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Encirq Corporation, San Francisco, Calif., has introduced Encirq 3e Database Suite for Embedded Systems, a suite of technology, tools, and components for creating the world's smallest embedded databases -- often in less than 50K. With Encirq 3e, developers can create application-specific databases without sacrificing performance or features. The highly compact Encirq technology is being used successfully to improve productivity and shorten development cycle on a wide range of products --from autos to cell phones.

"Size matters," said Mark Vogel, founder and CEO of Encirq. "For designers of embedded applications, increased memory efficiency can considerably reduce deployment costs and reduce power needs. And since the Encirq 3e database development tools generate completely custom portable C code, developers get the rich features their applications demand in the smallest possible size, without any excess baggage."

In addition to its radically small footprint, Encirq 3e offers developers the best combination of high performance, easy programmability, power and affordability for embedded applications.

Encirq 3e databases are more than twice as fast and less than half the size of Encirq 2e databases, can operate with or without an operating system, and run on 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers and microprocessors. Working through worldwide distribution partners, Encirq's customers are benefiting from improved productivity and shortened development cycles on a wide range of innovative, new industrial and consumer products.

"We have licensed Encirq 3e to a major Japanese communications equipment company and they have dramatically reduced the development time, reduced the memory needs, and extended battery life in a product that was using a proprietary data management solution," said Hiroyuki Kato, president of A.I. Corporation, a leading technology reseller in the Japan industrial software market. This yet-to-be-announced product uses micro-ITRON, a popular real-time operating system in Japan.

Features of the Encirq 3e Database Suite

Encirq 3e Data Expert development tools -- Database and data management tools that are seamlessly integrated into popular IDEs, including Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio

-- A powerful program logic language, an interactive prototyping tool, and a code generator that analyzes data logic and creates highly optimized, portable C code specific to an application's needs.

Encirq 3e \CL Component License Packs -- Runtime system component libraries that include the Encirq \SL Service Library and Encirq 3e Streaming Data Engine.

Pricing and Availability

The Encirq 3e Database Suite is available immediately. While conventional embedded data management solutions typically have licensing fees of anywhere from several dollars to several hundred dollars per user, Encirq 3e is priced under $1 for customers with shipments in excess of 50,000 units.

Encirq 3e is available directly from Encirq Corporation or through worldwide distribution partners, including A.I. Corporation in Japan.

A 30-day Encirq 3e Evaluation Pack is available for free. Visit for more information.

About Encirq Corporation

Encirq Corporation, a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., is a leading provider of database tools, technology, and components for embedded systems and applications. The Encirq 3e Database Suite reduces development effort, while increasing the functionality, reliability and affordability of any embedded system. Encirq's products also make it possible to create new, high value applications that, until now, have been constrained by technical feasibility or cost. The Encirq 3e technology does not require an embedded operating system, but will work with all major embedded operating systems, virtually any processor and popular development tools.

For more information, visit or call (415)284.9800.
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Date:Nov 1, 2003

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