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EGYPT : Prime Minister, Dr. Kamal Al-Ganzoury, held Nubia committee meeting.

Prime Minister, Dr. Kamal Al-Ganzoury, held Nubia committee meeting, in attendance of Ministers of Housing, Agriculture, Water Resources and Irrigation, Transport, and General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers, General Secretary of the Social Fund for Development and representatives of Nubian people.

The Minister of Housing stated that the meeting tackled all issues related to comprehensive development in Nubia, and Dr. Al-Ganzoury called for the necessity of speed respond and fulfill of ideas and suggestions offered by Nubians to develop the region, and solve problems facing them as soon as possible. He stated that study is carried on establishment of independent authority on development of South High Dam, Nassir Lake, and old Nubian villages. Dr. Al-Ganzoury delegated the concerned authorities and Nubian representatives to set ideas, suggestions and the legal frame to establish such authority to be concerned with implementation of development programmes and projects therein in accordance to these ideas and suggestions offered by Nubian to be presented in the People s Assembly Council.

It is worth noting that 18,000 pieces of lands were offered in Karkar Valley for investments by senior investors, and other 5000 acres for Nubian. Nubia Development Authority will be responsible for distribution of these lands on Nubian people.

The meeting tackled Nubian people abroad reaching 6221, where some locations were allocated for them in Karkar Valley, Abu Simble, Toushki and Darb Hussien through an integrated and comprehensive development idea. Housing locations are carried for them, and already 1572 housing units are completed, along to establishment of 4 villages by the armed forces and the housing ministry.

Nubian people and representatives denied all calls directed for them concerning their nationality, confirming that they are proud of their belonging and nationality, and refusing all tendentious calls aiming at disunity. Nubian people representatives in the parliament will make interrogations and statements in the parliament confirming their nationality, confirming that Nubia is part of Egypt.

The Minister of Agriculture said that Nubian people called for delaying offering of 5000 acres to be distributed by the governorate until establishing the General Authority for Nubia Development.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 11, 2012
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