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ELECTIONS SPECIAL: Who stands to win in the battle for power?; local electrions may 1st.

VOTERS go to the polls next Thursday for the local authority elections. We start our coverage by looking at the candidates vying for seats in the town halls across Warwickshire.

Mixed feelings of our voters of the future

Youngsters' views

IN RECENT years the local elections have been met with apathy and low turnouts.

We asked 14-year-olds at Alderman Callow School, in Canley, Coventry for their views as voters of the future.


"I will probably vote in the local elections when I'm 18. My parents do. I don't know who I'd vote for. I think the city is all right as it is and I don't think there are any issues that really need sorting out."

RYAN STANWAY: "I'll probably vote when I'm older. I'll choose someone who will do a good job. My parents vote but they don't tell me what to vote and keep it to themselves about who they vote for.

"I think the council generally do a good job. But the street cleaners haven't been to our road for quite a long time."

SIMON GLOSTER: "I'd vote and look at what the candidates said on their leaflets to decide. I'd look for someone who thinks the council should clean up more and not leave it for ages."

JOHN ATKIN: "I wouldn't vote. My parents don't vote and I don't think it is important. All the councillors seem the same and if you vote for someone I don't think they'll make a difference. They could if they wanted to but they don't.

"They always say they are going to build things and then they never get built."

SIMON WITHERS: "I don't think I'd vote. I wouldn't know where to go, I couldn't be bothered and I don't think it makes any difference.

"Sometimes politicians can do a good job, but sometimes they do a naff job."

ALEX HAMILTON: "I am interested to know what would happen if nobody voted.

"We never get told about the candidates and you don't know who they are. If they came to the house and talked about what they would do then maybe I would be more keen."

BEN DAVIS: "I'd look at what they are trying to do. I'd consider the parties as well as what the people say. But the council has limited funding so it's difficult to make a difference. There's things like rubbish in the streets but that's not really the council's fault - it's the people who drop it."

North Warwickshire Borough Council CURRENT STATE OF PLAY: Lab 22, Con 9, Lib Dem 2, Ind 1 (total 34)

OF THE 34 seats on the council, 17 are up for election next Thursday, Labour currently holds the lion's share with 22 seats.

Boundary changes mean that there will be some new wards, including Atherstone Central, Arley and Whitacre and Baddesley and Grendon, while Atherstone South has merged with Mancetter and Hurley has linked up with Wood End.

Polesworth, currently served by three councillors representing one ward, will now have four councillors serving Polesworth East and Polesworth West.

The Conservatives have already celebrated first blood before a single vote was cast, claiming two seats in Fillongley because neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats contested the traditional Tory stronghold.

That means that borough councillors Les Smith and Colin Hayfield have been returned unopposed.

ARLEY AND WHITACRE 3 seats: Adrian Thomas Edgington (Lab), Margaret Hall* (Lab), Daniel Partington (Con), Louis Stephenson (Ind), Sidney Tooth (Lab), Helen Sgroja (Con)

ATHERSTONE CENTRAL 2 seats: Barrington Shaun Beeson (Con), Richard Freer (Con), Derek Pickard (Lab), Ann Pauline Shearer (Lab), Graham William Smith (Lib Dem)

ATHERSTONE NORTH 2 seats: Richard John Barker (Lab), Jennifer Bassan (Lib Dem), Anne Forwood* (Lab), Georgina Langhor (Con), William Hugh Powell* (Lib Dem), James Geoffrey Taylor (Con)

ATHERSTONE SOUTH AND MANCETTER 2 seats: Paul Keith Bell (Lab), Lorraine Freer (Con), David Milligan (Lib Dem), Colin Walter Peat (Con), Neil Robert Sanders (Lib Dem), Edwin Smith (Lab)

BADDESLEY AND GRENDON 2 seats: Marguerite Raquel Bartlam (Ind), John Moore (Lab), Melanie Smith (Con), Raymond Sweet* (Lab), William John Taggart (Con)

COLESHILL NORTH 2 seats: Matthew Martin James Doyle (Lab), Peter John Fowler* (Con), Norman Henderson (Ind), Theresa Cecilia Welby* (Con)

COLESHILL SOUTH 2 seats: Derek Richmond Gordon (Con), William Richards (Ind), Gordon James Thomas Sherratt (Con), Fadel Takrouri (Lab)

CURDWORTH 2 seats: Michael Desmond Banner (Lab), Joan Lee* (Con), Mark Simpson (Con).

