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EDM, lasers, other thermal-process machines.

EDM, lasers, other thermal-process machines

This section contains wire and ram electrical-discharge machines, laser cutting and drilling equipment, and other nontraditional machine tools.

Precision tooling system

Macro is a new precision tooling system, capable of automatic changing, designed to handle large electrodes weighing up to 110 lb. System allows the user to continue to use 20-mm shank, thereby employing both large and small electrodes on the same job.

Chuck is available pneumatically operated for automatic electrode changing or manually operated. Both versions ensure 0.0001" precision and repeatability under heavy machining stress. The electrode holder is made of hardened stainless steel for alternate use in the wire EDM.

System 3R USA Inc, Pompton Plains, NJ.

Laser with 32-bit control

The 32-bit CNC control reduces processing time of [CO.sub.2] laser systems while maintaining extreme accuracies and fine surface finishes. The control provides greater productivity because of faster computer calculation time and rapid machine positioning.

When combined with the HB-series laser system, benefits include good edge quality on thick metals, precise cutting while minimizing the heat-affected zone, and the ability to cut highly reflective materials without optical damage.

Mitsubishi Int'l Corp, Wood Dale, IL.

High-energy laser

Everlase [R] Arrow [TM], is an advanced [CO.sub.2] laser resonator design for cutting and welding industrial materials.

The design produces a high-brightness, low-divergence beam. The benefit to the end user is extremely high energy density, with the capability of processing metals up to 12.0 mm thick.

Special design eliminates the need to move the lasing gas medium through the laser at near sonic speeds. Hourly operating costs are lower than many fast-axial-flow designs. Peak pulsing capability is 5.5 kW.

Coherent General Inc, Sturbridge, MA.

Laser alignment products

Firm will introduce three new laser alignment products. The Dual Scan laser is a compact, accurate unit that provides dual-scan planes at 90 deg [+ or -] 0.5 arc sec. Scan planes can be rotated to produce one vertical and one horizontal plane, or two vertical planes. The unit runs from a separate battery pack for both laser and scanning. It provides straight beam, separate leveling, separate mounting, and adjusting base. Its range is 100 ft with a resolution to 0.0001" depending on scan radius, and it features removable penta prisms for level or plumb beams.

New coupling-alignment system consists of the Model L-740 self-contained, visible-light, micro-beam laser; Model T-266 four-axis coupling target with beam splitter, two target cells, and lens; and Model R-340 computer. The system operates with Hamar Model S-390 Offset 1 Software. Model A-532 heightgage target measures from a surface to a laser-scan reference plane.

Hamar Laser Instruments Inc, Wilton, CT.

Laser-temperature control

Laser chillers are available in air- or water-cooled models to provide stable and precise coolant temperature to [+ or -] 1-deg F. Forty gallon internal reservoir improves temperature stability of the system via large thermal mass.

Oversize air-cooled condensers enable full-rated capacity at ambient temperatures up to 95 F. Water-regulating valves make condensers perform consistently, and nonferrous construction ensures clean water supply. Laser interlock shuts down chiller if laser operation is stopped.

AEC Inc, Wood Dale, IL.

Automated wire-cut EDM

Agiecut [TM] 200 + SF EDM and Agiepick [TM] automatic slug remover create a powerful, automated, and accurate single-wire EDM system.

Agiecut 200 + SF produces surface finishes of 5 to 6 rms through enhancements to the generator and hardware improvements. The worktable is completely isolated from the effects of shifting weights through a free-flowing dieletric connection.

Agiepick is a robotic arm affixed to the Z-axis for slug removal. Unit can lift a slug weighing up to 1.1 lb, remove it from the work zone, and reinitialize the cutting process in an untended application.

Agie USA Ltd, Addison, IL.

Fixed-workpiece lasering

Model 890 BeamDirector [TM] laser machining system cuts, trims, drills, and welds formed parts up to 8' wide and 3' high with unlimited length. The system consists of a five-axis laserdyne moving-beam workstation, a Laserdyne system 84 CNC and either [CO.sub.2] or Nd:YAG laser.

