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Articles from ERIC: Reports (January 1, 1998)

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"HYVAT, PAHAT JA TARKAT": Mita Kielenoppijoiden kieliopillista hyvaksyttavyytta koskevat arviot ja niiden nopeus kertovat heidan kielitaidostaan (Speed and Accuracy of Grammatical Acceptability Judgments in the First and Second Language). Alanen, Riika 260
"On Hyva Kun Mollemmat Puolet Tykkaavat Asiasta"--S2 Opiskelijoiden Oppimispaivakirjojen Satoa (Using Learning Diaries in a Finnish as a Second Language Course). Tarnanen, Mirja 167
"Think Positively, in English and Colorfully!"--Vieraalla Kielella Ajattelusta (Mother Tongue, Foreign Language, and Thinking). Dufva, Hannele; Paakkonen, Merja 191
"Why Would You Think He's an Asshole--Or Not a Nice Person?" Luokkahuonediskurssin intentionaalisuudesta (Intentions Formed in Classroom Interaction). Salo, Olli-Pekka 191
A Call to Action for American Education in the 21st Century. 269
A Case Study of Environmental, Health and Safety Issues Involving the Burlington, Massachusetts Public School System. "Tips, Suggestions, and Resources for Investigating and Resolving EHS Issues in Schools.". Dresser, Todd H. 200
A Collection of Papers on Self-Study and Institutional Improvement. 1998 Edition. Van Kollenburg, Susan E., Ed. 268
A Fourth Chance for Second Chance Programs: Lessons from the Old for the New. Policy Issues Monograph. Mangum, Garth; Mangum, Stephen; Sum, Andrew 273
A Literacy Guide for School Governors: The Role of School Governors in Raising Literacy Standards. McClelland, Neil; Stannard, John Author abstract 192
A Look at Accountability for Secondary Vocational Education. Bottoms, Gene; Makin, Richard 276
A Mutually Adaptive Learning Paradigm (MALP) for Hmong Students. Marshall, Helaine W. Report 351
A Never Ending...Never Done...Bibliography of Multicultural Literature for Younger & Older Children. Second Edition. Walters, Toni S., Comp.; Webster, Paula P., Comp.; Cramer, Amy R., Comp. 285
A Program of Integration for the University and the High School in the Field of Chemistry. de Campos, Reinaldo Calixto; Filho, Aricelso Maia Limaverde; Carneiro, Maria Tereza W. Dias; Godoy, 148
A Standards-Based Thematic Unit: "Crictor". Coblin, Mary Payne; Huss, Dorothy; Kirk, Bonnie; Lonneman, Melissa; Melville, Claire 293
A Standards-Based Thematic Unit: "Cuadros de Familia". Parvis-Condon, Katia; Kleinman, Donna; Brown, Joseph; Roa, Angela 291
A Standards-Based Thematic Unit: "El Canto de las Palomas". Montgomery, Cherice; Sederberg, Brenda; Tyrol, Marcia Riis; Stevenson, Sonia 308
A Standards-Based Thematic Unit: "Jean de la Lune". Logan, Eileen; Magurn, Lisa; Schwester, Jennifer Applegate 432
A Standards-Based Thematic Unit: "La Mujer Que Brillaba Aun Mas Que el Sol". Bullitt, Leslie Kay; Gonzalez, Augusta C.; Luna, Boni 368
A Standards-Based Thematic Unit: "Le Geant de Zeralda". Keoseian, Therese; Ladd, Richard; Moakley, Rosanna; Pierce, Constance 372
A Vision for the Future: Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training--Phase II Discussion Paper. 253
A Young Person's Guide to Earning and Learning: Preparing for College, Preparing for Careers. Rentner, Diane Stark; Jennings, John F. 258
Abbott Opinions #1-5. 324
Academic Reading File: Performance Package, Minnesota Profile of Learning. 209
Active Listening--Listen, Repeat, Do. Scans Plans Portfolio. Sample, Barbara 120
Adult Competencies Resource Guide, 1998. Grumm, Margaret; Van Horn, Barbara 223
Adult Education & Social Change. Models for Adult and Lifelong Learning. Ntiri, Daphne W., Ed. 244
Adult Education in Israel IV. Kirmayer, Paul, Ed.; Michaelson, Serena T., Ed. 392
Adult Education. Part II: Collection of Learning Experiences. Volume 1. Peavey, Kay S., Ed. 278
Adult Educator Handbook of Rights and Responsibilities: What Adult Educators Need To Know about Working with Adults with Disabilities. Horton, Betty; Hall, Jean 293
