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Articles from ERIC: Reports (November 1, 2000)

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"I Am Like This Because I Just Can't Be Different..." Personal and Professional Dimensions of Ana's Teaching: Some Implications for Teacher Education. Vasconcelos, Teresa 191
"Marcus Did It": A Review of a Diversity Workshop and Other Creative Education Practices for College Classrooms. Helm, Jeanne 145
A Comprehensive Approach to Curriculum Development. Rosenthal, Lisa; Michaelson, Andrea 184
A Guidebook for Resettlement Agencies Serving Refugees with HIV/AIDS. 268
A Historical Case Study on Interagency Collaboration for Culturally Diverse Immigrant Children and Families. Bhavnagri, Navaz Peshotan; Krolikowski, Sue; Vaswani, Thrity G. Case study 181
A Reform Initiative: The Barbadian Experience. Parris, Barbara 243
A Study of Strategy Use in Producing Lexical Collocations. Liu, Candi Chen-Pin 264
A Study To Determine the Characteristics of Effective Intervention Programs for Students on Probation. Lindsay, Dawn Report 276
Accelerated Reader[R]: What Are the Lasting Effects on the Reading Habits of Middle School Students Exposed to Accelerated Reader[R] in Elementary Grades? Pavonetti, Linda M.; Brimmer, Kathryn M.; Cipielewski, James F. 344
Affecting Change in Literacy Practices of Adult Learners. A NCSALL Research Brief. Purcell-Gates, Victoria; Degener, Sophie; Jacobson, Erik; Soler, Marta Report 185
Affecting the Future: The Role of Appropriate Scaffolding in the Development of Social Competence. Kearn, Catherine M. 253
Aligning Economic and Workforce Development Activities in Baltimore. Research Findings. Hicks, Lisa; Olins, Alexandra; Prince, Heath 272
All for All: Strengthening Community Involvement for All Students. 312
An Examination of First-Time in College Freshmen Attrition within the First Year of Attendance. Fredda, Jeffrey V. Author abstract 313
An Introduction to HUD for Institutions of Higher Education. Revised. Taylor, Tiffany C., Ed. 264
Analyzing Multidimensional Response Data Structure Represented by Unidimensional IRT Models To Increase the Precision of Scoring Using Out-of-Scale Information. Capar, Nilufer K. 337
Are We All Technically Prepared? Teachers' Perspective on the Causes of Comfort or Discomfort in Using Computers at Elementary Grade Teaching. Guha, Smita 269
Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Urban Communities: The Urban Change Project and Methodological Considerations. The Project on Devolution and Urban Change. Michalopoulos, Charles; Bos, Johannes M.; Lalonde, Robert; Verma, Nandita 257
Assessment and Accountability. PREL Briefing Paper. Burger, Don 220
Best Practices in Elementary Social Studies. Hoge, John Douglas 113
Burnout among Special Educators: A Meta-Analysis. Edmonson, Stacey L.; Thompson, David P. 231
Change: Connections to Adult Learning and Education. ERIC Digest No. 221. Imel, Susan 308
Changes of Preschool Children's Social Strategy (Cognition) and Social Behaviors after Participating in a Cognitive-Social Learning Model of Social Skills Training. Choi, Dong Hwa 252
Child Maltreatment: Effects on Development and Learning. Lowenthal, Barbara 139
Children's Self-Assessment. Liebovich, Betty J. 273
Classroom Adaptation: A Case Study of a Montessori School. Bunnag, Daungvan 145
Collaborative, Site-Based Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Program. Ragan, Patricia E. 242
College and University Enrollment in Connecticut, Fall 2000. Report. 295
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits: A Model Structure for Volunteer Based Outdoor Pursuits Programs. Gerckens, Ann E. 282
Community Health Advisor Programs. An Issue Paper. 339
Comparison of Final Grades between a Traditional Classroom and Learning Community Classroom at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Van Beek, Dianne 252
Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program: The Third Wave and Its Preliminary Effects. PREL Briefing Paper. Church, Mary B. 263
Connecticut's Early Childhood Community Resources: Programs/Initiatives Which Support Families, Early Care and Education Providers and Young Children. Godfrey, Tricia M., Ed. 215
