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According to survey conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans, employees rank the benefit of continuing education as more important than childcare reimbursement, flextime and family leave. It doesn't matter if you are continuing your education or just starting, there is a program out there for you.

Everything from full-time studies on campus to part-time distance learning at home is available. While many would like the benefits of ivy-covered walls and the sprawling lawns of a campus, their busy lives don't allow it. Fir them distance learning, online or part-time programs are the best.

Most students enrolled in distance education courses are over 25, employed and have previous college experience, according to Peterson', the Website of Peterson's Publishing--the nations leading education information services provider. Over half are also women. As a group, distance learners are highly motivated and their course completion rate exceeds that of students enrolled in traditional on-campus courses.

Online study offers an opportunity to advance your education according to your own schedule and at your own pace. Like distance learning, there's no commute to a campus or ;earning center. Instead you access classes via the Internet from home or work. You also benefit from the level playing field that gives every online student an equal opportunity to participate and receive individualized attention from professors. Although online education tuition maybe somewhat higher than campus tuitions, the gains in personal and work time more than offset the difference.

These learning options are limited to undergraduate or continuing education degrees; they are also available at the graduate level. With employer demand for experienced professionals with MBAs still high, the busy manager can opt for part-time or executive programs. Part-time MBA students are often able to broaden their career options without interrupting their earning capabilities, stretching school costs over a longer period of time and often having some or all of the expenses picked up by the employer. Those with six or or more years of business experience might want to consider an executive MBA program. Usually held on weekends and lasting for approximately 18 months, these intensive programs are attractive to experienced managers.

However you decide to bolster your career for this millennium, chose a field you love and keep up with its evolution. Watch out for new opportunities and arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence to seize them. In a time when change is so pervasive, the lasting you want to do is to be left behind.


Founded in 1900, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is recognized around the world for its high-quality general management program. The smallest of the top-ten schools, Tuck otters access to an exceptional faculty, high-caliber students, broad career opportunities, and the best alumni support of any school. Because of our size and our focus on the residential MBA program, we deliver the most resources per student in the form of classroom and study spaces, library facilities, computers, and corporate contacts. Tuck's noble experiment in MBA education has spawned today's massive graduate business school industry. Tuck stands out, as it has for a century, as a school that combines the traditional values of great teaching, thought leadership, and personal scale with today's need to be innovative, global, and technological.

Tuck seeks a diverse student body and includes exchange programs in France, England, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. Joint-degree programs are available in international 'affairs, medicine and engineering.

Tuck also embraces the challenges of the 21st century and has laid the groundwork for the future with aggressive programs in technology, global alliances, magnificent new living and learning facilities, and a world class faculty. In its second century, Tuck will lead the world in creating the most relevant business curriculum, in providing the world's best career opportunities, and in helping its graduates throughout their careers. Tuck faculty are thought leaders. Through intense partnering with the world's great businesses, they will directly improve business practice and bring that knowledge back to the classroom.


The challenges facing organizations in today's global business environment are of unprecedented scope and complexity. To prepare for these challenges, companies must develop leaders who possess a deep understanding of global issues as well as a sure command of core business skills.

Duke University's Fuqua School of Business is the recognized leader in meeting this need with our groundbreaking Duke MBA Global Executive program.

The Global Executive MBA program represents an entirely new paradigm of graduate business education. It innovatively combines traditional residential business education with advanced computer-mediated learning technology, thereby allowing executives from around the world the opportunity to engage in MBA studies at the highest level while they continue to work full-time.

We believe a global mindset is best developed by attracting a culturally diverse group of manager and executive and then educating them with an international faculty in multiple emerging and developed market venues around the world.

The Duke MBA Global Executive is a rigorous academic program that fully integrates three essential components for effective management: a firm grasp of functional business skills, expertise in global management and the ability to work effectively in a team-based environment using the latest interactive communications technologies.

Duke is one of the worlds leading research universities, and Fuqua is unmatched in its experience in educating today's managers and integrating technology into teaching and research. No other executive degree program so comprehensively equips high-performing managers and executives to compete in the worldwide economy.



As Goizueta Business School moves into the new millennium, the MBA Program is focused on innovation, flexibility and diversity. Students may choose from: our full-time two-year program, our full-time one-year program designed for undergraduate business majors with strong work experience, our part-time Evening Program, and our part-time Executive MBA Program for candidates with extensiVe management experience. Elective courses include e-commerce, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, operations, information science, finance and accounting. Goizueta students enjoy our new state-of4he-art facilities and our location in the opportunity-rich and diverse city of Atlanta.


When Tiffany Armstead, MBA '98, enrolled at Goizueta Business School, she was the youngest manager in the Exxon credit card commercial unit at GE Capital, She chose Goizueta's accelerated one-year MBA program because she had gained extensive cross-functional business experience in GE Capital's management development program and decided to make a career change to consumer marketing. Tiffany landed a position at Procter & Gamble through contacts made at a Black MBA conference and through Goizueta alumni at P&G. "I chose P&G because it is the most respected company in brand management, and the outlook is great for growth within the company. At P&G, I'm applying marketing concepts and really getting full use of my education."


Derrick Ross, President of Goizueta Business School's National Black MBA Association stated, "As we move closer to the twenty-first century, Goizueta is striving to make our environment more diverse to mirror the changing face of business."


Howard University, a private, comprehensive Research I university located in Washington, D.C., was chartered by the United States Congress on March 2, 1867 "for the education of youth in the liberal arts and sciences." Today, the University continues to produce leaders for America and the global community, adhering to its mission to provide an educational experience of exceptional quality at reasonable costs to students of high academic potential, African-Americans and members of other disenfranchised groups in particular.

Howard University's 10,000 students, representing all 50 states and more than 100 foreign countries, pursue undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees through the University's 12 schools and colleges, encompassing more than 180 areas of academic study in diverse fields: allied health sciences, architecture, arts and sciences, business, communications, dentistry, divinity, education, engineering, taw, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and social work.

The University's academic programming is supported by myriad cutting-edge research initiatives as diverse as the Human Genome Project, solar car development, national and international public affairs internships, materials science and superconductivity research, and the African Burial Ground Project. In addition, the University provides a solid technology infrastructure, including computer centers in each residence hall.

The University's distinguished faculty comprises the world's largest assembly of African-American scholars. Howard University's Graduate School continues to produce more on-campus African-American Ph.D.s than any other university in the world. Most importantly, the University continues to attract the brightest students from around the United States and throughout the international community.

