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EPA and EDD reporting software for ICP-MS.

A fully integrated software package is offered for US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reporting using ICP-MS. The software combines the proprietary PlasmaLab software for the X Series ICP-MS with the Metals Analytical Review and Reporting System (MARRS) from EISC to provide comprehensive reporting and electronic data deliverables for EPA methods. The X Series ICP-MS offers complete compliance with the analytical part of the EPA methods using PlasmaLab's Experiment Templates and optional proprietary Productivity Packs. However, method approval also extends to the format of the reporting, and the actual content of the reports and EDD's themselves. The implementation of MARRS with the X Series ICP-MS makes full use of the PlasmaLab XML data reporting system to minimize the amount of data entry required by the user to complete the EPA forms and EDD's. Thermo Electron Corp., 800-532-4752

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Title Annotation:New Products
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Dec 1, 2004
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