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 MARLBORO, Mass., May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the evolving requirements of engineers who design complex PLDs (CPLDs) and FPGAs, Viewlogic Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW) today announced the formation of an alliance with leading silicon vendors that focuses on linking CPLD and FPGA designs into high-performance system environments.
 The goal of this new alliance, called "Programmable PowerTeam," is to provide high-performance, integrated design tools that empower users to build the most functional devices in the least amount of time. In a reversal of the historical trend, Viewlogic will assume responsibility for the sale and support of these CPLD and FPGA design tools, as elements of a total integrated, high-end design solution.
 Historically, silicon vendors have provided their customers with a suite of point design tools capable of meeting the requirements of CPLD/FPGA design. As designs become more complex, users require richer, more powerful tools to create designs that meet functional, optimization and speed requirements.
 "Silicon vendors have long recognized that electronics designers require access to a wider variety of high performance tools, including top-down design and integrated systems design tools," said Gene Robinson, Viewlogic's senior vice president of marketing and sales. "This program reinforces Viewlogic's position and commitment as the defacto standard for FPGA design."
 Charter members of Viewlogic's Programmable PowerTeam include Actel Corp. (Sunnyvale, Calif.), Altera Corp. (San Jose, Calif.), and Xilinx Corp. (San Jose). For each of these vendors' architectures, Viewlogic is developing a fully-integrated, "best-of-class" design solution. The basic solution comprises Viewlogic's design entry, simulation and the silicon vendor's optimization and place and route tools integrated into Viewlogic's industry standard OpenFrame design framework. Similar Viewlogic solutions for other popular FPGA architectures are forthcoming.
 "With this announcement, Viewlogic effectively becomes a universal front end for FPGA and CPLD design," Robinson said. "Our solutions for Actel, Altera and Xilinx are only the beginning."
 Viewlogic's new offerings will make the full breadth and power of Viewlogic's Powerview(R), Workview PLUS(R), and PRO Series tool suites accessible to FPGA and CPLD designers for the first time. Up until now, users have used point solutions for programmable design, and had to piece together a variety of tools in order to finish the job -- designing the device into a system. Now engineers can use a consistent environment from the point they start designing a programmable device to the moment they complete integrating it into a system. In the future, they will be able to leverage the powerful system design tools, high- level design methodologies, and other advanced Viewlogic capabilities in the FPGA design process.

Integrating Optimization and Place and Route Into Design
 To create its fully integrated CPLD/FPGA design solution, Viewlogic is integrating the three partners' optimization and place and route tools into its Powerview and Workview PLUS environments for UNIX- and DOS/Windows-based platforms, respectively.
 "Whereas IC layout is fundamentally a problem for CAD engineers, programmable logic optimization and place and route is an issue for design engineers," Robinson said. "Viewlogic is committed to providing design engineers with complete solutions to their design challenges. By incorporating each silicon vendor's own optimization tools with our design entry, simulation and other modules, users are ensured a best-of- breed solution that best meets all of their programmable design needs."
 The Actel and Altera agreements with Viewlogic represent the first time these programmable silicon vendors have allowed any vendor of electronic design automation (EDA) tools to re-market their optimization and place and route tools. Actel and Xilinx already OEM Viewlogic's- Workview-tools as an offering in its design kits as part of Viewlogic's Silicon Design Alliance (SDA) program. Actel and Xilinx will continue to OEM Viewlogic's Workview tools as a member of Viewlogic's SDA program.
 With its Programmable PowerTeam, Viewlogic delivers to FPGA designers an integrated, high-performance solution similar to that available to designers of full-custom integrated circuits through the IC PowerTeam. Announced last December, IC PowerTeam integrates best-of- breed IC layout and verification tools under Viewlogic's Powerview umbrella. IC PowerTeam members include such leading point tool suppliers as Cascade, Epic, HLD, ISS, and Silvar-Lisco.
 "Actel's commitment to giving users freedom of choice has never been more dramatically demonstrated in the programmable design market than by today's announcement of the Programmable PowerTeam," Andy Haines, Actel's director of marketing said. "Viewlogic is on the forefront of providing users with the flexibility and freedom they need. Over time, whichever devices engineers elect to use, they will have best-of-breed design software to use with it."
 "This partnership is beneficial to all involved," said Erik Cleage, Altera vice president of marketing. "Customers get what they have been asking for -- a seamless integration between CAE an PLD tools, protecting their investment in tools, training and methodology."
 Viewlogic intends to expand its Programmable PowerTeam in the coming months. The company currently is in discussions with several other programmable logic vendors including Cypress Semiconductor (San Jose, Calif.).
 Viewlogic's turn-key FPGA and CPLD design solution -- including integrated vendor-specific design entry, simulation and layout tools -- will be available next month for Actel and Altera architectures. Prices start at $11,000 for a Workview PLUS configuration, and $14,000 for a Powerview configuration. Vendor-specific layout tools integrated into Viewlogic's Workview PLUS environment start at $4,000; Powerview-based FPGA layout starts at $7,500. Viewlogic will also offer optimization and place and route capabilities for its popular PRO series.
 Founded in 1984, Viewlogic Systems, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of
electronic design automation solutions. Viewlogic's software for UNIX- and DOS/Windows-based platforms, combined with its broad range of support services, enables electrical engineers to design state-of-the- art electronic products more efficiently, reducing development cost and speeding time-to-market.
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 /CONTACT: Patrick Pecorelli of Viewlogic Systems, 508-480-0881/

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