Truman Scholar Louis E. Sterling (Class of 2000), the University's current undergraduate trustee, is but one example of the continuing legacy of excellence and service found at Howard University. A National Achievement Scholar from Chicago, the aspiring U.S. Treasury Department policy analyst maintains a 4.0 cumulative grade point average. He is the recipient of the Goldman Sachs & Co.'s Scholar for Excellence Award and is also a Jackie Robinson Scholar, an Illinois State Scholar, and in 1998 was named Outstanding Student during a semester of study at the University of Granada in Spain. He is a member of three honor societies, writes for the campus newspaper and tutors high school students. He exemplifies the caliber of intellect and leadership found among today's Howard University students.

Since 1867, Howard has produced some of America's most prominent leaders, including Thurgood Marshall, L. Douglas Wilder, Andrew Young, Edward Brooke, Patricia Roberts Hanis, and Vernon Jordan.

Other notable Howard alumni include: Howard University President H. Patrick Swygert; Jessye Norman, diva; Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate; Donald Christian, Coopers and Lybnmd partner; Carla J. Peterman, 1999 Rhodes Scholar; Debbie Allen, actress and producer; Phylicia Rashad, star of "Cosby"; Dr. LaSalle Leffall, the first African-American president of the American College of Surgeons; Gabrielle K. McDonald, president judge of the United Nations War Crimes Tribunal; and Frank Savage, chairman of Alliance Capital Management International.

You, too, can become a part of Howard University's tradition of academic excellence, leadership and service. For information, call 1-800-HOWARD-U or visit our web site at


LaSalle University Is a distance education institution established to meet the advanced educational needs of a diverse domestic and international adult student population.

LaSalle University responds to the needs of an increasing number of potential students who find themselves restricted either geographically or by employment, from attending a traditional residential university. LaSalle University provides an accessible, affordable way to complete a valuable advanced degree.

LaSalle's faculty and staff have intensified their commitment to distance learning, and this is reflected both by their accommodating approach to the work at hand and by the new curriculum which is consistent with national accreditation standards.

LaSalle University is comprised of three colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, and College of Engineering and Computer Science. Also offered are certificate programs in MCSE and Paralegal Training. Within each college are a wide variety of programs designed by the faculty and advisors to meet students needs. All programs aim to help students increase their marketability in a competitive and technologically driven business world, and they are available in a number of study formats designed to provide students with high quality, cost-sensitive education. Flexible, interest free payment plans are available to help students budget effectively.

The faculty is extremely qualified: all hold Masteris and/or Ph.D. degrees in their fields of instruction. In addition, faculty advisors stand ready to assist students as they pursue their studies. Faculty make themselves available to students while constantly advancing their own academic skills through ongoing educational activities.

LaSalle University has been accepted as an applicant for accreditation and anticipates a decision by the summer of 2000.

To receive a free University Catalog or video, call an enrollment representative at 1-800-471-3775 between 8:00 a.m. and 5 p.m.. Monday through Friday.


Bert J. Hash, Jr. was named 1999 Alumnus of the Year by the National Alumni Association of Morgan State University for his exceptional accomplishments and his clearly demonstrated leadership ability. A substantial amount of his time, talent and resources have been contributed to Morgan State. "Morgan provided a nurturing environment for me. People helped me in ways that fostered an opportunity to grow. I was encouraged all the way. I have been blessed. My goal is to give back so that others may have an opportunity to receive the same rich experience," Hash says.

Bert Hash is president and CEO of the Municipal Employees Credit Union of Baltimore (MECU), Inc., a position he has held since January 1997. He is a seasoned financial services executive with over 28 years experience in managing various aspects of financial services including branch banking, mortgage banking and compliance administration. Prior to joining MECU, Bert Hash was employed by Provident Bank of Maryland for 11 years in positions that included managing director, division manager of the mortgage banking consumer lending unit. and managing director of community relations. In addition, he spent 15 years with Equitable Bank in positions as vice president, branch manager, mortgage under-writer and appraiser, loan officer and second market manager.

When asked, To what set of skills do you attribute your success? Hash readily replies: "First, my people skills which have resulted in my having an appreciation for everybody's role. My work requires me to rely a lot on people to get the job done", he says. For example, as a loan officer and secondary market manager, I took on many jobs and interacted with people involved in every secondary market manager, I took on many jobs and interacted with people involved in every phase of a process people who originated third party loans, people who were selling the loans, people who were servicing the loans and consumer lending operators" he says, "As I accepted increasing responsibility, I learned the most intricate details of my work", he added.

Second, I learned to not take things personally but look at suggestions as just business. It is important to be able to receive criticism and react accordingly, he continued.

"Last, but not least, I think it is important to relate to people in a warm and caring way, even in the midst of severe stress. I learned many lessons from my father--a good, decent man who treated everyone with respect. We lived in the Appalachian area of West Virginia where jobs were not always plentiful. I watched my father struggle to keep our family together after hardship, that has 'always been the greatest test of stress and endurance that I have observed. I draw from it in times of adversity".



Several years after founding his company, On-Target Supplies & Logistics, Al Black realized he needed more skills to

help his business grow. So, he turned to the Cox School of Business at SMU in Dallas, Texas, for his graduate business education. The Cox MBA experience provided me with a challenging and supportive environment, he says. Cox faculty provide a holistic approach to educating business leaders. He attributes the skills he gained at Cox to helping him grow On-Target into a successful $40 million business that provides a broad range of integrated products and logistical services to major corporations.

In addition to his Cox experience and network. Al Blacks personal motivation and drive have helped him rise to significant leadership roles in the dynamic Dallas business community, recently ranked #1 by Fortune magazine as the top business city in the US. Among his many roles, he serves as the Chairman of the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors, the first African-American in the history of the chamber to hold that position. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Chase Bank. Dallas-TX and is a member of Governor George Bushs Business Council. In 1999, he was named Ernst & Youngs Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southwest Region.

Cox gave me to confidence to succeed to deal with issues, find creative solutions to problems and anticipate trends. Cox has helped me be a better business person so I can make a difference in other peoples lives.


Founded in 1966, The Consortium for Graduate Studies in Management offers more than 300 full-tuition scholarships to 12 of the nation's leading business schools each year to qualified African, Hispanic and Native Americans. In the 33 years since its rounding, The Consortium has awarded scholarships to more than 3,000 minority MBA students. Ninety-five percent have gone on to work for Consortium sponsors (which include Hewlett-Packard, Kraft, General Mills, General Motors and Merck, to name just a few). Fortune 500 companies now employ more than 70 percent of Consortium graduates.

