional Technology and Teacher Education Departments: A Case Study. Shoffner, Mary B.; Thomas, Christine D.; Dias, Laurie B. 241
Evaluation of Collaborative Efforts between AEL and the Virginia Governor's Best Practice Centers. Howley-Rowe, Caitlin; Chadwick, Kristine 275
Evaluation of the Georgia CrossRoads Alternative Education Program, July 1997-June 2000. Volumes I and II. 269
Evaluation of the Reading First Program. Year Two Report (1999-2000). 275
Evaluation of the Summer 2000 Running Start Program. 309
Expanding a Model for Affective Development: Implications for an Activity Component. McCrary, Nancye E. 203
Expanding the Human Performance Technologist's Repertoire: Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning and Human Performance Technology Literature Review. Doucette, Mary Ann 213
Exploring Qualitative Methodologies in Online Learning Environments. Bianco, Mary Beth; Carr-Chellman, Alison A. 307
Facilitating Higher Order Thinking: New Teacher's Dilemma. Williams, Vicki S.; Williams, Barry O. 396
Facilitating Web-Based Instruction: Formative Research on Improving an Online Undergraduate Business Course. Wang-Chavez, Jenny; Branon, Rovy; Mikolaj, Peter 234
Factorial Invariance of the Advanced Placement International English Language Exam (APIEL[R]) across Chinese and German Samples. Milewski, Glenn B.; Patelis, Thanos 215
Factors Influencing Underrepresented Minority Student Leadership on a Predominantly White Christian Campus. Hill, Brandon D. 204
Families of Children with Mental Retardation: Effective Collaboration. Singh, Delar K. 267
Federal Indian Law and Policy Affecting American Indian and Alaska Native Education. Indian Education Legal Support Project "Tribalizing Indian Education.". McCoy, Melody L. 304
Finding a Balance: Fifteen Institutional Case Studies on the Relationship between Part-Time Work and Advanced Level Study. Report. Hodgson, Ann, Ed.; Spours, Ken, Ed. 350
Focus on Teacher Salaries: What Teacher Salary Averages Don't Show. Gaines, Gale 228
Formative Research on the Heuristic Task Analysis. Reigeluth, Charles M.; Lee, Ji-Yeon; Peterson, Bruce; Chavez, Michael 191
Formative Research on the Refinement of Web-Based Instructional Design and Development Guidance Systems for Teaching Music Fundamentals at the Pre-College Level. Chuang, Wen-Hao 347
Fostering Design Culture through Cultivating the User-Designers' Design Thinking and Systems Thinking. Ming-fen, Li 259
From Agricultural Education to Education for Rural Development and Food Security: All for Education and Food for All. SD Dimensions. Gasperini, Lavinia 284
Gathering Voices: Building an Alliance for Family Literacy. Proceedings (St. John's, Canada, October 26-28, 2000). Drake, Angela, Ed.; Anonsen, Kay, Ed. 276
Great Expectations: How New Yorkers View Higher Education. National Center Report. Immerwahr, John 256
Guidelines for Instructional Sequencing in Emotional Literacy Learning Using PATHS Curriculum as an Example. Wu, Yann-Shya 218
Heuristic and Formative Evaluation: A Case Study Illustrator of a New Technique. Schnackenberg, Heidi L.; Chin, Kevin; Luppicini, Rocci J. Case study 262
Higher Education Counts: Accountability Measures for the New Millennium. Prototype Report. Public Act 99-285 & 00-220. 305
Hillbilly: An Image of a Culture. Ballengee-Morris, Christine 302
How To Develop Cognitive Flexibility in a WWW Course. Carvalho, Ana Amelia Amorim 299
Human-Centered Design Bill of Rights for Educators. Sugar, William A. 313
Hypermedia-Based Problem Based Learning in the Upper Elementary Grades: A Developmental Study. Brinkerhoff, Jonathan D.; Glazewski, Krista 223
