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EIIA signs contract for survey of the EC electronic information services industry.

EIIA Signs Contract for Survey of the EC Electronic Information Services Industry

The European Information Industry Association (EIIA) has signed a contract with the Commission of the European Communities (CEC) for a jointly funded survey of electronic information services based in the European Community (EC) and aimed at professional users.

The purpose of the survey is to collect reliable statistics relating to the EC-based electronic information services industry in 1989 and 1990 and builds upon a pilot project relating to 1988, which was completed in July 1990. National information industry associations based in nine of the 12 Member States of the EC together with the Luxembourg-based EIIA will gather data from online and videotex hosts, CD-ROM publishers and information providers based in the EC by questionnaire, telephone and face-to-face interviews. The EIIA will coordinate activity and will also be responsible for data collection from the two Member States not currently represented in the survey team (Greece and Portugal), as well as for the aggregation of national statistics at the European level. A number of other organizations are also participating in the survey and will provide advice and assistance during the course of the project.

By collecting data via the national information industry associations, the partners in the project are confident that the best possible information can be obtained relating to the situation in each Member State. Furthermore, industry players dealing with their own national associations can feel confident that responses to the survey will be treated responsibly. In fact, for this very reason, data collected during the survey will remain in the custody of the national associations and only aggregated national results will be passed on to the EIIA for aggregation at the European level.

Comparability of results will be assured by use of a common questionnaire, agreed by all of the partners in the project and translated into the various languages of the Member States, as necessary. The EIIA will act as a moderator and a representative will visit national associations during the aggregation phase in order to discuss issues and to ensure a common approach to the aggregation of results.

The basic methodology was tested during the previous survey, in which industry associations based in eight Member States participated and which focused solely on hosts. Preliminary results of that survey were published from July onwards by the EIIA and national associations and full reports will be available by the year end.

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Title Annotation:Happenings Abroad; European Information Industry Association
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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