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Mixing concrete with friends is not a new idea, but going over the hole at Riverside's T Street ditch is. The unofficial skatepark's first pour was five years ago and since then the ditch has gained local support from its neighbors and city officials. T Street is found behind Ryan Bonaminio Park, which ironically rejected plans for a skatepark. The neighbors at the community garden have helped since the start by unknowingly supplying water every time concrete was mixed for a new obstacle. The city is still concerned about safety--just like moms across America--but has looked the other way and allowed the ditch to thrive and remain informal.

T Street's main attraction, "The Cube," was destroyed on Halloween of 2017 to create sewage lines for new homes. Unintentionally marking this anniversary, last October a waterlogged ramp that served as a placeholder was replaced with smooth transition. This recent pour sends you over the hole at T Street safely and allows for more than a frontside carve. Each obstacle from the volcano to the spine is unique since they have been conceived and built by different groups of friends. This collective effort from local skaters has created a strong sense of community which allows for contributions such as money, labor or your old flatbar.


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Title Annotation:ON BOARD
Author:Aguilar, Tim
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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