Advanced Foreign Language Learners in Action: A Look at Two Speaking Tasks. Pietila, Paivi Report 220
Agenda nacional para lograr mejores resultados para los ninos y jovenes con desordenes emocionales serios (National Agenda for Achieving Better Results for Children and Youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance). 259
Aidinkieli Suomen Kielen Ja Vieraiden Kielten Opiskelijoiden Mielissa (Native Language Influence on the Teaching and Learning of Estonian and Finnish). Muikku-Werner, Pirkko 268
Alignment of CIM and CAM Content Standards and Benchmarks with the PASS Proficiency Standards, Content Area: English. 155
America's Basic Research: Prosperity Through Discovery. A Policy Statement by the Research and Policy Committee of the Committee for Economic Development. Author abstract 445
An Analysis of School-to-Work Implementation in Selected Charter Schools. Research Report. Goodman, Gregory Author abstract 270
An Evaluation of the North Carolina Annual Report on School Violence: Scientific Realism in Practice. Carruthers, William L.; Stacey, Dennis 259
An Investigation of Students' Perspectives on Foreign Language Anxiety. von Worde, Renee 270
An Investigation of Teacher Stress and Efficacy. Hutchinson, William 253
Applications. SCANS Plans Portfolio. Sample, Barbara 128
Arkansas Algebra 1 & Geometry Goals. 164
Arts and Learning Research, 1997-1998. The Journal of the Arts and Learning Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association (Chicago, Illinois, March 1997). Klein, Sheri R., Ed.; Jeffers, Carol S., Ed. 369
Assessing Lifelong Learning Technology (ALL-TECH): A Guide for Choosing and Using Technology for Adult Learning. Practice Guide. Stites, Regie 306
Association of College Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Annual Conference. Collected Papers (24th, Lexington, Kentucky, March 6-9, 1998). Easterbrooks, Susan R., Comp. Conference news 372
Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario Annual Report, 1998. 282
AusEinetter, 1998. 248
Balance Sheet for Catholic Elementary Schools: 1997 Income and Expenses. Kealey, Robert J. 266
Best Practices for Coordinating Transition Services: Information for Consumers, Parents, Teachers and Other Service Providers. Kilburn, Joan, Ed.; Critchlow, Janice, Ed. 257
Bibliographie Moderner Fremdsprachenunterricht, 1998 (Bibliography of Modern Foreign Language Instruction, 1998). 153
Biennial Transfer Student Report, 1994/1995 and 1995/1996 Academic Years. Umbach, Paul; Harrell, Sally 270
Biography Today: Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers. Author Series, Volume 4. Harris, Laurie Lanzen, Ed.; Abbey, Cherie D., Ed. 410
BioLab: Using Yeast Fermentation as a Model for the Scientific Method. Pigage, Helen K.; Neilson, Milton C.; Greeder, Michele M. 111
Body Motion and Graphing. Working Paper. Nemirovsky, Ricardo; Tierney, Cornelia; Wright, Tracey 184
Bridging into Small Business: A Program for Aboriginal People. Kaufmann, Jill 446
Bringing Home the Bacon? The Myth of the Role of Corporate Hog Farming in Rural Revitalization. Flora, Cornelia Butler 317
Building General Mathematics Skills. Teacher's Guide [and Student Guide]. Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS). Reprint. Revised. Owens, Beverly; Mitchell, Amy; Walford, Sylvia 303
Building Strong Neighborhoods: A Study Circle Guide for Public Dialogue and Community Problem Solving. Leighninger, Matt; Flavin-McDonald, Catherine; Ghandour, Reem 270
California Update: Student Progress in State and Federally Funded Adult Education Programs during the 1997-98 Instructional Year. 300
Canadian English: Not Just a Hybrid of British and American English. Eaton, Sarah Elaine Author abstract 118
Case Study: Randolph County Vocational Technical Center, Elkins, W. Va. 258
CEC Today, 1998-1999. Voyles, Lynda C., Ed. 286
Changing by Design: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform. [Booklet with Audiotapes]. 275
