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The rift between Robbie and Will is currently wide enough to steer the Titanic through, as the strain of fostering Finn has just been too great for them.

The lad has gone to Inverness and Will would like to consider fostering another child. But Robbie has not only had his fingers burned by the idea, but the beating Patrick received has brought his infidelity out into the open.

Worse is to come as Will's bosses think that he may be linked to the attack. As a cop, it's not the best thing to get himself caught up in.


It's not going to the same without Katy, who seems to have been a fixture in the Dales forever.

But she is really gone now and Andy's bereft.

As always in Soapland, this isn't going to be an easy coming to terms – where would they find the drama in that?

Diane's concern grows when Andy gets stuck into work as he tries to cope with the loss of his wife.

Robert feels guilty when his brother asks him for help with the funeral and then completely falls to pieces when he accompanies poor Andy back to Wylie's farm, where Robert pushed his sister–in–law to her death.

It all seems too much for Andy and the village could have another tragedy on its hands.

After all it's been, oh, a good week or so since the last one. However things are looking truly bleak for Andy and it makes for grim viewing – almost EastEnders levels of gloom in fact.

With a bottle of whisky in hand, Andy parks his car at the quarry. Will grief push him over the edge?


The saga of Amber's love life as been going back and forth for some time but now it seems she has decided that Daniel is the one she wants. Inevitably, that leaves both Josh and Imogen devastated but Josh vows to be patient and remains convinced he and Amber will be together again.

Imogen might have wanted to consider the patience route too, as after hearing the news and getting drunk, she wakes up with a stranger looming over her.

Paige threatens a topless protest after Paul changes the logo for the festival.


There's not a drop of good news in sight for Maddy. When she comes out of surgery she learns that the docs had to remove one of her ovaries and there was a suspicious mass which needs to be tested. When the results come back, it turns out she has cancer and she runs from the hospital, only to be warned by Nate to start treatment immediately.

Phoebe has decided she wants out of her contract with Neive but she learns that in order to break the deal, she needs to come up with a large sum of money.


It's a huge week for the soap as you just read on pages 42&43. There's the return of Peggy to Albert Square, plus Ian and Jane's wedding and of course the big reveal about the killer in a live special episode. Thirty years on and they still keep us hooked.


Freddie has found himself at least one person who is determined to stick up for him. Lindsey has vowed to do all she can for him but, as the evidence mounts up against him, it might be that the time has come for him to skip town.

There's also trouble for anyone involved with the McQueens this week.

Porsche and Trevor go to war over Lockie and there's a surprise in the Mercedes murder case.

Phoebe finds her diary and it's a riveting and revelatory read, just as one might expect.

Plus, John Paul and Ste's marriage continues to be under pressure. But has a guardian angel materialised in the very unlikely form of Patrick?


Todd could be described as a shifty, lying, mono–expressioned, no good, two–faced, jealous excuse for a man.

As Eva and Tony try to get her and Jason on the property ladder, the nasty piece of work is trying to split them up. Having already sown seeds of doubt about what's going on between Eva and Tony, he manages to lure Jason to the venue where they're bidding on property.

Furious to see them together, Jason decides violence is the best option and swings a right hook at Tony.

There's plenty of other drama in the Street as Gail heads to the police with the package drug–dealer Callum gave David to look after.

Callum ups the ante, by giving David some of the real thing and orders him to deliver it but David flushes it down the toilet.


TRAGIC Andy's distraught


LOVE Daniel and Amber

WEDDED BLISS? Ian and Jane get hitched in a busy week on Square

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