The workstation has been designed for large workpiece capacity and flexibility to handle complex and unusual-shaped large parts. Axis travels are 8' in the X-axis, 6' in the Y-axis, and 3' in the Z-axis. Tilt axis travel is [+ or -] 135 deg.

BeamDirector design incorporates high-resolution feedback devices directly coupled to the beam-positioning mirrors. Linear motion system uses brushless DC servomotors and precision-ground leadscrews with linear glass scale and encoder feedback. Welded construction and integral table provides rigidity to maintain accuracy under high-speed contouring applications.

Lumonics Corp, Eden Prairie, MN.

EDM drilling

The Belmont Auto-Z control designed for the Astec CDH-3A EDM drill simplifies machine operation and is able to interface with various programmable positioning devices. The EDM drilling machine uses electrical spark energy to disintegrate the workpiece material in the rotating electrode's path. Fast EDM drilling is achieved using a high-pressure dielectric pump that flushes dielectric through the hollow electrode quickly, washing EDM debris from the hole, cooling workpiece, and promoting the EDM discharge.

With the interfacing capability, various programmable positioning devices can be added to the machine's standard table. One-axis indexers, single- or double-axis tables, or a combination are possible. This opens up the machine's capabilities for more automatic multihole drilling operations with multiple workpiece fixturing and multihole workpieces, while still retaining its versatility for the toolroom.

Belmont Equipment Co, Madison Heights, MI.

Tool-wear prevention

Rocklinizer electronic equipment impregnates and deposits wear-resistant electrode materials to metal surfaces. Wear prevention and maintenance can be performed on drills, taps, milling cutters, end mills, punch and die sets, dies, collets, saws, carbide inserts, and other metal surfaces. Models 500 and 600 feature an automatic gun-triggering mechanism that commences whenever the electrode is placed in contact with the workpiece.

Three types of electrodes are used, Tungsten-carbide electrodes are applied to high-speed steel and other metal surfaces to prolong useful life and reduce wear. Titanium-carbide electrodes surface-seal carbide to prevent chipping. Rockhard electrode material is applied to build up surfaces and reclaim tools.

Rocklin Mfg Co, Sioux City, IA.

Two laser systems

LCE-645 is a ball-transfer type machine, designed for cutting thin to medium material in sizes up to 39.4" x 50" without repositioning. Its rear-address design allows easy repositioning and rotation when needed. The ball-table is equipped with an 11.8" square trapdoor-style work-removal chute. The heart of the system is a 1000-W Fanuc laser. Other notable features include 32-bit Fanuc controller, feeds and speeds up to 472 ipm, position repeatability to 0.0004".

LCV-6510 is a hybrid-type pin-table machine in which the table moves in the X-axis while a bridge-type moving beam provides Y-axis motion of up to 50". Maximum cutting speed is 590 ipm.

The machine is powered by a 1500-W PRC laser, and can cut mild steel up to 3/8" thick, and stainless steel up to 1/4" thick. A single-mirror beam-delivery configuration maintains high beam quality.

US Amada Ltd, Buena Park, CA.

CNC wire-cut EDMs

CNC wire-cut EDMs use advanced power supplies and have user-friendly controls with menu-driven conversational APT programming. This built-in programming feature generates complex cutting path geometry.

All A-series EDMs offer standard and submerged machining capabilities. A-series machines feature L-type nozzles for higher machining speeds, increased accuracy, and tapering capabilities of 20 deg.

High accuracy of these machines is enhanced by ceramic components in the upper and lower arms, workstands, and wire-guide holders. The rigidity and stability of this ceramic ensures high-accuracy for many years.

Sodick Inc, Rolling Meadows, IL.