Identification and Analysis of the Leading Journals in the Field of Educational Technology: A Guide for Reading and Writing about Educational Technology. Maushak, Nancy J.; Price, Robert; Wang, Hsi-Chi 271
Impacting Learning Environments from PreKindergarten through Graduate School: Technologically Appropriate Professional Development and Classroom Integration Opportunities for Educators. Crawford, Caroline M. 178
In Support of Constructivism: Utilizing Rational, Moral and Communicative Frameworks To Address Frequently Posited Criticisms. Luppicini, Rocci; Schnackenberg, Heidi 263
Influences of Concept Mapping and Learning Styles on Learning. Taricani, Ellen 233
Interactive Peer Coaching/Mentoring Project for Preparing Teachers of Students with Severe Behavioral Disorders Final Report. Volume 1: Project Narrative and Briefing Papers [and] Volume 2: Appendices. 266
InterMath[14]--Professional and Cognitive Development through Problem Solving with Technology. Glazer, Evan 234
Intervention & Home Environment. NCEDL Spotlights, No. 27. Clinical report 267
Jobs-Plus Site-by-Site: An Early Look at Program Implementation. A Jobs-Plus Working Paper. Bloom, Susan Philipson, Ed. 261
Learning around Town: Learning Communities in Australia. Henderson, Liz; Castles, Rachel; McGrath, Majella; Brown, Tony 280
Learning Science Concepts at a Distance in Preservice Teacher Education: Results of a Pilot Study. Charnitski, Christina Wotell; Harvey, Francis A. 248
Learning System Design Consideration in Creating an Online Learning Environment. Schaffer, Scott 383
Making Them Work for the IST Online Program: A Case Study. Sheu, Feng-Ru; Alford, Paul Case study 212
Men on the Move: A Study of Barriers to Male Participation in Education and Training Initiatives. Owens, Toni 270
Mental Health and the ESL Classroom: A Guide for Teachers Working with Refugees. Lucey, Moira; Chaffee, Marcia; Terry, Diane; Le Marbre, Joan; Stone, Betty; Wiencek, Donna 253
Mentoring for Technology Success. May, Marilyn K. 173
Minority Access to Information Technology: Lessons Learned. Occasional Paper No. 67. Latino Studies Series. Pachon, Harry P.; Macias, Elsa E.; Bagasao, Paula Y. 264
MIS Finance and Budgeting Issues in Small Public and Private Institutions. McClintock, Maggie 265
Models for Strategic Program Development. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (27th, Menomonie, Wisconsin, October 19-21, 2000). Maylath, Bruce, Ed. 980
Modern Foreign Languages: A Refereed International Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, 2000. Ying, Du, Ed; Zidong, Huang, Ed. 636
Montana Standards for Arts. 313
Montana Standards for Social Studies. 328
Moving towards Cross-Cultural Competence in Lifelong Personnel Development: A Review of the Literature. Technical Report. Hains, Ann H.; Lynch, Eleanor W.; Winton, Pamela J. 282
Needs Assessment for Design and Delivery of Site-Based Technology-Supported School Improvement Degree Programs. Zahner, Jane 360
New Directions--Teacher Technology Standards. Burke, Jennifer 363
Nuevos patrones en el gobierno de los colegios (New Patterns of School Governance). ERIC Digest. Renchler, Ron 281
Online Forum Instructional Guide. Elmahdi, Ismail 165
Overcoming the Planning Dilemma: Linking Analysis with Decision-Making at Red River College. Goho, James; Webb, Ken 273
Paraeducator Entry-Level Training for Supporting Students with Disabilities. Field Test Version 2.0. Instructor's Manual [and] Participant's Manual. CichoskiKelly, Eileen; Backus, Linda; Giangreco, Michael F.; Sherman-Tucker, Priscilla 242
Parental Perceptions of Early Intervention: A Survey of Parents from a New England Early Intervention Center. Raciocot, Lina; Shelley, Lynn 254
Points of Interest: What Determines Interest Rates? Schilling, Tim 305
