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Articles from ERIC: Reports (January 1, 1995)

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"Quality Career Counseling Services:" A Developmental Tool for Organizational Accountability: ERIC Digest. Bezanson, Lynne Report 267
A Wreath for Veterans Day. Teaching Ideas and Topics. Laughlin, Rosemary 236
Addressing the Need for Electronic Communication in Foreign Language Teaching. LeLoup, Jean W.; Ponterio, Robert 188
Adolescents At-Risk: A Literature Review of Problems, Attitudes, and Interventions. Kuther, Tara L. 281
Adult Education Newsletter, 1991-1995. Brief article 290
Alabama Counseling Association Journal, 1995. Abbott, Gypsy, Ed.; Elliott, Glenda R., Ed. 227
ARL: A Bimonthly Newsletter of Research Library Issues and Actions, 1995. Barrett, G. Jaia, Ed. 171
Arts and Learning Research, 1995. The Journal of the Arts and Learning Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association (San Francisco, California, April 1995). Diket, Read M., Ed. 287
Arts Education Standard Course of Study Frameworks, K-12: Dance, Music, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts. Revised. 244
Breaking Through: TOSTAN's Non-Formal Basic Education Programme in National Languages in Senegal. Education for All: Making It Work. Innovation Series. Guttman, Cynthia 291
Cautions on the Use of State Aggregate ACT Scores. 261 Managing a Comprehensive Change Effort. Coate, L. Edwin Report 267
Children of the Nile: The Community Schools Project in Upper Egypt. Education for All: Making It Work. Innovation Series. Zaalouk, Malak 299
Clay Animation: An Interdisciplinary Lesson. AMACO[R] Lesson. Gamble, Harriet; Gamble, David 165
Closing the Gap: Using Reading Workshop with Adult Basic Education Students. Rannow, Beverley 274
Colorado Core Curriculum State Standards: Life Management and Relationships. Alford, Carol; Bohlender, Pat; Calhoun, Peggy; Gray-Hamburg, Vicky; Magnuson, Karen; Neergaard, Hope 285
Comparison of Attitudes toward Gay Men and Lesbians among Students at Bowling Green State University. Manning, Trisha; Nicoloff, Jennifer 250
Consolidating Financial Statements. Wood, Marcia R. Report 190
Creating Cast Paper Sculpture: A Simple Lesson in Papermaking and Moldmaking. AMACO[R] Lesson. Gamble, Harriet; Gamble, David 164
Daughters of the Earth: Skills-Based Literacy Programme for Women, China. Education for All: Making It Work. Innovation Series. Aksornkool, Namtip 325
Deliberate-Fire: An Account of Organizational Transformation in Onondaga Community Living, Syracuse, New York. O'Brien, John 282
Demands and Challenges of Being an Educator with a Disability. Obiakor, Festus E.; And Others 256
Designing the Undergraduate Rhetoric and Writing Major. Stay, Byron L. 318
Development of Vocational Training Systems. 306
Educational Technology Institute Report, 1995. 358
Effective Techniques for Teaching Highly Gifted Visual-Spatial Learners. Silverman, Linda Kreger 286
Elementary Bilingual and ESL Education Programs and Their Effectiveness within Schools. A Descriptive Study, Teaching Methods, and Strategies. Perez, Cassandra Leigh; Karr-Kidwell, PJ 287
Empowering the Faculty: Mentoring Redirected and Renewed. ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report No. 3. Luna, Gaye; Cullen, Deborah L. Book review 273
Empowering the Faculty: Mentoring Redirected and Renewed. ERIC Digest. Luna, Gaye; Cullen, Deborah L. Book review 215
Ending the War, 1969-1973: Educator's Guide. Live from the Past Series. Patrick, John J. 137
Establishing a Program To Service Underachieving Bright Students in the Fourth Grade. Eicher, Josephine T. 293
Evaluating Contributions of University Professors. Latshaw, J. David 155
Evaluation of GALAXY Classroom Science for Grades 3-5. Final Report. Executive Summary. Guth, Gloria J. A.; Austin, Susan; DeLong, Bo; Pasta, David J.; Block, Clifford 268
