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The Tenth British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology

Since the first meeting in London in 1964, a British Academic Conference in Otolaryngology has taken place every four years. Although modeled after the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, the meetings are uniquely British in character. Marlene and I have attended all but two, and we have greatly enjoyed every one.

More than 600 otolaryngologists attended the tenth meeting, held in Cambridge July 4-9, 1999. Mr. David Moffat was general chairman and Mr. Richard Ramsden was chairman of the academic committee. Mr. John N.G. Evans was the Master. He selected Dr. Robin Cotton to be his guest of honor.

Special congratulations go to Dr. Bruce Benjamin, a member of the international editorial board of EAR, NOSE & THROAT JOURNAL, for being awarded the George Davey Howells Memorial Prize in Otolaryngology, for having the most distinguished published contribution to the advancement of otolaryngology during the preceding five years.

The city of Cambridge is an extremely interesting and charming place. King Henry VIII provided an endowment for King's College, The Fitzwilliam Museum is filled with treasures of the world. Nearby, one visits the famous town of Newmarket and the racetrack. The home of Sir Isaac Newton is well preserved and worth a visit.

Highlight of the meeting, in my opinion, is the Garden Party, at which dignitaries and guests may wear academic dress and their ladies are finely dressed. Hospitality this year was up to its usual fine standards, and the scientific program was exceptionally good. I urge all otolaryngologists to make a place now in their schedules to attend the next conference in 2003.



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