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ELGA keeps moving on.

For over half a century ELGA Process Water has been delivering high purity water to its customers. Back in the 1950s ELGA pioneered the service exchange system, in which cylinders of mixed bed ion exchange resins are used to produce deionised water and then returned to ELGA for regeneration. The ability to produce high purity water without the need for regeneration chemicals had immediate appeal to laboratories and healthcare technicians but rapidly spread to a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals to electroplating. As more and more customers depended on service exchange, ELGA found itself in the logistics business and, in 1990, invested in its own dedicated transport fleet which currently delivers service exchange cylinders to over 2000 customers nationwide.

The market is still growing and ELGA recently opened a new increased capacity cylinder regeneration centre at its Stoke-on-Trent operations centre. To keep up with demand the transport fleet has been increased by the addition of two new 14 tonne gross weight box vans and three new 7.5 tonne gross weight box vans.


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Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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