According to president and CEO, Dr. Phyllis Scott Buford, the Consortium is the best resource for corporations to find some of the most talented people of color for their top management positions. One prime example is Doris F. Givens-Simmons. As vice president in charge of quality management for Chase Manhattan Banks National Consumer Services department, she is a shining example of a Consortium alumna breaking down doors and succeeding in corporate America. Since graduating from New York University's Stern School of Business Administration in 1992, she has put her hard-earned business knowledge to use as a business professional with a clear locus on getting tasks done as efficiently and productively as possible,

"Winning the merit-based Consortium fellowship award gave me the chance of a lifetime" she explains. "Not only did the fellowship recognize my accomplishments and further validate my academic and leadership potential, but it also elevated my level of exposure to corporate recruiters."

A partnership of 12 top business schools and more than 160 corporations helps fired the Consortium. The Consortium fellows will attend one of the 12 sponsor schools. These leading institutions include: University of California-Berkeley, Dartmouth College, Indiana University-Bloomington, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, New York University, The University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Rochester; The University of Southern California, The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Virginia, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Consortium can be contacted by phone at 1-888-658-6814 or by visiting its website:


The PhD Project was created to remedy the severe under-representation of people of color in Americas business schools, and ultimately in the larger corporate community. It is going about this task by increasing African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans presence on business schoolfaculty. By diversifying the faculty, The PhD Project will: 1) encourage more people of color to pursue business degrees, and 2) better prepare all business students for todays multicultural work environment.

The PhD Project is an extensive marketing campaign to identify a population of the best and brightest potential Ph.D. candidates of color currently working in business. The Project invites a select number of these respondents to its annual conference, where they hear from professors and current doctoral students about the benefits of pursuing a business Ph.D. They are also able to meet with representatives from 80 major business schools.

As a means of combating the high (25 percent) attrition rate inherent among all business doctoral students, The PhD Project formed five Doctoral Students Associations. These peer associations (in accounting, information systems, finance, management and marketing) put minority doctoral students in contact with others who are facing similar challenges on the way to becoming business school professors. These Associations are making a difference. The attrition rate among minority business doctoral students is less than 5%.

When The PhD Project started there were 294 minority business school faculty with doctoral degrees. Today there are 446 with another 370 minorities in business doctoral programs.

Dr. Alisa Mosley is the first of what ultimately will be several hundred new African-American, Hispanic-American and Native American business school professors drawn to academia and encouraged by The PhD Project.

"The PhD Project creates an energy that propels you beyond your own boundaries", Dr. Mosley said. "At the conference I met many of the most respected professors and heard them describe the impact one can have as a professor. They were role models; they said it was do-able and it all clicked for me right there".

For more information call, 1-888-2GET-APhD or visit The PhD Project web-site,



The Illinois Executive MBA Program specializes in general management and provides an integrated lock-step curriculum designed expressly for working professionals with a minimum of 7 years of business experience. The Program pursues the objectives of developing full-spectrum managers knowledgeable in the areas of accountancy, economics, finance, marketing, decision sciences, human behavior in decision making, operations management, business law, strategy and e-commerce. Participants will understand the use of information systems, quantitative methods and their role in the increasingly global markets. The final capstone, semester is steeped in strategic management, culminating with learning that transcends the classroom in a 10-day overseas study.

The EMBA program provides the opportunity to attend classes at the Urbana-Champaign campus or at the new Illinois Center on Wacker Drive in Chicago. State-of-the-art facilities at each location provide synchronous audio/video conferencing and fast Ethernet wiring allows students to plug in their laptops and access class materials via the internet as they are presented.

The Program successfully blends the elements important in todays organizations to create a rigorous blend of relevant executive education in which participants earn an MBA in 21 months without placing their career on hold. Recognizing this significant achievement, Business Week (October 18, 1999) recently honored the program with the distinction of being ranked in the Top 20 in the nation.



For 80 years, the USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles has provided world class research and scholarship for business education. The Marshall School is dedicated to strengthening its position as a global center of business education and research at the graduate, undergraduate and executive levels.

We offer two master of business administration (MBA) programs designed for ambitious people who wish to enhance their professional competitiveness without loosing career momentum. Our Executive MBA Program (EMBA) and MBA Program for Professionals and Managers (MBA.PM) are both ranked nationally in the top ten.

The EMBA focuses on a practical, general manager skill set. We emphasize leadership, international business and technology along with an entrepreneurial spirit. The program's excellent worldwide reputation results from our distinctive integrated curriculum presented in thematic modules which mirror real-world issues facing executives in today's competitive, global environment.

Marshall MBA.PM students also receive high quality MBA instruction through comprehensive core requirements. PM students take electives following core classes and may select an area of particular interest in which they concentrate their studies. MBA.PM also enjoys an excellent nationwide reputation, which results from an innovative curriculum that allows working professionals to tailor an MBA experience to individual goals.

In general, the Marshall School at USC has many strengths: we focus on a core set of skills that provide the foundation for lifetime learning; we are located within one of the world's most diverse cities at the gateway to the Pacific Rim; we have one of the largest and most supportive business alumni networks, we offer an unparalleled educational experience to a diverse group of students while producing scholarly research of the highest caliber. Few business schools combine the diversity, breadth, and excellence that the Marshall School provides. We welcome your inquiry about our MBA programs for working professionals.


The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is re-cognized around the world for its innovative leadership, acclaimed faculty and broad academic strengths across every major discipline and at every level of management education. Founded in 1881 as the nation's first collegiate business school. Wharton is committed to creating the highest value in understanding the business and practice of management worldwide.

Wharton is a leader in the executive education field. The Aresty Institute of Executive Education was formed in 1987 to administer and house Wharton's wide range of executive, customized and senior management programs in a state-of-the art conference center. Wharton is committed to executive education that works - offering programs that equip executives with the tools and skills to compete and meet the challenges inherent in today's competitive environment. With a mix of more than 200 programs, a world-class faculty, and educational facilities second to none, Wharton offers leading edge solutions to more than 10,000 executives annually.

The Wharton Executive Education portfolio includes: Executive Programs - intensive programs from two to five days are offered in the areas of leadership, management. finance, and marketing.

Wharton Direct - distributed learning via satellite, using the latest interactive computer and communications technology. Available at Caliber Learning Centers at over 30 metropolitan locations.

