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EMR advances proposal for Massive Kuwait oil recovery program.

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 26, 1996--EMR TECHNOLOGIES CORP. (Alberta Stock Exchange:EMW) EMR Microwave Technology Corporation announces that it has completed a technical evaluation site visit to the Kuwait oil fields, site of the Gulf War oil fires and resultant oil lakes and has met with senior Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Kuwait Institute For Scientific Research (KISR) officials.

EMR has been invited to complete technical evaluation tests and submit a full proposal within 90 days. EMR's proposal will outline a 9 month field trial followed by a full production recovery and remediation program. If accepted, the EMR proposal can be operational within 12 months from the date of this announcement.

The Kuwait oil lakes are located at 300 separate spill sites containing in excess of an estimated 100 million barrels of heavy oil and bitumen including oil saturated sand. The oil lakes are considered a major environmental emergency and their cleanup, including full site remediation, a first priority issue for the nation. In addition, the lakes present a serious operational impediment to resumption of normal oil field activities.

The EMR process, if adopted, will lead to bitumen recovery and desaturation of the sand to levels at which bio-remediation can be most effective. The EMR proposal will be the only complete, fluid-to-remediation process with bitumen recovery as an added bonus advanced to the Kuwait government.

EMR is proceeding immediately on an agressive laboratory test and development program using sample materials collected in Kuwait. The company has already established the necessary Kuwait sponsorship agreement and in-country support for the project. -0- EDITOR'S NOTE: THE ALBERTA STOCK EXCHANGE HAS NEITHER APPROVED NOR DISAPPROVED OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS PRESS RELEASE.

CONTACT: EMR Microwave Technology Corporation

Dr. J. M. Tranquilla, 506/459-4334

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Ms. P. Neill, 506/444-8704

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 26, 1996
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