Checklist for School Maintenance Surveys. 154
Children's and Adolescents' Mental Health. Factsheet. 227
Choosing Training? Stephen, Jennifer 300
Chronic Illness and School to Work Transition. Yazak, Daniel L. Brief article 273
Civil Depth Perception: An Experiment in Competence Development. Bierschenk, Inger 359
CLAVE: Revista Especializada de ASOVELE (Asociacion Venezolana para la Ensenanza de la Lengua), 1997-1998 (CLAVE: Specialized Magazine of ASOVELE [Venezuelan Association for Language Teaching], 1997-1998). Rondon, Adolfo, Ed.; Serron, Sergio, Ed. 334
Collaborating for Change: Building Partnerships among Teachers. Coombs-Richardson, Rita; Rivers, Eileen S. 295
Compass Points: New Directions for English Language Training, 1997-1998. 169
Completing Interviews. Scans Plans Portfolio. Sample, Barbara 143
Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children Program. Factsheet. 215
Computer Algebra Systems in the Junior High School. Brown, Roger 231
Confronting Substance Abuse: A Teacher's Guide. Boundy, Donna; Cochran, Kathleen Mayo; Miller, Robert A.; Rothbart, Betty 277
Connecting in Space: Docking with the International Space Station. Educational Brief. 135
Consorting with the Consortium: What the Researcher Saw! Arthur, Julie; Darby, Sue; Campbell, Paul Report 282
Constructing the Stream Community: The Ecology of Flowing Waters. Settel, Joanne; Hooe, Tom N. 118
Continuing Vocational Training (CVT). Drogosz-Zablocka, Elzbieta; Izycka, Halina; Trzeciak, Wlodzimierz 283
Cooperative Ecology & Place: Development of a Pedagogy of Place Curriculum. Lewicki, James 305
Courseware for Remedial Mathematics: A Case Study in the Benefits and Costs of the Mediated Learning System in the California State University. Jewett, Frank Report 205
Creating Meaningful Daytimes: Community Building at Options for Individuals, Louisville, Kentucky. Walker, Pam 270
Creating Neighborhood Networks Computer Centers. 195
Cultural Concerns in Addressing Barriers to Learning: An Introductory Packet. 270
Decision Making at College of the Canyons: A Practical Handbook for You To Use. 265
Degas at the Races. Teaching Program. Jones, Kimberly; Sturman, Shelley; Perlin Ruth R.; Moore, Barabara S. 180
Delaware Teachers' Desk Reference to Standards and Performance Indicators for Curriculum Planning and Unit Development, 6-8. 211
Delaware Teachers' Desk Reference to Standards and Performance Indicators for Curriculum Planning and Unit Development, K-5. 218
Delivering Mental Health Services to Children and Adolescents with Serious Mental Illness in Frontier Areas: Parent and Provider Views. Letter to the Field. Cooper, Sheila; Wagenfeld, Morton O. 280
Developing Entrepreneurial Economies in Rural Regions: Lessons from Kentucky and Appalachia. Open Field Occasional Report. Gurwitt, Rob; Kimel, Kris 315
Developmental Education: Preparing Successful College Students. Monograph Series #24. Higbee, Jeanne L., Ed.; Dwinell, Patricia L., Ed. 417
Draft Regulations for the Comprehensive Public School Building Safety Program. Amendment to Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. 157
Edo: Art in Japan 1615-1868. Teaching Program. Guth, Christine; Henderson, Anne; Hinish, Heidi; Moore, Barbara 232
Educating for Global Competence. America's Passport to the Future. 272
Education Policy Analysis Archives, 1998. Glass, Gene V., Ed. 466
Educational Specifications for the New Ridley High School as Prepared by the School's Administration and Faculty. 169
Eesti Ja Vene Opilased Soome Kaandsona Mitmuse Vormide Moodustajatena: Testi Tulemuste Statistiline Ulevaade (Learning Finnish as a Second Language in Estonia: Results of a Test). Kaivapalu, Annekatrin 275
Effect of Dialogue Journal Writing on EFL Students' Speaking Skill. El-Koumy, Abdel Salam A. 206
Effective Integration of the World-Wide Web in Earth Science Education. Herbert, Bruce; Bednarz, Sarah; Boyd, Tom; Blake, Sally; Harder, Vicki; Sutter, Marilyn 364