Customized Programs - programs tailored to the needs of specific companies or organizations

Executive Development Program - a two-week program for functional specialists making the transition to general management with emphasis on technical foundations, strategic perspectives and leadership skills

Advanced Management Program - highly acclaimed five-week program for senior executives focusing on global competition, critical thinking and leadership.

Knowledge@Wharton - a free on-line Web source with Wharton commentary, faculty insights, and research on current business issues and trends


The new millennium opened with a roar bringing with it a strong economy and an equally robust job market. Seldom has such a tight U.S. labor market been more evident than last November when unemployment hit an all-time low of 4.1% -- the lowest in decades. Certainly, the past three years have been a boon for those with the right skills and, according to labor forecasters, the next couple of years should be no different.

With all this opportunity at hand, how will you take your career to the next level? What skills will you need to advance and how will you get them? Whether you're fresh out of college, enhancing your current profession or launching a second or even third career, it's important to understand the employment landscape and to develop an action plan that will help you succeed.


From now until 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting a 14% increase in the number of Americans employed. Service-producing industries will account for virtually all of the job growth, with 9.2 million jobs created during this period. On the flip side, the manufacturing sector will continue to experience a decline with a loss of some 89,000 jobs.

Of those occupations that will show the most growth, computer and data processing, and health services continue to rank at the top as industries with the fastest wage and salary employment growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other areas that will expand are management and public relations, research and testing services and securities and commodities.

Technology reigns over all other fields with the fastest growing occupations. Of them, computer engineers, computer support specialists, system analysts, database administrators and desktop publishing specialists take top honors. The hottest industry is new media, which includes interactive and multimedia. Those trained in JavaScript, HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, Visual Basic are in particularly high demand says Jean Martin, president of VJM Associates, an organizational effectiveness consulting firm in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Today, companies are looking for people with a creative edge. Corporate presentations have expanded beyond PowerPoint decks. Now presenters want CD ROMS with state-of-the-art graphics and sound and the ability to simulcast globally in real-time, adds Martin. The Internet explosion also marks a new frontier in advertising with e-retailers seeking skilled designers and content managers who can create ads that will catch the e-consumer's eye and direct traffic to their homepage.

Corporate IT areas are also shoring up. Companies are expanding internal communications via the Intranet, reaching a broader employee base, says Martin. This medium is also a major cost reduction effort from the traditional forms of communications, such as newsletters. The Intranet has also created additional career paths for both technical and creative employees who are needed to develop and manage the system.

Even if a career in technology is not on your horizon, you should still be familiar with standard business technology such as word processing and other business-related programs and navigating the Internet. Outside of technology the other hottest field is the area responsible for hiring the tech dynamos. Human resources professionals have also enjoyed an explosion of need due to the technical surge, with recruiters and generalists at the forefront, notes Martin. Companies are truly realizing that people are their greatest assets.


Andersen Consulting, an $8.3 billion global management and technology consulting organization, helps clients from a wide range of industries create their future by aligning their strategy with people, process and technology. With approximately 65,000 people in 48 countries, Andersen Consulting works with more than 5,000 organizations globally, including 85 of the Fortune 100 largest global public companies and many of the world's leading governments.

At Andersen Consulting, diversity means acknowledging each individual's uniqueness, thereby allowing each person to feel accepted and to contribute to his or her fullest. By recognizing and promoting diversity as an asset, we enable our people to contribute to Andersen Consulting's continued growth and to celebrate the success of the individuals within our firm.

The United States and Canada Diversity Committee, led by partner Andrew Jackson and composed of a diverse group of partners and associate partners from office across the United States, develops and oversees the firm's strategies and initiatives that foster diversity within the Andersen Consulting workforce in the U.S. The programs developed by the Committee focus on recruiting, retention, and diversity awareness, and are led by Nellie Gonzalez, Director of Diversity.

Andersen Consulting's strong position as a minority employer has been recognized once again in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Top 50 Employers survey. Results of this year's survey rank the firm at #2 among top employers.


In the emerging electronic economy, the possibilities are virtually unlimited for those who see things in a new light. Andersen Consulting seeks exceptional individuals who are ready to use their experience and skills to help position our clients at the forefront of the changing business world.

By joining Andersen Consulting, you'll have exciting opportunities to help transform global organizations and create their future. Furthermore, you'll work in a collaborative, dynamic environment that provides continuous growth opportunities and the global resources to expand your possibilities.

For more information, visit our website at


With nearly 4 million members in Northern California, Nevada and Utah. we are the second largest AAA affiliate in the U.S. As we continue to grow and expand in these regions it is clear that our greatest opportunity is to provide a range of products and services that meet the needs of a population which is becoming increasingly diverse. The communities where we recruit for talent, service our members and support local vendors and suppliers are all part of our commitment to diversity, The measure of our success will be our ability to understand our members as people, our communities as partners and our employees as allies in achieving our diversity goals. That's why our commitment to diversity is becoming a part of everything that we do at CSAA.

Achieving our vision starts with committed leadership, forging new partnerships and developing a culture that safeguards the principle of respect and dignity for all. At CSAA we're building a workplace that inspires a new way of working, one that challenges the tendency to view differences as deficits.

From our diverse boardroom, to our diverse members, we aspire to become a catalyst for change in the insurance, transportation safety, travel and leisure industries. We recognize that while diversity is a business imperative, membership in our Association is a choice. Members look to CSAA to deliver new and lifestyle-relevant products. As an employer of choice, the hallmark of our success has been. and will be. the dedication and commitment of our 6.000 diverse employees.


Around the world every day, in communities large and small. Coca-Cola brings a moment of simple pleasure and refreshment to millions of thirsty people. Across nearly 200 countries ... dozens of languages ... a multitude of cultures and geographies. Coca-Cola is a special part of people's lives.

It is something special to work for an organization whose name never fails to connect with anyone you meet. It is work we love: yet a leadership responsibility we take seriously.

We are committed to producing the high quality brands that consumers prefer.

And in doing so. we create value for our customers, our associates and the communities in which we do business.

As one of the world's leading marketers. we value creativity, innovation, quality and discipline. We believe our enterprise is different, better, and special and these are the characteristics we value in our people. For us. this means attracting the most talented people and placing them in positions where they can grow personally and professionally, creating additional growth and opportunities for our business and for each associate.


