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EMU sponsors Smart Coatings 2006.

Smart Coatings 2006, sponsored by the Coatings Research Institute of Eastern Michigan University, will take place February 15-17 at the Grosvenor Resort in Orlando, FL.

Session 1 on smart coatings will include the following presentations: "Engineering nano-porous bioactive coatings containing microorganisms," Michael C. Flickinger, University of Minnesota; "Reversibly responsive polymer coatings and nanostructures," Mingdi Yan, Portland State University; "The influence of geometry on superhydrophobicity," Oskar Werner, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; and "Coatings upon self-assembly of smart nanoparticles," Sergiy Minko and Igor Luzinov, Clarkson University.

Session 2 on smart polymers and coatings will include the following presentations: "Nanostructured electro-optically active smart coatings based on conjugated polymer networks," Rigoberto Advincula, University of Houston; "Synthesis and biological evaluation of new polymer based materials for antimicrobial coatings," Lon J. Mathias, University of Southern Mississippi; "Smart surfaces for the control of bacterial attachment and bio-film accumulation," Linnea Ista and Gabriel Lopez, University of New Mexico; "How smart are acrylic nanoparticles?" Frank N. Jones, Eastern Michigan University; and "Switchable wettability using polyelectrolyte brushes," Omar Azzaroni, University of Cambridge, U.K.

Session 3 on stimuli responsive materials and coatings will include the following presentations: "Nanometer scale antimicrobial fibers based on cationic polyelectrolytes," Timothy E. Long, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; "Formulation and evaluation of antimicrobial waterborne and high solids coatings," Jamil Baghdachi and Daniel Clemans, Eastern Michigan University; "Self decontaminating surfaces to neutralize biological pathogens," Martin Rogers, Luna Innovations; "Biocatalytic paints and coatings," C. Steven McDaniel, Reactive Surfaces; and "Novel, environmentally-friendly, antifouling/fouling release coatings developed by combinatorial methods," Bret J. Chisholm, North Dakota State University.

Session 4 on smart coatings will include the following presentations: "The imprinting approach to synthesize self-assembling coatings and granules for selective interactions with biopolymers and bioparticles," M.C. Hjerten, Sweden; "Bulk entrapment of nontoxic antifouling compounds into silicone coatings: Experimental studies and mathematical modeling," Abdulhadi A. Al-Juhni, University of Akron; "The study on nanotechnology-based organic coatings," Limin Wu, Fudan University, China; and "Investigation of an electrochemical basis for the protection of steel and aluminum samples by polyaniline and polyphenylene ether coatings," Peter Spellane, New York City College of Technology; and "Nanotechnology in coatings hype, hope and reality," Thomas Sawitowski, BYK Chemie, Germany.

Session 5 on smart coatings will include the following presentations: "Intelligent corrosion protection by conducting polymers," M. Rohwerder, Max-Planck-Institut fur Eisenforschung, Germany; "High speed vacuum deposition for wide web polymer coatings," Michael G. Mikhael, Sigma Technologies International; "Remedial, bioactive facades by application of photocatalytic, transparent thin film TiO2 coatings on organic coatings," Karunanithi Vijayanand, IEC Group, Singapore; "Effects of alumina and silica nano-particles on automotive clear-coat properties," Ray Fernando, California Polytechnic State University; "Nanocomposite dispersion - an innovation in water-based coatings," Harm Wiese, BASF, Germany; "Surface modified nano-additives for coatings," John W. Du, BYK Chemie; and "Intelligent coatings for fire protection of wood," Joshwa A. Raj, Al Gurg Leigh's Paints. U.A.E.

Further information on Smart Coatings 2006 is available from Sandra Tanner (734) 487-2203.
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