Gantry-style EDM

Model IG 1300 provides high-precision, extensive axis travel, high-workhead and table-load capacities, and good four-sided table and workpiece accessibility. Additional benefits include automatic temperature control, rise and fall worktank, and electrode changer. User-friendly CNC features collision protection and simultaneous four-axis contour EDM machining.

Linear recirculating roller-bearing and guideway assemblies take high loads from all directions perpendicular to the guideway. Precision roller-bearings ensure fluid travel on all axes. Maintenance-free AC brushless drives control movement of the three servo-directed axes. AC servomotors offer full torque at any speed, fast acceleration and deceleration, and efficient heat dissipation.

Gantry-style construction allows more extensive axis travel than conventional designs. Wider range of movement creates more efficient use of the worktable, allowing large workpiece clamping area. It also allows extra clearance for changing electrodes and table loading.

Ingersoll GmbH, Rockford, IL.

Plasma cutting

MetalMaster is a plasma-only cutting machine designed specifically for sheet-metal fabrication. It offers fast, clean sheet-metal cutting with contouring and cutting speeds up to 1000 ipm.

Tucked-rail design offers access to the cutting table from three sides. A plate-squaring attachment ensures accurate placement, and Rhapsody height sensing allows high-speed cutting of thin plate. System 80 controller provides efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility, with 64-K nonvolatile part storage memory, a wide variety of standard shapes, and nesting capabilities.

MG Systems, Menomonee Falls, WI.

EDM palletizing system

ITS-Roboset system is designed to achieve greater productivity and clamping accuracy on wire EDMs. The palletizing system enables manual or fully automated exchange of workpiece frames.

Dies, electrodes, and other workpieces can be clamped, aligned, and measured in a single process. All measurements required for machining are determined outside the machine at a measuring station.

Depending on the size of the EDM, either two or four rapid-action chucks are used on the machine and the presetting station. Loaded clamping frames can be exchanged either manually or automatically with a robot. The drawer magazine of the robot is designed to hold workpiece frames for uninterrupted night-time or weekend machining.

Erowa Technology Inc, Windsor, CT.

Three size EDMs

Models W0, W2, and W4 EDMs feature high-speed and high-accuracy cutting with Fanuc OM controls. Main mechanical components of W2 and W4, including beds, saddles, and columns, are housed in cast structures.

All machines in the W-series offer a highly visible, easy-to-operate water flow rate and quality-control panel. W2 and W4 incorporate a wire-collection box with rotational drum, permitting collection of more than 26 lb of wire. All three machines have automatic wire-feed mechanism employing a waterjet and swining arm.

Max workpiece dimensions for W0 are 12.59" x 17.71" x 5.9"; W2--17.71" x 25.59" x 11.81"; and W4--31.49" x 47.24" x 11.81".

Pratt & Whitney Co Inc, West Hartford, Ct.

Six-wire EDM

CNC Multi-Wire EDM offers six electrically independent wires. With six wires working simultaneously, this machine enables operations that are more cost-effective than using conventional milling, turning, and grinding processes. Compared to single-wire EDM units, the CNC Multi-Wire produces six times as many workpieces per production hour. Setup is six times more efficient because a single machining program controls the production of up to six workpieces simultaneously.

Saeilo Machinery Inc, Long Island City, NY.

Laser-robot system

Articulated laser robot system consists of a multikilowatt Trumpf TLF RF-excited [CO.sub.2] laser and a five-axis computer controlled Comau 5.50 L Smart laser robot. The system has flexibility for welding or laser cutting.

The moving-beam system channels the laser beam internal to the arm, allowing full use of the robot's range and speed. The robot is designed so the beam-delivery path is fixed length for maximum stability over the entire range of motion. Programming the robot is achieved by downloading through an ACAD program or using a teach-in method. Circular and linear interpolation assist in cutting programming time.

Trumpf Industrial Lasers, Wilmington, MA.

Increased welding speed

RS-850P laser is a 5000-W transverse-flow system designed to be fast, versatile, and tough for high-volume industrial applications. Laser requires only 24 sq ft of floor space and features an advanced optical configuration for increased welding speed. It can operate at outputs from 400 to 5000 W.

