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 CHARLOTTE, N.C., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Native Americans who were the first environmentalists and stressed living with nature rather than exploiting it ...
 A doctor's daughter who became the first woman licensed to practice medicine in the South ...
 An African-American who, although unable to write, composed and sold love poems to university students to raise money to buy his freedom ...
 A religious minority who, through hard work and dedication, showed their neighbors that different can also mean better ...
 Students throughout North Carolina will soon meet these and many other historical figures from the state's past through a video project underwritten by Southern Bell.
 Entitled "Changing Faces: The Heritage of North Carolina," the project was produced in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and designed for use with the eighth-grade social studies curriculum.
 "`Changing Faces' is our tribute to the individuals and groups who have added so much to the tapestry that is North Carolina," said J. Billie Ray, president of Southern Bell's North Carolina operations. "The vibrant colors and rich textures they wove into the fabric of our society make North Carolina unique."
 "The `Changing Faces' project is a very generous gift from Southern Bell for the children of North Carolina," said Gov. James B. Hunt. "It is an excellent example of the benefits that can come from partnerships between government and business."
 Superintendent of Public Instruction Bob Etheridge said educators appreciate the involvement of the private sector.
 "Southern Bell is a good corporate citizen that has been a strong supporter of education for many years," he said. "By funding this history project, Southern Bell has made possible a resource we might not otherwise have had."
 Ray said Southern Bell set three goals for the "Changing Faces" project.
 "First, we wanted to provide a tool that would be useful for teachers of North Carolina history," he said. "Second, we wanted to help young people better understand and appreciate the contributions and importance of various groups. And finally, we wanted to help encourage a love of history and learning."
 "Changing Faces" is centered around a 37-minute videotape that spotlights several cultural groups who have played a part in North Carolina's history and development. In the video, three students are using a computer in their school's media center to research term papers. But instead of accessing a data base, they encounter a character named HAROLD (History Ace Random On Line Database), who guides them back in time to different eras and locations in North Carolina.
 An accompanying handbook was developed by a team of practicing eighth-grade teachers and approved by DPI. It offers ways for teachers to incorporate the material into their classes and includes projects, essay assignments and map activities.
 Etheridge said "Changing Faces" will fit in well with the multi-cultural strand of the curriculum.
 "One of our jobs as educators is to prepare young people to prosper in a multi-cultural world," he said. "This project will be very helpful in doing that."
 Ray said a copy of the "Changing Faces" tape and support material will be given to each public school with an eighth grade, each accredited private school with an eighth grade, the Schools of Education in the University of North Carolina system, and to public libraries throughout the state.
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 /CONTACT: Clifton Metcalf of Southern Bell, 704-378-7261, or Glen Keever of the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, 919-715-1252/

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