Effects of Coaching on SATA[R] I: Reasoning Scores. Report No. 98-6. Powers, Donald E.; Rock, Donald A. 282
Employer Toolkit. Thuli, Kelli J.; Hong, Esther 228
Engineering Education from the Standpoint of Curricular Structure and the Challenges of the End of the Century. Glas, Gregorio Oscar; Denazis, Julia; Speltini, Cristina 287
English I. Teacher's Guide [and Student Workbook]. Revised. Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS). Fresen, Sue, Ed.; Goldstein, Jeren, Ed. 306
English II. Teacher's Guide [and Student Workbook]. Revised. Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS). Fresen, Sue, Ed. 290
English III. Teacher's Guide [and Student Workbook]. Revised. Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS). Atkinson, Missy; Fresen, Sue; Goldstein, Jeren; Harrell, Stephanie; MacEnulty, Patricia; McLain, Jan 329
English Proficiency Standards. 225
Evolving, Yet Creating a Mentor Support System for Preservice Teachers in a Professional Development School. Mahood, Ramona Madson; Grannan, John W. 272
Exploring Beliefs & Research To Promote Thoughtful Practice. A NOTEWORTHY Account of the Fall 1997 McREL Conference (Breckenridge, Colorado, October 26-30, 1997). Stapleman, Jan, Ed. Conference news 377
Exploring the Options for Young Children with Autism. 267
Factbook, 1998. 264
Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Education Teacher's Guide, [Grades] 4-6. 167
Five Decades of Adult Education at U.C.C., 1948-1998: From Roman Catholic Social Reconstructionism to Community Partnerships and Empowerment. O Fathaigh, Mairtin; O'Sullivan, Denis 293
Florida's Challenge: A Guide to Educating Substance-Exposed Children. Participant's Workbook [with Videotape]. 378
Forces of the Wild. Nature. Teacher's Guide. Brown, Jordan 300
Former Women Faculty: Reasons for Leaving One Research University. Wenzel, Stacy A.; Hollenshead, Carol 270
Frogs in the Web: Two Internet Courses Activating French Fluency Online. Watson, Katherine 257
Gender Equity in Canadian Postsecondary Educational Institutions. CHERD/CSSHE Reader Series Number 3. Clifton, Rodney A., Ed.; Roberts, Lance W., Ed.; Perry, Raymond P., Ed. 238
General Information Packet on Learning Disabilities. 250
Georgia's Reading Challenge: An After-School Reading Program for Grades 4-8. Program Guidelines. Schrenko, Linda C. 161
Grade 10 to Grade 12 Mathematics Resources: Annotated Bibliography. Bibliography 143
Groundwork for a Better Vocabulary. Second Edition. Instructor's Edition. Townsend Press Vocabulary Series. Smith, R. Kent; Johnson, Beth; Mohr, Carole 169
Grouping for Instruction in Reading. Ediger, Marlow Author abstract 320
Growth and Development [with Translations in Hmong, Laotian, Vietnamese, Nuer, Arabic, Somali, Bosnian, Russian, and Spanish]. 197
Guidelines and Standards for the Technology Infrastructure of 21st Century Educational Facilities. 180
Historic Colchester: A Teacher's Guide. Education on Site. Lumley, Janet 193
How Many Qualified Teachers Are Needed for Students with Disabilities? Cook, Lynne H.; Boe, Erling E. 271
How To Make the Link between Standards, Assessments, and Real Student Achievement. Getting Better by Design, Volume 5. Rothman, Robert 231
Howard Community College 1998 Performance Accountability Report. 332
Identifying Skills and Personal Qualities. Scans Plans Portfolio. Sample, Barbara 164
Implications of a Study of the Child-Rearing Practices of Mothers of School-Based Competent Kindergartners Who Are Characterized as At-Risk. Lowden, Frances Y. Author abstract 188
Index to Journal of the Midwest History of Education Society, Volume 25, No. 2, 1998 (for Volumes 1-25, 1972-1998). Hanna, Robert C. 254
India: Land of the Tiger. Nature. Teacher's Guide. Brown, Jordan 307
Industrial Workers as Resource Persons: Subjectivity as an Element in Qualification Analysis. Kjaersgaard, Christian 279
Inquiring about Examinees' Ethnicity and Sex: Effects on APA[R] Calculus AB Examination Performance. Report No. 98-1. ETS RR No. 98-5. Stricker, Lawrence J. 313