DORDON 2 seats: Dominica Claire Downs (Ind), Susan Joyce Hanratty (Con), Peter Frank Morson* (Lab), John George Winter* (Lab)

FILLONGLEY 2 seats: Colin Charles Hayfield* (Con), Leslie John Smith* (Con)

HARTSHILL 2 seats: Martin Cyril Davis (Con), Kathleen Johnston (Con), Reginald Place* (Lab), Roy Robinson* (Lab)

HURLEY AND WOOD END 2 seats: Rebecca Clare Harding (Con), Ann Lewis (Lab), Hayden Albert Phillips* (Lab)

KINGSBURY 2 seats: Leslie William Forsythe (Lab)*, Charles Stuart Douglas Gray (Lib Dem), Andrew Roy Jenns (Lib Dem), Brian Peter Moss* (Lab), Howard Leslie Smith (Con)

NEWTON REGIS AND WARTON 2 seats: Margaret Anne Manley (Con), Matilda May (Con), Richard Manuel Meredith* (Lib Dem), Carmel Mary Morson* (Lab), John Lewis Peters (Lib Dem), Robin James Powell (Lab)

POLESWORTH WEST 2 seats: Douglas Birkinshaw (Lab), Alan Jeffrey Smith* (Lab), Wendy Christine Smitten (Con)

POLESWORTH EAST 2 seats: Robert Alan Alsop (Ind), Michael Stanley* (Lab), Yvette Karen Stanley (Lab), Gillian Thomas (Con)

WATER ORTON 2 seats: Celia Bonner* (Lab), Raymond Vernon Payne (Con), Kenneth Sims (Lab), Stuart Thomas Swann (Con).

* denotes sitting councillor

Nuneaton & Bedworth:

THERE are no elections for the borough council this year. Its system allows for an election every two years, the next being in 2004.

Rugby Borough Council

CURRENT STATE OF PLAY: Con 18, Lab 15, Lib Dem 10, Ind 4 and one vacancy (total 48)

SEVENTEEN of the 48 seats at Rugby Town Hall (right) will be up for grabs on Thursday. That includes a vacant New Bilton seat, following the death of Labour stalwart Frank Blackman last year. The outcome could shift the balance of power. The Tories hold a two-seat majority.

PADDOX 1 seat: Glenda Allanach (Lib Dem)*, Ben Ferrett (Lab), Pauline Elson (Con)

RYTON ON DUNSMORE 1 seat: Ron Backholler (Ind)*, Philip Cropper (Con)

NEW BILTON 1 seat: Don Williams (Lab)*, David Upstone (Lib Dem), Dorothy Neville (Lib Dem), Sabir Yusuf (Con)

NEW BILTON [vacant] 1 seat: Tina Avis (Lab), David Upstone (Lib Dem), Dorothy Neville (Lib Dem), Caroline Wright (Con), Lillian Pallikaropoulos (Ind)

LEAM VALLEY 1 seat: Gordon Collett (Con)*, David Morgan (Lab), Janet Bocus (Lib Dem)

HILLMORTON 1 seat: Terry Deery (Lab)*, David Elson (Con), Richard Allanach (Lib Dem)

BROWNSOVER SOUTH 1 seat: Claire Edwards (Lab)*, Mervyn Leah (Lib Dem), Kevin Taylor (Con)

EARL CRAVEN & WOLSTON 1 seat: David Elson (Con)*^, Derek Poole (Con), Tony Harris (Lab)

CALDECOTT 1 seat: Tom Hardgrave (Lib Dem)*^, Sue Roodhouse *(Lib Dem), Doug Hall (Lab), Ian Smith (Con)

