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LIVERPOOL ECHO PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Great financial advice for Liverpool Echo Readers ener energy gy pric prices es ke keep ep rising vit vital al you m u mak ake s e sur ure y e you ou ar o e t n he best deal As its are on the best deal possible for f your usage to ensure you don't end up out of pocket.

Alan Ball can't believe his luck. After just a quick phone call he's managed to save PS172 off his energy r bill. Perfect, as the winter has been chilly and prices keep on rising. "I've always compared deals on the rest of my financial products, changing insurance policies when they come up for renewal, if I find a better deal elsewhere," says Alan, 64 from Southampton.

"But, I'd never changed my gas or electricity supplier. Like everything else my bills have been going up and up and when the latest increase on gas and electricity were about to kick in, I decided it was time to try and find a cheaper aper tariff," ," ffad adds ds Alan an who semi-r mi-retir etired ed and runs a bedr edroo oo manufac f turing business. is oom made quick call E "I made a quick call to the Energy Switching Service and can't believe it was that simple to save. I was on a normal standard tariff with British Gas and was totally at the mercy of price rises." "I have now switched onto a fixed tariff with EDF. I know exactly what my bills will be for the next year and won't get any nasty surprises if prices get hiked up again."

"I'd recommend to anyone to switch like I did, it really does make good financial sense and I know I can afford to keep warm this winter without any money worries."

By switching to a fixed tariff in 2011 Alan managed to avoid two sets of price rises, saving him more than PS172. Find out if you could be quids in and still afford to stay warm and toasty.

We've launched Liverpool Echo Energy Switching Service in association with Energyh r elpline tohelp Liverpool v Echo Readersensure r they a e re on the best tarifffortheir energy r needs.

Simplycall 0800 083 0148 and speak to one of the friendlyadvisors who will compare p rices from r allthe UK'supplierstohelp youswitch to abetterdeal.


QUIDS IN Alan saved money after one call
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 27, 2013
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