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 TUCSON, Ariz., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) today announced new capabilities for the IBM 3990 Model 3 Storage Control that give its high-end 3990/3390 Storage Subsystem customers improved data availability and performance.
 The company also announced three new models of the IBM 9343 Storage Controller that include cache -- a high-speed storage buffer that improves performance -- and a new model of the IBM 3995 Optical Library Dataserver that gives customers a low-cost alternative for storing infrequently needed data online.
 The enhanced products work with the expanded function of Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS/A/) to provide customers with additional ways to store, retrieve and manage their data.
 "Our customers have told us they want continual access to their important business information and improved function and performance of their DASD subsystems," said Jim Hahn, Enterprise and Storage Systems marketing director, IBM United States. "Today's announcements build on our proven high-end storage line to meet these important customer requirements and provide additional low-cost storage options."
 Enhancements for the IBM 3990 Storage Control
 IBM has enhanced the Licensed Internal Code of its 3990 Model 3 Storage Control. Together with DFSMS/MVS Version 1 Release 1, the microcode additions give customers better access to on-line information and better performance.
 The new capabilities include:
 -- Concurrent copy, which improves data availability by dramatically reducing the "backup window." In the past, applications were halted or restricted while data was backed up. Concurrent copy allows online access to continue while it creates a "point in time" copy of the data. Downtime for applications is reduced from hours to minutes or fractions of a minute, and customers can achieve close to full availability of their data.
 -- Sequential data striping, which works in an Enterprise Systems Connection Architecture(A) (ESCON/A/) environment and allows data sets to be split into segments and transferred concurrently in "stripes" to and from multiple disk drives. Striping can increase the effective data rate and significantly improve storage subsystem performance for customers who have applications with large volumes of sequential data -- such as monthly updates to customer mailing lists and billing.
 -- Enhanced dynamic cache management, which provides automatic dynamic tuning in response to changes in 3990 cache usage. This capability can eliminate the need for data center personnel to monitor, manually tune and manage the cache. It also can provide performance improvements in some environments.
 -- Enhanced Fast Dal Copy, which uses DASD Fast Write for writing to both the primary and secondary volume. This improved performance significantly increases the number of data sets a customer can dual copy, which in turn extends the benefits of this protection to more of a company's mission-critical data.
 IBM also has extended from 9 to 15 kilometers (from 5.6 to 9.3 miles) the maximum distance possible between Enterprise System/9000(A) (ES/9000(A)) processors and 3990 Model 2 and Model 3 controllers attached by ESCON with the Extended Distance Feature (ESCON XDF/A/).
 Cache Models for the 9340 DASD Subsystem
 IBM's 9340 DASD Storage Subsystem, announced in September, 1991, has been enhanced by the addition of three new cache models of its 9343 controller. The 9340 is a rack-mounted DASD subsystem for customers with air-cooled ES/9000 processors. It can store up to 48 gigabytes per rack.
 The new models provide up to 64 megabytes of cache and offer customers high-performance capabilities in a storage subsystem that is easily expandable.
 In addition, the maximum distance possible between ES/9000 processors and 9343 controllers attached by ESCON XDF has been extended from 9 to 43 kilometers (5.6 to 26.7 miles).
 New 3995 Optical Library Dataserver Model
 A new model of the IBM 3995 Optical Library Dataserver, the Model 151, complements DASD by giving customers a new online, high-capacity storage alternative. The Model 151 can operate in this manner because its data recording format differs from that of most optical devices and, to applications, it "looks" just like DASD.
 Typically, customers move data that is less frequently used from online DASD to lower-cost storage: tape, microfiche or even paper. This approach, however, makes the data more difficult and time-consuming to retrieve.
 Now, customers have the option of moving data from DASD to the Model 151, where it is available -- online -- to the user. While such optical data cannot be accessed as quickly as data stored on DASD, it can be accessed more quickly than data stored on tape or microfiche. And it is less expensive than DASD. At the same time it offers the very high capacity of optical storage. With the Model 111 expansion unit, the Model 151 can store up to 181.6 gigabytes of data -- equal to three strings (nine units) of the 3390 DASD Model 2.
 Prices And Availability
 Enhancements to the 3990 Model 3 Licensed Internal Code will be available beginning in June, 1992 and will be provided to customers at no charge.
 The cache models of the 9343 subsystem controller will be available in the fourth quarter of 1992. The price of the Model CC2 is $57,200. Models CC4 and DC4 both are priced at $92,400.
 The 3995 Optical Library Dataserver Model 151 will be available in the fourth quarter of 1992 for $168,000.
 In addition, IBM today said the IBM 9570 Disk Array Subsystem (announced in September, 1991 for second quarter 1992 availability) will be generally available May 29. The IBM 9570 uses a High-Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI) attachment designed for the very high data transfer rates typical in technical computing.
 (A) -- Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
 -0- 5/19/92
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