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The pursuit of parking-lot death metal is killing me, was my immediate thought waking up on my brother-in-law's couch after a day-long parking lot tour with Encoffinized from Huntington Beach. The hustle is real: show up with no warning, no hype--just set up and blast! It's a gamble with the cops and bums but the look on the unsuspecting pedestrians' faces is priceless. Shit, most of 'em will put a few bucks in the coffee can and you end up with lunch and brew paid for by the time it's over. Encoffinized (Chris Johnson and Max Baxter) play killer venues and can hang in the ring with the hardened vets, but their worship of random parking lots where they developed their style has never wavered. Read this interview and then go find their new album Chambers of Deprivation. It's a crusher.

Explain what happened so far today.

Max. Encoffinized/Larb liquor-store parking-lot tour. We played a couple songs at Pat's Liquor in Ocean Beach, then shipped off to Hodad's parking lot and threw down.

Where are we headed next?

Chris: The next bar?

Max: Slappy's skateshop.

How long did it take to perfect your parking-lot sound?

Max: We started out in fuckin' River Bed in Huntington Beach, just practicin', grindin' away. We got serious about starting a band, so we did what it took. We've been a band since 2017 so I'd say about a year and a half. Chris: Just practicing seven days a week, every day, and just going to different spots, like warehouse spots, different parking lots or parking structures. Having to deal with police and people and kind of just hashin' it out, figuring out our sound and tone. We kind of just mastered it.

Max: We know this place called Jerome's out in Fountain Valley.

Chris: Shout out to Jerome's Furniture. 'Sup Jerome's! We see your commercials!

Max: Yeah, we just go behind Jerome's and use their power.

Why did you start practicing in parking lots?

Max: It's expensive. We live in the Orange County/Huntington Beach/Costa Mesa area. There's not a lot of cheap spaces to jam here. It's already expensive to live. We're just a two-person band. We don't need that much power so we just got a generator and started doin' it. Fuck it. Plus, it's alway sunny down here so the weather works too.

Top-four Huntington Beach liquor-store parking lots you would like to play?

Chris: Town Liquor, Hilltop Liquor, Monrovia Liquor. It's not in HB, but Natty's Liquor next to the cemetery. Great 99-cent tall cans, You can't go wrong. The cemetery is right across the street, dude. We took our demo picture there.

Any skateshop parking lots you would like to play?

Chris: Joker's skateshop, for sure.

Max: The Attic. Shout out to Attic!

I noticed your van windows are blacked out with metal and wrestling posters.

Chris: I got Baphomet, I got Devourment, Pyrexia, Suffocation. My personal favorite is Chuck Schuldiner from Death, Scream Bloody Gore. All my respect goes to Chuck. I am what I am because of that man.

Choose four '80s wrestlers that would make a killer death metal band.

Chris: Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin, brother! The big four would be unstoppable.

Any advice to kids discouraged to start a band just because they can't find a place to practice?

Max: Fuckin' do it, man. Whatever it takes. Take your drum set out to some random spot and just play it.

Chris: Go buy a generator, go get a job at McDonald's--wherever. Find a park, a parking lot. I think if you want something bad enough you're gonna' work hard to do it. If you don't try to do it you're not gonna' accomplish anything in life. You are what you make yourself, so if you want it you go up and get it-nothing else to it.
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