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A roundup of some of our more important editorials this past week

Tax hikes, tax cuts

President George W. Bush wants to cut taxes and borrow billions of dollars. Gov. Gray Davis wants to raise taxes and borrow billions of dollars. The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer and the middle class, as always, the middle class will get the bill under the Bush and Davis budget plans.

Official hypocrisy

Don't be misled by Los Angeles City Hall's hand-wringing over the Ahmanson Ranch project. City officials have been approving overdevelopment, environmental damage and increased traffic problems for decades.

Respect for all

The answer to racial profiling isn't collecting data unlikely to yield any meaning; it is intensive training, strict supervision and tough discipline for improper treatment of the public - whether black, Latino, white or any other race.

Sleep tight

We've disbanded our anti-gang programs, handcuffed officers with a federal consent decree and now cops aren't going to chase drivers who try to flee when stopped. That should make us all sleep better in the murder capital of the United States.
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Date:Jan 12, 2003

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