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THIS unusually steamy summer will no doubt be remembered as the turning point for legitimizing global warming as a political topic.

Everyone's talking about it, and the unrelenting heat wave from one end of the United States to the other has given the issue an urgency that it never had.

Global warming, in fact, was the main topic of conversation between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday, when the two announced a British-California partnership to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

``There is not great leadership from the federal government when it comes to protecting the environment,'' Schwarzenegger said during the announcement Monday.

That's an understatement.

So far, this is just about ``sharing ideas.'' Time only will tell if this was more than hot air from the governor or if he will push for lowered emissions in the state.

But the announcement does show the hot political currency of global warming as an issue and will no doubt add much-needed pressure on Washington leaders.
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Date:Aug 2, 2006
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