ADMIRALS 1 seat: Kathy Hayter (Lab)*, Hilda Fletcher (Lib Dem), Peter Butlin (Con)

OVERSLADE 1 seat: Kamaljit Kaur (Con)*, Mike Hirons (Lab)

DUNCHURCH & KNIGHTLOW 1 seat: Mark Pawsey (Con)*, Brenda Clarke (Lab), Ian Morris (Lib Dem), Vaughan Owen (Ind)

BROWNSOVER NORTH 1 seat: Carolyn Robbins (Con)*, Steve Birkett (Lab), Heidi Thomas (Lib Dem)

EASTLANDS 1 seat: Neil Sandison (Lib Dem)*, Vasanji Chana (Lab), Paul Newsome (Con)

NEWBOLD 1 seat: John Wells (Lab)*, Ramesh Srivastava (Lab), Chris Thoday (Lib Dem), Felipe Tejero (Con)

BENN 1 seat: Brian Whistance (Lab)*, Jim Hotten (Lib Dem), Chris Pacey-Day (Con)

BILTON 1 seat: David Wright (Con)*, Pat Joyce (Lab), Beatrice O'Dwyer (Lib Dem)

* denotes sitting councillor

Stratford District Council

CURRENT STATE OF PLAY: Con 26, Lib Dem 22, Others 3, Lab 2 (total 53)

THERE is a fine balance at Stratford District Council, where 16 of the 53 seats are up for election. Every seat was contested last year and Tories held on with a majority of one, but they lost overall control at a by-election. Just a few changing hands this time could see the Tories or Lib Dems win control.

ALCESTER 1 seat: Sylvia Mary Hyde (Con), Pamela Ann Price (Lib Dem)*

BIDFORD AND SALFORD 1 seat: John William Sandle (Lib Dem), Brian Walter Slaughter (Con)*

FENNY COMPTON 1 seat: John Wallace Talbot Insoll (Lib Dem), Chris Robin Williams (Con)*

HENLEY 1 seat: Mark Andrew Edwards (Lib Dem), Ann Haddon (Con)*

KINETON 1 seat: Louise Eden Giblin (Lib Dem)*, Richard George David Hurley (Con)

SHIPSTON 1 seat: Stephen Charles Gray (Con), Bob David White (Lib Dem)*

SOUTHAM 1 seat: Leslie Robert Hewer (Con), James Ernest Taylor (Lab)*, Charlie Kenneth Howard Williams (Lib Dem)

STOCKTON AND NAPTON 1 seat: Peter Anthony Garret (Con), Nigel Ian Christopher Rock (Lib Dem)

STRATFORD ALVESTON 1 seat: Roy Frederick Lodge (Ind), Judith Riley (Lib Dem)*, Leslie Vernon Rouch, Vincent Graham Seaman (Con),

STRATFORD AVENUE AND NEW TOWN 1 seat: Robert Bessell (Con), Keith Lloyd (Ind), Bill Arthur Lowe (Lib Dem)*, Karen Dawn Parnell (Lab)

STRATFORD GUILD AND HATHAWAY 1 seat: Michael Anthony Gerrard (Lab), Roger John Hatch (Ind), Michael Leonard Perry (Con), Clive Thomas (Lib Dem)*

STRATFORD MOUNT PLEASANT 1 seat: Ted Joseph Lloyd, Peter Geoffrey Williams Moorse (Lib Dem)*, Matthew Squire Stephens (Lab)

STUDLEY 1 seat: Tony J Cronin (Lib Dem)*, Heather Rosemary Wersocki (Con)

TREDINGTON 1 seat: Ben Brabyn (Lib Dem), Chris John Saint (Con)*

WELFORD 1 seat: Peter Barnes (Lib Dem)*, Harry Francis Cottam (Con)

WELLESBOURNE 1 seat: David John Close (Lib Dem), Phillip Leslie Andrew Coton (Ind)*, Michael Edward Davies (Green), Anita Jayne MacAulay (Con)

* denotes sitting councillor

Warwick District Council

CURRENT STATE OF PLAY: Lab 17, Lib Dem 13, Con 10, Others 5 (total 45 now, 46 after election)

EVERY seat on the new-look Warwick District Council will be contested next Thursday.