Inquiring about Examinees' Ethnicity and Sex: Effects on Computerized Placement Testsa"cents Performance. Report No. 98-2. ETS RR No. 98-9. Stricker, Lawrence J.; Ward, William C. 313
Instruction Manual for Principals/Test Coordinators of English Language Arts--Writing Session: Elementary, Intermediate, Secondary, 1998-99. 148
Instruction Manual for Test Administrators of English Language Arts--Writing Session: Elementary, Intermediate, Secondary, 1998-99. 148
Instructional Applications of Internet Technology: Teacher Training in the Language and Literacy MOO. McCallum, Richard D.; McGrath, Owen G.; Rusch, Jeffrey B. 260
Instructional Philosophy and Strategic Direction of the PLATO System. Technical Paper. Foshay, Rob 291
Integrating Language, Employment, and Culture in the ESL Classroom. SCANS Plans. Brod, Shirley 154
International Institute of Archaeology Anthropology: Early Human Culture. Grade 6 Lesson. Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE): Connecting California's Classrooms to the World. Edwards, Mary 143
Intersections: A Professional Development Project in Multicultural and Global Education, Asian and Asian American Studies. Swartz, Leslie, Ed.; Warner, Linda, Ed.; Grossman, David L., Ed. 442
Introduction to Algebra. Teacher's Guide. Parallel Alternative Strategies for Students (PASS). Blank, Shelby L.; Smith, Denise G.; McCombs, Lee Ann 248
Investing in Partnerships for Student Success: A Basic Tool for Community Stakeholders To Guide Educational Partnership Development and Management. Otterbourg, Susan D. 283
John Dewey on Democracy, Education, Experience, and Communication: Implications for Adult Education in Developing Democratic Organizations. Munoz, Maria D.; Munoz, Marco A. 285
Journeys of Transformation: A Statewide Effort by Mathematics and Science Professors To Improve Student Understanding. Case Reports from Participants in the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation. Gardner, Maureen B., Ed. 316
Keskustelua Verkossa Sahkopostikeskustelu Rekisterina (Language Usage, Conversation, and Electronic Mail). Luuka, Minna-Riitta 256
Key Indicators--Vocational Education and Training in Central and Eastern Europe. Report. 288
Kielikylpyoppilaiden Ensikielen Kirjoitelmat Neljannella Ja Viidennella Luokalla (Comparison of Writing Skills in Finnish by Students in a Swedish Immersion Program and Those Taught in the Native Language). Elomaa, Marjatta 262
Kirjoitetaan Kielista--Puhutaan Kielilla: Kielivalinnat Opettajien Elamakerroissa (Language Choices: Language Teachers Reflect on Their Professional Choices in a National Writing Contest). Kalaja, Paula; Dufva, Hannele; Nordman, Leena 181
Knowledge Structures and Adult Intellectual Development. Report No. 98-3. Ackerman, Philip L. 379
Kone Ja Keele Uurimine Ning Emakeele Didaktika (Relevance of Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Studies to Mother Tongue Instruction). Karlep, Karl 193
Labor's Demonstration School: The Manumit School for Workers' Children, 1924-1932. Walter, Scott 272
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 1. 288
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 2. 273
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 3. 278
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 4. 289
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 5. 288
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 6. 288
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 7. 278
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 8. 278
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Curriculum Model, Grade K. 288
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Grade Level Benchmarks, Grades 5-8. 227
Language Arts Curriculum Framework: Sample Grade Level Benchmarks, Grades K-4. 227
Language Arts QCC (Quality Core Curriculum) Scope and Sequence--Written Communication: Reference-Study. 154
