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eHealth Global Technologies has signed an agreement with the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization to provide the eHealthConnect(tm)Image Exchange service for a two-year initial term. The Image Exchange service for Rochester RHIO allows automated access to radiology imaging across the Rochester community and provides a vital link for the Monroe County Department of Public Health to access imaging studies for its work in TB tracking and other public health issues. A HEAL NY-funded recipient, Rochester RHIO serves 1.2 million people in nine counties.

Ted Kremer, Executive Director of Rochester RHIO, stated that the "Rochester RHIO is excited to add to the services already being provided throughout the Rochester community to share vital health information. Allowing easy access to radiology imaging by authorized providers via a common viewer will support the needs of clinical specialists, radiology providers, and the county's public health department. eHealth Global provides an option for this service that we can manage financially and believe will be sustainable well into the future."

The eHealthConnect Image Exchange service will integrate with the Rochester RHIO's Axolotl Corp.'s Elysium(r) health information exchange (HIE) system, and will automatically connect to the PACS imaging systems at up to eight Radiology providers in the Rochester area. eHealth Global's eHealthViewer application will be used to view the Radiology exams when a user selects these exams from within the Web-based Elysium HIE system.

"This image exchange service being provided by eHealth Global is the first of its kind in the country, and we are honored that the Rochester RHIO has selected our organization to lead this important endeavor," said Ken Rosenfeld, president, eHealth Global Technologies. "In addition, we are excited to enhance the offering by providing an automated means to request imaging and records from outside the Rochester community through eHealth Global's eHealthConnect record retrieval and delivery service."

eHealth Global is leveraging managed services provided by Carestream Health, Inc. (previously, the Kodak Health Group) as an important component of this exciting new service. "The combination of eHealth Global's services and technology with Carestream Health's eHealth Managed Services provides a compelling and unique combination for Rochester RHIO," stated Bernard Algayres, General Manager, eHealth Managed Services. "Image-enabling a RHIO/HIE can not only improve care through improved diagnoses, and lower healthcare costs through a reduction of procedures and administrative costs, but it can also increase the financial sustainability of the RHIO/HIE by appealing to a broader audience including radiologists and image-intensive specialists. We believe this is a solution that will be attractive to RHIOs and statewide networks across the United States."

About eHealth Global Technologies, Inc.

eHealth Global is a leading medical record service provider that combines advanced information technology that is easy to use with its world-class clinical customer support team to collect and manage patient data that resides beyond the 'digital reach' of our clients. Our services eHealthConnect(tm), eHealthConnect(tm) Image Exchange, eHealthConnect(tm) for Clinical Trials, and eHealthRetriever(tm) help patients, medical center clinical departments, communities and clinical trials organizations improve productivity, reduce waste, and improve patient care.

For more information, visit

About Rochester RHIO

Rochester RHIO is a secure online resource developed by and for doctors, hospital systems, and other health care providers in the nine county Greater Rochester area. Its purpose is to share essential patient information quickly and accurately with authorized health care providers. The Rochester RHIO is being rolled out in phases through 2008, as part of a nationwide effort to improve our health care system. In collaboration with New York Department of Health and dozens of regional health care providers, we are working to improve how health care is delivered.

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About Axolotl Corp.

Axolotl Corporation is a leading provider of Web-based products and services that automate health information exchange and management for hospitals, clinics, labs, physician offices and RHIOs. Axolotl's award-winning Elysium(r) software solution helps healthcare providers increase efficiency, cut information delivery and exchange costs, and improve quality of care.

Since early 2007, Axolotl has been providing Web-based HIE products and services to the Rochester RHIO to help realize their vision of a federated, patient-centric health information exchange. Using Axolotl's integrated Record Locator Service (RLS) and its community-wide Master Patient Index (MPI), providers access medication history, laboratory and radiology reports via a secure web portal. Physicians use Axolotl's integrated e-prescribing solution and secure clinical messaging to receive patient data from multiple hospitals, reference laboratories and imaging centers.

For more information, visit or call 408/920-0800, ext. 165.

About Carestream Health, Inc.

Carestream Health, Inc., is a leading provider of dental and medical imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions; molecular imaging systems for the life science research and drug discovery/development market segments; and x-ray film and digital x-ray products for the non-destructive testing market. The company emerged in 2007 when Onex Corporation (TSX:OCX) of Toronto, Canada, purchased Eastman Kodak Company's Health Group.

For more information, visit or call 585/627-6560.
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