It will be the first real test of political control at Leamington town hall for four years, apart from by-elections.

Boundary changes mean there will be an extra councillor each for Kenilworth Park Hill, Warwick South and Budbrooke wards, but one less in both Clarendon and Crown wards in Leamington.

Labour has been the largest group on the authority in recent years, but no party has been in overall control.

Fifteen of the existing 45 councillors are not seeking re-election to the council, which covers Leamington (pictured), Warwick, Kenilworth and Whitnash.

Parish and town council elections are also due, but many candidates - outside the main towns - are getting in unopposed as there are not enough people coming forward to force a poll.

It will also be the first elections for Royal Leamington Spa Town Council, which started last April.

BISHOP'S TACHBROOK 1 seat: Andrew Day (Ind), Alan Bertland Rhead (Con), Richard Edward Tamlin (Lab)*

BUDBROOKE 2 seats: John Thomas Barrott (Lab), Robert George Butler (Ind)*, David Wrathall Keighley (Lib Dem), Sheila Reed (Con), Clare Anna Insull Sawdon (Con), Solomon Williams (Lab)

CUBBINGTON 2 seats: Benjamin James Alexander (Lib Dem), George Henry Christopher Begg (Lib Dem), Gareth John Davies (Green), John Stanley Hammon (Con)*, Norman Henry Pratt (Con), John Harrow Roberts (Lab), David Richard Saul (Ind), Lois Katherine Sparling (Lab)

KENILWORTH ABBEY 3 seats: Ann Blacklock (Lib Dem), Michael Francis Coker (Con)*, Christopher Thomas Gallon (Lab), John Edmond Hatfield (Con), Kevin Holt (Lib Dem), George Reginald Illingworth (Con), David John Peggs (Lab), Patrick Joseph Ryan (LibDem), Jacqueline Mary Smith (Lab)

KENILWORTH PARK HILL 3 seats: Felicity Gena Bunker (Con), Richard Ivor Graham Davies (Con), Douglas Alan Golby (Lib Dem)*, Peter Hodgkinson (Lab), Henry Scarbrough (Lab), John Sheehan - known as Tony Walsh (Con), Peter Joseph Shiels (Lab), David John Shilton (Lib Dem)*, Richard Sweeney (Lib Dem)

KENILWORTH ST JOHN'S 3 seats: Alan Terence Ainsworth (Lab), Phillippa Cecily Austin (Green), Alan James Lancaster Cockburn (Con)*, Michael Charles Collier (Lab), Christopher John Edgerton (Ind), Pauline Winifred Edwards (Con)*, Janice Ford (Lab), Mary Latham Harrison (Lib Dem), Judith Ann Rawson (Lib Dem), John Richard Whitehouse (Lib Dem), Leslie Graham Windybank (Con)*

LAPWORTH 1 seat: Leslie Caborn (Con)*, Jagjit Singh Liddar (Lab)

LEAMINGTON BRUNSWICK 3 seats: Simon John Baker (Con), Andrew James Churchard (Lib Dem). William Bartlett Evans (Lab) (* exisiting councillor - but not for this ward), Balvinder Gill (Lab)*, Elizabeth Hannah Hassall (Green), Richard James Heath (Socialist Alliance Against The War), Richard John Hughes (Con), Jane Margaret Knight (Lab), Nicholas Jonathan Rabson (Lib Dem), Paul Robert Tierney (Con)

LEAMINGTON CLARENDON 2 seats: Robert Crowther (Lab)*, Linda Craig Forbes (Lib Dem), James Peter David Graham (Lib Dem), Michael Howard Rowe (Con), Baldev Singh Sandhar (Lab), Jeremy Quentin Sleath (Ind), Belinda Staplehurst (Green), Laura Evelyn Mary Swainson (Con)

LEAMINGTON CROWN 2 seats: Alan Boad (Lib Dem)*, Clifford Harris (Lib Dem)*, Ian Henderson (Lab), Jonathan Marc Hofstetter (Green), Roger John Sargent (Lab), Geoffrey Wilson (Con), Janet Mary Wilson (Con)

