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 ATLANTA, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today it has taken enforcement action against private parties who were not willing to clean up the Mathis Brothers/South Marble Top Road Landfill Superfund Site in Walker County, Ga.
 EPA issued a Unilateral Administrative Order (UAO) to Velsicol Chemical Corporation, GAF Corporation, and Mydrin Inc., to design the remedy and clean up the site in the Chickamauga/Kensington area. The three parties named in the UAO generated the hazardous waste found at the site. Parties who owned or operated a site, or transported hazardous waste to a site, are also liable for cleanup under the Superfund law.
 Because those parties responsible for contamination would not enter into a Consent Decree for design and cleanup, the agency took enforcement action to protect the people who live around the Mathis Brothers Landfill on South Marble Top Road in Walker County. The UAO is consistent with EPA's goal of ensuring that those who contribute to the creation of Superfund sites pay to make them safe for the future.
 Under the UAO, the parties are required to address past activities which pose a threat to people and the environment. Two companies, Velsicol and Mydrin, have notified EPA that they intend to comply with the order. The third party, GAF Corporation, submitted a qualified notice of intent to comply, indicating that they would participate and would negotiate with Velsicol and Mydrin regarding their level of participation. If any party fails to comply with the order, EPA has the authority to sue in federal court for penalties of up to $25,000 for each day that they do not comply.
 The Mathis Brothers site is an abandoned landfill that operated from 1974 to 1980 under a permit from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to accept non-hazardous waste. However, operators buried hazardous waste in unlined trenches. Contaminants on site include various residues from herbicide production, latex, and carpet waste. In 1980, GAEPD directed that the landfill be properly closed. EPA investigated the site and in 1989 placed it on the National Priorities List (NPL) of hazardous waste sites eligible for attention under the Superfund long-term cleanup program.
 In 1988, EPA signed an Administrative Order on Consent with Velsicol Corporation for the company to pay for and conduct an in-depth study of site contamination and risk. EPA then evaluated possible remedies to reduce risk. After incorporation of public comment, EPA selected a cleanup remedy for the entire site in 1992. The remedy includes collection of contaminated groundwater in a trench for off-site disposal and excavation of chemical waste and associated contaminated soil for on- site incineration. In addition, the remedy requires further testing of biodegradation for treating the remaining sub-surface (deeper) contaminated soil. If biodegradation is proven effective in treating the contamination, the parties complying with the order will excavate and treat the remaining sub-surface soils. Biodegradation uses microorganisms to break down and destroy contaminants in the soil. The treated soil will then be placed in the excavated areas under a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) solid waste clay cap. The private parties also will analyze latex and carpet waste to determine appropriate disposal options. The approximate cost for the cleanup currently is estimated at $13 million. All work done under the Unilateral Order will be completed under EPA oversight and will meet federal and state requirements.
 The parties will be required to provide a work plan for the cleanup design to EPA for approval before the end of 1993. EPA expects the design phase to take about two years. The agency will keep the public informed on the results of the biodegradation treatability study and other design sampling and activities.
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 /CONTACT: Betty Winter, community relations, 800-435-9234, or Charlis Thompson, press office, 404-347-3004, both of the United States Environmental Protection Agency/

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