Currently seen in more than 57 million homes nationwide, COMEDY CENTRAL is the only all-comedy network in the television universe. Offering fresh, innovative original programming like "South Park," "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," the Peabody award-winning "Dr, Katz: Professional Therapist" and the Emmy award-winning "Win Ben Stein's Money," COMEDY CENTRAL is a company on the rise that views the world in an alternative, comedic way.

In order to build the most creative and differentiated programming on television, COMEDY CENTRAL realizes the strength and necessity of a diverse corporate culture. In late 1997, after seven years in business, COMEDY CENTRAL embarked on what has become a highly successful Diversity Initiative. In doing so, COMEDY CENTRAL prioritizes ifs ongoing commitment to attract and promote a diverse workforce, and affirms the importance of a tolerant and respectful work environment in fostering creativity. Diversity sensitivity workshops, active recruitment efforts, and an employee-staffed action committee are the first manifestations of an Initiative that will grow and evolve as COMEDY CENTRAL dries, creating a corporate culture that values and nurtures the individual.

For more information, please visit COMEDY CENTRAL's website at


Comerica Incorporated is a premier player in the world of financial services. It is a Fortune 500 company that is among the 25 largest banks in the United States. Comerica provides an array of top quality financial services to customers in Michigan. California. Texas. and Florida. with units in nine other states and offices in Canada and Mexico.

At Comerica the skills and qualities that make our employees special are valued and respected. We strive to create an environment where personal growth and development are fostered and where diversity is a way of doing business.

We are committed to understanding and reflecting in our workforce the different perspectives and cultures of our customers. We know our success hinges on our' ability to provide our employees with the opportunities to achieve their goals, and to reward their individual contributions. We encourage progressive thinking, breakthrough ideas and cutting-edge business solutions. By embracing a range of talents, work styles and ideas, we better serve our customers and enhance our leadership position in the banking industry.

Our Corporate Diversity Recruitment Program focuses on developing strong relationships with many organizations including Historical Black Colleges and Universities, the National Black MBA Association, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the National Coalition of 100 Black Women and Urban Bankers Forum.

Our Diversity Roundtable -- championed by our chairman, Gene Miller, and composed of senior managers and executives of our business units -- identifies and supports initiatives that are in line with our vision, core values and business objectives.

At Comerica. we believe that teamwork gives employees outstanding opportunities for growth and learning. When employees have the opportunities to network with talented individuals throughout the organization, their experiences increase, and the foundation for advancement is laid.

Comerica's commitment to excellence is being recognized by others. We are proud of the fact that in 1999 Crain's Detroit Business named Comerica one of the top ten places to work in Southeast Michigan. The Michigan Minority Business Development Council (MMBDC) honored Comerica in 1999 as its Corporation of the Year-Financial Business Sector. This was the fourth straight year that the MMBDC has recognized Comerica for its efforts at supplier diversity and minority business development. Comerica also was selected as the "1999 Corporation of the Year" by the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Comerica is in business to help people be successful. We are committed to delivering the highest quality financial services by:

* Providing outstanding value and building enduring customer relationships.

* Creating a positive environment for our colleagues, built on trust, teamwork and respect.

* Demonstrating leadership in our community.

* Ensuring a consistent, superior return for our owners.

* We listen. We understand. We make it work.


Our Voice, the African American Support Network of Dun & Bradstreet, was established in April 1998 and now has 145 members nationwide. The network's mission is to create a sense of Community and identity among African American associates that can be leveraged to enhance their growth and development, as welt as support D&Bs mission of becoming an employer of choice, business partner of choice, and investment of choice.

Our Voice has lout goals: to promote volunteerism in the community; to foster involvement with the local colleges and scholarship organizations to develop ongoing programs and bridges between Deans of minority students and Directors of Multicultural Departments on campuses; to develop a network with local Chambers of Commerce to share information on practical business applications; but the most important endeavor is the development of African American associates through the building of a network of Elders, Sisters, Brothers and friends. Through this network will flow opportunities, awareness and the sense of Community; if we feel that we are all in it together, we will all work to make it better.

The Minority and Women-Owned Business Development group (MWOBD) of Dun & Bradstreet was formed to support the growth and development (if minority and women-owned enterprises and to help the business community recognize the vast potential residing in those rapidly growing markets. MWOBD has built and maintains the nations largest minority and women-owned business database with 1.5 million businesses to give them the linkage to the market and the visibility they need on the way to leveling the playing field.

These endeavors have begun to be recognized by the business community. This year Ron Wesson, Vice President of MWOBD, received the Man of the Year award from the National Federation of Black Women Buisness Owners at their annual luncheon in Washington D.C.. Gwyndolyn Parker, Director, MWOBD, was recognized as one of the Influential Black Women in Business by the Network Journal in New York. Also, Dun & Bradstreet has just been honored with the Allentown, Pennsylvania Human Relations Awards for outstanding community involvement.


Edward Jones, the nation's largest financial services firm in terms of offices, is growing In fact, with 5,000 branch offices today and plans to expand to 10,000 offices by 2004, it is one of the fastest growing financial-service firms in the industry. The company has announced that there are opportunities to open new branch offices in cities and communities nationwide. As a result, the firm is looking for motivated, sales-oriented individuals who like the idea of running their own offices and being their own boss. These individuals would work as investment representatives for the firm.

Edward Jones investment representatives specialize in helping individual investors and small-business owners achieve their long-term financial objectives. The firm's investment representatives do this from single,broker offices located in the communities where their clients live and work.

These convenient locations enable investment representatives to meet and work with their clients face-to-face and build lasting relationships with them.

To help ensure the success of its investment representatives, Edward Jones provides each of its investment representatives with comprehensive training and a fully-equipped branch office, The firm pays for the office space, utilities and half of the phone cost. It also provides each office with an industry-leading computer and satellite video communications system, and pays the salary for a full-time administrative assistant for each broker. Edward Jones investment representatives make no up-front investment and are able to choose their own office location and hire the assistant.

"It's like a franchise without the franchise cost", Patrick Desamours, an Edward Jones investment representative in Atlanta said. "The home office gives me all the support I needwhile I focus on my clients. I make my own decisions and plan my own schedule, I'm my own boss."

Anyone interested in a career as an investment representative with Edward Jones, can call the firm's Recruiting Department at 1-800-445-5204 ext. 2 or visit the firm's website at


We are all exciting, high growth-oriented prescription pharmaceutical company that is approaching the $1 billion mark through developing, manufacturing and marketing branded, ethical drug products. We are well positioned tot a new era of growth. We have key pharmaceutical products on the market, and are conducting R&D and medical programs in cardiovascular, central nervous system, pulmonary, analgesics, and women's healthcare.