Critical Educational Administration: Research, Theory, and Practice. Peca, Kathy 273
Culture, Health and Literacy: A Guide to Health Education Materials for Adults with Limited English Literacy Skills. McKinney, Julie; Kurtz-Rossi, Sabrina 239
Curriculum Development and Head Start Teacher Training: In Two Voices. Marquez, Janey; McGinty, Gloria 172
Curriculum Reform in Mexico: Kindergarten Teachers' Challenges and Dilemmas. Cisneros-Cohernour, Edith J.; Moreno, Robert P.; Cisneros, Astrid A. 219
Delaware Student Testing Program: Special Writing Study Report. Zhang, Liru 395
Designing a Web-Based Distance Learning Environment Based on an Intelligent Tutoring System. Zolti, Codrin; Voinea, Lucian; Dima, Gabriel; Miu, Ion; Profirescu, Marcel 197
Developing the Disposition To Be a Reader: The Educator's Role. Noyes, Debbie 201
Diversity in Action: Improving Educational Research in the Pacific Region. PREL Briefing Paper. Uehara, Denise; Flores, Juan 273
Do Mandates Matter? The Effects of a Mandate To Enter a Welfare-to-Work Program. Knab, Jean Tansey; Bos, Johannes M.; Friedlander, Daniel; Weissman, Joanna W. 233
Documentation as a Forum and Showcase in an Education Faculty. Hunt, Anne; Nason, Pamela Nuttall; Whitty, Pam 196
Documentation in a Lab School Setting: Teaching New Teachers To Document. Beneke, Sallee 175
Does Educational Achievement Help To Explain Income Inequality? Working Papers No. 208. Checchi, Daniele 255
Early Childhood Teacher Prep. NCEDL Spotlights, No. 28. 309
Early Head Start: Services for Children with Special Needs and Staff Training Needs. Kadota, Riyo; Bennett, Tess; Thomas, Dawn 256
Earthquake Preparedness 101: Guidelines for Colleges and Universities. 212
Economic Stratification and Hierarchy among U.S. Colleges and Universities. Discussion Paper. Winston, Gordon C. 193
Emotions Count: Scaffolding Children's Representations of Themselves and Their Feelings To Develop Emotional Intelligence. Shuster, Claudia 287
Enrollment Projections. Lee, John 293
Enterprise Talk: A Handrail to Integrity and Authenticity. Drummond, Tom 223
Evaluation of the Service Learning Program at Mount Wachusett Community College. History, Philosophy, and Practices of Adult Education. Reed, Carol B.; Pietrovito, James A. 272
Ezra Pound and Chinese Poetics: Teaching Anglo-American Imagist Poetry. Dilley, Whitney C. 299
Factors Influencing Student College Choice at a Northeastern Minnesota Tribal College. Urbanski, Rebecca Ann 296
Feminization in Writing Pedagogy: A Study of Teacher's Gender at EFL University Composition Classrooms. Chen, Yuh-Mei 233
First Steps. Early Childhood Mental Health Regional Summit (Chicago, Illinois, November 16-17, 2000). 250
First- and Second-Language Acquisition in Early Childhood. Clark, Beverly A. 181
Funding for Private Schools in England and the Netherlands: Can the Piper Call the Tune? Occasional Paper. Walford, Geoffrey 266
Guidance on Organising Literacy and Numeracy Booster Classes. 222
Healthy Children Are Ready To Learn: Promoting Health Insurance for Your Students. A Step-by-Step Guide for School Districts. 265
Implementing Education Reform: Strategies Used by States, Districts, and Schools. 315
Improving Classroom Instruction and Student Learning for Resilient and Non-Resilient English Language Learners. Research Brief. Padron, Yolanda N.; Waxman, Hersh; Brown, Ann P.; Powers, Robert A. 260
Innovative Alternatives in Learning Environments. CAE Fall Conference Proceedings (Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 7-10, 2000). Malone, Sara 238
Integrating Public Schools through Universal Design. Weisman, Leslie Kanes 314
Invisible Mentor: Communication Theory and Lilian Katz. Peterson, Karen L. 156
Learning through Projects in Early Childhood Teacher Education. DeJong, Lorraine 239
Lessons Learned from the Quest for Quality Learning Communities Project, 1996-2000. Howley-Rowe, Caitlin 311
Linguistic Relativity and Linguistic Determinism: Idiom in 20th Century Cornish. Mills, Jon 364
Long-Term Follow-Up Study of 1995-96 Career Program Completers. Conklin, Karen A. Survey 285
Louisiana Literacy Profile for Grades K-3. Teacher's Guide [and] Manual [and] Pupil Record Sheet. 285
