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EPA suspends permit.

EPA suspends permit

Because a tree does not a greenhouse make, Advanced Genetic Sciences, Inc. (AGS) has at least temporarily lost its permit to conduct field tests of its genetically engineered bacteria. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week charged AGS with violating regulations when it injected "Frostban' bacteria into about 50 trees on its Oakland, Calif., rooftop SN: 3/8/86, p. 148). The agency also charged that the company "knowingly falsified' data by describing its tests as greenhouse experiments and failing to inform EPA of cankers that developed on the bark of several trees after the injections. The EPA adds, however, that it has concluded that the bacteria are not pathogenic. The agency is levying a $20,000 fine.

AGS has said that it believed the bacteria were always contained during the rootfop tests, first within syringes and then within the trees. According to EPA, the company plans to repeat the tests in its greenhouse in the next two months; after review, the EPA will decide whether to reinstate the permit.
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Title Annotation:Advanced Genetic Sciences Inc.
Publication:Science News
Date:Mar 29, 1986
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