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 MONROE, Wis., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- When entrepreneur Mark Richmond tried to get a battery for his two-year old portable cellular phone, he couldn't find one anywhere. Figuring that the other 10,000,000 people currently using cellular telephones couldn't be having much more success finding what they needed for their phones, he decided to do something about it.
 He started Cellular Portable Accessories, a catalog sales company dedicated to carrying every accessory a cellular phone user could ever need. His company now saves people the thing they were trying to save by having a cellular phone -- time -- when looking for associated products and accessories.
 The Cellular Portable Accessories' catalog provides the first one-stop mail order shopping for every accessory of every cellular phone sold in the United States. This easy-to-use, comprehensive source offers batteries, chargers, cases and other items at heavily discounted prices. The company also sells privately branded accessories with a satisfaction guarantee for about 30 percent less than the originals.
 Founder and president Richmond stated that "These accessories are like software -- a computer will work fine without it but won't be very useful. I wanted to make phones more effective for their users."
 Richmond has not only found a remarkable way to make the life of the cellular phone user a little more convenient. He has also devised a way to encourage the carriers, dealers and agents to distribute his catalog to their customers by providing them with a very profitable commission structure for items sold to their customers.
 For the cellular user or anyone who wants to give a gift to one, this catalog is indispensable. It is available at no charge by calling Cellular Portable Accessories in Monroe at 800-541-0200. Carriers, dealers and agents interested in the "Carrier Participation Plan" can call the executive office at 800-677-1813.
 -0- 4/21/93
 /CONTACT: Mark Richmond, president of Cellular Portable Accessories, 800-677-1813/

CO: Cellular Portable Accessories ST: Wisconsin IN: TLS HOU SU: PDT

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Date:Apr 21, 1993

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