The optical resonator consists of three separate assemblies: the front optical mount, rear optical mount, and the resonator tube that mechanically ties the two mounts together. The assemblies are isolated from structural vibration through shock mounting.

Microprocessor-controlled electronics provide fast, two-button power-up for automatic gas fill, pressure setting, and cooling control. The processor package allows simple system interface, including a panel for remote control from a 50-ft distance, and I/O ports for all major system functions. The microprocessor also incorporates 24 diagnostic checks.

Rofin-Sinar, San Jose, CA.

Tool-change capabilities

Hurco 900 CNC is a four-axis ram-type EDM with freestanding 60/10A generator and tool-changing capabilities. Standard features include three-axis erosion, finegrain cast-iron base, rise and fall work tank, precision preloaded linear bearings, and precision-ground ballscrews on all axes. Worktable measures 21.6" x 13.8", and tank size is 34.25" x 18.9". Quill travel is 10.5", and area covered by the quill is 10.5" x 7.5". Table handles a workpiece load of 660 lb.

Machine is equipped with the EDM Ultimax twin-screen CNC. The left screen is used for conversational programming while the right screen displays a cutting technology library of various workpiece materials. The right screen can also be used to view help, fault, and diagnostic messages.

Hurco Mfg Co, Indianapolis, IN.

Orbital cutting system

Gromax spark erosion CNC orbital cutting system can be mounted on almost any EDM. It is capable of roughing, finishing, and machining different size cavities without changing electrodes. The system handles electrodes up to 15 kg.

Gromax Enterprises Corp, Huntington Beach, CA.

Small-electrode holders

The GPS 20 collet shank is the latest addition to the GPS EDM line of electrode holders. The collet shank is made of rugged diecast aluminum alloy and the shank holder is made of steel. This configuration complements both the 70-mm and 120-mm sizes of the GPS palletizing system.

Standard electrode material is placed in the appropriate collet size and pressed into the holder. A secure fit enables the user to begin machining the blank electrode. No soldering, gluing, or additional fixturing is needed to hold the electrode in place.

Mecatool USA Ltd, Wood Dale, IL.

Continuous wave or pulse

Turbo-X 510 is designed to process a wide variety of material types including a 5' x 10' sheet of 0.5" thick mild steel. The laser features positioning accuracy of [+ or -] 0.001" over the full stroke, with repeatability of [+ or -] 0.0004". Positioning accuracy is ensured by integrating ballscrew drive; AC servo, digital-closed-loop feedback; and triple guiding of the moving carriage. The external beam-delivery system is designed to ensure maximum beam power and stability.

Laser power is generated from a 1500-W resonator. Cutting is accomplished by programming continuous-wave or pulsing output in any one of three pulse modes: gated, super, and hyper. Maximum processing is assured by the incorporation of a pallet-shuttle system that incorporates ball transfers and chip conveyors. Pallet-shuttle change time is 20 sec, with 1000-lb load capacity.

The L-1 CNC graphics control is capable of being programmed in conversational turret-punch-press style or in EIA/ISO formats. High-speed ROM chips offer maximum productivity through faster command calculations.

Mazak Nissho Iwai Corp, Schaumberg, IL.

Electrolytic machining

EC2000 uses a special form of electrochemical machining to remove burrs in intersecting holes, from the inside of bores, or from grooves. Machine features a dual station that permits loading and unloading parts during the deburring cycle. Cycle time is typically 20 sec. Other machine features include a stainless-steel work enclosure and in-line filter, closed electrolyte supply, a 2500-A, 24-V DC power supply, and a high-volume stainless-steel pump.

Surftran, Madison Hts, MI.

EDM counseling

Firm will offer individual counseling for interested EDM users. Experts will be available during show hours for scheduled appointments or on a drop-in basis. Areas of expertise include flushing design, fixturing, electrode machining and materials, and other related topics.