LEAMINGTON MANOR 3 seats: Mark Bull (Con), Roger Charles Henry Copping (Lib Dem)*, Sarah Mary Davies (Lab), Pamela Mary Davis (Con), Cymone Katherine De-Lara-Bond (Lib Dem), Eithne Marie Goode (Lib Dem)*, Howard Ivor Green (Lab), Raymond Godfrey Patterson-Morton (Con), Angela Duckering Stride (Green), Kathleen Way (Lab)

LEAMINGTON MILVERTON 3 seats: Margaret Ann Begg (Lib Dem)*, Christopher Charles Lawson Davis (Lib Dem)*, Ian William Davison (Green), Simon James Vernon Eardley (Con), Ian Anthony Foulds (Lab), William Lyell Gifford (Lib Dem)*, Martin John Hainsworth (Con), John Martin (Con), John Darrell Clifford Rankin (Lab), Michael George Winscott (Lab)

LEAMINGTON WILLES 3 seats: Kailish Caf Chander (Lab), Edward Alexander Doyle (Con), Cheryl Anne Flanagan (Lab)*, Jeffrey Michael Hannan (Lib Dem), Alison Claire Kime (Socialist Alliance Against The War), Didar Singh Kundi (Lab), Kevin Mullally (Con), John Leonard Peake (Con), Andrew Stevenson (Green), John Wilson (Lib Dem), Patricia Elizabeth Wreford-Bush (Lib Dem)

LEEK WOOTTON 1 seat: Ross Daniel Caws (Lab), Josephine Compton (Con)*

RADFORD SEMELE 1 seat: Michael Doody (Con)*, David Owen Evans (Lib Dem), David Frank Steele (Green), Kevin Walsh (Lab)

STONELEIGH 1 seat: Caryll Green (Lab), Eric Bertie MacKay (Ind)*, William Wallace Anderson Redford (Con)

WARWICK NORTH 3 seats: David Kenyon Alexander (Lib Dem), Martyn Geoffrey Ashford (Lab), Maureen Mitchell Hirsch (Lab), Misan Angela McFarland (Lab)*, Christopher John Philpott (Green), Gerard Joseph Andrew Regan (Con), Brenda Florence Smith (Con), Richard Charles Yates (Con)

WARWICK SOUTH 3 seats: Margaret Bennett (Con), Nicola Sian Davies (Lib Dem), Gerald Brian Guest (Con)*, Anne Christine Hodgetts (Warwick Residents' Association)*, Bhupinder Kumar Jaspal - known as Paul (Lab), David Robert Manuel (Lib Dem), Anne Mellor (Warwick Residents Association), Juliet Anne Nickels (Green), Paul Andrew Offer (Con), Ralph Michael Ormerod (Lib Dem)

WARWICK WEST 3 seats: Susan Hilary Caunce (Green), Christian Adam Tyrone Davis (Lib Dem), Prabhjiet Singh Dhillon - known as Bob (Con), John Richard Holland (Lab)*, Michael John Kinson (Con), Piara Singh Rai (Lab), Roger William Smith (Lab), Albert George Whitehart (Lib Dem), Roy Nelson Wilson (Con)

WHITNASH 3 seats: June Mary Bedford (Con), Judith Ann Falp (Whitnash Residents' Association), Paul Hamilton (Lab), Robert Charles Howe (Con), Richard Kelley (Con), Tessa Alexandra Kingsley (Green), Bernard Kirton (Whitnash Residents' Association)*, Joseph Royston Short (Whitnash Residents' Association)*, Kevin Andrew Wallace Williams (Lab)

* denotes sitting councillor


ELECTIONS: Four districts will be casting their votes on Thursday; FUTURE ELECTORATE: Mulling it over (back from left) Ryan Stanway, Stephen Wilson, Simon Gloster, and (front from left) John Atkin, Simon Withers, Alex Hamilton and Ben Davies. Picture: MICHELLE SPERRY; VIEW: The River Avon
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