We attract the best people because we have created a corporate culture where everyone can have the opportunity to contribute. We know from experience that it's not where an individual comes from that's important but where their talents can take them. At Forest Laboratories Inc., we nurture our employees' talents and provide the work environment in which new talents grow,

Forest Laboratories Inc. ensures that doors are opened to the best qualified candidates throughout their careers. With our exceptional growth, we need talented and committed employees to assume greater roles of leadership in management, marketing and sales, scientific affairs and clinical development. We reward success with exciting assignments, highly competitive salaries, benefits and incentives that include an opportunity to share in the equity worth of our trustworthy company our patients have come to depend on.

We invite you to contact us and discuss possibilities in the following business and scientific areas:

Drug Safety Associates. Biostatisticians, SAS Programmers, Regulatory Affairs Managers, Medical Writers. Bioanalytical Scientists, Product Managers. Assistant Product Managers, Marketing Research Managers, Marketing Editors, Analytical Scientists. R&D Chemists. QA Managers, Territory Sales Representatives.

For immediate and confidential consideration, send your resume (with salary requirements) to: Human Resource Dept., Forest Laboratories, Inc. 909 Third Avenue, NY. NY 10022-4731: or e-mail to HYPERLINK or fax to: (212) 750-9152. EOE M/F/D/V

Visit our website for more information on our company, current openings and benefits. HYPERLINK www.frx openings in New York Metro Area, St. Louis. Cincinnati. National Sales Territories.


The mortgage market is Full of complexities. With the millenium now here, ourhope of maintaining a workforce able to handle the technological milestones and-challenges yet to come is crucial to companies like Freddie Mac. We are a stockholder-owned. Fortune 100 leader in the secondary mortgage market. We were chartered by Congress to increase the supply of money that mortgage lenders can make available to homebuyers and apartment investors.

Because we serve millions of Americans who benefit from lower monthly mortgage payments and better access to home financing largely through technology, we work hard to recruit and retain the best information technology talent available.

Freddie Mac is made up of individuals from all backgrounds coming together as a team to complete a common goal. That goal is to ensure that as many families as possible have the opportunity to own a home.

We value our employees and recognize that they are responsible for our success

Our success was recently recognized by Washingtonian Magazine which listed Freddie Mac as one of 50 best places to work. in part because Freddie Mac currently offers generous benefits, interesting work. friendly offices, and the chance to get ahead.

As we continue our course and broaden our horizon it is crucial that we have the best talent to serve the American public. Each Freddie Mac business line requires information technology support.

Won't you consider applying for a career at Freddie Mac? When we say `We Open Doors', we mean for everyone. Let us help you open the door to employment opportunities by visiting our website at

Please use code BE2000 on all correspondence,


Gap Inc. was founded in 1969 in San Francisco with a single store and handful of employees. Today, the company's world headquarters remains in the San Francisco Bay Area, with product development in New York City. Currently, Gap Inc., employs over 110,000 people worldwide and operates more than 2,800 stores in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. Gap Inc. is a global company with revenues topping $9 billion,

How did we get there? Our people. Worldwide, Gap Inc. employees are driven by a passion for innovation and a focus on quality. That's what makes Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy three of today' stop apparel brands.

We recognize that people are the foundation of our success, and we're committed to building and retaining the best team in the industry. That means hiring a talented, diverse workforce. Meeting customer needs and building our business drive everything we do. But to serve our customers we must understand them, their service and product needs and requirements. And what better way to do that than by staffing our corporate headquarters, field offices, stores, and distribution centers with the very people who reflect our diverse customer markets.

Our hiring practices are focused tin finding diverse talent through a variety of recruiting efforts whether it's on-campus, online or through one of our many partnerships with professional organizations around the nation.

We look for people who thrive in this environment, But no matter how fast we're moving or how challenging the demands of business, we treat each other with respect.

Wherever you might work at Gap Inc. corporate headquarters, Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy, or a distribution center there are some things you can count on finding. Creative energy. A fast-paced environment. The challenge to always have a point of view, And the opportunity to speak up and make a difference.


In the world of pharmaceuticals, new ideas can have a direct and positive effect on quality of life. That's why Roche is dedicated to recognizing a lull range of diverse ideas from a full range of individuals.

Our commitment to diversity of ideas begins with our culture. Because we believe every individual is unique, we strive to ensure an all-inclusive environment where creativity is encouraged and differences in talent, education, workstyle, lifestyle, and culture are embraced. For Roche, this provides a key strategic advantage not found elsewhere because it allows us to draw on a broad base of expertise as we meet the challenges of an ever-changing business world.

So far, this has helped Roche accomplish some pretty amazing things. For example, Working Mother has again named us as one of the "Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers" and New Jersey Monthly recently awarded us the slams of one of the "10 Best Companies to Work For in New Jersey." In addition, our sales staff won a prestigious award, the "World Class Sales Award," and ranked us #1 in as the "Best-in-Class" sales force in the pharmaceutical market segment! And most recently, Roche was voted "Corporate Partner of the Year" by the New Jersey Chapter of the National Black MBA Association.

Roche employees are proud of these awards, and extremely optimistic about the future. Our investment in research has led to the recent introductions of drugs for obesity and flu, as well as new drugs on the horizon for cancer, osteoporosis, and hepatitis C. We plan to file 8-10 New Drug Applications for a variety of diseases over the next two years.

In addition, by forging closer links between diagnosis and treatment, we're poised to enter a new dimension in health care - individualized medicine - an approach that identifies the best treatment for a specific individual, not just a specific disease.

For more information about our company and a listing of current job opportunities, please visit our web site at:

Roche is an equal opportunity employer fully committed to diversity in the workplace.

