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ELLOW ELLOW ELLOW; 5ft cop big on arrests.


THE long arm of the law just got a tad shorter.

At 5ft tall, PC Robin Port may be Britain's shortest bobby but he has made 17 arrests in his first month on the beat.

Former soldier Robin, who served in Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and Northern Ireland, said yesterday: "When it comes to jokes about being short, I've heard them all before.

"I've had the odd comment - mostly from people who are drunk and incoherent. But I am confident I can hold my own. I have martial arts training. And the uniform still carries with it a lot of authority.

"The arrests I have made have been people of all sizes and shapes. This has not once posed an issue."

PC Port, 29, began his training last March and now pounds the beat in Tiverton for Devon and Cornwall Police.

Insp Matt Lawler said: "I have been really pleased with PC Port's progress." Rules requiring police recruits to be at least 5ft 8in were scrapped a decade ago.

5ft 8in the old minimum height for a policeman


LITTLE & LARGE PC Port with Insp Lawler, who is 6ft
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 14, 2010
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