Language Testing: Recent Developments and Persistent Dilemmas. Takala, Sauli 194
Latin Curriculum Guide. 268
Learning for Life: Report of the 2020 Commission on the Future of Post-Secondary Education. 311
Les linguistes et les questions de langue au Quebec: points de vue (Linguists and Language Questions in Quebec: Points of View). Deshaies, Denise, Ed.; Ouellon, Conrad, Ed. 445
Let's Sue Them All! The Byzantine Disaster. Grade 7 Lesson. Schools of California Online Resources for Education (SCORE): Connecting California's Classrooms to the World. Otto, Gina 280
Letters for the Living: Teaching Writing in a Violent Age. Refiguring English Studies. Blitz, Michael; Hurlbert, C. Mark Letter to the editor 256
Life on the Oregon Trail. 248
Listening to the Diverse Voices of Urban and Suburban Minority School District Educators. Singer, Judith Y.; Murphy, Maureen; Singer, Alan 258
Literature-Enhanced Social Studies: Impact on Mastery of Grade Level Competencies in the Santee School District. Williams, James L. 218
Lo que los educadores necesitan saber sobre...El agrupamiento por habilidad [y] La compactacion del curriculum [y] Los alumnos dotados y el aprendizaje cooperativo [y] La actividad tutoral. Guias practica (What Educators Need To Know about...Ability Grouping [and] Curriculum Compacting [and] Gifted Students and Cooperative Learning [and] Mentoring. Practitioners' Guides). Siegle, Del, Ed. 325
LONGSCAN Research Briefs, Volume 1, Summer 1998. Hunter, Wanda, Comp.; Knight, Elizabeth, Comp. 293
LSAC National Longitudinal Bar Passage Study. LSAC Research Report Series. Wightman, Linda F. Report 355
Michigan Curriculum Framework: Mathematics, Including Teaching & Learning Sample Activities. Interactive Links to Content Strands, Standards and Benchmarks. 124
Mind over Matter. Teacher's Guide. 142
Mind Over Matter: The Brain's Response to Drugs. Teacher's Guide. 151
Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment Grade 3 Reading Practice Test. 232
Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment Grade 5 Reading Practice Test. 226
Mississippi Social Studies Curriculum Framework, 1998. 415
Modular Building Institute 1998 Educational Showcase. 176
NACUBO Institutional Student Aid Survey: Executive Summary, 1998. Independent Institutions. Report 255
NASA's Great Observatories: Paper Model. 116
Native American Literature: Montana and Northcentral Regional Publications. Susag, Dorothea 255
NIDRR Program Directory, Fiscal Year 1998. Directory 219
Nine Tips To Help Faith Leaders and Their Communities Address Teen Pregnancy = Nueve consejos para ayudar a lideres espirituales y sus comunidades a hacerle frente al problema del embarazo en la adolescencia. 191
Oakland Schools New Teacher's Manual. Fletcher, Barbara; Hitchins, Renee; Kramp, Robert; Moase-Burke, Jackie; Pinho, Jason 234
On the International Baccalaureate and Its Language Programme with Emphasis on Finnish B. Svensson, Pirkko Forsman 245
One Room Schools: Bibliography. A Presentation of the Clarke Historical Library. Leasher, Evelyn, Comp. 215
Origins of Competency-Based Training. McCowan, Richard J. Report 222
Our Treasures: A Celebration of Nebraska's Mexican Heritage = Nuestros Tesoros: Una celebracion de la herencia mexicana de Nebraska. 298
Pacific Educational Research Journal, 1998. Berg, Kathleen F.; Lai, Morris K. 237
Parent Involvement in Service Learning. Linking Learning with Life. Kaye, Cathryn Berger 292
Parent Perspectives on Communication, Behavioral, and Instructional Strategies for Children and Youth Who Are Deaf-Blind. 328
Part-Time Faculty: %, !, ? or Statistics, Responses and Questions. Hollowell, Rex, Ed. 283
Participation of Part-time Faculty on the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. 275
Patterns of English-Finnish Codeswitching in Finland and in the United States. Halmari, Helena; Cooper, Robert 219
Peace Corps Tales from Open Space. Information Collection & Exchange T0089. Devlin-Foltz, Betsy 399
