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ELO ELO EVO; What's going on here then?

Byline: Darren Liggett

LAST week I told you about the PSNI's Project EVO. This week is the story of how this car was transformed from a standard traffic branch car into the Fast and Furious creation you see here.

If you haven't heard about Project EVO, here's the brief. Take an ex-traffic branch Mitsubishi Evo VII that was destined for the scrapyard and turn it into a full blown Fast and Furious modified street car that would form the basis of a educational tool that the PSNI will use to teach Road Safety.

The car was stripped back to a bare shell, then painted by Jim Irwin in stunning white and had a full ICE install fitted by Audio Advice of Portadown who also gave the EVO a full interior re-trim in Alcantara leather with embroidered PSNI logos.

The sound system consists of a Pioneer head unit running 4x12" subwoofers in a custom enclosure where the back seats used to be, 2x8" coaxial component speakers in each front door and 2x10" coaxial speakers in the back doors.

There's a mono-block 1,000 watt amp, a 4-channel 400 watt and a 2-channel 200 watt amp taking care of the power. A Platstation3 and Nintendo Wii games consoles are fitted and can be viewed on a huge 37" plasma TV in the boot, a 15" LCD screen in the boot lid and a 7" screen on the Pioneer head unit. The 37" TV was kindly donated by the Sony Centre in Lisburn.

Project EVO also boasts a Clifford CAT1 car security system but who in their right minds would try and steal a cop car? Add to that new alloys with Continental tyres, graphics by Vinyl Touch and carbon fibre body parts. As you can see from the pictures Project EVO has come a long way and it's not finished yet. There's suspension, engine and exhaust modifications all in the pipeline and I'll be running regular updates on the progress.


INSPECTOR GADGET Davey McCausland and (inset left) my story last week START TO FINISH Project EVO began life as an ex-traffic branch car and as you can see from our exclusive pictures the car has been transformed from standard car to show car and is now ready for the PSNI to demonstrate accross Northern Ireland
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 26, 2010
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