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 BRIDGEVILLE, Pa., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Emprise Technologies today introduced Stage3(TM), The Virtual Tape Solution for LANs(SM), a program that provides a CPI-C/LU6.2 gateway between major LAN server backup products and dominant IBM MVS mainframe storage management utilities.
 Stage3 provides centralized storage and management of distributed data, while allowing the LAN backup process to continue to be administered and controlled from the LAN.
 Stage3 works with today's most widely installed LAN-based backup systems, preserving the benefits they provide and extending their capabilities even further. The list of LAN systems with which Stage3 interfaces includes:
 -- Cheyenne ARCserve(R) for NetWare, Windows Edition v5.0;
 -- Palindrome Network Archivist(TM) 3.0;
 -- Legato Networker(TM); and
 -- Sytron Sytos Plus(R) (OS/2) for LAN Manager and LAN Server
 As part of the Stage3 introduction, Emprise announced the signing of a technology and marketing agreement with Cheyenne Software, Inc., in which both companies will join forces to sell and market the combination of Stage3 and Cheyenne's ARCserve for NetWare, Windows Edition, v5.0. This joint effort will provide users without a current LAN backup system with a complete solution for LAN-to-mainframe backup. Emprise Technologies will exclusively market Cheyenne ARCserve for NetWare, Windows Edition, v5.0 for a period of six months.
 Emprise also announced that it has signed technology and marketing agreements with major LAN backup vendors Legato Systems, Inc. Palindrome Corporation and Sytron Corporation. The agreements combine Emprise's expertise in intersystems management with the backup vendors' dominant market positions in the rapidly evolving distributed computing environment.
 "There's a clear need in the marketplace for an open solution like Stage3," said Greg Coticchia, vice president of operations for Emprise Technologies. "LAN managers want to retain administration over their data, and they're comfortable using their proven server-based backup systems. But they're tired of coping with the constant capacity management and media handling issues. IS managers are searching for ways to utilize the existing corporate data center resources without forcing mainframe-controlled products on the LANs. They're both under pressure from corporate management to maximize installed equipment investment. Stage3 fulfills all these requirements without disrupting their current procedures." Glen McDermed, strategic planning analyst at Gartner Group, concurs. "Emprise Technologies' product will enable LAN-based backup products to use MVS as a virtual tape drive. This bridges the gap between local control and efficiency of centralized operations. It's the kind of solution that appeals to many organizations both strategically and politically. We see data centers becoming more actively involved in LAN backup administration, and with good reason. LAN administrators are anxious to find a way to eliminate local tape handling and local tape drive purchases. They want to take advantage of IS resources including more reliable media and 24-hour operations staff available for tape mounts, but they are hesitant about losing local control over the backup process. Utilizing the mainframe as a LAN backup data repository," McDermed continues, "has the potential to reduce the total cost of enterprise computing."
 Stage3 conforms to the industry standard software and communications protocols most organizations already have in place. Operating as a NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) on the backup server or OS/2 process, Stage3 transmits data on the SAA for NetWare integration platform via CPI-C-based LU6.2(APPC) to IBM MVS mainframes.
 "Our customers have been demanding solutions that can leverage their existing IS staff and mainframe-based storage management tools to back up and archive their NetWare-based mission critical data," said Gerry Machi, vice president and general manager, NetWare Systems Group- Enterprise Products, Novell, Inc. "Emprise Technologies' Stage3 product, along with NetWare for SAA, provides NetWare customers with a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for their storage management needs."
 Stage3 is based on Emprise Technologies' exclusive "Enterprise Transport for Linking and Communicating" ((E-TLC(TM)), an open, distributed LAN-to-mainframe enabling technology that provides a strategic architectural foundation for Stage3, and, in the future, other Emprise intersystems management applications. Based on an SAA and X/Open standard CPI-C, E-TLC technology lets organizations capitalize on their equipment investment by coordinating the activities of systems software over the entire scope of distributed environments.
 In developing Stage3, Emprise Technologies established a Customer Advisory Board made up of industry leading LAN backup suppliers, Cheyenne, Legato, Palindrome and Sytron, and also LAN and IS managers responsible for backup. Feedback from the Customer Advisory Board was used to guide Emprise Technologies' product direction. In interviews with LAN and IS managers, market research firm, Competitive Strategies, Inc. found that 81 percent of backup administrators prefer the Stage3 architecture over proprietary, mainframe-controlled solutions such as IBM's ADSM.
 In that study, Competitive Strategies predicted that most LAN storage administration responsibilities will shift to IS by 1995, increasing the need for network and storage capacity dramatically. Mission critical data will be centralized to simplify management and handle an increasingly mobile workforce. Labor will continue to be the highest cost component in end-user computing, i.e., 82 percent for administration vs. 18 percent for capital expenditures. By reducing user data management tasks such as cooperative backup, IS can save up to $1,000 per user per year.
 Stage3 for Cheyenne ARCserve for NetWare, Windows Edition, v5.0 will begin shipping Nov. 15, 1993; Stage3 for the other LAN products will be available in the next six months.
 Emprise Technologies provides intersystems management software products that intelligently link centralized and distributed computing environments, enabling customers to rightsize their information systems for substantial bottom-line benefits.
 The company is dedicated to delivering open, cooperative programs that capitalize on the strengths of both new and existing systems to create a cohesive, easily accessed and efficiently managed multi-platform environment. Emprise Technologies focuses in three primary businesses: distributed transaction processing, cooperative systems management, and distributed storage management.
 Emprise Technologies offers tools that "empower the enterprise" to increase productivity while reducing operating costs so IS can realize the benefits of rightsizing.
 Emprise Technologies was founded in 1991 by computer industry veterans Glen F. Chatfield, Denis Burt, Gregory Coticchia, Alan Himler, Patrick Pagano and Neal Pollon. Chatfield was a founder of Duquesne Systems and the first CEO of its successor, LEGENT Corporation. The other Emprise partners previously played key roles in development and marketing at Duquesne Systems, and later, LEGENT.
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 /CONTACT: Greg Coticchia of Emprise, 412-257-9060, or Debbie Melone of Miller Melone, 412-231-2519, for Emprise/

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