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TV STAR Jane Cameron - Emmerdale nanny Sophie - walked away from a car crash on a dark moorland road in which a woman of 20 died.

But the smash has left her anguished, because the victim came from her home town and went to the same school as her brother.

Last night a family friend said: "Jane is distraught over the whole thing. You can imagine the sense of shock when she realised where the dead girl came from, and was known to her family."

Jane, 23, who played vet Zoe Tate's lesbian lover before quitting the soap earlier this year, was with her mother in a Saab 9000 driven by her stepfather.

Steven Wood, 43, had a collision with a Vauxhall Nova at an unlit junction.

Both cars careered off the road and into a field at a remote spot near Menwith Hill, Harrogate, North Yorks.

Nova driver Melanie Powell, 20, an office worker on her way to see her boyfriend, died.

Actress Jane and her family scrambled from their Saab with cuts and bruises. The car was a write- off.

The family pal said: "It was amazing that they managed to walk away but Jane was terribly upset and shaken. She was taken to hospital with a nasty bump to the head, an injured neck and whiplash.

"It is the mental scars that will need time to heal."

Melanie worked in Bradford after leaving a chemist's shop job in Ilkley, where she and Jane grew up.

She was at school with Jane's younger brother.

Pal Rick Ware said: "She was the best girl ever, fun-loving with lots of friends."
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Author:Dennis, Steve
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 7, 1998
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