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EMA Praises New Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule.

The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) recently praised the Environmental Protection Agency for introducing a new Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule that is designed to lower emissions from construction, agricultural and industrial diesel-powered equipment by more than 90 percent as well as reduce the sulfur content in diesel fuel by 99 percent.

According to EMA president Jed Mandel, engine manufacturers are "committed to meeting the new standard and doing their part to improve the nation's air quality."

"Because nonroad engines must operate under harsh operating conditions, meet unique performance requirements and vary over a wide range of engine sizes and power requirements, meeting EPA's new emissions standards will be no simple task and will require a large development effort on the part of engine and emissions control equipment manufacturers," said Mandel. "However, given time to adapt the technologies and lessons learned from the on-highway engine market to nonroad engines, we are confident that manufacturers will be able to provide the emissions reductions called for in the regulation."

Contact: Jed Mandel, EMA, phone 312-269-8042, website

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Date:May 14, 2004
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