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EDFMTC reevaluation and CDFM updates.

EDFMTC Reevaluated by the American Council on Education

Just in case you were wondering how ASMC assigns three semester hours of college credit at the upper-division baccalaureate level to the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) or three semester hours of graduate credit when combined with the preparation of a research paper, here's what happens.


The American Council on Education (ACE) is the umbrella agency for post-secondary education in the United States. This organization is responsible for not only collegiate programs but also GED (general equivalency diploma) testing. Believing that there are many ways to learn at the college level, ACE issued in the 1950s its first official guide to academic credit for experiences in the Armed Forces, beginning with military training courses in Service schools.

Evaluation Process

ACE dispatches a team of four or more college professors with civilian subject matter expertise to review course content against that being taught in college courses. Based on how much content matter is in a course, the team either recommends that credit be granted or that the course is so military-specific that no credit be given. ACE usually reviews courses on a three-year cycle.

Since then, ACE gradually moved to evaluation of military occupations and of training offered by corporate America. When ASMC developed the EDFMTC, we invited ACE to evaluate the course, and the team not only recommended college credit but was very complimentary. The first reevaluation has taken place (every three years is used because courses tend to change in content over time), and the new team has again reaffirmed that college credit should be awarded.

I should also add that the recommendation is just that, a recommendation, and that each post-secondary institution makes individual decisions on acceptance; but that the acceptance rate is usually over 90 percent.

CDFM Examination and Text Updates

To make sure that materials in both the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) examination and the text used to teach the EDFMTC are current, a rigorous update schedule is followed. The text, updated at least annually, was put into the classroom in January 2005. Modules I and 2 of the CDFM were introduced at the European Professional Development Institute (PDI) in February; Module 3 is scheduled to be in its updated version for the Salt Lake City PDI (June 2005). Most importantly, beta testing for the new Module 4-Acquisition will be done at the Salt Lake City event.

Results from this testing will be used to review the utility of the examination items, to validate the examination content, and to provide a basis for setting the pass/fail cut scores. ASMC is coordinating with faculty at the Defense Acquisition University and will work toward the goal of getting this module accepted for Acquisition Corps Level II certification.

Taking Module 4 is optional and will not be required for CDFM certification.

Taking Module 4 is optional and will not be required for CDFM certification.

CDFM Certification Renewals Ongoing

The process of renewing CDFM certifications over two years old is ongoing. Be sure that the ASMC certification office has your current mailing address. You will receive a letter stating that 24 months have passed since you were certified and asking you to affirm that you have earned the required 80 hours of continuing professional education (CPE).

If you have moved in the interim and have not updated your address, you may not have received that letter. For convenience, it has been posted on the Web site; you can download the form you need to complete and to mail to ASMC Headquarters.

If you need to apply for an extension of time to complete your CPE, find detailed instructions at www.; click on Renewal/ASMC Document Library/4. Continuing Professional Education Policy. We do not want any of you to lose your CDFM designation.


Those of you interested in buying Dr. Larry Jones's book Budgeting and Financial Management for National Defense, Information Age Publishing, 80 Mason Street, Greenwich, Connecticut, 06830, the correct e-mail address for the publisher is The address listed on page 29 of the Winter 2005 Armed Forces Comptroller is incorrect.

Send Us News

As always, ASMC welcomes your input and professional development news. Send items to ASMC National Headquarters, 145 North Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-2269, ATTN: Professional Development. Or e-mail If you need to call, please do not hesitate. The toll-free number is (800) 463-5637.

See you next time!
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