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EHP Toxicogenomics. (ehpnet).

Toxicogenomics focuses on determining the role that genes play in biological responses to environmental toxicants and stressors. This new scientific discipline has sprung from the dramatic progress being made in numerous genome sequencing projects and the advances taking place in genomic technologies for expression profiling of mRNAs and proteins.

In January 2003, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) will launch a new quarterly edition, EHP Toxicogenomics. A complementary website, located at, brings together vital information being generated in this emerging field. In addition to housing the online version of EHP Toxicogenomics, the site will also feature additional scientific resources such as data sets and supplementary materials, to provide the essential information needed to keep up to date in this fast-evolving field.

EHP Toxicogenomics will include the latest original peer-reviewed research from the related disciplines of toxicogenomics, pharmacogenomics, metabotomics, proteomics, and translational aspects of genomic research, as well as commentaries and news articles. The Call for Papers link on the homepage allows visitors to access EHP's instructions for authors and provides an address for electronic submissions.

Readers can also retrieve articles relating to toxicogenomics published in the monthly edition of EHP through the Other EHP Articles on Toxicogenomics link. This link leads to a list of editorials and news articles published over the past two years, and will be updated as new articles are published.

EHP Toxicogenomics editor Ken Ramos, a molecular toxicologist at Texas A&M University, is introduced on the site, as are the seven associate editors, leading scientists in the fields of computational biology, informatics, genomics, molecular medicine, and proteomics. The site also introduces the 21-member editorial review board, which will oversee the journal,s peer-review process.

With its expertise in closely related areas such as toxicology, exposure assessment, and microarray technology, the NIEHS has been at the forefront of toxicogenomics. June 2000 saw the launch of the National Center for Toxicogenomics, which will oversee work at cooperating research institutions through a grants consortium program. Links to the websites for both the center and the grants consortium are posted on the EHP Toxicogenomics homepage.
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Author:Dooley, Erin E.
Publication:Environmental Health Perspectives
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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