Pensacola Junior College Institutional Accountability, 1998. 275
Perceptions of Alienation among Special and General Education Teachers. Shoho, Alan R.; Katims, David S. Author abstract 235
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education in Cultural Context: Perspectives of Arabic and Non-Arabic Speaking Background Year Nine Students in Four Western Sydney High Schools. McInerney, Dennis M.; Davidson, Neil; Suliman, Rosemary; Tremayne, Bob 348
Place-Based Assistance Tools: Storytelling and Community Building. 174
Plain Talk about K.I.D.S. (Kids Inclined toward Difficulty in School). A Summit on Educational Change: Transforming Crisis into Success. Proceedings (New Orleans, Louisiana, March 3-5, 1997). Thomas, Alice P., Ed. Conference notes 404
Planetary Geology: A Teacher's Guide with Activities in Physical and Earth Sciences. Book review 291
Planetary Geology: A Teacher's Guide with Activities in Physical and Earth Sciences. 264
Planning and Financing Sustainable Education Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Education Research Paper. Reports. Penrose, Perran 251
PLURIDICTA, Numbers 28-35. Wagner, Johannes, Ed. 222
Plurilingual Ethos: A Peep into the Sociology of Language. Khubchandani, Lachman M. 216
Policies & Procedures. Fifth Edition. 196
Positive Youth Development: Helping Postsecondary Students Deal with Pressures To Use Alcohol and Other Drugs. Guthmann, Debra S.; Sandberg, Katherine A. Report 262
Practicing What We Know: Informed Reading Instruction. Weaver, Constance, Ed. 729
Pre-Education Programs: A Comprehensive Project at Henry Ford Community College. Zopf, Deborah; Smyrski, Larry 269
Preparing for the SATA[R] I: Reasoning Test--An Update. College Board Report No. 98-5. Powers, Donald E. 395
Preparing the Workforce for the 21st Century: The Nurse Educator's Challenge. 280
President Clinton's Call to Action for American Education in the 21st Century. Clinton, Bill 267
Preventing Substance Abuse: An Elementary School Guide. Alsup, Ben; Boundy, Donna; Brown, Jordan; Reisman, David; Rothbart, Betty 244
Prevention of HIV/AIDS Education in Rural Communities III. Torabi, Mohammad R., Ed. 290
Procedural Guide to Accommodating Adults with Disabilities. Mellard, Daryl 271
Proceedings of Achievement Levels Workshop (Boulder, Colorado, August 20-22, 1997). Bourque, Mary Lyn, Ed. 257
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education/L'Association Canadienne pour L'Etude de L'Education des Adultes (17th, Ontario, Canada, May 29-31, 1998). Taylor, Maurice, Ed. Conference news 698
Program of Research on Legal Writing: Phase II: Research on a Writing Exercise. LSAC Research Report Series. Breland, Hunter M.; Carlton, Sydell T.; Taylor, Susan 344
Project BESTT: Bilingual/ESL Special Education Teacher Training. Rodriguez, Richard F. 271
Project Smart-Science and Math Access: Resources & Technology. Kimmel, Howard; Muldrow, Diana; O'Shea, Mark; Deek, Fadi 265
Publishing on the Web: Opening the Doors of Community College Classrooms. King, Nancy; Wood, Susan Andrus Author abstract 280
Puolin ja toisin: Suomalais-virolaista kielentutkimusta. AFinLAn vuosikirja 1998 (On Both Sides: Finnish-Estonian Research on Language. AFinLA Yearbook 1998). Luukka, Minna-Riitta, Ed.; Salla, Sigrid, Ed.; Dufva, Hannele, Ed. 288
Reading Improvement Grants. 198
Reading Recovery[R] in Maine: State Report & Evaluation, 1997-1998. 277
Red River College Graduate Employment Report, 1997-1998. 244
Reflections on an NCATE Study: The Recruitment and Retention of Males and Minorities in National Council of Accreditation Teacher Education (NCATE) Institutions: The Role of the Two-Year College in Teacher Education. Baker, Beryle I.; Henry, Pearl; Reynolds, Newburn 269
Reinventing Schools Research Project: Collaborative Research Project on the Merger of General and Special Education School Reforms. Final Report--Executive Summary. Ferguson, Dianne L.; Meyer, Gwen; Dalmau, Mary; Droege, Cleo; Ferguson, Philip M.; Gudjonsdottir, Ha 266