Manipulating DVD Technology To Empower Your Teaching. Lin, Li-Yun 211
MCAS Technical Report, 1999. Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. 228
Mentoring Beginning Teachers: Lessons from the Experience in Texas. Policy Research Report. 281
Minnesota Education Yearbook, 2000: The Status of Pre-K-12 Education in Minnesota. 295
Multiple Books, Multiple Authors. Kountz, Carol 322
Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners, 2000. Ford, Bridgie Alexis, Ed. 287
Native Americans and Aboriginal Australian Stereotypes. Muir, Sharon Pray 211
New Perspectives on Theory-to-Practice: Implications for Transforming Teacher Education and Child Outcomes. VanderVen, Karen 245
Nobody's Business? Professional Writing and the Politics of Correctness. Ianetta, Melissa 186
Noteworthy Perspectives on Implementing Standards-Based Education. Chambers, Lyn; Dean, Ceri 235
Nurturing Phonemic Awareness and Alphabetic Knowledge in Pre-Kindergartners. Steinhaus, Patricia L. 300
On JALT 2000--Towards the New Millennium. Proceedings of the JALT Annual International Conference on Language Teaching & Learning and Educational Materials Expo (26th, Shizuoka City, Japan, November 2-5, 2000). Long, Robert, Ed.; van Troyer, Gene, Ed.; Lane, Keith, Ed.; Swanson, Malcom, Ed. Conference notes 239
Parent's Guide to the Internet. Revised. 222
Parent-Teacher Partnerships: A Theoretical Approach for Teachers. Keyes, Carol R. 189
Pennsylvania's Family Literacy Programs: Results of a Statewide Evaluation, 1998-1999. Van Horn, Barbara; Kassab, Cathy; Grinder, Elisabeth 284
Place of Class Attendance at Nova Southeastern University: Calendar Years 1995 to 1999. Research and Planning Report. MacFarland, Thomas W. Calendar 270
Poetry and Science Education. ERIC Digest. Walders, Davi 117
Power Languages: The Effects of Internationalization on Taiwan Language Use. Cornberg, David 252
Preparing Teachers for the Diverse Classroom: A Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. Van Hook, Cheryl W. 281
Preservice Teachers' Beliefs about Primary Classroom Practice: Similarities and Differences between Early Childhood and Elementary Prepared Students. File, Nancy; Gullo, Dominic F. 264
Processing for Picasso and Other Masters. Stenger, Tammie; Ryan, Beth 246
Prod and Pry from Inside Out: Ethnography of an Anti-Bias Support-Supervision Group for Teachers of Young Children. Jacobson, Tamar 248
Professional Development in Education and the Private Sector: Following the Leaders. Laine, Sabrina W. M. 274
Professors in K-12 Classrooms: Rewards, Risks, and Recommendations. Hoge, John Douglas; Jenks, Charles 218
Project Approach: Celebrating Human Dimensions of Learning. Elliott, Mary Jane 285
Proposed Pilot Program for P.R.O.W.L.--Providing Resource Opportunities with Learning. 273
Readers Response Approach to English Poetry Teaching. Lin, Antonia Hsiu-Chen; Sher, Teresa Hsiang-Jen 233
Readers Theatre: An Introduction to Classroom Performance. Ratliff, Gerald Lee 244
Ready To Learn: A Guide for State Agencies Doing School-Based Outreach for MEDICAID and SCHIP. 339
Ready, Set, Learn: Promoting Health Insurance for Children. A Guide for Schools. 246
Remuneracion alternativa para los profesores (Alternative Teacher Compensation). ERIC Digest. Goorian, Brad 311
Renewable Energy for Rural Schools. Jimenez, Antonio C.; Lawand, Tom 228
Revealing the Misunderstood Identity of ESL/EFL Writing Students--From the Perspectives of Language Proficiency and Writing Expertise. Chen, Dar-Wu 232
SABIS International Charter School: Management Issues and Recommendations. 287
School/University Collaborative Research: Teachers as Researchers. Guffy, Ted; Ford, Mary Beth; Burk, Jill; Mann, George 258
Schoolyard Learning: The Impact of School Grounds. 173
Selected State Policies, 1999-2000. 177
Self-Determination in Vermont: Contributions of the Vermont Self-Determination Project. Walker, Pam; Harris, Perri; Hall, Mair; Smith, Valerie; Shoultz, Bonnie 267
Service Learning in the Public Relations Course and Its Impact on Students, Faculty, and the Community. Hayward, Pamela Ann 312
SIAST Education Equity Program Annual Monitoring Report Summary, 1999-2000. 276
Skills and Cognition: The "Phonics" of Academic Literacy? Sonnek, Bonnie K. 297
