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ECRM's Store Brands EPPS Events Preview.

Solon, Ohio-based Efficient Collaborative Retail Planning (ECRM) will hold its Store Brands Health & Beauty Care Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS) at the Sheraton Atlanta hotel in Atlanta April 11-14, and its Store Brands Food & Beverage EPPS at the same location April 12-15. These ECRM EPPS are pre-scheduled private meetings between buyers and sellers within the private brand industry that allow direct discussions around common business objectives to increase productivity, streamline business processes and grow sales.

Here, Store Brands profiles some of the innovative companies that will be presenting their products at one of these events.

Delorio Foods Inc.

We have more than 90 years' experience in the dough and baking industry, providing innovative solutions to fit just about any customer needs. Starting off in the Italian bread category in 1924, we have continuously innovated and reinvented ourselves as times have dictated. We service nationally through both national and independent distributors, and specialize in proprietary and private label applications.

315-732-7612 or 800-649-7612

Strides Pharma Inc.

Strides Pharma Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strides Shasun Ltd. based out of East Brunswick, N.J. At Strides Pharma, we are focused on the sale and distribution of both generic prescription and OTC pharmaceutical products, ranging from oral solid dosage forms, including hard gel and soft gel capsules, to liquids and topicals. Currently available: 200mg ibuprofen tablets (in orange and brown tablets/caplets); ibuprofen + Diphenhydramine softgel capsules (PM version) in blisters; APAP, ASA and Caffeine; APAP + Diphenhydramine; ASA regular and low dose; Diphenhydramine in pink and blue tablets; daytime and night-time cough/cold softgel capsules; Diphenhydramine softgel capsules. Coming soon (in 2016): 200mg ibuprofen softgel capsules (in bottles); ibuprofen + Diphenhydramine softgel capsules (in bottles); Cetirizine softgel capsules.


Ice River Springs

Ice River Springs is unique in that it has in-house plastic recycling facilities, complete vertical integration from the water source to bottle and cap manufacturing, producing 100 percent recycled PET bottles in a closed-loop system. We package spring water, purified water and distilled water in bottle sizes ranging from 250ml (8 fl. oz.) to 15L (4 gal.) in a variety of single units and multipacks from six to 35 packs.


Russos Retail LLC

The best New York-style gluten-free and regular crust pizzas offering the highest-quality ingredients and restaurant flavor profiles utilizing fresh sauce, RSBT-free cheese, hormone-free meats and fresh vegetables. Chef Anthony Russo has been in the restaurant business his entire life. With eight of his own restaurants and more than 55 franchises worldwide, he understands the importance of great-tasting food. Chef Anthony has brought his award-winning pizza to the retail environment with the highest-quality ingredients and flavor profiles not offered in today's market.


Westrock Coffee Co.

The foundation of Westrock Coffee Co. is built on complete transparency throughout the supply chain and sustainability for the farmers with which it partners. Westrock Coffee, whether sold through private label or under Westrock's brand, is affordable, of the highest quality and ethically obtained for the purpose of creating real change.

Products offered for private labeling: green coffee, roasted coffee, bagged coffee (ground and whole bean), single-serve coffee cups.


G.E. Barbour Inc.

Founded in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1867, Barbours is a family-owned food processing company.

Between Barbours-branded recipes and private label products, it produces a full line of nut butter products, ranging from all-natural almond butters that contain 100 percent almonds to specialty nut butter and nut butter blends with additions such as chocolate, coconut, honey, maple sugar, flax seed, chia seed and more. It also produces and packages baking products, spices and spice blends and, of course, tea. *


Time-Cap Labs Inc.

Manufacturer of tablets, capsules, softgels. OTC and Rx products. Private label or TCL label. Bottles, blisters, bulk. *



+MD USA has the capacity to knit 6 million pairs of socks weekly. Its products are made exclusively on medical-grade knitting machines to ensure true gradient compression on its line of high-quality, affordable compression socks.

+MD USA offers diabetic ankle and crew socks, mild compression socks, travel compression socks, odor-control socks, blister control socks, non-skid socks of all types and spa socks, as well as any wellness or conventional socks for private labeling.

Additionally, the company will open a large sock knitting facility in Utah this fall to allow retailers the choice of having their goods made in the United States.


Sweet Tree Holdings LLC, dba The Maple Guild

Products offered for private label: organic, Grade A, amber, steam-crafted pure Vermont maple syrup; organic. Grade A, amber, steam-crafted pure Vermont flavor-infused maple syrup; organic bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup; organic maple vinegar; organic maple cream; organic maple candies; organic maple sugar -- granulated; organic, fair trade, real-brewed iced tea sweetened with maple; organic electrolyte- and antioxidant-enhanced maple water.

John Campbell

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