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Dear Colleagues,

We meet you again in the frst issue of the Bezmialem Science Journal in 2019. I would like to inform you that our publisher has changed in this issue. I thank to our previous publisher for their support in getting our journal to this level. We are always looking for how to go one step further, how to create a better quality journal and how to create a journal that reaches more scientists, and includes their work. We are in the hope that our new publisher will make us reach this goal in a shorter time. In addition to the additional issue that involves the abstracts of the presentations presented at the university's student congress in the last year; we intend to publish two special issues by experts in our publication plan. We look forward to the suggestions and support of our esteemed scientists on this subject.

In this issue, the articles entitled "Interleukins As a Marker of Inflammation in Diabetic Foot Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus" by KALELI et al, "Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Shoulder in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus" by CAGLAR OKUR et al, "Effects of Different Fluoride-containing Toothpastes on In Vitro Enamel Remineralization" by HATIPOGLU et al, "May Biochemical Variables and Pleural Fluid Cell Count Be Used in the Benign-Malign Differentiation of Pleural Effusions Associated with Lung Cancer?" by DENIZ et al. can be introduced as articles in the foreground.

I would like to welcome the new associate editors and esteemed scientists who have joined to the editorial board from abroad. Contribution to both the scientific world and to our journal of our growing team will please us.

I would like to thank to all our authors, referees, editorial board and new publisher who contributed to this issue.

Goodbye until we meet in the next issue.

Prof. Dr. Adem AKCAKAYA

Chief Editor

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Author:Akcakaya, Adem
Publication:Bezmialem Science
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jan 1, 2019
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