South Bay Union School District, Imperial Beach, California: Informational Report on Accelerated Reader. 251
Speaking for Themselves: A Survey of Hispanic, Hmong, Russian, and Somali Immigrants in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Mattessich, Paul 277
Spelling Response Patterns and Development in Children in Grades 1 and 2. Kroese, Judith M.; Richards, Ann M.; Rhein, Deborah; Sammons, Janice R. 313
Starting Now: Strategies for Helping Girls Complete Primary. Rugh, Andrea 276
State Laws Regarding Education Reform, Assessment, and Accountability in Washington State. Bergeson, Terry; Kanikeberg, Ken; Butts, Robert 253
Symposium on the Future of Developmental Education. Damashek, Richard 167
Teacher Development through Project-Based Learning: The Hollywood Elementary Story. Glaser, Kathleen W. 158
Teaching and Learning in the Critical Early Years: Preschool through Third Grade. 224
Testing and Assessment in Illinois School Districts. Easton, John Q. 329
The 21st Century Challenge: Moving the Youth Agenda Forward. A Policy Study of the Levitan Youth Policy Network. Public Policy Issues Monograph. Pines, Marion, Ed. 292
The Action Plan for Early Care and Education in Minnesota: Early Care and Education Finance Commission Final Report. Boyer, Margaret 343
The Challenges and the Rewards: A Study of Teachers Undertaking Their First Projects. Chard, Sylvia C. 257
The Hidden Costs of Outdoor Education/Recreation Academic Training. Bisson, Christian 309
The Impact of Harmony on Chinese Conflict Management. Chen, Guo-Ming 151
The Impact of Public Housing Demolitions on Student Achievement in Chicago. Jacob, Brian A. 264
The Implementation of the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program: The Work of 40 Schools in Seven Midwest States. Faddis, Bonnie J.; Beam, Margaret; Hahn, Karen J.; Willardson, Marlyn; Sipe, Deborah; Ahrens-Gray, P 268
The Inner Voice of the Teacher: The Key to Quality. Zoran, Naama 165
The Project Approach as a Way of Making Life Meaningful in the Classroom. Yun, Eunju 154
The Project Approach: Three Avenues of Engagement. Clark, Ann-Marie 142
The Quest for Giftedness. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Gifted Education (SAGE) (11th, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, November 17-18, 2000). Conference news 223
The Teacher as Researcher: An Experimental Approach toward Teaching in the College Classroom and Beyond. DeMarie, Darlene 258
The Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-9) (9th, Gaithersburg, Maryland, November 13-16, 2000). NIST Special Publication. Voorhees, Ellen M., Ed.; Harman, Donna K., Ed. 223
They Are Our Kids: Findings from the Latino Dropout Study. 296
TIMSS: What Have We Learned about Math and Science Teaching? ERIC Digest. Greene, Beth D.; Herman, Marlena; Haury, David L. 134
Towards Effective In-Service Teacher Development in the United Arab Emirates: Getting Teachers to Be in Charge of Their Own Professional Growth. Alwan, Fatma Hamad Author abstract 475
Twenty Years Promoting Better Understanding of Education Systems. Wastiau-Schluter, Patricia 253
Undergraduate Financial Aid and Subsequent Giving Behavior. Discussion Paper. Dugan, Kelly; Mullin, Charles H.; Siegfried, John J. 218
Using Science as the Hub of an Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum: The ScienceStart![TM] Curriculum. French, Lucia; Conezio, Kathleen; Boynton, Marylou 169
Using the Project Approach in Early Childhood Teacher Preparation. Jacobs, Gera 266
Visual Literacy and Learning in Science. ERIC Digest. Lowe, Richard 131
Voices of Wisdom: Knowledge and Experience from Practitioner-Academic Teams in the Building Bridges Initiative. Camino, Linda; Heidrich, Katheryn W. 335
What Happened After: Professional Development as a Catalyst for Program Change. Abramson, Shareen 221
What Parents, Students and Teachers Think about Standards, Tests, Accountability... and More. 198
Whitewater Kayaking Instruction: Skills and Techniques. Poff, Raymond; Stuessy, Tom 210
Writing Poetry from Stories. Rey, Victoria M. 256
Young Children's Initial Exploration of Computers. Graham, Mary Jo; Banks, Steven R. 254

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