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. 340 Kingsland Street Nutley, NJ 07110-1199


What will successful job candidates bring to Marriott International as the company moves into the 21st Century? Management candidates will have those skills and capabilities that can be leveraged to their best advantage in an increasingly globalized and diverse business climate. According to some imacro business thinkers, todays Information Age will quickly beget another age: the Leisure Age -- a time when the effects of advancing technology wilt provide people everywhere with more time to pursue non-work interests. It is this coming era that promises to be even more of a Golden Age for the hospitality industry, and for MarriottInternational,IncManagement professionals who will succeed most dramatically with us will bring an inclusive big family management style ... the ability to communicate effectively throughout all facets of our organization from the highest echelons, to mid-level management, to operations personnel, to the newest hourly trainee. In addition, our most successful managers will easily interface across cultures, since Marriott is one of the most culturally diverse and geographically dispersed companies in the world. Along with our expanding global profile is the growing importance of our brand ... of those unique values, services and standards that define the Marriott name. Management talent must possess those skills that help build and move forward a company recognized business strengths. Aside from outstanding business, communication and marketing skills, management individuals who will achieve most visibly will be technology savvy. They will fully understand e-commerce as well as how new Information Age tools can transform the way companies cultivate relationships with both existing and new customers. All these skills -- the big family management style, the brand and technological acumen -- must reflect a personality that not only adapts to benchmark business changes, but inspires them. To explore management opportunities at Marriott, contact: Marriott International, Marriott Drive, Dept. 935.51/BE0200, Washington, DC 20058.

Or, visit our web site at:


Moody's Investors Service is the leading global provider of credit ratings, research, and analysis for debt instruments in and across every segment of the worlds capital markets.

Supported by outstanding marketing and technology, Moody's rates more than 150,000 debt obligations issued by thousands of corporations and governments in over 100 countries. Our consultative services are utilized by some 3,000 of the worlds largest institutional investors, who manage 80 percent of capital in the global debt markets.

As a Moody's associate, you'll develop valuable skills in an environment that will inform and enrich your entire career. You will work with some of the strongest talent in the industry analyst whose ratings are known for their accuracy and clarity.

Moody's encourages a diverse and inclusive culture, and the varied backgrounds of our professionals are essential to our success. If you join us, your colleagues will hail from many nations and cultures. Youill work with MBAs, lawyers, CPA's, software engineers, marketing specialists and PhD's, individuals with differing perspectives that make us the institution we are today.

If you thrive in a collegial, think-tank atmosphere, you should consider Moody's. Our associates work together to achieve common goals. The caliber of our people is unmatched. Moody's fosters an environment of professional excellence, and offers experience that will enhance your ability daily.

As a global financial organization we need people with talents and skills that reflect the diversity of our global workplace and meet the needs of our global and diverse customers.

Interested? It' so, we encourage you to visit our website at



In the new millennium people will continue to operate in networked worlds that connect the workplace, internet, and the home. PeopleSoft will cultivate workers prepared to be thinkers, innovators, and initiators who appreciate fun. If you're not having fun, you're probably not working for the right company.

At PeopleSoft, we take fun so seriously, it's one of the core values we've built our company around. From the enterprise-wide solutions we provide to over 3,000 customers worldwide, to our in house rock band, The Raving Daves.

From bleeding-edge technology in e-commerce and e-business to bagels and a flexible work environment, we not only know a little something about technology, we also know how to have a good time.

PeopleSoft was founded in 1987 to provide innovative software solutions to meet the changing business demands of enterprises worldwide. Today we create client/server applications and e-commerce solutions for finance, materials management, distribution, supply-chain planning, manufacturing and human resources. Our vision for the future is to continue to provide industry-wide solutions to enable large, mid, and small sized companies to utilize technology to its fullest. For thai we will need to add software engineers, analysts, consultants and sales professionals to our team. But technological prowess is only one of the reasons people are attracted to careers at PeopleSoft. Our progressive, "people-first" culture which emphasizes ideas over bureaucracy and innovation over dress codes, has made us one of the best places to work in America. So, if you're looking for a place where technology is always ahead of the curve, a place that appreciates your creativity and problem-solving, PeopleSoft is where you outta be.


Pitney Bowes' history of diversity leadership spans almost six decades, and the company has won numerous awards for its innovative initiatives. The company has consistently ranked among Fortune magazine's top companies for Asians, African Americans, and Hispanics.

Pitney Bowes diversity strategy strives to maximize every employee's potential and contributions to the company long term growth, and actively nurtures the diversity of its employees, customer and business partners to strengthen its competitive position in the global marketplace.

Diversity is integrated into the business objectives of Pitney Bowes operating units. The company has a long-standing history of valuing the uniqueness of their employees and acknowledging that differences in perspectives help translate problems into opportunities. Pitney Bowes knows that truly valuing and leveraging diversity differentiates them from their competition. They have successfully fostered an environment where creativity and flexibility are cultivated as vital to the business. Their work environment enables you to have ownership of your career, and is one where your contributions to business objectives are the springboard to your next opportunity.

Pitney Bowes is a $4.2 billion global provider of informed mail and messaging management. The company is one of only five who have been listed in all editions of the books The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America and The 100 Best Stocks to Own in America. For more information on the company, visit


Insurance. Finance. Mutual Funds. Technology. SAFECO is on top of them all. So while you may think of us as just an insurance company, take a deeper look. We're anything but. In fact, we're an multi-billion dollar organization with a 77-year legacy and one of the country's leading and diverse financial service firms with opportunities that offer ongoing training, resources and support found at few other organizations. So, take your job to the next level and do it with a company that has the reach, vision and desire to get you there. SAFECO, we're more than what you expect.

Diversity is the way we do business, it's that simple. We are striving to create a work environment that mirrors the country's multiculturalism and where everyone feels welcome and respected. Our efforts include creating awareness through education, helping employees realize they're each able to contribute to our initiatives, targeting applicants and customers in markets we've not tapped in the past, and developing business relationships with community organizations in markets where we do business.

As a SAFECO employee, you will enjoy a professional work environment and some of the best benefits including well-established training programs, medical and dental insurance, college tuition reimbursements, retirement plan and not to mention a business appropriate dress standard and much more.

Nationwide opportunities have never looked better - openings exist in Accounting, Administration, Claims, Customer Service, Financial Services, Information Systems, Marketing and Underwriting. Please call our national job line at 1-800-753-5330 or visit our website at We are an equal opportunity employer committed to employing a diverse workforce.


We are one of the world's leading asset management organizations. We manage more than $290 billion in assets for institutional and corporate clients, retirement and pension plans, insurance companies, mutual fund investors, and individuals.

At Scudder Kemper Investments, we are committed to diversity and effective diversity management in the workplace. Part of our this commitment means fostering an environment in which all employees can contribute to their full potential. We believe that our continued success as a preeminent global investment manager is predicated on not only understanding and valuing our differences, but also pushing further to mobilize our similarities.