Relationship between ELPTa"cents and TOEFL Performance: A Preliminary Analysis. Research Summary RS-03. 206
Research Issues and Language Program Direction. Issues in Language Program Direction: A Series of Annual Volumes. Heilenman, L. Kathy, Ed. 287
Resources and References for Family and Consumer Science Teachers, January 1998 to April 1998 [and] References for Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers. December 1996 to January 1998. Scholl, Jan F., Comp. 236
Revised Language Arts Curriculum Framework. 278
Revista de Investigacion Educativa, 1998 (Journal of Educational Research, 1998). 213
ReWrite: A Music Strategy for Exploring Content Area Concepts. Bean, Thomas W. 233
Safer Schools: Strategies for Educators and Law Enforcement Seeking To Prevent Violence within Schools. 254
Sahkoisen Rahan Kuvaus Sanomalehdissa (Financial World and Data World: Names for Electric Money in the Finnish Media). Nurminen, Tuula 215
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 1, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 153
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 2, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 153
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 3, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 153
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 4, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 144
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 5, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 144
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 6, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 144
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 7, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 144
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade 8, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 144
Sample Curriculum Model, Grade K, Based on the 1998 Arkansas State Mathematics Framework. 150
School Capacity Update: An Essential but Often Forgotten Planning Process. Chan, T. C. 219
School Counselor Preparation in Urban Settings. Holcomb-McCoy, Cheryl C. 280
School Effectiveness in Developing Countries: A Summary of the Research Evidence. Education Research Paper. Knowledge & Research. Pennycuick, David 245
School Finance: State and Federal Efforts To Target Poor Students. Report to Congressional Requesters. Brief article 279
School Health: Findings from Evaluated Programs. Second Edition. Clinical report 241
School to What? 1998-2000. All Means All. Author abstract 249
School-to-Work: What Works in School. Spotlight on Student Success. Stull, William J. 286
Scientific American Frontiers Teaching Guides for Shows 901-905, October 1998-April 1999. 312
Screening for Adults with Learning Disabilities: The Role of the Practitioner in the Process. Riviere, Adrienne 277
Screening/Assessing Students: Indicators and Tools. A Resources Aid Packet. Book review 238
Second Language Acquisition and Language Pedagogy. Shahheidaripour, Gholamabbass Author abstract 143
Self-Image and Expectations of First Year Engineering Students in a Brazilian University. de Campos, Reinaldo Calixto; Grinberg, Patricia; Garcia, Ivan; Parise, Jose Alberto; da Silveira, Ma 241
Semi-Skilled, Mature Men in Adult Education: Motivation and Barriers. A Research Project Summary. Hansen, Leif 275
Skilled! Report, Guidance & Materials on Basic Skills & Youth Work. Merton, Bryan Report 268
SMARTER Teaching: Developing Accommodations To Reduce Cognitive Barriers to Learning for Individuals with Learning Disabilities. Lenz, B. Keith; Scanlon, David 271
Social Policy Report, 1998. Thomas, Nancy G., Ed. 304
Speaking Official Scoring Guide, 1998-99. 120
Standards for Implementing Quality Early Learning Programs: Manual of Best Practices To Implement Quality Early Learning Programs. 214
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