Exploring Our Identity: Catholic and American [and] Our Identity: Invitations and Reflections. 299
Feasibility of Using the SATA[R] in Academic Guidance. Report No. 95-1. ETS RR No. 95-3. Stricker, Lawrence J.; Rock, Donald A.; Burton, Nancy W. Report 375
Finding the Data: A Start-Up List of Outcome Measures with Annotations. A Companion Document to "The Case for Shifting to Results-Based Accountability.". Brown, Brett; Weitz, Judith 277
Fine Arts Unit (Integrates with Culture, Drama, French, Geography, German, Japanese, Language, Music, Spanish, and Visual Arts). 167
Fun in Flight: Exploring Careers in the Aerospace World. 162
Generic School Grounds Design Brief. 217
Goal: Technology-Using Teachers; Key: Technology-Using Faculty. Topp, Neal W.; And Others Report 261
Governor LeRoy Collins: Lessons in Leadership and Citizenship. Karl, Ann Marie M. 236
Great Lakes Instructional Materials for the Changing Earth System: An Earth Systems Education Effort of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program and the Ohio State University. Miller, Heidi, Ed.; Sheaffer, Amy, Ed. 187
Health Education Teaching Ideas: Elementary. Volume II. Hakala, Jane, Ed.; Buckner, W. P., Jr., Ed.; King, Karen, Ed. 280
Helping Preschoolers Grow Up Alcohol and Drug Free. Building Blocks Guide for Caregivers. Colker, Laura J. 229
Helping Preschoolers Grow Up Alcohol and Drug Free. Building Blocks Guide for Parents. Colker, Laura J. 220
HIV/AIDS Education for Students with Special Needs: A Guide for Teachers. Birch, David A.; Marti, Rebecca 227
Honoring What They Say: Postsecondary Experiences of First Nations Graduates. Archibald, Jo-ann, Ed.; Urion, Carl, Ed. 353
How Can "Different Ways of Knowing" Impact a Learning Community? Summary of the Rosemead School District 1994-95 Evaluation Report. Catterall, James S.; Dreyfus, Jeanne P.; DeJarnette, Karen G. 274
Human Resource Development and Training Strategies: The Experience and Results of the Eurotecnet Programme. Four Priority Fields of Focus. 288
Inside France: Three Missing Pages from Your Students' Textbook. Conniffe, Patricia, Ed. 220
Instructional Evaluation: School Psychologist Training of Trainers Manual. Kovaleski, Joseph F., Ed.; Lowery, Paul E., Ed. 260
Key Elements of a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Model of IST. Kovaleski, Joseph F. 244
Kid's PACK: Population Awareness Campaign Kit. 227
Maintenance Workorder Nonconformity and the TQM Process. Luna, Andrew L. Author abstract 204
Marketing Career Counseling Services: ERIC Digest. Hopkins, Sareena Author abstract 262
Mathematics: A Report on Improving Career-Bound Students' Learning. High Schools That Work. Bottoms, Gene; Presson, Alice 281
Minorities in Higher Education. 1994 Thirteenth Annual Status Report. Carter, Deborah J.; Wilson, Reginald Author abstract 300
Multi-Grade Teaching: A Review of Research and Practice. Education Research Paper. Little, Angela 301
Nomads of the Wind. Nature. Teacher's Guide. Brown, Jordan; Grippo, Lois 323
Organisation of School Time in the European Union. Second Edition. Report 184
Patterns of Learning Strategies of Brazilian EFL Learners. Salies, Tania Gastao Author abstract 202
Peer Consultant Initiative Handbook. 1st Edition. Toole, Pamela, Ed.; Gorak, Kathleen, Ed.; Warnes, Rebecca, Ed. 350
Performance by Gender on an Unconventional Verbal Reasoning Task: Answering Reading Comprehension Questions without the Passages. Report No. 95-2. ETS RR No. 95-14. Powers, Donald E. 321
Plain Talk about K.I.D.S. (Kids Inclined toward Difficulty in School). A Summit on Learning Disorders: Transforming Crisis into Success. Proceedings (New Orleans, Louisiana, January 18-20, 1995). Thomas, Alice P., Ed. 369
Politeness Strategies among Native and Romanian Speakers of English. Ambrose, Dominic Author abstract 535
Preparing Effective Trainers. Riggins, Gary F.; Netherton, Dave 199
