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EiQ Networks has released three new freemium security intelligence tools: FIMVue, which provides advanced file integrity monitoring; PerformanceVue, a network performance monitoring solution; and USBVue, a monitoring solution for highly portable USB flash drives.

These free and easy-to-deploy continuous security intelligence tools help resource-constrained organizations protect against costly data breaches by providing a range of file, USB and network monitoring solutions. These solutions help IT managers at small-to-medium sized organizations not only manage their IT infrastructure costs effectively but also improve their IT security by monitoring their critical IT assets for unauthorized File access and USB flash drive use.

FIMVue delivers advanced file integrity monitoring that provides reporting on file activity in order to comply with regulations and reduce the risk of a costly data breach from inappropriate file access. PerformanceVue helps monitor network usage, improve response times and increase the availability of devices on the network. USBVue helps minimize the risk of information leaving the organization through continuous monitoring and reporting on the use of USB flash drives.

With the increasing number of high-profile security breaches, companies of all sizes need to take active steps to fortify their security infrastructure with a range of network and information security monitoring solutions to protect against cyber attacks and ensure network continuity, said Brian Mehlman, Senior Director of Product Management at EiQ Networks. These new freemium products help companies to monitor access to sensitive data to reduce costly data breaches and optimize network performance.

With the availability of FIMVue, PerformanceVue and USBVue, EiQ now provides a full suite of freemium tools, including VulnerabilityVue, DiscoveryVue, LogVue, EventVue and FlowVue, which deliver vulnerability analysis, asset discovery and management, centralized log management, event monitoring and network flow analysis.


FIMVue is a file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution that tracks file, directory, and registry changes on workstations and servers. FIMVue delivers real-time or historical reports that show an audit trail of file access. In addition, forensic search tools enable easy searches for file and directory changes along with the corresponding user account information. FIMVue helps organizations meet specific file monitoring compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS.


PerformanceVue is a network performance monitoring solution that collects and reports on SNMP data from network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, IDS/IPS, etc. as well as operating systems such as Windows, and Linux to help minimize network downtime. The free solution allows a wide range of performance data to be monitored and analyzed from a single console. Real-time data streams include packet, traffic and utilization statistics, as well as CPU, memory and storage usage. PerformanceVue also offers historical reporting that can be regularly scheduled or run as needed. Support for multiple vendors and devices is provided out of the box, without the need for complicated setup.


USBVue is a USB device monitoring solution that tracks file transfers from USB flash drives. USBVue allows an organization to view USB device connections, as well as the name of any file that was added, deleted or modified on the device. Monitoring can be done in real time or historical reports can be scheduled and run as needed to create an audit trail. In addition, forensic search tools enable easy searches for USB file transfers along with the corresponding user account information.

To receive a free copy of FIMVue, PerformanceVue or USBVue, or another freemium product from EiQ Networks, visit

About EiQ Networks

EiQ Networks, a pioneer in simplified information security and compliance solutions and services, is transforming how organizations identify threats, mitigate risks and enable compliance. Our flagship solution, SecureVue, a continuous security intelligence platform, helps organizations proactively detects incidents, implement security best practices, and receive timely and actionable intelligence along with remediation guidance. Through a single console, SecureVue enables a unified view of an organization's entire IT infrastructure for continuous security monitoring, critical security control assessment, configuration auditing, and compliance automation. In addition, EiQ offers SOCVue, a security monitoring software as a service (SaaS) offering, provides 24x7 security operations to organizations that require security monitoring but lack resources or on-staff expertise to implement an effective security program.

For more information, visit: or call 212/239-8594.
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