Poco Graphite Inc, Decatur, TX.

Simultaneous operation

The 2X dual controller allows two people to operate Power Hand 2X handpieces at the same time. Each handpiece output station can be run independently with separate speeds and controls. Advanced electronic feedback circuits provide high torque while maintaining constant rpm.

Paul H Gesswein & Co Inc, Bridgeport, CT.

Auto arc detector

YN240 + 50A EDM features PWM DC motor, 24-channel pulse-on timer, and an automatic arc detector to prevent deposits of material residues. Machine has a worktable 500 mm x 350 mm, with table travel of 300 mm in the X-axis and 200 mm in the Y-axis. The power supply features changeable PC boards with high-power and high-frequency transistors.

Yih Ching Machine & Electric Co, Taichung, Taiwan.

EDM conversational control

Japax DXC series vertical EDMs offer standard JAPT 43G CNC control.

The control provides for four-axis programming with three-axis simultaneous contouring capability. It is designed to help the user size the electrode, determine final surface finish, and select the best cutting parameters. The addition of a C-axis and tool changer allows fully automated cutting of multiple cavities, complex cavities from simple-shape electrodes, and production EDM-ing.

The series consists of the following: the DXC-25, with worktable size of 12" x 16", maximum workpiece weight of 177 lb, and maximum electrode weight of 33 lb; the DXC-30, with worktable size of 23 1/2" x 19 3/4", maximum workpiece weight of 2275 lb, and maximum electrode weight of 227 lb.

Mitsui Machine Technology Inc, Schaumberg, IL.


Lasercav combines a highly stable dynamic machine tool with a compact laser aggregate and a powerful control. The machine is designed to produce cavities, a process the manufacturer calls Lasercaving.

The main machine is a compact five-axis laser machine tool. The five-axis principle is realized by three linear axes (travel range 27.6" x 23.6" x 19.7"), the swivel head as C-axis, and the NC rotary table as B-axis. AC drives provide a feedrate of 20 m/min with acceleration from 0 to 20 mm in 70 msec.

The laser unit has a power range of 30 to 70 W. Fully integrated in the machine, the unit is in view of the compact resonator, which is folded into a square. As a result, only the cross axis (Z-axis) is responsible for guiding the laser beam.

The machine is controlled by a high-speed multiprocessor control. It has a position scanning time of only 2 msec; a kV factor of 4; and a block cycle time of 10 msec. A look-ahead function permits the preprocessing of NC blocks without loss of accuracy.

Maho Machine Tool Corp, Naugatuck, CT.

Electrochemical deburring

ECD Mini Burr 1106 hand-operated electrochemical deburring equipment will be demonstrated on all conductive materials except titanium. Lightweight, it dissolves burrs from deep intersecting holes and hard-to-reach areas.

J T Slocomb Co, S Glastonbury, CT.

EDM programming

Mitsubishi's M35J comes with flexible automatic programming to generate machining programs with minimal input. Applications include multiaxis machining, dressing, copying, contouring, and orbital machining. Machine features positioning repeatability of 0.000 08", with finishes to 0.3 um.

Mitsubishi Int'l Corp, Wood Dale, IL.

Untended operation

Model EE3 features a rear center column that contains the U, V axis head, allowing access to the worktable from both sides. A pair of parallel work-mounting surfaces, one on each side of the cutting area, offer obstruction-free loading from the front of the machine. The worktable handles workpieces weighing up to 770 lb and measuring up to 20.4" x 16.5" x 9.0". Travels are 14.2" x 9.8".

Automatic wire-threading system is designed for untended operation. A water-jet-assisted threader automatically resumes after an unexpected wire break. If the machine fails to thread on the first try, it keeps trying for a specified number of times, then assumes the wire tip is bent. It then moves out of the workpiece area and cuts the wire at a fresh section. From there it returns to the start hole and rethreads. When automatic threading cannot be accomplished by the retry function, the machine skips to the next position. All positions skipped during roughing are stored in memory and skipped during finishing.