Preparing Teachers for the Inclusive Classroom: A Preliminary Study of Attitudes and Knowledge of Assistive Technology. Maushak, Nancy J.; Kelley, Pat; Blodgett, Teresa 208
Preparing Teachers To Integrate Technology Using Constructionist Methodology: Don't Teach Me How I Know I Should Teach; Teach Me How I Want To Be Taught. Blocher, J. M.; de Montes, L. Sujo; Tucker, G.; Willis, E. M. 219
Problem-Solving in a Case-Based Course: Strategies for Facilitating Coached Expertise. Stepich, Donald A.; Ertmer, Peggy A.; Lane, Molly M. 294
Professor Ann De Vaney and a Good Conversation. Nichols, Randall G. 397
Protecting Children from Substance Abuse: Lessons from Free To Grow Head Start Partnerships. Final Report. Harrington, Mary; Perez-Johnson, Irma; Meckstroth, Alicia; Bellotti, Jeanne; Love, John M. 351
Rapid Application Development of a Self-Paced Pre-Service Teacher Technology Course. Lohr, Linda; Javeri, Manisha; Mahoney, Chris; Strongin, Dawn; Gall, James 222
Recruiting Middle Management in Industry: What Kinds of Change in France, Germany and the United Kingdom? Mobus, Martine 295
Report on Alternative Admissions Criteria Study. Report 326
Report on State Implementation of the Gun-Free Schools Act: School Year 1998-99. Final. Gray, Karen; Sinclair, Beth 254
Research in Medical Education: Proceedings of the Annual Conference (39th, Chicago, Illinois, October 30-November 1, 2000). Anderson, M. Brownell, Ed. Conference news 620
Responsive Instructional Design: Scaffolding the Adoption and Change Process. Ertmer, Peggy A. 284
Review of Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Schools. Volume I: Main Report and Appendixes. IDA Paper. Wright, Richard K. 279
Review of Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Schools. Volume II: Quantitative Analysis of Educational Quality. IDA Paper. Anderson, Lowell Bruce; Bracken, Jerome; Bracken, Marilyn C. 261
Rights of the Child. Cahn, Claude, Ed. 223
RSI Survey Report. Russon, Craig; Stark, Louisa; Horn, Jerry 319
Running Start Research and Discussion. Meld, Andrea 287
Running Start: 1999-2000 Annual Progress Report. 291
Rural and Small Schools: Education for a New Era. Proceedings of the Annual Rural & Small Schools Conference (22nd, Manhattan, Kansas, October 29-30, 2000). 178
Sharing the Dream: Is the ADA Accommodating All? A Report on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Foreman, Michael L.; Jefferson, Tricia; de La Viez, Barbara; Park, Jenny Kim; Reilly, Peter; Quarter 260
Side by Side: When Public and Private Schools Share Knowledge. Shinners, Kathleen 296
Simplify Web Development for Faculty and Promote Instructional Design. Pedersen, David C. 259
Social Desirability Responding on World Wide Web and Paper-Administered Surveys. Hancock, Dawson R.; Flowers, Claudia P. 237
Some Thoughts on Protocol in University/Community Partnerships. NALL Working Paper. Haig-Brown, Celia 305
Special Education Funding in Colorado. Braeger, Todd; Cottle, Valerie; Gee, Eric J. 269
Stories from an Appalachian Community. Cirillo, Marie 293
Strategies for Creating and Supporting a Community of Learners. Misanchuk, Melanie; Anderson, Tiffany; Craner, Joni; Eddy, Pam; Smith, Carol L. 226
Streamlining the Admissions Process with Imaging and Workflow. Cross, Kathy; Frazier, Lavon R.; Hulett, Lynn 140
Student Perceptions: Printing Activities' Influence on Satisfaction with Web-Based Instruction. Kaminski, Karen; Rezabek, Landra L. 203
Support and Training for High-School Faculty Who Will Teach Using the Web. Olina, Zane; Dwyer, Herb; Savenye, Wilhelmina 255
Teacher Preparation and Induction. Allen, Michael 206
Teaching and Learning Strategies for Complex Thinking Skills. Goodson, Ludy A. 209
