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ERI CEO addresses investors.

John S. Shegerian, chairman and CEO of Fresno, Calif.-based Electronics Recyclers Inc. (ERI), discussed electronics recycling and "e-waste" at the Canaccord Adams "Ready, Set, Recycle" Investors Conference in Chicago April 19.

Addressing an audience of investors and financial analysts looking for specific insights into the biggest trends of emerging recycling-related industries. Shegerian stressed the mounting environmental problems caused by the glut of the nation's electronic scrap and outlined the long-range national and international potential of electronics recycling as a concept and as an emerging industry.

The "Ready, Set, Recycle" Investor Conference is a new investors meeting designed by Canaccord Adams to offer investors an opportunity to learn about electronic recycling, green building, bioenergy and metal recycling from companies in the recycling sector.

"The state of California passed landmark legislation, creating a regional infrastructure to mange this problem--and the entire country is moving in the direction of following suit," Shegarian says. "With a dozen states legislating a variation of the California model within the next five years and growing global concern about e-waste, the sky is the limit for this burgeoning industry."
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Publication:Recycling Today
Date:May 1, 2007
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