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Endovasc Ltd. Inc. (OTCBB:ENVC), Montgomery, Texas, a biotechnology company focused in the area of cardiovascular disease is sponsoring a small preliminary study to assess the use of Liprostin(TM) in the treatment of patients diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy.

The study is being conducted by Dr. Giovanni Brotzu, M.D., Full Professor in Vascular Surgery at University of Cagliari, Italy; he is also Director of the Vascular and Thoracic Surgery Ph.D. schools of Medicine. Thus far, four patients have been enrolled in the study and two have commenced treatment with Liprostin. Dr. Brotzu has broad clinical experience in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy, and is currently preparing a manuscript based on his two-year study with Iloprost, a prostaglandin-based drug.

"The half life of this drug is much longer than other prostaglandin drugs now used. This could provide many benefits, not the least of which is reducing the side effects. We look forward to reporting the long-term results," said Professor Brotzu.

Diabetic neuropathy, a condition often associated with type II diabetes, occurs when nerve endings are damaged, due to decreased blood flow and high blood sugar levels. In some cases, the condition can mask the sensation of pain, allowing a minor injury to evolve into a major wound before the patient becomes fully aware of his injury. Other patients may suffer from "painful neuropathy" where diseased-damaged neural systems produce refractory pain. Approximately 17 million people in the United States have diabetes (predominantly type II) and, of these, an estimated 50% will eventually develop nerve damage. The cost of diabetic care in the U.S. is estimated to be in excess of $50 billion per year.

Endovasc CEO, Dr. David Summers, stated: "We are very pleased that Dr. Brotzu decided to perform this study. His extensive research and clinical background provides an additional level of expertise to our preliminary evaluation. His knowledge of prostaglandin-based drugs, combined with his extensive research and clinical background, puts him in a position to more readily compare the advantages of Liprostin to other drugs currently being tested."

About Endovasc

Endovasc Ltd. Inc., established in 1996, is a biotechnology company focused in the area of cardiovascular disease and pioneering drug-delivery technology that is designed to deliver and release drugs to their intended targets in an efficient and controlled manner. Endovasc's products include ANGIOGENIX(TM), Liprostin(TM), ProStent(TM) stent-coating technology, biodegradable stents and other drug-delivery stents.

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