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 WASHINGTON, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- "The name of this game isn't `catch-up,' it is abatement of global warming, and enhancement of U.S. global competitiveness," said International Institute for Energy Conservation's President Deborah Bleviss. Her comment came in response to the recently released report from the Global Climate Coalition, a group strongly representative of the mining industry.
 "The basic premise of the GCC report is wrong," said Bleviss. The data in the GCC report indicate the U.S. has significantly improved its energy efficiency, and therefore there is no need for U.S. policy to focus on further energy-efficiency improvements. But, according to Bleviss, "The current emissions stabilization commitment doesn't compare and contrast the U.S. to other nations, it simply states we must maintain 1990 emissions levels." Says Bleviss, "The point is, all of us have to do better, not just the U.S."
 As the nations of the world move forward in implementing the Framework Convention on Climate Change, they will increasingly be turning to energy efficiency as a cost-effective means of meeting national commitments while simultaneously benefiting national economies.
 Energy-efficiency technologies can deliver the same level of energy services using less energy supply, and therefore emitting less carbon dioxide, without sacrificing life-styles.
 Bleviss maintains, "The U.S. can only gain by pursuing energy efficiency more aggressively. Not only will carbon emissions be stabilized, but oil import dependence will be reduced and products will be developed that will be quite competitive in the global marketplace. Countries around the world will be turning to the most energy-efficient products to meet their energy service needs."
 IIEC recently released a report entitled "Seizing the Moment: Global Opportunities for the Energy-Efficiency Industry," in which the Institute estimated the current annual global market for energy- efficiency goods and services to be $84 billion. Author Russell Sturm, IIEC's Director of the Private Sector Initiatives Program, heads up a program designed to unite the vast energy-efficiency industry and provide it with an access point to the U.S. government, while providing government with guidance in implementing programs that effectively support the trade and export efforts of the efficiency industry.
 Ms. Bleviss, a noted transportation expert found the transportation findings particularly baffling. "There is no doubt the U.S. vehicle fuel economy improved more than the rest of the industrialized countries, not surprising since U.S. cars were half as efficient as other industrialized countries, and hence accounted for most of the fuel used by the world's vehicle fleet. But the important point is that since the mid-1980s all the industrialized countries, including the U.S. have stopped making progress on improving the efficiency of their vehicles. This is a trend that needs to be reversed in the future."
 IIEC is a nonprofit organization formed in 1984 to accelerate the global adoption of energy-efficiency policies, technologies, and practices to enable economic and ecologically sustainable development.
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