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EENR unit reviews environmental policy.

Under the leadership of Minneapolis Councilmember Steve Cramer, the EENR steering committee reviewed its existing policy on issues identified by the EENR policy committee in March and drafted proposed amendments to EENR policy related to alternative fueled vehicles, energy efficiency, nuclear licensing, Superfund and air pollution. At the request of the NLC Board of Directors, the steering committee also completed its review of mandates contained in EENR policy.

Concern about hazardous waste contamination and its impact on the reuse of old industrial sites for economic development was addressed in proposed policy language that calls on the federal government to develop a program of economic revitalization and environmental restoration in coordination with states and local government.

Assistant secretary for domestic and international energy policy, John J. Easton, Jr., addressed the Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Steering Committee members during their meeting in Rutland, Vermont October 1-3.

Easton praised on-going efforts by Congress to pass energy legislation that would promote energy conservation and energy efficiency and reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil. The committee also heard a presentation on global warming.

Alfred DelVecchio, Mayor of White Plains, New York and Chair of the EENR Energy Subcommittee, provided members with information on the City of White Plains experience with alternative fueled municipal vehicles. The city owns an electric-powered, and a number of methane gas vehicles. In a proposed amendment to EENR policy, the steering committee voted to recommended NLC oppose the imposition of a federally mandated phase-in of a fixed number of alternative fueled vehicles. The proposed amendment calls on the federal government to pursue an aggressive national program to establish a national distribution system for alternative fuels and financial incentives for acquisition of alternative fueled vehicles.

The steering committee approved proposed policy amendments to existing Superfund policy that calls on the federal government to cap cleanup liability for municipal transporters and generators of municipal solid waste and for municipal owners and operators of sanitary landfills. In anticipation of the upcoming reauthorization of Superfund, the steering committee proposed an amendment to the existing policy that recognizes the need to expedite the cleanup process, reduce transaction costs, and increase funds for cleanup while maintaining a level of fairness.

The committee will propose an amendment to existing policy calling for flexibility in the use of varying strategies such as transportation pricing as an alternative to mandated and specified transportation control measures (TCMs) in the Clean Air Act.

In addition to proposed policy amendments, the steering committee drafted proposed resolutions dealing with household hazardous waste collection programs and risk assessment.

The EENR policy committee will meet on Saturday, November 28, 1992 during the Congress of Cities meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana to vote on the proposed policy amendments.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities Steering Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
Author:Kocheisen, Carol; Yamane, Sandra
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Oct 19, 1992
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