Proveer igualdad de oportunidades educativas para los estudiantes con conocimientos limitados del idioma ingles (Providing Equality of Educational Opportunity for Students with Limited Knowledge of the English Language). 147
READ Perspectives, 1993-1995. 270
Reading: A Report on Improving Career-Bound Students' Learning. High Schools That Work. Bottoms, Gene 281
Redefining the Boundaries of Language Study. Issues in Language Program Direction: A Series of Annual Volumes. Kramsch, Claire, Ed. 275
Scholarships and Financial Assistance. School Year 95-96. Morse, Susan C., Ed. Book review 230
Second Languages in the Primary School: The Age Factor Dimension. Singleton, David 263
Seven Most-Improved "High Schools That Work" Sites Raise Achievement in Reading, Mathematics, and Science. High Schools That Work. School and Classroom Practices That Advance the Performance of Career-Bound High School Students. A Report on Improving Student Learning. Bottoms, Gene; Mikos, Pat 321
Stalin's Crimes Revealed, 1936 and 1956. Educator's Guide. Live from the Past Series. Patrick, John J. 142
State of Maine Reading Recovery[R] Report and Evaluation, 1994-1995. Rhodes-Kline, Anne K. 316
Strategic Budgeting: The Board's Role in Public Colleges and Universities. AGB Occasional Paper Series. AGB Occasional Paper No. 28. Jones, Dennis P. 273
Stress in the Work Place: ERIC Digest. Long, Bonita C. Author abstract 258
Suggestions for Implementing Instructional Support Teams and Student Assistance in Middle Schools. Kovaleski, Joseph F., Ed. 246
Teaching and Learning--Towards the Learning Society. White Paper on Education and Training. 282
Teaching Language Realistically: Role Play Is the Thing. Salies, Tania Gastao 246
Teaching the Writing Process in High School. Standards Consensus Series. Hutchinson, Jamie, Ed. 208
Teen PACK: Population Awareness Campaign Kit. 267
Ten Public Policy Issues for Higher Education in 1995. AGB Public Policy Series No. 95-1. 206
The AMATYC Review. 1994-1995. Browne, Joseph, Ed. 320
The Capital Campaign in Higher Education. A Practical Guide for College and University Advancement. Gearhart, G. David Book review 276
The Connecticut General Assembly: Teacher's Manual for Visitation Program of the Connecticut Consortium for Law and Citizenship Education, Inc. Richards, Margaret 196
The Instructional Support Team (IST) Validation. Training Manual. Kovaleski, Joseph F., Ed.; Moe, Elayne, Ed. 242
The Role of Counseling Faculty in the California Community Colleges. 250
The Role of Sentence Context in Processing Prepositional Phrases. Kennison, Shelia M. 295
The Supreme Court and the New Deal, 1935-1936: Educator's Guide. Live from the Past Series. Patrick, John J. 131
The Symposium on Integration Issues. Meyers, Mary, Ed. 246
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann, 1961: Educator's Guide. Live from the Past Series. Sesso, Gloria 124
Unifying Instructional Research and Teaching: The Role of the Basic Course Director. Strohkirch, C. Sue; Brice, Lynn M. 215
Update on Law-Related Education, 1993-1995. 279
Use of Japanese in the EFL Classroom: Which Way To Go? Schmidt, Ken 266
Utah State Superintendent of Public Instruction Annual Report, 1994-1995,. Abstract 235
Visual Arts Research, 1995. Gardner, Nancy C., Ed.; Thompson, Christine, Ed. 385
Visual Literacy and Visual Culture. Messaris, Paul 312
Voices across the Hills: Thailand's Hill Areas Education Project. Education for All: Making It Work. Innovation Series. Guttman, Cynthia 274
We the People... The Citizen and the Constitution. Teacher's Guide [and Student's Guide]. Rodriguez, Kenneth 523
Who Owns the Art? An Ethical Question for Art Therapists and Clinicians. Malchiodi, Cathy A. Author abstract 242
Youth Policies in the European Union. Structures and Training. Studies No. 7. Lazos, C. G. 287

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