The machine has built-in taper-angle compensation for machining tapered parts, and circuits for touch-sensing a part. Circuits allow accurate wet-condition pickups. This makes it possible to automatically measure a profile after it has been finish machined. If the size is incorrect, the machine will automatically execute folow-up machining until the correct size is achieved.

LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Co, Mason, OH.

Two-axis wire EDM

Model DS-2 wire EDM can be used for turning to cut intricate shapes in hardened and exotic materials. A precision 3R rotating spindle mounts to the machine table with the workpiece rotating on a horizontal axis perpendicular to the wire. A second demonstration will show how form tools can be cut out of carbide, and a third machine will cut laminated stamping dies.

SMG Swedish Machine Group, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Axial-flow laser

Lasermax-3's [CO.sub.2] gas laser has a wave-length of 10.6 microns to produce maximum cutting depth of 0.4" in steel. Laser output ranges from 32 to 1500 W with a continuous maximum power output of 1500 W. The laser incorporates a special gas control system that minimizes gas consumption and operating costs.

X, Y table travels are 32" x 18.1" with an optional Z-axis travel of 18.1". Maximum table-load capacity is 1320 lb. The machine features a rapid feedrate of 118 fpm, enabling high-speed precision cutting of up to 472 ipm and Z-axis speed of 157 ipm.

A pulse generator is used to attain super-fine laser beams for precise cutting. It's capable of cutting widths as small as 0.007."

Kitamura Machinery of USA, Wheeling, IL.

NTC enters US market

TLM series features five-axis laser cutting machines with a proprietary robot controller. This system was designed for 3-D processing by providing accurate interpolation of circles, lines, arcs, and splines on any surface or plane in 3-D space. The controller allows simultaneous operations of programming, data exchange, editing, or system monitoring.

The system features a nozzle design that allows the cutting head to move into tight corners without being affected by side walls or small radii. The one-point steering head enables it to remain perpendicular to any surface, with no swivel-radius loss. Cutting quality is ensured through the on-line gap sensor. To provide smooth tracking of the focal point, the gap between the nozzle and workpiece is consistently monitored and adjusted to surface changes or individual part variations.

A CMM-type teaching probe and stylus, combined with joystick controls, provide precise teaching of cutter path and eliminate complicated controls. Point- to-point data are entered into the teaching pendant along with laser-control code. As the probe stylus touches the workpiece, the sensor sounds a beep, indicating the point in space has been accurately located. The probe eliminates the use of the laser as a teaching aid. Downloading two-, three-, or five-axis data from your CAD/CAM in NC, ISO, or EIA format, is also possible.

Marubeni America Corp, Southfield, MI.

Multipurpose fabricator

Model PWS 610 is a CNC stamping center that performs both punching and forming operations. It punches high-quality, burr-free parts in either conductive or nonconductive materials, in thicknesses from 1 mm to 8 mm. Simple tool changeover allows efficient bending of complex sheet-metal parts. Machine capacity is 12" x 24" with stated precision of [+ or -] 0.0004".

Constant minimal die clearance and programmable punch and downholder force allow machining of thin and soft materials, as well as maximum 8 mm steel, using the same tools. A single 0.0016" die clearance accommodates the full fabricating range of materials.

BalTec Corp, Pittsburgh, PA.


The Maho Hansen line consists of various series of CNC EDMs with each series comprising several machines at different sizes and with different automation levels.

Included in the line is the HS400 Twin, with a travel range of 42" x 10" x 12". The machine's basic design incorporates two tables, each measuring 20" x 16" or when combined, 48" x 16". The tables can be used simultaneously or independently.

Machine functions are controlled by the Erocom II or the PNC 186 EDM control, a four-axis continuous path control, 20 megabyte harddisk memory, and a built-in MS-DOS compatible 3 1/2" floppy drive.

Maho Machine Tool Corp, Naugatuck, CT.

