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ELSA GLoria(TM) II Delivers High-Powered Workstation Graphics For Design and Animation Professionals.

High Performance Graphics Accelerator Sets a New Low-Price Standard

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- ELSA, Inc., a world leader in computer graphics and communications solutions, today announced ELSA GLoria II -- a 2D/3D graphics accelerator that sets a new standard by offering high-end workstation graphics functionality and performance for under $900. With up to 64MB graphics memory and a 350 MHz RAMDAC, GLoria II delivers powerful graphics performance for game development, film animation and effects, computer-aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE), and image processing requirements. GLoria II combine ELSA's unique OpenGL technology and certified application-specific enhancements with the newly introduced Quadro workstation graphics processing unit (GPU) from NVIDIA Corporation to deliver a powerful solution that out-performs considerably higher-priced boards in the market.

"The ELSA GLoria II is the optimal price-performance solution for all users in the CAD and DCC markets," said Charles Watson, director of marketing for ELSA, Inc. "It sets a whole new standard for the amount of processing power users get for their money ... for $850, the level of performance is absolutely mind-boggling. Thanks to the enormous performance boost provided by ELSA's workstation-optimized drivers and the new Quadro GPU, users will reap the benefits of a system designed to exceed the requirements of today's most demanding design and animation applications."

Enabling up to 17 million triangles per second and a peak texture fill rate of 540 million pixels per second, the ELSA GLoria II delivers fast, dedicated application horsepower for game content development, film effects and visualization. Along with enhanced support for anti-aliased points and lines, the GLoria II allows for two-sided lighting, full transform, front buffer 3D clipping and shared back-buffer support for powerful 3D modeling, design and drafting performance. For end-users, this represents a significant reduction of overall design time and costs.

"ELSA has a long history of delivering industry-leading quality and performance to the workstation market," said Tony Tamasi, director of product marketing at NVIDIA Corporation. "By combining the Quadro GPU with ELSA's new GLoria II graphics accelerator, professionals in the CAD/CAM, animation, and digital content creation industries have the opportunity to access the world's most powerful graphics technology at never-before-seen price points."

ELSA Software Advantage

The GLoria II is designed for use with professional applications such as AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Maya, SOFTIMAGE|3D, LightWave 3D, Nichimen Mirai, ESRI ArcView, Microstation, and Photoshop. Through the ELSA Software Advantage, customers take advantage of a wide array of unique, high-performance drivers and utilities to enable ELSA GLoria and Synergy accelerator boards to achieve maximum 2D/3D graphics performance. The ELSA Software Advantage provides professionals with unrestricted performance, visual quality and productivity advantages for OpenGL and 2D drafting applications, including bundled software drivers and utilities for AutoCAD and 3D Studio MAX/VIZ. ELSA POWERdraft is the only driver worldwide delivering 2D hardware acceleration for both AutoCAD R14 and 2000. ELSA MAXtreme delivers 3D graphics performance with a customized driver combining OpenGL, HEIDI, and ELSA technology for 3D Studio MAX R2 and R3. ELSAview 3D is a real-time 3D editor and viewer tightly integrated with AutoCAD R14, AutoCAD 2000, MDT and ADT.

With support for AGP 2X and true AGP 4X support, GLoria II offers unmatched Windows NT performance. Utilizing the Quadro GPU as its integrated hardware setup core, GLoria II leverages the Pentium III core for high-bandwidth geometry processing. With the implementation of Intel's new Streaming SIMD Extensions instruction set, ELSA maximizes the Pentium III's potential by accelerating important parts of the geometry pipeline to deliver significant application performance improvements to customers. These Pentium III optimizations provide up to a 50 percent speed increase with extremely complex models and scenes.

Product Availability

The GLoria II is scheduled to be available in late Q4 1999. Initial pricing is expected to start under $850 for the 64MB version. For more information, contact ELSA at 800-272-3572 or visit ELA's website at

ELSA Information

ELSA is a leading provider of computer graphics and Internet access solutions for the PC. Its product range includes graphics boards, modems, ISDN adapters, videoconferencing systems, ISDN & DSL routers, and monitors. ELSA was founded in 1980 and today has more than 550 employees. In addition to its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, it also maintains subsidiaries in San Jose, California, as well as Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo, Japan. Since June 1988, ELSA AG shares are traded on the "Neuer Markt' trading segment of the Frankfurt stock exchange in Germany.

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