Making ourselves the employer of choice for a diverse range of the most talented professionals is one important means of securing our continued success as a preeminent global investment manager and moving us beyond the traditional marketplace. Working within various financial markets and among a diverse client base. We strongly believe in the importance of hiring a diverse pool of talented individuals as we continue to broaden and strengthen our recruiting efforts, seeking always the most qualified candidates.


Our goal is simple: To continue achieving our clients' specific investment objectives through sound portfolio management. Our approach is guided by:

A commitment to research

A global perspective

Client orientation

A disciplined research and investment process.

Long-term investment results.

External Commitment. Internal Vision Our global business vision is an external commitment to promote financially successful operations. Our internal vision of a strong, diverse, and talented work force helps foster that global vision.


Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc. develops and supports those who thrive in an environment in which original thought is valued and discussion and challenging views are encouraged. We understand the workplace value of strong ethics and principles that continuously promote fairness and mutual respect.

Inclusive Work Environment

We understand the business value of a truly diverse and inclusive professional workplace. Our internal Advisory Task Force on Diversity Management advances policies and programs that demonstrate the firm's commitment to valuing and managing diversity and help us attract and retain the most talented people for our business.

For more information about Scudder Kemper Investments and to learn more about our career opportunities, please visit our web site at http://jobs.scudderkemper. com or send your resume and cover letter to Luz Brunner, Scudder Kemper Investments, 345 Park Avenue. New York, NY 10154. Fax: (212) 752-1232.


Being a good neighbor is a way of life at State Farm Insurance, and our agents and employees are key m providing the prompt and accurate service our policyholders expect from the industry leader.

We built a premier company by selling and keeping promises, and in the 21st century, we plan to grow and strengthen our position in the industry. To do this, we need people who bring diverse talents and experiences to the workplace. People who make it their business to be like a "good neighbor."

Says State Farm Chairman and CEO Ed Rust, Jr. "We are the world's largest property and casualty insurance company, but our policyholders measure us not by our size, but by the personal, quality, one-on-one service we provide. Superior service is what sets us apart."

The delivery of the service takes a dedicated workforce of almost 80,000 employees in a variety of positions at our corporate headquarters, 27 regional offices and more than 1,000 branch locations throughout the United States and three Canadian provinces.

What does it take to be one of these "good neighbors"? State Farm is looking for candidates to fill openings at Corporate Headquarters in the actuarial, accounting, investments and systems technology departments to name but a few. With one of the largest privately owned computer networks in the world, systems, technical and business analysts, as well as administrative support workers, are needed to maintain State Farm's systems, Regional opportunities include claims, underwriting, administrative and clerical positions.

State Farm offers a variety of career choices, as well as a strong benefits and salary package.

For more information about career opportunities, contact the Human Resources Department or visit our website at Come see what it means to be a "good neighbor."


The High Tech industry is ;shaping and driving the future of technology. It is incredibly competitive, fast-paced and on the cutting edge. Sun Microsystems. Inc. is a leading provider of high quality hardware, software and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet.

Sun Microsystems employs a wide range of professions, from Manufacturing and Customer Service, to Engineering, Sales, and Marketing. Many jobs at Sun require technical skills and experience like ASIC engineers and Unix device driver engineers. Other technical speciality areas include Internet system infrastructure. Java. SCSI/FCAL methodology and architecture, E-commerce and E-commerce project management. However. other jobs fall into non-technical areas, which require experience, such as accounting/financial planning and analysis or international sales and marketing channels experience. In addition, having strong communication and interpersonal skills are very important because Sun has an established teamwork environment. Being motivated. taking initiative, and having the ability to multi task are also valuable traits.

Sun Microsystems has one of the most leading-edge work environments in the HighTech industry, including flexible hours, casual dress code, high visibility and less bureaucracy.

In order to get a full understanding of all of the positions available at Sun Microsystems, please go to our employment website at to get the big picture.


While the world celebrates the arrival of the new millenium, the challenges of an ever-changing, technological society await the leader of the future. With advances in science, medicine and communication replacing old concepts daily, leadership is the one discipline that has stood the test of time.

The United States Marine Corps is looking for those leaders of tomorrow - today. While it may take years to prove one's leadership potential in corporate America. the Marines will give you lUSt ten short weeks. You wilt be mentally and physically pushed beyond your preconceived limits to find the leader within yourself. No matter what your field of study, whether engineering, journalism, or psychology, Marine leadership will provide you the key to open the door to a successful career in the Corps and beyond.

Astronaut Charles Bolden. Jr,. a Marine major general, took his leadership to new heights aboard four space shuttle flights setting an earth orbiting record of 400 miles in 1990 and commanding the joint U.S. and Russian space shuttle mission in 1994.

Television anchorman Bernard Shaw, Soul Train Host Don Cornelius, and baseball general manager Robert Watson are just a few of the many former Marines who have taken their Marine leadership experiences and forged rewarding careers. If you're looking for a challenge and an opportunity to find the leader within, we'll give you just ten weeks to discover the change is forever.


Wells Fargo & Co. is a diversified financial services company headquartered in San Francisco. CA. It is the third largest banking company in America as measured by market capitalization. but the 7th largest as measured by assets which total $205 billion. Wells Fargo provides banking, insurance. investments, mortgage and consumer finance across North America and elsewhere internationally.

Wells Fargo is the largest online financial services provider with 1.3 million customers. The internet banking service (www.wellsfar allows customers to inquire about their balances, transfer money between their Wells Fargo accounts, apply for loans, pay bills and eventually see third party bills online. Since our founding in 1852. Wells Fargo has been distinguished and strengthened by the rich diversity of the men and women who have worked here. Today, Wells Fargo continues that tradition, striving to create and maintain an inclusive workplace where talented, ambitious team members can achieve and contribute fully.

Wells Fargo is committed to people diverse, talented people who work well individually and as a team. "Being a diverse and inclusive organization is absolutely critical to our goal of being viewed as one of America's great companies", says Chief Operating Officer, Les Billet.

From day one, our success has been linked to attracting, developing and retaining the most talented people in the financial services industry.

Wells Fargo offers employment opportunities in 11 functional areas including, Technology, Finance. Marketing, Lending, Human Resources. Sales, Auditing, and Operations. In addition. Professional Training Programs are available in several groups. including Internet Services, Wholesale Services, Consumer Banking, ,and Auto Finance. Wells Fargo also offers a Summer Internship Program for MBA/graduate students finishing their first year. and for undergraduates graduating in 1 to 2 semesters. For immediate consideration, send your resume and cover letter, indicating your functional area of interest to:
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