EDM tooling system

System H EDM tooling includes rapid-change capability, positive retention for electrode tooling, work and electrode pallets, wire fixturing, and automatic tool changing systems.

Intermark Tooling Systems, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Abrasive-jet cutting

Paser II abrasive-jet system is a production tool that can net-shape parts from any hard-to-cut or heat-sensitive material including titanium, carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, and composites such as Kevlar and graphite.

It is possible to cut large or nested parts without interrupting the cutting process.

Flow Int'l Corp, Kent, WA.

High- and low-end markers

The LBI 6000 60-W marker includes industrial microprocessor control for serial and parallel communications with cell or host computers. It is compatible with MS-DOS, ASCII, HPGL, and Postscript file formats.

LBI 2001 is a PC-based marker with user-programmable dialog screens and a preview feature. It is compatible with many CAD software packages.

A-B Lasers Inc, Acton, MA.

Computer-controlled marker

Laser Mark engraves numbers, symbols, barcodes, logos, and copy in different fonts on a variety of surfaces and materials. Computer-controlled laser marking offers fast, automatic engraving of hard and soft metals, ceramics, and some plastics. It produces clean, permanent markings free of sharp edges and burrs.

Because there is no pressure exerted during the process, workpieces are not deformed. Loading area and controls are conveniently located for ease of operation. Work can be viewed through a window.

Hahn & Kolb USA Inc, Elk Grove Village, IL.

EDM enhancements

Eject 1000 system eliminates operator intervention between the roughing and finishing cycles by automatically removing the slug from the workpiece. The system has no magnets or claws. Instead, a punch mechanism removes the slug by hitting it before it is completely cut. The system can be used with materials that can be cut on an EDM, as well as a wide variety of part shapes.

CT 1000 tooling system is specifically designed to increase productivity through faster setup and meet the needs of high-speed machining. The system eliminates interference from clamps during machining by holding the workpiece from the sides. The adjustable vises adapt to most part dimensions and allow machining close to the workpiece edge.

Charmilles Technologies Corp, Mt Prospect, IL.

New ultra-cut series

Ultra-cut 103, 345, 460, 580, 610, and 810 EDMs incorporate bridge-type CMM design and construction as opposed to C-frame design. This enables these new machines to deliver positioning accuracies of 0.000 080" and repeatability of 0.000 040". All EDMs are available with either the Q- or S-power supply delivering cutting speeds up to 23.25 sq in/hr and 28 sq in/hr.

Workpiece capacities and max weights are as follows: 203--18" x 14" x 6.7", 440 lb; 345--32" x 20" x 12", 1540 lb; 460--37" x 24" x 12", 2420 lb; 580--45" x 28" x 12", 3620 lb; 610--53" x 32" x 20", 4220 lb; 810--53" x 39" x 20", 5000 lb. Table travels on the X- and Y-axes range from 13" x 10" on the 203 model up to a maximum of 40" x 32" on the 810 model.

Standard features include programmable flushing, programmable Z-axis, 14" color graphic Hitachi-Fanuc CNC, programmable wire-tensioning, semi-automatic wire threading, and remote pendant control. Options include an automatic wire threading unit and initial holestart unit.

Hitachi America Ltd, Buffalo Grove, IL.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjets cut exotic and composite materials. Positioning and control systems interact with intensifiers capable of delivering waterjet streams that travel at 1 1/2 times the speed of sound. The jet can penetrate almost any material or thickness, cutting complex shapes and contours.

SE Huffman Corp, Clover, SC.

Electrochemical deburring

EC2000 dual-station electrolytic machining system removes burrs in intersecting holes and from the inside of bores or grooves. Metal removal is proportional to current and time. Dual station permits loading and unloading of parts during the deburring cycle. Cycle time is typically 20 sec, with a production rate of 720 parts/hr. Features include a stainless-steel work enclosure and filter, a closed electrolyte supply, and a 2500-A, 24-VDC supply.

Surftran, Madison Hts, MI.
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