Technology Tools for Data-Driven Decision Making: Promising Professional Development for Rural School Leaders. Chance, Patti L. 296
Teen Courts: A Focus on Research. OJJDP Bulletin. Butts, Jeffrey A.; Buck, Janeen 232
The "Public Curriculum" of Colleges and Universities and the Experience of Students. Briefing Papers. Shoenberg, Robert 234
The Design of a University's SACS Accreditation World Wide Web Site. Crawford, Caroline M. 120
The Effects of Collaborative Problem Solving on Individual Problem-Solving Ability. Wu, Yann-Shya 211
The Effects of Trained Moderation in Online Asynchronous Distance Learning. Winograd, David 330
The Function Machine as a Cognitive Root for the Function Concept. Tall, David; McGowen, Mercedes; DeMarois, Phil 146
The German Dual Apprenticeship System: An Analysis of Its Evolution and Present Challenges. Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle; Le Bot, Irene 289
The Legal Construction of Race: Mexican-Americans and Whiteness. Occasional Paper No. 54. Latino Studies Series. Martinez, George A. 317
The Link between School Performance and Health Insurance: Current Research. Schwarz, Carolyn; Lui, Earl 307
The Paradox of Constructivist Instruction: A Communicative Constructivist Perspective. Luppicini, Rocci 270
The School Meals Initiative Implementation Study. First Year Report. Abraham, Sameer; Chattopadhyay, Manas; Sullivan, Colleen; Mallory, Larry; Steiger, Darby Miller; Daf 256
The Use of Audio and Animation in Computer Based Instruction. Koroghlanian, Carol; Klein, James D. 297
The Virtual Retina: Is Good Educational Technology Always Strategic? Dowie, Sandra 245
The Vocational Education in Schools Framework: Overview & Implementation Strategy. 287
Three Approaches to Teaching the Same Subject at Two Universities. Taricani, Ellen 375
Toward a Post-Modern Agenda in Instructional Technology. Solomon, David L. 231
Towards a Person-Centered Model of Instruction: Can an Emphasis on the Personal Enhance Instruction in Cyberspace?. Miller, Christopher T.; Mazur, Joan M. 203
Transforming Access to Government through Information Technology. Report to the President. 225
Truckee Meadows Community College Faculty & Staff Climate Survey, Fall 2000. Survey 284
Unlocking the Gates to the Kingdom: Designing Web Pages for Accessibility. Mills, Steven C. 262
Uses of the World-Wide Web by Adolescents in Public Schools. Ebersole, Samuel E. 303
Using a Lesson Template To Integrate General and Special Education: Teaching Lesson Template Use to Educators of Students with Special Needs. Murry, Francie R.; Murry, G. Brandon 298
Using Technology To Enhance Understanding of Leadership. Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia; Muth, Rodney; Choi, Cynthia 195
Using the Big Six Information Skills as a Metacognitive Scaffold To Solve Information Based Problems. Wolf, Sara Elizabeth; Brush, Thomas 245
Using the Function Machine as a Cognitive Root. McGowen, Mercedes; DeMarois, Phil; Tall, David 140
Victims of Ageist Attitudes--But How Do the Older Workers Themselves View Their Competence? Paloniemi, Susanna; Tikkanen, Tarja 303
Virtual Resources Centers and Their Role in Small Rural Schools. Freitas, Candido Varela de; Silva, Antonio Pedro da 241
Visible Solutions for Invisible Students: Helping Sophomores Succeed. Monograph Series No. 31. Schreiner, Laurie A., Ed.; Pattengale, Jerry, Ed. 301
Vouchers: A Trap, Not a Choice. California School Vouchers Will Increase Racial Inequaltiy. Johnson, Tammy; Piana, Libero Della; Burlingame, Phyllida 297
What Cultural Studies Can Teach Us about Educational Technology Research: Theory into Practice. Voithofer, Rick 244
Women and Special Educator Burnout: A Research Synthesis. Edmonson, Stacey 238

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